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  1. Interesting to know regarding the 10320 striker. Perhaps I'm just not good enough to know better, but I'm fine with break weight of the stock trigger so if there is reason to doubt I'll stick with the OEM shaped strikers. Speaking of OEM, I called CZ warranty services this morning and got a replacement striker on the way. It was a really easy process: I called, they verified my address info (I was already on file for ordering a mounting plate), asked for my serial number, and a new striker is on the way. I couldn't be happier about how easy it was. That said, I may still order a 10300 striker for my EDC P10C (now I'm paranoid since this is the first firing pin I've broken in my life) and keep it's OEM striker as a spare.
  2. I presume you bought one? What weight springs are you using, and I bet you did a polish job?
  3. I had my first firing ping breakage yesterday at a match so I'm looking at ways forward. I could try to get it done under warranty, but it looks like Cajun Gun Works makes some tool steel strikers for the P10 series, sku's 10300 which is a standard striker and 10320 which is a 'competition' striker, allegedly tuned for competition pull weights. How durable are these and would it be worth it just to get the competition oriented version since this is effectively a comp-only gun? After my first broken striker I'm not all that thrilled with the OEM version but I'm wondering if I just have too high of expectations and the tool steel strikers from CGW have broken for folks as well.
  4. Interesting that it comes out so easy on some guns. We'll see what the new liners do, but at a minimum it gives me some spares to try out smoothing the inside. I'd really like to get the trigger a bit better and perhaps it's time to buy a dremel and some polish. Do people generally try to avoid CCI primers or am I just experiencing a extreme case?
  5. I've been having some like strikes with my Gen5 Glock 34 lately (about 1 in 30, a relatively new phenomena and with the same configuration I don't have issues with a Gen5 G17). I had accepted this as a fact of life when using a 5 lb striker spring + CCI primers. When I pulled out the striker to put the original striker spring back the channel liner came right out with the striker! I'm pretty sure that isn't normal as it's generally press fit in. There is also a fair amount of resistance between the striker+spring when just running it through outside the gun. I'm starting to think that my light strikes are due to the channel liner being weird, but I can't imagine how it got this way. I did buy the gun used, but it hasn't been coated or anything that would commonly lead to channel liner problems. Has this happened to anyone else? I ordered a new liner (I bought both a wolf and oem liner since there are some reports of the wolf liner having less friction) so I'm hoping I can get this trigger weight down again. I love shooting Glock in every way except the trigger but I don't want to pay ~$200 for an aftermarket trigger that is about as good as my factory P10 triggers.
  6. If I decide to try out SS, it sounds like a 9mm would be a better move for me at this time. I'm only setup for loading 9mm now and it sounds like a 1911 in 40 S&W might be more trouble than it's worth and probably isn't a forward looking decision. I'm interested in a 1911 because I'm interested in a steel frame gun (I have converged on what I like in poly striker 9mm's, time to move on to the next class of firearm that one should own ) but perhaps I'd be better off looking at steel frame guns suitable for limited, prod, or CO. Thanks for all the input, I appreciate being able to lean on the experience here.
  7. According to reviews on Dawson Precision's sight of a 40/10mm mag designed to be short, it looks like it's possible, though a tight fit. Good to know. This is the first I've heard this. Care to elaborate?
  8. I mean looking at the stage layouts for a match and using that to inform selecting between minor power factor scoring with 2 extra rounds, or sticking with major scoring at 8 rounds. I've heard this discussed before but I haven't shot single stack before so I don't have any experience with it. @Sarge, I think you can use 10 rounds so long as your taking minor scoring regardless of caliber but perhaps a 10 round 40 S&W mag doesn't fit in the box? If that's not the reason to get a 1911 chambered in 40 S&W, what is? Maybe because that is just what the Sig Max on the shelf happened to be chambered in ?
  9. I've been somewhat interested in a 1911 and hadn't consider one chambered in 40 S&W until I picked up a Sig Max Michel today. I'd have preferred 45 ACP, but after looking at the USPSA 2018 equipment servey (pages 42 and 43) it seems 40 S&W is actually quite popular and I'm wondering why. My best guess is that 40 S&W the flexibility to legitimately switch between major or minor power factor based on the course. After that, maybe it's just cost compared to buying/reloading 45 ACP. Could someone with more than guesses fill me in on the secret?
  10. I picked up some TTI +5/6 glock extensions on black friday and have recently started trying them out. I can fit 23 9mm into the mag and slam that thing into the well with a closed slide, but only stout loads will cycle the slide with 23 in the tube, and not reliably. Is this the normal experience? Perhaps I just haven't been patient enough breaking them in? If it makes any difference, I put them on gen5 mags, though the infallible internet suggests they are the same as the gen4 other than the color and base plate lip.
  11. I'm doing roughly the same load for my P10 and Glock pistols, although I've been running at 3.4gr. I have a gen5 G17 that is barely making PF (128 PF to be exact) so I may bump it up to 3.6gr since the recoil is still soft and I feel the slide cycles a bit weak. I'd probably settle on 3.5gr but I use a Lee auto disk which I find great other than the occasions where the disk isn't quite right.
  12. Now that it's winter here in the northern hemisphere I took the opportunity to chrono some of my loads again to check the temp sensitivity. I am normally running 135 TC blue bullets at 3.4 gr Sport Pistol. With the same exact gun, in the summer (~85 F) I was getting 996 FPS whereas at ~32F I'm now getting 979 FPS, for a drop of 17 FPS. I feel pretty good about those results considering it's about the same as my max spread for a series, but was wondering what I should be expecting. I know Sport Pistol is said to be temp stable, what would be expected results from some of the more sensitive powders?
  13. I'm a big fan of the P10 platform but have one minor gripe: the roll pins are a pain compared to the push-pins of my Glock platforms. Does anybody make replacement pins that function like those of a Glock so I don't have to worry so much about chewing up my frame when doing a total break down?
  14. BryceA

    CZ P10 F experiences?

    A P10F is like a lot like a well tuned G17 with better ergo's for a lot less money. Of course that is all subjective. Mine currently wears a DPP for carry optics. Enjoy your new platform.
  15. Another vote for sport pistol so long as you can find it reliably. It's pretty cheap, cool burning, easy metering, consistent velocities, and makes some very soft loads. Generally speaking it burns pretty clean though I tend to load fairly light (9mm 135 blue bullet TC at 128-135 PF depending on which barrel it's coming out of) where it's a little sootier but they are very soft and consistent loads.
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