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  1. Another strategy is to tune your load to your gun. More specifically, different guns may feel better with different loads. For example, I have a G34 where 147's feel real good but in a G17 it feels so sluggish I start to get bored whereas 135're are great. I could probably have done some spring swapping but I like just using a stock recoil spring. Like others have said, at the end if the day you just need to try them out and see how you feel about them in your gun.
  2. BryceA

    P10 striker springs

    Funny, I tried a 4lb glock spring and got light strikes on CCI primers, like every 3rd round. Maybe I didn't get the cups right or something as I have heard nothing but good luck for others.
  3. Word on the street is that Clays can produce some serious pressure spikes in 9mm, especially when case volume gets low. Have you tried some factory rounds in there or just the clays reloads?
  4. Other than the grips getting chewed up, how else are things going? Springs breaking? Malfunctions? Out-of-battery firing? Since having a broken striker during a match I've begun to love the idea of a reliable and low maintenance setup...
  5. I've heard that, though my P10 needs to be loaded short and the Gen5 Glocks seem to have gotten on board with the short-throat program so I'm probably not that far off from where it needs to be.
  6. Awesome, that's exactly what I was hoping to hear. I kind of assumed they were similar to the P10 barrels which are pretty forgiving but it isn't a gimme. I just recalled horror stories about fancy guns that would only eat premium factory ammo and didn't want to deal with that.
  7. I'm toying with the idea of buying a Shadow 2 but got thinking about what to feed it. I reload and it's not uncommon to find a few rounds that won't pass the plunk test in my Glock or P10, yet I have yet to experience a malfunction at the range. So now I'm wondering if a Shadow 2 would be the same or maybe it has a more refined taste for ammo. While accepting that every individual chamber may be different, I'm interested in others experiences.
  8. I'm browsing for a higher end gun for prod or carry optics, preferably something that will last a really long time. I have a number of mid range poly striker fired guns (Glock, M&P, P10) and just wanted to try something more... premium. I'm not under the illusion that it will make me a much better shooter or anything, I just wanted to try something new because I like shooting new guns. It sounds like I should focus on a steel frame guns because they'll last a while (not counting minor parts) and will probably scratch the itch of 'different' a bit better than the Sig.
  9. Sounds like the Legion isn't for me: I'm not a 93% prod guy so changes are I'd get annoyed with the $250 grip module getting chewed up. Perhaps I'll checkout the Q5 SF or wait for a S2-OR to come around my parts. I have a good poly-pistol setup now so I'm not in a rush. Thanks for the info folks!
  10. I'm also interested to know what kind of maintenance burden it is. Are you replacing springs all that often or is it Glock level of 'just works'? I hear the shadows are chew through springs and slide stops.
  11. I'm thinking of getting a higher end pistol for carry optics and/or production and I'm curious what are owners experiences are with wear and maintenance for the X5 legions. I'm interested, but a few of my poly pistols are starting to get beat up mag well areas and I'm dreading the day I need to detail strip my P10. I'm also interested in the new Shadow 2 OR but a bit weary of the DA/SA trigger and hear stories about how steel frame guns are really hard on optics (is that actually true?).
  12. Thanks for the info. Do you have a link to where I can read into this? There is a lot of vagaries about it working but before investing nearly 2k I'd really like to know for sure it works.
  13. As most everyone else, I'm anxiously awaiting the DWX as a reasonably priced limited gun (read: 40 S&W). I looked into the Henning extensions that supposedly get 21 rounds but am only seeing these which say they're +3 for a total of 18. Where are these supposedly +6 even-for-40 extensions at?
  14. I'd planned on doing Blue Bullet 147 FP over 4.0gr. That gets me ~136PF out of a G19 which seems like it would be in the same ballpark. Has anybody tried making high velocity 115 FMJ rounds with it? The data says that nearly 1200 is possible, but I've been underwhelmed so far and am thinking it's time to stop trying new loads and just move on.
  15. Does anybody know a good use for some Autocomp in 9 minor? I bought a pound trying to make some stout loads to simulate defensive rounds. It turns out Autocomp wasn't the ticket as it didn't get me fast enough without pushing past published data (BE-86 did the trick) and now I have a lb laying around with no real purpose as I have plenty of sport pistol for game loads. I thought I'd check here to see if anybody has suggestions before burning it up in some not-great-for-anything practice loads. I get why people might like Autocomp for 9 major, it's super dense, but I'm not seeing a purpose for 9 minor.
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