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  1. CCI 500's. I was getting some crazy velocities though: at 5.62gr WSF I was at 1250fps and at 5.76gr (avg of 5 weights) I sent one bullet down range at 1302fps. It was a very cold day (20 F) and I know WSF is inversely temperature sensitive so perhaps that's why, but it was more than I cared to fool with long term. I don't know why I get high variances: I think most people don't have an issue so perhaps it's my setup. I get great velocity consistency from other powders I've tried so maybe I just got a moody pound of WSF.
  2. I found some of Berry's 147 Hybrid Hollow Point bullets on sale so I ordered 500 to give them a try. I was really excited until I started on the plunk test and kept having to push that bullet in deeper and deeper to get it to plunk in a Gen 5 G19. Finally got it to spin freely at 1.04". I had hoped to push these things out to 1000 fps but now I'm just hoping to push them out of a barrel without incident. Any advice for loading these up other than starting loads very very light?
  3. Looks like you got almost exactly the results they list in their load data! I've been doing the same thing, namely trying to duplicate the feel of a 147 HST. The data that @MemphisMechanic posted does feel very very close to a HST round though I personally didn't like loading WSF near the max load due to the velocity variances being a bit high and I was seeing the beginnings of primer flattening. Just today I tried BE-86 under a 115 FMJ with the same goal and was very pleasantly surprised: good velocities that seem in line with the data and I am essentially at 1200 fps and didn't need to go to max. I'll be buying more BE-86 in the future.
  4. I tried out AutoComp today with mixed results. It's definitely closer to a defensive load in terms of recoil, but not quite to where I want to be and I might have been seeing pressure signs so overall a bit of a failure. I tried three loads, 4.36gr, 4.6gr, and 4.96gr with a BB 135 TC with an AOL of 1.120." The Hodgdon data for an acme 135 says 4.2gr to 5.0gr with an AOL of 1.150" so I had to load quite a bit shorter on AOL but it's hard to compare the bullets directly. The two lower charges were fine, not as soft as my Sport Pistol loads but not a defensive load impulse either so in no mans land. The last one was pretty close to a defensive load in terms of recoil impulse but the CCI primers were starting to flatten a tiny bit which is a no-go for me considering their reputation for being really stiff. This is my first time approaching max loads so perhaps it's fine and I just don't know what I'm talking about but it seems smart to err on the side of safety with this activity. So, back to the drawing board. Data Summary for Gen5 G19 (DANGER: NOT a recommendation, just my own experimentation which may have errors!)
  5. This sight was really helpful, thank you. Based on the info there I ended up buying a pound of AutoComp to start out. Hodgdon also has data for 135 coated bullets which I have a ton of so can also try a high end load of that and see how it feels.
  6. Truth be told I've never seen the actual power pistol fireball but at one match a gentleman squadded with me who was shooting power pistol loads and it was incredibly loud. That may be true in general for slower burning powders, but it was notable at the time. I'm still holding out hope for some BE-86 but I haven't see it and Hodgdon powders are all over around here. I was hoping for good news from CFE but so far nobody seems to have an opinion. I would love to get VV powders but it's even more rare around here. Worst case I can probably deal with the shock and awe of power pistol (which seems prevalent), but I'm holding out for alternatives for now. Sounds like HS6 is pretty dirty which is as bad or worse than loud in my book.
  7. Seek and have yet to find, at least locally.
  8. HS-6 seems popular and I suspect I can find it in stores. Anybody have anything good to say about CFE Pistol for pushing a 9mm fast at standard pressure? I've seen that in every store I've gone to. I was looking for BE-86, rumored to have the good parts of Power Pistol without the shock and awe fireballs, but I have yet to find it locally. A powder that would double as a good 200 gr 40 S&W gamer powder would be great and a clean burning one would be fantastic. I have some WSF but from the published data I don't think it's going to get me where I want to be, at least not safely.
  9. I have some 124 PD's I picked up during their amazing black Friday deal and am thinking of loading some to mimic the recoil of defensive ammo for training purposes. I'm hoping to get them close to 1150 fps without exceeding standard pressures. They will be coming out of a stock Glock Gen5 so the AOL will probably be pretty short to properly plunk, or at least I read. There is published data for 124 JHP but the OALs seem unlikely to happen so I'm curious what others are doing to safely get these beauties moving quick.
  10. Will a G35 get you to this level, anyway? I see few people shooting G35's in limited where the 2011's dominate. I know it can be done, but is it done by non-Bob Vogel types? Are you shooting these .40 majors out of a G35 (or G22)?
  11. Part of the reason I'm interested in Major PF is the increase in recoil: my 9mm gamer loads are so soft shooting I have to relearn how to manage full power loads every time I practice with my edc. I was hoping .40 gamer loads would put my roughly on par recoil wise with a 147 HST, but that is an experiment I need to do.
  12. I'm currently running a G34 in limited and was thinking of trying out a major PF gun. I am very happy with Glock as a platform so a G35 seems like a natural consideration, and it turns out they're pretty cheap compared to the alternatives. My question is whether it's worth it: I'd need the gun, a few mags, and the extra bits needed to reload 40. Clearly that will be subjective, but I'm interested in what others think.
  13. That's doable, but a second problem is that the mags are really hard to get locked in with 23 and the slide forward which is not a probem I want to deal with at a match. I'm letting the mags sit with 23 for a while so hopefully the springs will loosen up some.
  14. I got a CGW 10300 striker in the mail yesterday and plopped it into a P-10 all excited and noticed that the striker doesn't reach as far forward as the OEM version and I'm a bit concerned it's going to result in light strikes. It looks like the striker is restricted from moving forward the full distance to where it sits flush with the sheath (see pic which shows the furthest forward it will travel). It appears the radius of curvature where the tip begins to extend is less aggressive on the CGW striker, taking more distance to narrow than the OEM version, and perhaps this is what is restricting how far forward it will go. I've tried this in two different P-10's just to see if it was perhaps buildup in the striker channel, but they both give the same result. I haven't tried it out yet and can't make it to the range for a few weeks but perhaps it works flawlessly and I have no reason for concern. Has anybody else noticed this?
  15. Why do you think the DWX will be the best shooting gun in it's class? I'm not trying to argue, it's a genuine question as I have zero experience with the limited class firearms but am interested in getting one in the near future.
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