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  1. I also use Blue Bullet 135 TC, .356 diameter. Paired with a dash of Sport Pistol, it's a really nice shooting round out of my S2. They do need to be loaded a bit short though, 1.120 will do, so not terribly different than my gen5 glocks which I typically loaded to 1.125.
  2. I'm running the 12 lb main spring with the OEM firing pin and reduced firing pin spring that came with the kit and it's been 100% on CCI primers so far. I really like the SA pull weight as-is (I don't care for scary light triggers) so I don't plan on trying the 11 lb spring any time soon.
  3. Disks. I have the adjustable bar with some epoxy stuffed in the front so that I can actually use it for 9mm volumes without getting truly random charges, but I haven't used it with Unique yet.
  4. Does anybody have a problem with charge consistency? As I dropped much below 4 grains I started to see very large velocity spread. I don't know if it's because of my lee auto disk (main culprit) or if it's just too far below optimal charge and starting to get inconsistent burns. Or possibly both. My understanding is that quite a few people like it for 147 grain 9mm loads but that would put me even further down in charge so if it's the disk it would only get worse but if it's the burn consistency it might clean it up.
  5. I went with the Jager Gen5 captured rod I linked above and both 13# and 14# springs to try. If I find out anything notable I'll post updates. Thanks for the advice everyone!
  6. At least for 9mm minor it seems like nobody is adamant that a tungsten rod is worth 4X the price so I'm leaning toward the Jager .270 diameter SS captured rod here. I haven't bought it yet, waiting for a response from their customer support as to whether the Gen5 g17 and G34 rods are different, but unless someone talks me out of it I'll probably order one after I get a reply.
  7. I've tried a 4.5# spring and got the occasional light strike after break in so I think I'm going to stick with the 5#, especially with winder upon us. I'll give it a go with the 13# recoils spring and maybe I'll get lucky and not have problems. Worst case I can go a bit heavier to make sure I get proper lockup. Is this the one: Tuning your Pistol for Faster Double Taps with Recoil Springs?
  8. I frequently find that my second shot of a pair can end up low so I'm thinking of trying out the old "tune your recoil spring" trick and was hoping for some expert opinions. This is just for competition, loading 135 grain projectiles over Sport pistol, so pretty soft stuff. I have both a G17 and a G34 that I'd like to tune, if they're materially different. So, first off: is it a waste of time and money or is there some legit benefit to this? I suspect this point alone may result in controversy so sorry in advance. What assemblies should I be looking at? I see tungsten rods from the Glock Store and stainless steel (Jager seems nice) with a big price gap between them. In my minds eye I just want a more consistent muzzle return with less dolphin dive at the end so getting the spring weight right is the most important part. Then again, maybe I'm just being stingy. What weight springs should I be considering? I was planning on buying 15, 14, and 13 lb springs. I know there is some consideration of the striker spring and I'm running a 5lb, I think it's only a half lb lighter than stock because I have a lot of CCI primers. Thanks for your advice.
  9. I don't know why they separate them but you can order 9mm projectiles in .356 in their Special Order Profiles section here. All I order is .356 for a slightly different reason: I was having leading issues with all other brands bullets and Blue Bullets seem to have done the trick. I didn't have leading issues with BB .355 projectiles either but decided to just stick with .356 since common wisdom for lead projectiles is that all else equal .356 is a better bet.
  10. I don't have a PCR or know what your use is but for action pistol I've found the Blue Bullet TC .356 diameter to be plenty accurate in a Shadow 2 and P10F. It may be worth trying a different profile or the .356 diameter if you haven't already.
  11. My father gave me a pound of Unique and I've been testing it out with 135 gr TC Blue Bullets and am pleasantly surprised. Considering how common Unique is on the shelves (relatively, at least) it seems like a reasonable backup powder. Common wisdom says it's dirty but I didn't find it to be much different than Sport Pistol after a hundred or so cartridges. As far as recoil, even though I had them loaded a little hot (137 pf) they were absolutely manageable in my G17 when shooting mock stages and I'm sure I can drop the charge by a couple tenths. How many others are using Unique for their sport loads?
  12. BryceA

    Taming Lok Bogies

    Thanks for the advice folks. I ended up taking some 150 grit sandpaper to the panels, just a little strip and used my finger for pressure. For those that may read this later: do not use a power tool! The sandpaper made very short work of that g10 material and a dremel would have cut through it like water. As for the work, I took a fair amount off where my strong hand ring and middle fingers sit, not smooth or anything but probably at least half the pyramid things. Then I took a bit out of the strong side palm swell which felt a little big, and finally took off the very tip tops of the pyramids most everywhere else like what would have probably happened with time anyway. It feels absolutely perfect now, like it was molded to my hand and I couldn't be happier. I have the two color grips and it still looks great, like it came from the factory this way.
  13. BryceA

    Taming Lok Bogies

    I'm putting together my first Shadow 2 and got some Lok Bogies with palm swell. They look great and feel excellent with the exception of the tip of my middle finger which wraps around and gets a fair amount pressure from the support side hand driving it into that very aggressive texture. Does this happen to anybody else, and if so what have you done about it? I'm on the fence between exchanging for some less aggressive grips and lightly taking some sandpaper to the hot spots to tame it a little and maybe even make a bit of a custom molding for my strong hand fingers. Before I ruined it all, figured it best to ask some experts what they've done.
  14. Randy, who I'm inferring is/was working for Apex, posted above that the competition spring is 11+ and the carry is roughly a lbs heaver.
  15. I thought Apex included a "carry" mainspring for just this scenario, along with their "competition" mainspring. I don't recall where I read it, but the "carry" spring is supposed to be about 1 lb heaver than the "competition" spring. At least they do for the Shadow 2 and 75B kits.
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