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  1. Randy, who I'm inferring is/was working for Apex, posted above that the competition spring is 11+ and the carry is roughly a lbs heaver.
  2. I thought Apex included a "carry" mainspring for just this scenario, along with their "competition" mainspring. I don't recall where I read it, but the "carry" spring is supposed to be about 1 lb heaver than the "competition" spring. At least they do for the Shadow 2 and 75B kits.
  3. Are you using their competition or carry main spring which are believe are ~11 and ~12lbs, respectively, or maybe a different spring altogether?
  4. There is at least one person shooting an M&P in the CO Nationals this year: https://www.facebook.com/theuspsa/photos/pcb.3713287288683428/3713251385353685
  5. Also interested in how the extended pin works out since the Apex website suggests not using it and I'm stocked up on CCI primers. @Randy Lee, do you have any info on why the extended firing pin is a no-go?
  6. Thanks for all the info, very helpful. Would you say that the aluminum trigger is worth roughly twice as much? All else being equal, I don't mind polymer triggers (the Glock shoe is fine with me) and am mostly interested in extending the trigger break and reduced over-travel. I ask having not dealt with a flat faced (although curved vertically) trigger and perhaps that itself is worth it?
  7. After running a G17.5 for a while I want to give my M&P 2.0 long slide another run in USPSA production, mostly due to the great M&P trigger after installing the apex spring kit and the fully machined sear. One of the things I don't like is the long take up and how far back the trigger breaks. I asked Apex if I could buy the forward set trigger and sear actuator but they only sell it as the full kit, and looking closely the full kit may need a different sear (2-dot). So, my options are get the Action Enhancement Trigger, the full kit, or just enjoy what I have. So, does the
  8. I'm probably going to get into a steel frame CZ soon and am wondering what magazines are the 'right' magazines. From what I can tell it's the Meg-Gar magazines with the blue followers and plastic base plates, MGCZ7517AFC. Are these the right ones, and do they also work as expected in a SP-01 and other full size CZ 75 variants? Thanks in advance.
  9. Word on the street is that Federals running Sport Pistol in those rounds. This is just rumor, but regardless Sport Pistol or a similarly fast burning powder is what you want if you liked the 150 syntech. I've run 147 Blue Bullet FP over Sport Pistol and they're super soft shooting rounds, frankly a little bit too soft for me but everyones different in that regard. There are plenty of powders that will give you a similar result but none of them will help you without primers. And be careful with this class of powders: these faster burning powders tend to be more dense so it's quite p
  10. That's my understanding of the AA#2 situation as well. I don't know that I've seen Cleanshot in stores but it seems that AA#2 is stalking me because I'm seeing it everywhere and for quite reasonable prices considering how positive the reviews are. That said, I read that it is extremely fine powder which will leak out of my Lee auto-disk so I'll probably just stick with Sport Pistol so long as I can find it since it shoots well, meters well, burns cool, is clean enough, and seems reasonably temperature insensitive.
  11. Well then, we have nearly the exact same 'in the case' volume. For 3.96gr I found an average velocity of 994fps which is close enough to your results that it could just be the small variance in charge, primer (CCI 500 for me) and different barrel (G17 Gen5 for me), and range brass.
  12. Sounds like we're getting very similar results. I don't know the length of the RMR match winner projectiles, but I suspect the net result is that you have less case volume than I at 1.093 which probably accounts for the slightly higher charge I'm needing.
  13. Titegroup is very dirty but lots of people use it. See the latest USPSA Frontsight magazine Annual for a gear survey: it's right at the top for every division other than open and limited and it's ranked second in limited. I tend to take the stance that natoreloading.com does: titegroup works and is very cheap, but there are better powders that can be had for negligibly more money such as Sport Pistol, Clean Shot, and lately I've seen a lot of Accurate #2 around which I've read good things about.
  14. There is Universal data on the www.hodgdonreloading.com for ACME 145 coated bullets that might be a reasonable place to start. Note that I haven't used DG bullets or Universal before so I can't tell you if it's applicable to your situation.
  15. Based on the PD JHP being a longer bullet by .035" and my longer OAL of 1.125" it seems we have essentially the same seating depth but without chrono results it's not possible to compare. Fwiw, at 3.64gr (starting load, the lowest I can go with the .30cc autodisk) W244 I got ~115 PF and it was definitely a soft load with the brass landing about a yard to the right.
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