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  1. Another vote for sport pistol so long as you can find it reliably. It's pretty cheap, cool burning, easy metering, consistent velocities, and makes some very soft loads. Generally speaking it burns pretty clean though I tend to load fairly light (9mm 135 blue bullet TC at 128-135 PF depending on which barrel it's coming out of) where it's a little sootier but they are very soft and consistent loads.
  2. BryceA

    P 10 F Finding

    I can't speak for the P09, but my P10F has had zero mag release issues for me but I don't have gorilla forearms (though I'm working on it). I can't attest to the P09, but the P10F is an amazing gun. So amazing I continually have to talk myself out of getting a second so I can have one setup for prod and one for CO, though I may break before the end of the year.
  3. What didn't you like about the P320 in 40? I suspect it's very 'flippy', but I hope not: part of the appeal was that I could incrementally get to a strong limited setup.
  4. My latest itch is to get a 40 S&W setup for limited major. One option I'm considering is a red box P320 in 40 S&W and stick a TXG module on it. I've seen a few people mention the idea but I haven't seen any posts about doing that. So, has anybody actually tried this, and if so, how did it work out?
  5. From my reading of the rules, no the M&P sub compact is not BUG legal, the barrel is too long. Max barrel length is 3.5" while the M&P barrel comes in at 3.6". The G26 barrel is 3.43".
  6. They got cheap on the case. Check under the foam, all the goodies are hidden under there. After a while they get less shy and fall out every time you open the box. And congrats on your new P10F! It's a fantastic platform. It starts out good but after about 1K rounds everything on my has loosened up and feels even better.
  7. TL;DR: I need to practice more to get the muscle memory built up with the M&P, but it looks more promising after taking a few hours to examine what's happening in live fire. I went out to the range this morning and played around with some of the suggestions here and made a comparison with my P10F. With some careful attention, I can lock both of my wrists with just a slight increase in elbow bend as compared to the P10F platform. Both consistently return to center alpha when paying careful attention to form and grip pressure. The M&P may even be a bit better at returning, probably due to an ever so slightly softer recoil impulse. However, the M&P doesn't feel as natural and it's easy for me to 'relax' out of a properly locked grip. As far as grip force is concerned, making sure I used a 'pinching' grip (see the 'Bob Vogel on grip' video) with my strong hand that is firm but not so much as to compromise dexterity while then using my support hand to crush down as hard as possible without shaking was the best, which is roughly the consensus of this thread. A bit more strength would help even more, but I suppose we can all say that.
  8. Mine is still bone stock and I love it, which is what I find most appealing about the P10 platform. Spring rate feels right, though I may play with it this winter. It's probably that I'm used to Glocks, but I'm quite happy with the stock trigger: it's a bit on the heavy side for a game gun but not bad and I can still get a straight-to-the-back pull out of it pretty much every time. I do want to change out the front sight but was waiting to settle on a load so I could order the right height, so that will probably change soon. Oh, and I should get some grip tape.
  9. Heh, we picked the exact opposite size configuration: I tried the 135 TC in .356" and the 147 in .355". My P10F barrel slugs at .356, a bit larger than my other pistols so it makes sense to me why it likes a fatter bullet. Perhaps yours is the same. I was curious about their 147 FP but the lube grove and lack of representation in .356 in their 'special order profiles' kept me away.
  10. Are you using .355 or .356? I had some slight leading with the TC 125 even with .356. As you noted, their RN profiles have to loaded super short for my P10F. Their 147's shot soft enough but loading them so short worried me and they weren't as accurate for me as the 135 TC which also can be loaded a bit longer.
  11. Depends on the bullet, but typically between 3.6gr and 3.9gr Sport Pistol with 3.8gr or 3.9gr being ideal in terms of PF for Gallant 125's (not providing loading advice only person experiences, use published data, lawyers, etc...). I didn't group them since they were signs of fouling after a few shots so I can't comment on accuracy.
  12. Sounds like we've had similar experiences. Btw, I'm loading Sport Pistol exclusively now. When I first started reloading I did load some Gallant 115's (.356) with Titegroup to make what seemed like a lead squirt-gun. I've gotten the Gallants in 125 and 147 RN at .357" to work in my Gen5 Glock (haven't try them in my M&P, yet), the Ibeji 147 FP in .357" work great in Glock and M&P 2.0, and the Blue Bullet's 135 TC in .356" work in everything, no leading at all from the sample pack. The coating on Blue Bullets is very thick and a bit more elastic unlike the typical Hi-Tek coating which is quite thin and tends to flake when scraped. I found good (enough) accuracy from the blue bullet 135 TC .356 and just ordered a case of them. Hopefully lead fouling is behind me...
  13. Does any of the PTSG content the address the concern of locking the wrists? I have a number of Stoegers books and he goes into detail about how hard to grip but I don't recall discussion about locking wrists. Perhaps the whole hypothesis is a red herring? Regardless, I'll look into PTSG.
  14. @Mitch_Hoff, do you get any leading with those Gallant 147's? I I've been getting a small but consistent amount of leading in my P10F from pretty much every coated bullet I've tried other than .356" Blue Bullets. I've tried Brazos 125 (.357), Gallant RN 125 and 147 (both .356 and .357), Ibeji's 147 FP(.357), and Blue Bullet (.355 and .356). My brother-in-laws new P10F also fouls quickly with Gallants but is alright with Blue Bullets. I loaded them all so I could very well be the weak link.
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