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Found 27 results

  1. There are quite a few resources out there for us shade tree gunsmiths to work on our CZs, most notably this epic thread (http://www.czfirearms.us/index.php?topic=42537.0) I have linked to many times by David Milam of Cajun Gun Works. While tuning up a brand new SP01, I decided to take a stab at a comprehensive beginner's guide to these great pistols; my hope is that this thread will spark discussion and collaboration so that collective knowledge of this forum can create something really useful for new CZ lovers. The tools: I prefer a heavy hammer because it will deliver high energy blows without swinging it too hard (less effort = more control); you can cut down on "idiot marks" and other collateral damage when you swing the hammer with less effort. Because the pins in my Brownells set are too short for some applications I use these basic punches as well: although it looks like Brownells is now selling longer pins: http://www.brownells.com/gunsmith-tools-supplies/general-gunsmith-tools/punches/gunsmith-replaceable-pin-punch-set-prod545.aspx The replaceable pins are nice because punches do bend and they do break. You'll see I also use Quick Clamps with rubber boots which do a nice job of clamping the frame/slide down without marring the finish. By nature polishing metal is about removing metal, but the key is to remove very little amounts of metal at a time; I use a power sander with 1000-2000 grit sandpaper on flat parts and a felt wheel with automotive rubbing compound on those 'hard to reach' spots. As we become intimately familiar with our pistols, it's easy to become lax on safety, so I began by clearing the pistol. I tested the trigger pull for a baseline:
  2. Looking to have my shadow 2 machined for an optic (either a dpp or rmr) and see there quite a few “methods” of getting the dot to mount to the slide. I’ve narrowed it down to: Primary Machine Cajun Gunworks Fire for Effect Ive seen a few methods in which there are clearly exposed threads from the mounting screws. Does anyone have experience with any of the above shops?
  3. Hi there, I have a CZ TSO, but the question applies to all CZ's/handguns: any recommendations here to what spare parts I should have in house to not have to wait a few weeks on an order when something breaks? And what spare parts are smart to bring to a match if you don't have a backup handgun? So something like: Spare parts you should keep in stock at house (recoil spring, extractor, fire pin, ... etc.) Spare parts you should bring to a match for quick repairs (??...) Like to hear your thinking! Best, MccLace.
  4. Just got my first CZ (shadow custom from CZC). I'm used to loading my 147s to 1.14 OAL for an M&P Pro. Went to reload for the CZ and it wouldn't pass the plunk test with anything longer than 1.09 using BBI 147s. Xtreme and Everglades ammo 147 both pass the plunk test with my normal load at 1.14. I have a case of BBI sitting around and would like to use them, and I've tended to get better accuracy with coated vs plated out of my other guns. Just wanted to see if anyone else is going that short in their shadows? And if so how much are backing off the powder(if any)? I'm using titegroup in these loads. Not looking to ream the barrel just yet. Thanks in advance
  5. Nayr

    PT Evo-Like Grips

    Hey folks, Is anyone aware of a grip for CZs/Shadow 2 that would mimic the very aggressive feel of the PT Evo grips for 2011s? Handled a friend's 2011 build at a match today and it was exactly what I was working for with those grips - super aggressive. I'm currently running Lok 's S2 Bogies with the texture covering the entirety of the grip (custom order). They are decent, but I would prefer something more aggressive. The CZC lemon graters are pretty solid, although a bit thicker than I'd like. Appreciate the suggestions. Thanks.
  6. I started this sport a little late in life at 49, and now 5 years into it, I can see why they set the age for senior at 55. I can definitely feel old age starting to creep up… Honestly, I always thought it would be great to make Master I but never really thought it would be possible. Last year I made production A class and spent a day and a half with Shannon Smith, and I think reaching Master just may be possible. Although, the recent updates to the classifier high hit factors really hurts… I know it’s generally not recommended, but I’ve started shooting classifiers a lot in practice. Since Master is my goal, it seems to make sense to use classifiers as a benchmark to test myself against and learn from. Not to mention I really stink at classifiers in general… My early live fire training was focused on a lot of field course work. This was really helpful with transitioning from running/moving to accurate shooting modes and seemed to make me fairly successful in matches overall, but I perform poorly in classifiers. Long story short… I need help. I’ve really put a lot of work into getting where I’m at today and improvements seem to be harder to come by. I’ve currently got several issues I’m dealing that I’ll detail in my next post. It really boils down to pride. B class was good, and I’m was super happy when I made A class, but “Master” really sound nice. Master.. master.. maaaasteerr Yea… You guys have been an extremely valuable resource over the years, and I know I’ll benefit greatly from your feedback. I know we all love talking about the sport we love, but detailed replies take a lot of time, so let me go ahead and say how much I appreciate all the help.
  7. Hello. I have a DAA PDR-PRO holster (left handed, CZ SP-01 Shadow) purchased in 2014. I want to use it on a Safariland belt using the ELS hooks. Is there a mounting kit, hanger, or something out there for this? Thanks,
  8. Other than the hammer and grips, what is different between them? The ones I'm referring to are the $880 one and the previous SP01 Shadow with thin aluminum grips, comp hammer. Visible differences are hammer, grips, trigger. Am I missing anything else? Is trigger just as good in cheaper one than the more expensive model? I'm trying to decide on which one to get. Cheap one will need thin grips which aren't cheap. Older model is good to go for me. Then there's the Shadow2, which other than weight and aesthetics, needing new holster is really darn good. I'm Shopping around currently and would like to buy one of the 3 within the next week or 2.
  9. I recently installed Lok grips on my Shadow 2, ended up going with the Thin Bogies (shorts) to make room for the Magwell that I plan to add. Armory Craft has been sold out of theirs for a long time now and the ones on the CZ Custom site look they require swapping out springs and other parts to work with certain mag extensions and baseplates. Has anyone else made this mod or can confirm a +4 mag extension like the Taran Tacs or similar will work without any other modifications? I'm aware that I need to sand the bottoms of the grips for a proper fit, just wondering what else I should be considering.
  10. Here is the RDS plate system for the SP01 Shadow / 75 Shadow. able to mill the slide for interchangeable plates. For the SP01 Shadow / 75 Shadow we also have a rear sight plate that meets the guidelines for production, weight and profile. So you are able to go back to production. The plate cut can be done B model ( pistols with a firing pin block), but we do not have a rear sight plate yet for that. The plate cut is not offered for the P10, P07 and P09 ( we offer an RMR BUIS sight cut, and can mill for specific red dot sight). We are working on Shadow 2 to see if this can be offered for that CZ variant. SP01 Shadow with the rear sight plate. RMR on an SP01 Shadow using the RDS plate.
  11. Hi there all, I'm still new to the forum, so I apologize if I inadvertently posted this in the wrong place. I have been a long time Glock shooter for defensive use, and have been using several in limited division USPSA for the past few months. While I love the Glock platform, I've been experimenting with other options lately, and after wandering about a bit, seeing where I want to be in this game, I think I'm going to transition over to a CZ Shadow 2, and shoot production division. I recently purchased an STI Apeiro .40 without shooting one, for use in limited, and found that while the gun functions well, I don't like the recoil profile, the overall feel, and a few other things, so i will be letting that go. In the interest of avoiding a similar scenario, i was curious if the people that had shot the Shadow 2 had any observations worth considering before I purchase one ? Any comment on the platform is appreciated, maintenance issues, odd recoil characteristics, parts that tend to break, safeties that kick on unintentionally, sights that fall out of dovetails, parts that tend to need to be replaced early (like extractors in an STI), triggers that don't reset correctly, irregular trigger pulls, anything that annoys or vexes you. I appreciate your time guys, thanks !
  12. I started shooting 3 gun last year. I put together a nice M&P 9 Pro. No matter how much I shoot it though, I still shoot heavier guns better. This will be for 3 gun, some steel challenge, and maybe action pistol at my local clubs. I have no real desire to shoot IDPA or USPSA. I've narrowed it down to a few different guns. I have large hands so I like the Stock 2. I already own 4 CZ's, so the SP-01 Shadow is a real option. And Kneelingatlas now has me looking at the Tactical Sport. Here's where I'm at. With a Witness or the TS, I'm starting all over. Mags, holsters, etc. With a SP-01 Shadow, I already own a Tactical. So I'm already well stocked with CZ mags. I have holsters, mag carriers, etc. I'm also thinking of buying a stock SP-01 safety model and just upgrading it over time. I could convert it to SAO, change the sights, and I know it would also do more than I need it to do. So I'm looking at $650 on the low end up to $1175 for the TS. As much as I'd like to go all in on the TS, I don't know if that's actually the best route for me. HELP.
  13. Anyone had their CZ hard chromed? I love the chrome finish on Tanfoglio Stock 2, wonder if anyone has done the same to CZs Thanks.
  14. I understand this topic has been brought up before but ive already eliminated most of the comments people have suggested, Loading 147 gr polymer heads with N320 3.3 gr which used to work flawlessly in an M&P Pro. I now am getting about 1/5 rounds tumbling in the Shadow 2. Crimp is not removing any polymer off the heads. Tried reducing the powder. can anyone help me with this as i am stuck. Note: i would like to stick to 147 gr heads
  15. Hi all, New to the CZ area and am looking to purchase a variation of the shadow, if someone could explain to me the differences between the shadow, shadow line, and shadow orange that would be appreciated, also if someone could tell me what mods can be made to the gun whilst remaining in production division of ipsc. I read other posts but didnt really get a clear cut answer.
  16. Hi all, Been shooting USPSA for about a year with glock 17 and xdm 5.25 with some mods and have always wanted a cz 75. After tying tricked out CZ triggers at the matches I'm sold on them. Been doing some research and I need your advice. I just purchased a CZ Shadow because It had some nice upgrades over the 75B and are hard to find since 2011 discontinued. $819 oak Hill Guns Trigger is better out of the box than 75, but much to be desired. I'm thinking Cajun Gun work, but open to CZC. I shoot USPSA Production, but might try IDPA and want to tune it up, but keep it within production requirements and keep it SA/DA From what I've read: -13lb main spring (or 11.5lb) -11lb Recoil spring (What recoil spring with the 11.5 mainspring?) -Extended Firing Pin -Reduced Firing Pin Spring Also possible: -trigger return pin -The Disco production legal? Does this do anything to my Over travel Screw? I shoot factory and some reloads and want to keep from light primer strikes so probably stick with 13lb main spring I apologize for all the questions and appreciate the input. I plan on joining the CZ dark side
  17. Curiosity killed the proverbial cat I guess - what do you use and why? Bladetech holster & CR Speed mag pouches here. Honestly, the only reason I chose these was because these brands were all I knew about at the time
  18. I thought I would share the CZ 75 (pre armorer's manual that I've found. There is some useful information there in case one wants to do some gunsmithing by themselves. Click the DB link. https://www.dropbox.com/s/yphvmphe1e09w6y/cz_75_armourer_manual.pdf?dl=0
  19. I've been trying to muddle my way through figuring out what divisions the various models of Shadows and Sphinx SDP are legal for use. Here's what I've been able to gather so far (5/23/2015): IDPA SSP CZ 75 Shadow SA/DA CZ 75 Shadow Custom & Custom 2014 CZ 75 Shadow T CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow Custom & Custom 2014 CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow Target Sphinx SDP Subcompact Alpha Sphinx SDP Compact Alpha/Black/Krypton/Sand/Duo-Tone/Stainless Sphinx SDP Standard Alpha Sphinx SDP Compact Black/Sand/Duo-Tone IDPA ESP CZ 75 Shadow SA CZ 75 Shadow SA/DA CZ 75 Shadow Custom & Custom 2014 CZ 75 Shadow T CZ 75 Accu-Shadow Lite CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow Custom & Custom 2014 CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow Target Sphinx SDP Subcompact Alpha Sphinx SDP Compact Alpha/Black/Krypton/Sand, but not Duo-Tone/Stainless Sphinx SDP Standard Alpha Sphinx SDP Compact Black/Sand, but not Duo-Tone USPSA Production CZ 75 Shadow SA/DA CZ 75 Shadow T CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow Target CZ 75 SP-01 Accu-Shadow Sphinx SDP Compact, all variants up to max weight of 45 oz, 9mm, 3.7" Barrel USPSA Limited/Limited-10 Anything goes, but no magazines >140mm, barrel porting, compensators USPSA Open Anything goes, but no magazines >170mm Questions I included the Accu-Shadow Lite in IDPA ESP because the barrel bushing makes it illegal for SSP, but since it doesn't have a full-length dust cover, it ought to be legal for ESP? Although not explicitly named in the USPSA Production gun list, are the Shadow Custom & Custom 2014 allowed? Also in the USPSA Production gun list, the Accu-Shadow Lite is not explicitly named and therefore disallowed? No. (http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=215692&p=2399168) None of the Sphinx SDPs are listed yet on the USPSA Production gun list, but it's implied that they will be eventually. Do we have to wait or are they accepted already? They're listed under KRISS, USA, not Sphinx: "All variants of the Sphinx SDP compact, up to max weight of 45 oz. 9mm, 3.7" Barrel." For the poor saps in California who can no longer buy any new CZ Shadows, is it legal in any of these divisions to buy a base model CZ and have it modded up to exactly match the production CZ Shadows by CZ Custom Shop? Technically, yes. (http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=215692&p=2399115) Is this correct? Am I missing anything?
  20. What's the lightest pull you've achieved? DA/SA and do you have to use certain primers to maintain 100% reliability. Along with how you did it.
  21. I'm taking a two day class this weekend... I've been advised that we'll shoot around 800 rounds each of the two days... The most I've shot in one day is about 300 rounds... I have a CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow and generally clean and lube it between matches or after a couple of hundred rounds. Should I do anything special when shooting 800 rounds in one day? My plan is to wipe down and relube the area where the barrel slides on the frame and also the slide grooves... I'll probably do that at mid-day and then clean the whole gun after the first day. Any other areas I should clean or lube?
  22. I have a CZ75 SP-01 Shadow from Automatic Accuracy and I like the rear sight that came with it. I like how the bevel on the top edge of the sight directs your eyes to the slot. Here's a picture of it on my CZ: I also have a CZ75 SP01 (Not Shadow) that I would like to get the same rear sight for. I realize the Shadow and the SP-01 have different rear sight notch locations and take different sights, but I like the bevel on the Shadow sight shown above. Here's a picture of my SP-01 with the CZ Custom rear sight. It is very similar except for not having the bevel along the top edge of the sight. Does anyone know what rear sight is on my Shadow (top pictures? Does anyone know if the same rear sight is available for a CZ75 SP01?
  23. shws

    SP-01 bump fire

    Alright I have a CZ 75 SP-01 shadow target. I was at a match today with it. We were running a stage that was strong hand only. When I was at my second to last target the gun was bump firing (I guess). First 2 rounds then 3. The SO and I went to a safe bay and checked it. The SO was unable to replicate it, I was only able to do it with the gun in just my strong hand(right). After the match i took it to my local gunsmith and neither one of us could replicate it again. He left it off at, it was probably how I was holding the gun caused it to bump fire. Little background maybe 1k rounds through it. Today was the first day I shot it after my gunsmith installed a Cajun gun works type 1 disco. Any ideas on what could be going on? Anyone have this issue, any suggestions?
  24. basman

    Trigger Lubrication

    I have read several posts about using grease or oil on the trigger. is there a spot recommend to place a drop of oil, or a dab of grease, without taking the Sear cage out etc? Thanks, jeff
  25. Rather than use the DA pull on the first shot, is it within the rules to manually cock the hammer on a pistol after it is drawn? Not that I think it matters, but the gun in question is a CZ 75 SP01 Shadow to be used in Production Division. I'm not saying that this is a great idea, just one I want to explore. My DA pull is fairly heavy, and I wonder if I could teach myself to begin shooting with the SA pull if I can cock the hammer before the first shot. I did some research and could not find an answer on this Forum. Thank you. Chris
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