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  1. I have seek tungsten sleeved barrels from Akai pistols too
  2. So a "tungsten sleeved barrel" is not weight attached to barrel?
  3. I havent had your experience of a nose dive but I made it a ritual (at least someone told me), to load the mag full and let it sit for a few days for the spring to "normalize" and then start use. My MBX mags work well on my STI Edge and DVC. At first I had problems seating it on the Edge for some weird reason it just wont catch on the magazine catch - but it sort of sorted itself out after persistently trying several times.
  4. That looks interesting - So you just used a dremel I suppose. Did it take long - is this hardened?
  5. oh, how I had a brain fart.... When I saw your reply - it was Aha! your right.... I will do that - I did have it screwed all the way in and the trigger shoe is hitting the mag release button even before the bow could get to the sear. Thanks.
  6. Hi Idaho shooter, I am having the same issue with my xline trigger. What exactly did you do so that I can replicate it?
  7. question please on the X line triggers. I have a DVC and was changing over the trigger to the x-line and thought I would do that without changing any other part. Fitted the trigger into the plastic grip and installed. To my dismay the bow is either angled incorrectly or too short as when I depress the trigger, even with the overtravel stop adjusted loosely so that it does not get in the way, the gun would not fire. It is not able to reach long enough to activate the sear I think. I give it 3 times strong pull on the trigger and the it finally drops the hammer to the half cock notch only...and I tell myself what the ....... is going on. Repeated the whole thing and same thing always happens. Put back the old trigger and it works like a charm with no hitches. So, these x-line triggers appear to be - non drop in - in a way that the bow does not appear to be correctly angled.... Sorry but am I missing anything here ?
  8. this one was a strong hand only stage (requiring one foot on a platform behind target) and you can shoot pretty much on the side. I tried to keep shots deliberate here but left most target had an Alpha and a Mike, Second from the left is an Alpha and a Mike, third and fourth target had two Charlies each. - I cant believe I missed them.... I will look at how the sights are when dryfiring next. I wouldnt say I was rushing to the next targets on this stage but still having Mikes - had literally zero'd this stage. Trying to see where I'd go wrong to improve.
  9. So I did a bit of dryfire and noticeably draw from the holster and pulling the trigger, I see my front sight marginally moving left. when shooting strong hand only - it is magnified now with first shot on A zone and the second no where to be seen.
  10. I am a right handed shooter. I have recently been experiencing my second shots on an IPSC target landing on the far left. Very consistently the first shot is an Alpha but the second shot is a Delta to the left bottom quadrant around the 8 o'clock mark. Anyone have some thoughts on this. I probably have developed a bad habit somewhere - although I try to repeat in my mind what sight picture I saw and its almost like I would have thought it was spot but obviously not.
  11. But realistically, the grip or the trigger is of the same price....:-) hard to choose....
  12. Which one do you file - the STI plastic grip or the trigger bow? Did you need to policy the trigger bow where the sear contacted? If you remove material on the STI grip and later on for any reason I wanted to shift back to the original STI trigger, will there be any issues? I just bought one - I actually blindly thought they were drop in - wrong, they snag on the top or bottom part of the trigger channel.
  13. Ive also had a shok buff made of aluminium, it is said that the feel should be the same as if you dont have a shok buff. Honestly I cannot tell the difference. Shok buffs are meant to reduce beating up the slide and the frame.
  14. Just an update, so it seems the square plastic (forgot the name for it) which rides on the powder bar has split and was fairly worn out. Thanks to Dillon for the replacement, now with it being new, it seems that my powder charge has become more consistent with no variance at all.
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