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  1. Sorry forgot to mention. P320 X5 legion for production division.
  2. Has anyone made any modification on how to reduce the trigger pre - travel? I know there are several aftermarket triggers available but I am not sure if these are IPSC legal (not USPSA legal) so my question is has anyone made any alternation or know what modification can be done and keep it IPSC legal?
  3. wow the gx vice holster has a lead time of 5 weeks.
  4. Just checking what you guys use for your p320 x5 legion purely for competition shooting?
  5. so its okay this way even on a variable recoil spring like wollf or ismi?
  6. Hi, could I just jump into this thread...It was mentioned that regular 1911 recoil springs can be used to replace the x5 legion recoil spring. When replacing, which end goes where? On a 2011, the open end of the recoil spring goes to the front. Is it the same with the Sig? I got my new x5 legion and the open end of the spring was towards the rear though.
  7. is there a way to tell before disassembly whether the FCU is the older version or the newer version?
  8. separate question, the website says the Romeo 1 Pro objective lens is 30mm and I suppose this is the diameter from left to right. Does anyone know what the measurement of the objective lens might be top to bottom? I cant find any info, considering its not a circular lens that would be 30mm diameter equally.
  9. My R2 though came with 3 17 round mags.
  10. how many mags did it come with the earlier version? the R2 had 3 mags
  11. Is there any difference between Sig p320 x5 legion and the Sig p320 x5 legion R2? What is the R2?
  12. I guess that is what I'm trying to see, whether there is any difference. I have had some people tell me that lower sitting dot is better because it is faster to acquire when drawing from the holster versus when the dot is sitting high then when presenting the gun, the tendency is trying to find the dot therefore making that first shot slower.
  13. I could purchase an optic mount and then put say a burris fast fire 3 which I already have in the cupboard but the mounting plate would make the dot higher. If I put the romeo, it sits lower but is it as low as to where the rear sight was which means I wont have any issues in "retraining" to present the gun lower to see the red dot.
  14. It has been advertised that the Romeo 1 pro on the x5 legion does not need a mounting plate and therefore would sit lower in the slide compared to having put another optic brand which will then require a mounting plate. I have seen several mounting plates in the market but my question is, is it worth the extra money to buy the Romeo 1 Pro instead and have that advantage of the optic supposedly sitting lower in the slide? Does it really help that the optic sits lower making it more of a natural pointing gun so to speak? Does it really make a difference where the dot is? I am new to the Sig platform having come from a 2011 platform for quite a while. Usually when shifting from a standard gun to an open gun, I find that I have to lower the gun a bit just because the red dot sight sights very high and I have known some people mount their cmore optics sideways on a 90 degree to get the lens closer to the bore (I havent managed to look through on one of these though). I guess my question is, compared to the height of the iron sights, replacing it with the Romeo 1 pro, does the dot actually sit at the height of where the rear sight would have been?
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