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  1. Sounds like a loooong wait then...
  2. one thing is for sure, it wasnt there the last 3 years as I clean the gun regularly. Compared it with my older STI Edge and none same markings. I was thinking could I have missed this as a tool mark but the line is not straight and wobbly plus running a swab over it, feels like there is a sharp edge on it.
  3. spoke to the distributor. Will see - so far waiting for an answer.
  4. one week in, no answer from STI....will keep you posted.
  5. Are you a gunsmith? Just wanting an opinion whether there is a risk that this blows up in my hand and sends shrapnel and kaboom while shooting?
  6. It stopped before reaching the slide stop hole and there are no signs on the outside. Maybe its a stress chip/ fracture, I dont know
  7. I guess if it is not impeding gun function, I could still shoot this.
  8. bought new - I've been shooting it occasionally being my second gun
  9. less than 5k rounds, should I be worried about this? Any suggestions if this is repairable as dont think warranty claim is an option when I am outside of the US.
  10. All my STI's once I get them, the first change is the recoil spring to the way I like it - lighter and then I shoot it.
  11. That is a fantastic idea about paper plates. I will use that.... This is interesting - as its low at 50 yards, thanks for that.
  12. With yours zero at 7 yards and acting like a red dot (as the hits are where the fiber optic is), how does your point of impact look like compared to sights when shooting out at 20-25 yards? Is it still like where the fiber optic is or do you now hold down at 6 oclock?
  13. Getting some opinion/ thoughts please. I have a 40 s&w 2011 STI standard division gun. Where do you usually zero your sights and what is the optimum point of aim on an IPSC plate. i.e. front sight at the centre of the plate or front sight at the based of the plate so that you can see the plate fully? What distances have these worked for you? I feel sometimes my point of impact is inconsistent with the various distances and trying to work this out. My pistol is zeroed at 15. This means that point if impact is on top of the front sight blade. For some reason in certain distances I feel that the hits are exactly where the fiber optic is on my front sight and on certain distances is just on the top of the front sight and sometimes is like I have to aim at the base of the steel target to hit it, otherwise the shots are too high. I need to do some experiment on different distances but with limited range time, I thought to pose this question to see what you all are experiencing and help me to fine tune what is the optimum way.
  14. better feeding reliability. Some short OAL tend to hang most especially during fast firing.
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