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  1. Thats interesting. I did have the first shot impacting highest than the rest. In saying that, Im not sure if the lock up would be any different to the rest of the rounds I fired as when I chambered a round, I often pulled the slide back and release it so it stripped the ammunition from the magazine. I dont guide the slide back though.
  2. sights are sturdy, The link appears fine. The slide stop pin has peened where the lower barrel lugs contact which if I am not mistaken means a tight fit? was shooting rested on a range bag. Will see about the recoil spring but I am not sure how a stronger recoil spring correlates to shot placement? I thought they were only to resolve feeding problems and how fast to return back to battery and ready to fire?
  3. Trying to analyze my grouping. 180gr FMJ ammo from a STI DVC, 40S&W. 25 meters the grouping is a straight vertical line with 5 shot groups, about 1/2 inches apart for the 4 shots and the 5th shot was 2 inches higher. What is puzzling is that it was a straight line that I could put a ruler and draw a line for all the shots and they would be in a perfect line. This was done on a slow fire to see the grouping. Any ideas on what I need to look at or what is causing this? Any ideas would be welcome.
  4. Im wanting to replace the magwell on my standard ipsc svi 2011. Bought a sti magwell and realized dont fit. Does anyone know if the dawson ICE magwell fits an SVI and more importantly will it fit the IPSC box? Description suggest it will fit the SVI but there is nothing that says it would fit an IPSC box. Apart from that, any other brand options out there that would fit the IPSC box?
  5. All good - I found it on another thread - thanks
  6. Just wanting to know what everyone's doing with gripping the gun. 2011 pistol platform, I try to grip the gun strong and this sometimes causes some hits to go left. I tried to have a stronger weak hand and relaxing the strong hand for better trigger control, but this is causing shots to go high on the target. I am having to rethink my grip and might be developing a bad habit. Question is how much tension do you have on your strong hand for a two handed grip? Can you describe it to be weak hand and strong hand being equally crushing strong, or mildly strong? I guess not relaxed a gr
  7. I wish they sold the trigger shoe for the vario triggers as they appear to be always a set and also offered the bow only but what I need is options for the trigger shoe alone.
  8. I suppose so but its just been a 4 months since I changed it. While the brazo lightning front sight still is brighter and I had that for a year already at least.
  9. oh, I didnt think of it that way that you could run the fiber through all three holes. Excellent, will give that a go - thanks
  10. Help on making a decision please. I want to upgrade one of my SVI 2011 pistol sights as it came with a 0.80 width black sight. I want to put a fiber optic on it. My two other 2011's have a 0.100 width brazo lightning rod sight which is so easy to acquire because of the bright fiber. The other one has the 0.100 SVI fiber on it and I find this one of the dullest fiber optic front sight (must be my eyes). I found a manny dot sight so the question is, has anyone tried the Manny dot which has a 0.70 width and the fiber behind the post? - Is the fiber optic
  11. I cant comment on their product but my STI edge has the STI aluminum magwell and I have been shooting weekly with for over 12 years or so and now my son is shooting it and there are some scars (as it is black) but remains functional. No issues, just cosmetic. Perhaps what they meant that its not suited for high volume shooting is because it would eventually develop some scars which is cosmetic. May look ugly in the long run but that just means that you have been practicing.
  12. My friend had a tungsten GR from an SV - I noticed when comparing to the STI DVC GR, that the SVI's tungsten GR are just a tad shorter. Have you guys noticed that? I guess if I got the SVI tungsten and put it in my STI DVC, will that be ok - using the same STI plug.
  13. thanks for the replies. Matt1911 - does it then result to faster splits on the follow up shots for you as well?
  14. I know that this is supposed to add weight to the front of the gun. For those who have used them, are they actually any better? How did your 2011 pistol behave with it versus without it? I havent used one but I was thinking that this could assist in an improved feel having a little more weight in front and might assist in the second faster shots?
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