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  1. 1. Since I’m new, I don’t have a tumbler yet. So these were cleaned using the “salt and vinegar” method. They came out shiny but then I put them in the oven to dry them, and they became super tarnished like that. So, long story short, they looked exactly like that before I shot them. 2. Lee turret 3. Lee factory crimp die, set up exactly per Lee’s instructions on their YouTube channel.
  2. Can’t, that’s how I got to the 1.080. My first batch was 1.100 and most of them didn’t chamber. Did the plunk test, and they all feed reliably now
  3. They are Federal. Makes sense I hadn’t thought of that.
  4. See my edit, forgot to include in original post.
  5. Thanks for bearing with my newbie questions. This is my second batch of reloads ever. I shot 3 federal HST’s (top 3, silver) for reference and then 5 of my reloads. Compared the brass for high pressure signs. They look flat, do they not? From you veterans out there, would you keep shooting this ammo or get rid of it and drop the powder charge in the next batch? Before someone asks, I did not chrono these. The range I’m a member at had the chrono locked up for the day. They cycled fine in my CZ, but as a new reloader, these primers made me stop shooting EDIT: The load is 147gr RN Blue Bullets over 2.9gr Titegroup, 1.080” OAL, assorted brass, federal primers.
  6. You're right ... I'm just not sure who else to ask these questions to. Since I don't have anyone teaching me to reload. I'm essentially trying to make a load at an OAL that doesn't exist anywhere in the reloading data I've looked at (Hodgdon or Lyman manual) ... what would you do in this situation?
  7. My newbie answer: Honestly, it's the one I'd heard people talk about the most, and I had no idea what makes a powder "good". I also figured that since it was so well known, I'd have plenty of people to answer my questions specifically once I thought of them, lol. So... It seems like the Glock of powders ... that's why
  8. Makes sense. If I run into that issue a lot, I may just end up going with a 124 gr next time. Thanks
  9. Here in AZ ... I think I see more M&P's and CZ's at the local matches than Glocks. But back in NC ... almost everyone ran Glock in IDPA.
  10. I always just run my EDC belt - for a long time it was the 5.11, now it's a Blue Alpha Gear
  11. Thanks everyone for the quick replies! I think I'm going to go ahead and load them short. I'll load a batch tonight and shoot them in a few days to see what happened. Thanks!
  12. Really? (genuine question) I was always under the impression that shortening the overall length could ultimately lead to unwanted pressure spikes and potentially be dangerous?
  13. Hi guys, I am one of the legion of COVID-19 newbie reloaders, so bear with me: I loaded my first 100 last week and went to the range over the weekend to test them out. The results were ... they wouldn't run in my CZ SP-01 Shadow (they ran OK in my Sig and M&P), which is weird because I got the load data from a guy who says he uses the load in his Shadow 2. Anyway ... I've since done the "plunk" test on my CZ and found that with The Blue Bullets 147gr RN the OAL length basically needs to be 1.075 to pass. I also made 5 dummy rounds of that length and cycled through magazines. They all chambered. Any longer and the rounds would not chamber in the CZ. The current load is: 3.0gr Titegroup / BB 147gr RN / Federal Primers loaded to 1.125. (I loaded some of that original 100 to 1.10 with no problems) I'm a new reloader and nervous to shorten OAL willy-nilly like that. Is this something safe to try? Or is there possibly a different solution to this problem?
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