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  1. Good info...thank you, I'll pass it along
  2. I shot with the same guy today, he was using 19x mags and has heard they may be the issue. He's switching to G17 mags
  3. Seems like a no brainer IMO at least. I have the plate system on my S1. Yes SRO's are the hot setup now, but in 2-3 years there could be a new and better design from another company. I will say, the aluminum plates are soft. I bought a used one when CZC didn't have them in stock and the thing was beat up and stripped. Probably user error, but the steel ones feel much better to me.
  4. Was this at MidAtlantic? If so he was CO and needed to make the 141, He was bummed he was bumped to open but this was his first big match and he's only been shooting a short time.
  5. Welcome....Shooting sports is alive and well here in N.E. Primers...not so much! What part of N.E. have you attending matches?
  6. Its always hard man, I feel you. Had to say goodbye to our family buddy two weeks ago at age 11. We rescued him 9 years ago. In a 4 day span he went from being happy and seemingly healthy to not eating or keeping any water down. After a few trips to the vet with tests over a few days we found he had a rare and aggressive cancer and the only humane option was to let him go. My daughter is 7, she's never known life without her buddy.
  7. Was a great match, would love to try those stages again when its not a steady rain and 45 degrees.
  8. This is what Ive been doing as well. I'll practice DA a little bit too but most of the time I'll use the dead trigger technique.
  9. They seem to be inconsistent. My glock one was great. My Shadow never clicked in and didn't feel very tight, even with the knobs really tight. I messaged them about it and they said the shadow trigger guard doesn't really click into place. Then I saw another shooter with a Shadow, and his RHT had a very audible click and was held tighter into place. RHT did offer to take a look at it if I sent it back, but I recently installed a locking lever instead.
  10. I tried the gold at a match, and they were just too bright for my eyes. Love Hunters and Brian is supercool, but try to find a pair to test before you buy I have been using red lenses in a different brands glasses and have no complaints.
  11. Springs can handle it, no way of getting around having to torque them a but to get that basepad off. On my CZ's I clean them everytime they hit the dirt and haven't hurt a spring yet
  12. I just got into this show and watched both seasons....quite good although some of the storylines were a bit dull. I was bummed we'll be waiting until next year to get another season.
  13. I tried the scales and didn't like them much. I went with the LOK checkered, personally they felt better to me then the bogie pattern. As mentioned Lok has so many options it can be overwhelming, but you can usually find the combo that works for you. I did grab a pair of old panels to try the silicon carbide on, haven't gotten to it yet
  14. I have had trouble finding one as well, I did get one at Walmart with a pocket but it has a rigid inside and I wish it was a bit taller. I had a perfect soft sided cooler for the past 5 years before it ripped. It was made for "picnics" so had a 4' pocket on the side to store "plates and utensils" and the rest was the cooler. I haven't been able to find a similar replacement. Please post if you find one "
  15. I joined as well, I searched earlier this week for a group like that and never found anything, so much appreaciated. Just read thru this thread on headstamp sorting. I only shoot 9 minor but still sort by headstamp for consistency and its my least favorite chore. Love reading all your ideas, even if I can't really contribute.
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