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  1. I just got into this show and watched both seasons....quite good although some of the storylines were a bit dull. I was bummed we'll be waiting until next year to get another season.
  2. I tried the scales and didn't like them much. I went with the LOK checkered, personally they felt better to me then the bogie pattern. As mentioned Lok has so many options it can be overwhelming, but you can usually find the combo that works for you. I did grab a pair of old panels to try the silicon carbide on, haven't gotten to it yet
  3. I have had trouble finding one as well, I did get one at Walmart with a pocket but it has a rigid inside and I wish it was a bit taller. I had a perfect soft sided cooler for the past 5 years before it ripped. It was made for "picnics" so had a 4' pocket on the side to store "plates and utensils" and the rest was the cooler. I haven't been able to find a similar replacement. Please post if you find one "
  4. I joined as well, I searched earlier this week for a group like that and never found anything, so much appreaciated. Just read thru this thread on headstamp sorting. I only shoot 9 minor but still sort by headstamp for consistency and its my least favorite chore. Love reading all your ideas, even if I can't really contribute.
  5. I thought the same as others when I read your original post...if its following you around, maybe its not the others? Or you could just have some really bad luck. Seems strange because at least in my area (NorthEast) 95% of the people are friendly and supportive, although we all joke around sarcastically. Any chance you're misinterpreting sarcasm or playful banter?
  6. Yes but we all know the second run never goes as well as the first.
  7. Should be able to match them up at any hardware store easily. They're common thread, nothing special.
  8. Its a private USPSA Buy/sell group but guys name is Matt Lee. Makes holster hangers similar to boss mounts as well. Good dude, might be on ebay too.
  9. Plate system is the best choice if your worried about resale. As others mentioned you can get a rear sight plate as well and still shoot production if you wish.
  10. It would be helpful if you mentioned which gun or at least which mags. As someone else mentioned, personally for a Home Defense gun I'm not sure I would trust any of the extensions. If you do go that route be sure you test them, a lot.
  11. Agree, USPS...awful. I had some xmas gifts that took over a month and arrived late. Apparently their main hubs were backed up for weeks.
  12. Loks all the way. The only bad thing about Lok is how many different options there are, they tend to be overwhelming. I went with palm swells full checkered. Most seem to like the bogey or roughneck
  13. Wow thats a hellava deal! I'll send them a PM, thank you.
  14. Mind if I ask how much you paid? Local gunshop near me wanted $30 per mag to do this...
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