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  1. It is. I’ve seen that online, but unfortunately that’s not it.
  2. Doesn't really help you but I was just mentioning today that it would be sweet if electronic ear pro had a one button quick on/off that you could just hit to shut off when your on the line, then hit again to turn on when you're done. I started using the Walkers rechargeable ear buds this year. The cups/muffs are just too hot in the summer and get in the way of taking my hat on/off
  3. I know this is an old post, but any feedback from users?
  4. Grabbed a 43x late June. I usually clean them 1st but went right to range from gun store, put about 100 rounds thru it including some SD ammo. Worked great. Next week, heading to range again. Pull it apart intending to clean it but it looked pretty good, had lots of stock Glock lube still on it. Gave it a quick wipe and off I went. Got thru about 35 rounds and trigger didn’t reset. Pull slide back 1/2” and trigger resets. Keep going and it happened about 8 times out of 100 rounds. I made sure my finger was pulling off trigger every time, not that it should matter. Slide gets hotter than any of my other glocks as well. (others are all gen4). As this is intended to be my carry gun, I’m concerned. Figure I better clean the factory gunk out, maybe there was some shavings stuck inside. After a good clean and lube, I’m back to the range today. Out of 100 rounds, it fails to reset the trigger once. Pull slide back just a little, and it resets. Much better, but still one too many for my carry gun. I compare the internals to my buddies 43 and everything looks the same. Only difference is my trigger bar seems to drag on the plastic frame a bit more than his. Mine is made in Austria, his is a US made. ive searched the web and everything that pops up regarding this is in aftermarket triggers or when somebody has messed around with the internals. Mine is untouched. Im not new to glocks, have around 20,000 rounds between my 34 and 19. I’ve had them completely apart to clean/modify. The gen 5 is a bit different but basic mechanics of them are the same. I don’t see anything out of sorts. Any ideas? Should I just send it back to Glock? Anyone else experience this?
  5. I haven't read too far yet but have already picked up some advice that was worth the price of admission "Never take a reshoot right after your first run thru". He goes into detail why but I have done this many times, even at a couple big matches and it really is better not to.
  6. The Last Dance about Jordon on Netflix was good, Im not a big bball fan but still really enjoyed the show. Also enjoyed the Punisher on Netflix. Formula 1 Drive to survive has two seasons on netflix. These shows turned me into an F1 fan...what these drivers and teams do to gain an edge is crazy.
  7. As far as the warranty goes...think about how much optics have changed in the last 5 years...don't you think they'll continue advancing? In 5 years time that SRO will probably be outdated and you'll be ready for a new one anyways
  8. You can wedge a small piece of wood between the powder die and the die next to it to stop the rotation. I recently had my very 1st squib. I have a powder check die and visually confirm powder before placing bullet. I am baffled by how one got thru...but I have it on video and it clearly had no powder. CZ Shadow and Blue Bullet 147 gr got stuck close enough that next round wouldn't chamber luckily. Even after the RO stopped me and mentioned it could be a squib...I didn't believe it. Sure enough...that thing was lodged in there hard. Banging a squib rod on the table about 30 times and it didn't budge. It took a bolt and a big rock (couldn't find a hammer at the match) to finally get it out. I made a short vid if you want to see
  9. Syntech is really the only softer shooting factory ammo that I am aware of. There are other smaller companies making low power loads. You may have to change your recoil spring, not sure whats allowed in GSSF.
  10. I have that exact setup....it works good for me so far. I bought it used from a good buddy with an older jpoint on it. He had put about 500 rounds thru it...I have probably put 3-4000 rounds? Ive had to adjust the dot once since I sighted it in. I've never heard about the adapter plate theory. I really hate the idea of being tied to one brand (or family) of dot so I think this is the way to do it. Also have a plate with iron sights on it that I can throw on if I want to shoot production. In a perfect world all dots would have the same mounting pattern...wouldn't that be nice?!
  11. You could use your phone and then import the video to whatever video editing software you are using. As far as software, It can't be that complex if an iphone app can handle it. There just has to be a demand for it. I'd love something like that.
  12. I've had Talon on my G34 for over two years now, probably 15,000 rounds and countless matches. Hasn't moved at all. Take your time with the prep and def use some heat at the end to set in the glue.
  13. Just be sure if you compete your particular sport/division allows this mod
  14. Malarky112

    Moving to CZ?

    I came from a Glock to a CZ and the DA on first shot isn't that big of a deal. Once in a while I might find myself taking an easier target 1st off the draw, but most times I don't think of it. And don't forget al those empty gun starts will be SA.
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