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  1. Malarky112


    Or when it’s nice all week and then pours on match day causing cancellation.
  2. I use the same hat as shown above. I did throw a few stands of thread in there to hold it a little better.
  3. Could be worse...at least I’ll be able to shoot SA. Thanks again!
  4. Thanks rowdy....since you seem to be well versed in IDPA as well would the ruling be the same there or would I be in ESP? Thanks!
  5. This^. I started in IDPA and after the first time I miscounted my rounds I bought all 10 round mags. Use a Barney mag to load the +1. It’s also easier to tell if the round chambered that way. Barney mag has 1 round, load mag, slide forward, remove mag. If mag is empty then round loaded!
  6. I apologize if this has been asked before but I tried a search with no luck and I did read the rulebook. Rulebook states milling only for sights allowed. I have a Shadow1 with an optic plate milled into the slide by CGW. I have an additional plate with a rear sight on it. if I put the rear sight plate on it it production legal?
  7. I’ve never tried GX but I will say I’ve emailed RHT many times and called and they’re always very quick to respond and very helpful
  8. I’ve had Various sets of Oakley’s the past 20 years and I’ve never had that issue. You must have some potent sweat!
  9. I was hesitant about buying 5.11 pants but I found a deal on eBay and they are really a high quality product.
  10. I also cannot find any info on this...tried on my phone and even dug out the laptop!
  11. Xtreme Bullets? There is a thread in the reloading section with BF deals and I think they were listed, check it out.
  12. I’ve only loaded coated bullets so far...with deals they run less then 7 cents usually. (147) What’s average price for plated 147 and what’s considered a good deal?
  13. Nice...keep them coming! Just a suggestion but a link would be helpful but..... If no link can you at least explain what it is, what company. Not everyone may be familiar with what your mentioning.
  14. Well there’s something I never thought of. Anyone else have expierence while wearing a hat? I always wear a hat and was about to buy a pair of photocromatic glasses from ruby.
  15. CZ Customs sells a spare parts kit for CZ Shadows and it contains not one but 6 slide stops, so that tells ya they are fairly common to failure. But every thousand rounds seems excessive. Hot loads?
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