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  1. Yes but we all know the second run never goes as well as the first.
  2. Should be able to match them up at any hardware store easily. They're common thread, nothing special.
  3. Its a private USPSA Buy/sell group but guys name is Matt Lee. Makes holster hangers similar to boss mounts as well. Good dude, might be on ebay too.
  4. Plate system is the best choice if your worried about resale. As others mentioned you can get a rear sight plate as well and still shoot production if you wish.
  5. It would be helpful if you mentioned which gun or at least which mags. As someone else mentioned, personally for a Home Defense gun I'm not sure I would trust any of the extensions. If you do go that route be sure you test them, a lot.
  6. Agree, USPS...awful. I had some xmas gifts that took over a month and arrived late. Apparently their main hubs were backed up for weeks.
  7. Loks all the way. The only bad thing about Lok is how many different options there are, they tend to be overwhelming. I went with palm swells full checkered. Most seem to like the bogey or roughneck
  8. Wow thats a hellava deal! I'll send them a PM, thank you.
  9. Mind if I ask how much you paid? Local gunshop near me wanted $30 per mag to do this...
  10. Not really helpful to the OP but Area 8 had a 3-2-1 format this year and I thought it was good. Only downfall is harder to separate from the competition on short courses.
  11. I think you asking too much of the original spring. Regarding the nosedive, I've had no issues with TTI, Grams guts and 17 mecgar, as long as you keep them clean. I find that cleaning them out anytime they hit the dirt keeps them functioning properly.
  12. I shot that match too (and a couple others at that club this year). Great stages but the mask thing is tough. I have a CZ Shadow but have been eyeballing the Tangfolios. Haven't shot one yet.
  13. I'd say if it works for you, keep doing it. If you're not currently doing it, there are more cons than pros to switching to it.
  14. Im really not sure what I just read? When you say top shooters of the sport are you talking about like the Super Squad at Nationals? Or the local M? Either way I try to respect everyone who participates and I've found 95% of the people involved helpful and respectful. Did I miss something?
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