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  1. I had to send a Jpoint back for repair earlier this month. Wouldnt hold zero, they fixed it free. Estimated 3-4000 rounds on it.
  2. I wish I had a copy of the matchbook because I don't remember reading it in there (I know it could've changed from printing to the day of the match). I think I'll start taking pics of the WSB's at big matches.
  3. Thanks man. In the end thats all I can hope for and I'm happy about that. If I had read/seen something like this before the match, I might've been more conscious of it before the stage. Ouch bro! Such a dumb thing, and to cost you the win, that hurts!
  4. Our RO's told us it was a procedural for every shot fired if we skipped the "thing" all together. I'm not wise to the rules as much as I should be but he said many ppl had tried to argue and lost the argument.
  5. So I know lots of people are saying dump the holster, its definitely an option. But other than getting a 3 gun holster, what are my options? Many competitors I've spoken with, some with way more experience then me, have said that the majority of USPSA holsters would not hold a gun in this situation. Thinking back, in my 4 or so years of USPSA, this is the 1st time I have ever encountered a stage with movement with a loaded gun in holster. I am def going to grab my heat gun and see if I can tighten the retention up some with some reworking. And I agree t
  6. Wow, lesson learned on my part. I've got less than a year with the CZ and CO. I shot my Glock in production last year. I didn't even realize they can give procedurals for a non-shooting action like that. It was pretty silly to put it politely.
  7. Update: I did end up sending it back to Glock. They were great to deal with and it was only 11 days from the day I shipped it to the day I had it back In my hands. Work order says they replaced the trigger and bar. Looking closely there is def a visible difference between the original and the new one. The forward extension of cruciform sear plate is now tapered. I’m guessing it’s an updated part. I’ll test fire it later this week.
  8. I found out today (and saw the video) that another shooter was victim of the same issue, almost the exact same spot, metal CZ with a RHT holster. I also had emailed the MD with my polite feedback of the stage, she said that the strong hand was handed in an attempt to keep people from sweeping themselves while placing the ballot in the bucket, but obviously that had its own issues and they would avoid it next year. I also saw that when Max Michel shot it he drew, switched the gun to his weak hand, did the ballot thing, then switched the gun back to strong hand. HIs many years of exper
  9. Yes I included the video and my comments about how it never really “clicked” in. They offered me to send it back for them to “take a look at”.
  10. Yup mine def doesn't do that and hasn't since day one. I even contacted RHT tactical and they said it never really clicks with a shadow, obviously yours does. I'm not bashing on them, they're a great company and support the sport, but I think my holster needs to be redone. I'm not 100% sure it would've helped, but it certainly couldn't have hurt. For those saying it was a dumb stage, I obviously agree but didn't think much of it until after this happened of course. What exactly was the purpose of saying "strong hand"? I wonder if it was a left over stage from the LFOD IDPA Cha
  11. My wallet was in my pocket and I can ensure you it wasn't heavy! I did suspect it hit it but after slowing down the vid even more I think the wallet swung in front of the holster...but who knows. Rowdy they required you to grab the ballot with strong hand...that was in the stage description.
  12. I'm having trouble processing what went wrong, would like some opinions here. I linked the youtube vid. Stage required you use strong hand to grab the "ballot" and put it in the bucket. I know the tension knobs on my holster were just about as tight as I could get them by hand. We had taken a wagon ride to get from one side of the club to the other just the stage before and I didn't want my gun falling out while sitting in the wagon so I had tightened them. I know I pushed my gun into my holster after make ready. This is a RHT holster and its never had a soli
  13. Yup Black Bullets is the way to go! They even added a UPS option which is awesome and saves the hassle of depending on the USPS. I ordered just over 4000 and they were on my doorstep 6 days later.
  14. Ghosts work fine, there was a guy on FB who was selling them with machined mounts for like $12 each.
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