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  1. Thanks! Getting FIRST HAND feedback from a CP33 owner who actually shoots Steel Challenge is just awesome!
  2. Thanks for your input. Rimfire Challenge limits to 11 rounds. I routinely shoot firearms holding 12 and 15 rounds respectively. I can't remember the last time I even came close to shooting more than 11. I'm curious. Do they mags appear to be of high quality? Thanks!
  3. What do your competitors think of it? Does it point well? Is it fairly heavy when fully loaded? Thank you again.
  4. Not in my experience. In years of shooting action rimfire with a Remington 572 pump (loaded to 15 rounds to maintain optimum rifle balance), I have never "over-shot" a stage. "Counting" one's shots becomes second nature/subconscious, for more than one reason, namely to ensure one always has a round to hit the stop plate and not incur a +30.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. That's what I was hoping to see. Do you shoot Open or Limited? The CP33's 9" sight radius is attractive, particularly for those shooting in Limited. Thanks again.
  6. In case anyone is interested in the CP33 speed loader: https://www.keltecweapons.com/product/cp-33-speedloader/
  7. "The CP33 is fine for competition in Steel Challenge or Rimfire Challenge. But you have to load the mags properly..." That's exatly what I have been reading. I understand one company makes a loader, that makes the process simple.
  8. Actually, around here the pistol shooters are allow to "barney" a round. I share you concerns about reliability, given its paramount importance. But the more I read, the more I understand that the CP33 flat-out RUNS. The thing that really attracts me is the CP33's sight radius is 9 INCHES! That's very attractive for a limited shooter. Anyway, thanks for your response.
  9. Does anyone else here shoot Rimfire Challenge? (Much like Steel Challenge using a .22) I was thinking about trying a semi-auto pistol in addition to my S&W 617 revo. I'm very intrigued by the KelTec CP33 and possibly even the PLR22. Any experiences, thoughts? Both have long sight radii which I appreciate as I shoot "limited." The PLR22 intrigues me as far as the necessary grip, although I'm not sure it can be moved as fast as a traditional pistol? Any experiences, thoughts? Thank you.
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