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  1. I already do that. But there's still the option of clamping my left thumb over my right thumb in a "traditional revolver grip", versus both thumbs pointed straight ahead with my right thumb on top. Either way the web of my hand stays at high as possible with respect to the centerline of the bore.
  2. I shoot an S&W 617 rimfire revolver in action shooting and I have a question about my grip. I'm right-handed and have always gripped revolvers with my left thumb over my right thumb in a traditional "revolver grip." Recently someone suggested I employ a typical semi-auto pistol grip with both thumbs pointed forward, with my right thumb on top. It feels rather odd to me, but it seems like it has the potential to offer more control. As a .22 rimfire, there's not much recoil to control so I'm wondering if this might be the way to go? Any input would be appreciated. Thank you.
  3. For those of you that shoot any sort of action shooting -- Steel Challenge, USPSA, IDPA, SASS, ICORE, etc. do you typically shooting with both eyes open or one closed? Do you use iron sights, dots or optics? Have you noticed a difference? Does it differ between long guns and handguns for you? Thanks.
  4. That's very interesting to hear, thanks. 597's typically hold an edge over 10-22's in this type of shooting, while the 10-22's were/are more reliable and those better for timed action shooting. Amazed your friend's 597s weren't simply replaced...
  5. I'm also curious if there is still an advantage to replacing the stock 597 extractor with one from Volquartsen now that Remington supposidly fixed their stock extractors? I also wonder if the 10 round magazines from the Keep Shooting Co. are actually better than the almost identical factory 10 round magazines?
  6. I want to start shooting USPSA-inspired rimfire 2-gun (rifle/pistol) and I was thinking about buying a Remington 597. I prefer this firearm over the venerable Ruger 10/22 (which I already own) because the stock fits me a great deal better, because I appreciate the 20" barrel, I prefer the stock iron sights (which I would use), the balance of the 597 over the 10/22 and the 597 is considerably less expensive so it can be "used" without concern. But will the 597 feed reliably enough to be competitive? I know the 597's mags were a real issue from day 1 -- they are no match for the Ruger's rotary mags. But I have been reading on-line that newer mags (10 rounders), aftermarket mags from Keep Shooting and newer versions of the 597 are as reliable as the 10/22. Can anyone here shed some insight or any other 597 insights? Thanks much.
  7. The rules for 3 Gun Heavy Metal Limited Division state: "...Not more than one (1) non-magnified electronic or optical sight is permitted. Electronic or optical sights originally designed to be capable of any magnification (whether used or not) are prohibited." Can anyone here recommend a non-magnified electronic sight (eg. a red dot) for use on an M1A? How about a non-magnified optical sight (a scope) for use on the same rifle? Thanks much.
  8. NSSF Rimfire Challenge allows it for their Limited Class while Steel Challenge does not. Odd...
  9. I have to wonder if some that are retorting have ever even fired a gun, much less timed someone?
  10. PVH is Paul Hendrix the RO that was banned for cheating with the timer. Hotchkiss is located in CA, I think. As far as dealing with hot brass I just move so that I don't get hit with it. It's quite easy to position yourself where you can safely RO a shooter and not get hit with brass being ejected from the gun/rifle. Not really. Certainly not during the firing of the first string.
  11. He is in area 6. PVH's anal retentive brother. USPSA? I don't pay a lot of attention but who is PVH? I'm in area 6 as well and shoot mostly NC and SC. I've been RO'ing for only about a year and only been an RO for about 2 months so not a lot of experience here. I have had a couple of shooters whose brass was nailing me in the face from the get go. I just move a little left or right. If they are shooting 9mm, I stay where I am and take my hat off and catch it. [emoji4] . It sounds like most people just move a little. I do wish that I had a full face shield when RO'ing these super comp guys. That's a lot of concussion coming back on you. What if the first piece of brass goes down your shirt? Each firearm seems to throw brass in a different location. I personally don't want to worry about getting hit by brass -- I want to concentrate on the shooting. As far as "concussion", you shouldn't be close enough to the shooter to feel it according to some on this thread. Just start 10' away from the shooter and all will be just fine according to them...
  12. I'm amazed at the number of trolls on this thread. Don't get me wrong, trolls are extremely common on gun forums but this is brianenos.com, one of the gold standards of on-line gun forums -- at least to me. It's not as if this is ar15.com or the doodie project. Once the first troll dumps on a thread it tends to attract other trolls -- in some cases true "Internet Warriors", but I've not seen too much of that here. The number of trolls on this thread surprised me enough to ask the same question on another forum (another gold standard) http://www.thehighroad.org/showthread.php?t=766075 Vastly different responses. Good input and information. No one claiming never to be burned by brass, etc. I really hope this was an aberration.
  13. Your actual eyeball? What did it do to your vision? I've caught one between the frame of my glasses and an eyebrow and that wasn't fun...
  14. How about a rule where people like you seeking attention are precluded from posting drivel? While such a rule would impact certain peoples' ability to make themselves feel good about themselves, it would certainly remove a lot of trash from threads. Why don't you use your head and get out of the way of the flying hot things coming from the gun instead of started stupid threads? Why don't you gain personal control over yourself and skip those threads you feel to be "stupid?"
  15. How about a rule where people like you seeking attention are precluded from posting drivel? While such a rule would impact certain peoples' ability to make themselves feel good about themselves, it would certainly remove a lot of trash from threads.
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