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  1. Thank you for saying that. One thing brianenos.com always needs to preserve is its helpful/teaching (and largely troll-free) environment.
  2. I think I am going to start wearing a wide-brimmed hat as well... It's the CAS guys/gals that really get into the wagons/chairs. I know one squad that almost appears to be tailgating... Never seen a wet bar on the range though.
  3. Have you ever considered some sort of wide-brimmed hat? Also, does the hoodie (or perhaps a crew-necked sweatshirt?) get in the way of your belt/holster?
  4. You're nothing but a troll... I just updated my ignored users/trolls list... Bu-bye...
  5. I only see shooting gloves here locally at 3Gun matches, and some trap/skeet matches. Give it time...
  6. Actually you appear to be the troll... I asked an honest question and you had to be rude about things. Psychological projection on your part? Either way, that's on you.
  7. Well, eyes and ears are a given -- but you're right, it can even get fancy there too, particularly with the glasses.
  8. Have you adopted the action shooter uniform -- either consciously or unconsciously when you shoot events like 3Gun, Rimfire Challenge, Steel Challenge, USPSA, etc? Most of the pieces come I suspect from what functions the best? However some seems to come from wanting to look like the pros and/or wanting to fit in? In my experience the uniform consists of: - Ball cap or trucker's cap. Little sun protection, but they do allow the wearing of ears which is good. - Short-sleeved "shooter's jersey" with as much advertisement on it as possible. - If it's cold out, a long-sleeved layer under one's shooter's jersey. - Tactical trousers or shorts. The more pockets the better. - Knife clipped in pocket. - Sundry kicks and socks.
  9. Obviously one could not exactly clone Ruger's design without getting into legal problems. But given the growing number of 10/22 receivers and magazines -- and rifles for that matter, I'm curious if such companies (e.g. Brownells BRN-22, Volquartsen, Magnum Research, Tactical Innovations, Tactical Solutions, Champion Range & Target, etc.) actually pay any royalties to Ruger for what they produce based on the 10/22?
  10. Why the asinine and obsessive behavior on your part? I'm just curious. Your clearly had nothing to add to the conversation, so why not just skip over my posting?
  11. Neat -- except ranges where guns aren't allowed to be covered...
  12. I shot a 3Gun event last summer. It was HOT -- over 110F. Guns didn't have to be out in the sun for very long to heat up. It would have been nice to have the right type of gloves. Gloves that I was used to. I've also shot 3Gun matches where you're constantly using your off hand to guide yourself while running or actually shooting. Grabbing old splinterey fences along the way. Once more, the right gloves would have been nice.
  13. Stop whining. I asked a legitimate question. Some people responded with facts -- and I appreciate that.. Others like yourself whined in one manner or another.
  14. Wow! I wonder what triggered all the rude/whiny responses? Psychological projection of some kind, or just plain narcissism I suppose? Over the last few decades I have seen glove use become more commonplace in all sorts of activities. From baseball and football players, to soldiers, to mechanics/techs and yes, even shooters. I was just curious when (not if) they'll become common in different types of action shooting, and what it will take? I clearly picked the wrong place to ask! BE's forum used to be pretty much free of rudeness -- a real rarity for a gun-related website. When exactly did that change?
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