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  1. Yeah, I hear you! I know a guy that went to one of those custom on-line custom jersey companies and had a terrifically sarcastic jersey made up. Holland & Holland, Purdey, Korth and Kynoch are his sponsors, along with others. Most don't give it a second thought. About 1 in 10 or so will stop and study it and begin asking about it.
  2. Thanks for your support. Once the trolls left, I ended-up getting some really good input. Thanks again.
  3. It's interesting how Salomon shoes have taken off. Here too. Not sure why? Comfort? Fit? Traction? Cool/fitting-in factor? I never really seem to get a straight answer. Certainly not price or durability based on my own experience. For the most part, I prefer New Balance.
  4. The only limitation at my club on such matters is that you shoot the fastest firearm first. Say you signed-up for Open and Single-Stack. You have to shoot Open first. The reason is that too many very fast, Open shooters were using other classes to warm-up on each stage.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I can imagine the SLO/Morro Bay fog must feel great to a valleyite during the summer...
  6. Only the section's State Championship in Sept. How did you like it? That's my home range.
  7. Great input, thanks! Ever shoot at SLOSA's Hogue Action Pistol Range?
  8. Thanks for the list. That Quickclot is amazing stuff, aye? It doesn't burn too bad...
  9. In addition to firearms and ammo, eyes/ears, something to drink/eat and possibly extra clothes, what (e.g. lube(s), screwdrivers, etc.) makes up your match "kit"? Thanks.
  10. I guess Ruger is already offering its own version. For 900 bucks... https://ruger.com/products/1022Competition/specSheets/31120.html
  11. I have long been thinking about setting up an "open" rifle for Rimfire Challenge action shooting competition. I was reading about the Thompson/Center Arms T/CR22 and it seems like it's close to being ready to go for ~$285.00: - Machined aluminum receiver with an integral Picatinny rail. - It's light -- #4.4. - Magpul stock well-suited for action shooting. - Pre-threaded for compensator. - Accepts trigger groups (including BX) and magazines designed for Ruger 10/22. - Last shot hold-open feature (when using T/C mags.) - Stock fiber optic sights for possible Limited Class co
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