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  1. Amerflyer48

    G34 Gen 5 Mag release

    I have the “FBI” one on mine as I also use it for GSSF stock division (must be all Glock parts) the Vickers May go on my New Limited build as the FBI is only 1mm more protrusion
  2. Amerflyer48

    Hoster for gen4 g34

    Running a Black Scorpion Gear Production setup with an additional ghost 360 carrier in position 1 Like it so far
  3. Amerflyer48

    Thumb rest on open guns, experiences....

    Had one on my open gun back in the early 90s Had to make it out of a piece of angled aluminum, if I ever go back to open I will be using one I don’t have to make.
  4. Amerflyer48


    So who is going to be the first to go with one in Production or CO ? Might be the ticket for a Junior with smallish hands.
  5. Amerflyer48

    G20 Barrel Search.. Help Please?

    Lone wolf used to make a G20 10mm to 9mm but I believe they discontinued a few years back converting to 9mm was from my research problematical but could be done with an 11 lbs spring and barrel the 10mm mags “mostly” worked not sure if a different top end would work but at that point you would be at the price of a 17/19 new in the box. Reloading would help with the ammo cost but none of these answers are cheap FWIW I can reload 9,10 and .40 for about the same price of 11-15 cents a round for range ammo. Maybe a .22 conversion for plinking but I am not sure if they make one for a large frame. Maybe a police turn in for the 22 or 23 for an economical 9/40 option you could throw a dot on.
  6. Amerflyer48

    Heavy Limited

    Thought is a holdover from the old days when I shot 10mm in open and anybody using a .40 “loaded long” to get them to work you guessed it .40 Long was same oak as a 10mm since it was the early days of hicaps like S_I and Para and they were pretty much 1911 based even in frame size. Basically I will be loading the same as PF is PF just have a slightly larger combustion chamber and 20 rounds per mag is comparable to any of the .40s currently running 140mm mags and all else fails it goes in the safe and I get a 24 Besides it is fun to download to make Major my old open gun would push a 200 PF sometimes when I felt like really working the comp.
  7. Amerflyer48

    Heavy Limited

    Glock 40 10 mm for Limited thinking 155s or even 135s to get the slide moving but 6” limited with almost 9” or sight radius and a Safariland 014 holster can start using some of the 3,000+ empties I have hanging around. My old loading from the 90s open gun was Winchester Super Lite so I will have to root through the reloadingforum and see what the other 10s are using , thought I read that WSL is also Titegroup so maybe. The larger frame fits my hands well and Carver has the Wells and +5 extensions
  8. Amerflyer48

    Am I too old?

    Also have an old Delta Elite 10mm built by San Serpina way back when
  9. Amerflyer48

    Am I too old?

    49 here did most of my “racing” back in the early 1990s made it to B Class Open starting back this spring in Production then maybe Limited with an outside chance of dusting off the dual port single stack LaRocca think we added the c-more in 1993-4
  10. Amerflyer48

    My current load work up for my new Open Glock17

    That’s not far from my old 38Super load shot real nice in my LaRocca comp gun Back then it was WW540 = now HS6
  11. Amerflyer48

    Glock 34/35 holster for production USPSA

    I went with Black Scorpion Gears Production Package and added a ghost 360 pouch Chased all the threads with blue loctite once I got it all set where I wanted it.
  12. Amerflyer48

    Ok im jumping in the open pool!

    Bon Fortuna, keep us posted I’m thinking of Limited Major and building up a 22 with a sight block for 2020
  13. Amerflyer48

    Does anyone pin extractors any more?

    Smith and Wesson Forums, I know someone over there has a copy of "the Standard Catalog" by Jim Supica and would probably look up your serial range if you ask nicely, they did it for my 1970 K-38 http://smith-wessonforum.com/s-w-revolvers-1980-present/222977-new-members-looking-date-manufacture-info-how-find-your-serial-number-79.html
  14. I would just replace the T plate and use some Blue Loc Tite and don't overtorque back when I started this my 'smith told me all threaded assemblies should have either anti-seize or Loc Tite and per my Father who was a mechanic since before I was born torquing was "snug = 1/4 turn" when in question for small threads. only time I had trouble was when I did not do this.
  15. I got 1,000 Blazer Brass 115 9mm on Black Friday for $7.00/50 at that price the cover stays on my Dillon RL450 (upgraded powder and primer system) once I get back in the swing of things I will work up a 147 gr load. until then my Glock 34 seems to like the loading and I have while I work on coming back from a almost 20 year break.