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  1. Probably one of those Glock 7's I keep hearing about... think he meant it to go one line lower, check post below in the main subforum: I went ahead and got DQ'd today
  2. Just greased my 450 link pins last month, for the first time since it was given to me 18 or so years ago, the upper end of the arms started dragging, there was slight galling, cleaned off with a scotchbrite pad. lowers were fine but basically,... punch em out clean em up drill the link arms for needle grease gun or zerk use and reassemble.. pretty sure from my sailing days you will still need to lube the bronze/steel interface same as steel/Aluminium, I generally don't play with bronze much anymore..
  3. Currently shoot a Gen4 but looking hard at a Gen5 because of aforementioned cavernous mag well since I shoot production. I do practice Burkett Reloads until my eyes bleed but it is nice to have more if a well for those not so coordinated kind of days
  4. Then there’s the .40/10mm crowd who just clean fire three clean again and run it Worked fine for my 18” BHW barreled AR Build And I also agree with Tom Freeman shoot it awhile to settle everything in then play with pet loads.
  5. I have a Safariland 014 for my 34 that also fits my G40 for Limited. in Production I run a Black Scorpion Gear setup
  6. I bought check weights to make sure my 2 beam scales agree with each other , they didn’t but they do now and if I ever go digital or a new scale I can either calibrate or know the offset from old to new and adjust the notes/load and verify easy enough. I work only with my scales and a chronograph so as long as my scales are consistent for me I am good my notes record what the scale says and the book is used for a safe starting load mostly as there are a lot of variables between their test fixture and my firearms etc. I also know my Titanium wedding band on my scales weigh 71 grains. So there is another check weight I always have handy
  7. In to 100 round boxes pistol/20 or 50 round boxes for rifle after a gauge/chamber check then a marker swipe across the primer to show it was QC’d by me then stored in larger can. Blue for Factory ammo Red for established reloads combo of colors/stripes/primer dots etc. for developing loads. Load mags night before match/range trip i do have some bulk .45 230LRN reloads (not for match) I did that are in plastic zip loc bags but they are probably 15-20 years old and have a red marker swipe. .22s are stored in a .50 cal can in their boxes some bulk hi speed Remington are in the flip top hi cap tic tac boxes (the ones in the checkout line that are about the size of a pack of cigs. Not the little rectangle boxes I think they hold 250 tic tacs)
  8. Mostly the rail (I use a MantisX) and I would believe muzzle weight bias I have 13’ of tread tape so checkering isn’t as crucial.
  9. Thanks, figured it was as I use a Glock 34 and I remember when the whole MOS non MOS and different Gen made a difference though at the rate they push those vs. say a SP01 Bull it wasn’t an issue for long. Will have to mail them and see how close they are to getting a SP01 Bull on the list I am considering swapping platforms and I really like the SP01
  10. The 75 Bull Shadow is doesn’t specifically state a SP01 Bull Shadow ( with the rail) or Shadow2 Bull Shadow (48+ounces) is. Or are all three models considered a 75 ? sorry for confusing the situation.
  11. Any hope the SPO1 Bull Shadow will be allowed in production soon ? I am guessing it is a units sold issue ? Thinking of one with the optics cut so I can run it in CO as well possibly.
  12. Press was acting funny so I disassembled services/cleaned and lubed found the upper link pins on my 450 were borderline seized or at the least very dry causing a binding feeling now back to making ammo by the bucket full.
  13. I currently run a Glock 34 Gen4 in Production so I get to reload a lot without a funnel,.... Establish a par time then start lowering it by .10 until it gets "comfortable" then lower another .10 that puts the emphasis on speed in small bites, easily doable in Dry Fire practice,.. maybe even split it up into,drawing the mag by "bouncing" to not lag on the mag in the pouch, a Burkett drill to fine tune before and whatever you would call reacquiring grip/ sights etc. after then run them together,.. lots of ways to skin this cat and find pockets of hand speed while reinforcing consistent economical motion.
  14. Maybe this should be in training not tips how do I get a moderator to move it ?
  15. I used to do triathlons and long distance cycling events during my time away from USPSA and was wondering if anyone here “tapers” for lack of a better term, before an event or just practices/dry fires right up to the day before a match. ( no dryfiring say a night or two before a match etc.) I am wondering about other sports experience carrying over from one to another for example: season planning/periodization,specific patterns of training(sport specific strength sessions ,accuracy sessions, speed sessions, cross training scheduling etc. Also as a bonus question does anyone find themselves with what I call “match apathy” or just a lack of wanting to go to the match a week or two before the event , not burnout or overtraining, just a sort of mild “meh” passive sort of attitude vs. thrill of the hunt “git you some” hard desire drive.
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