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  1. Production shooter here, plan reload points and if I miss or makeup more than one shot I reload then reload again at the planned point to get plan back in track this Saturday I even had a Texas Star not go as planned (clean or break off at 8 shots) so I was able to move to next box maybe 2 steps away while reloading, shoot those arrays and come back once it settled a bit and picked up the 2 remaining plates now not hiding behind NS so maybe saved a little time vs chasing the revolving rabbit.
  2. Set one up for each division and swap guns for divisions annually/or per x numbers of rounds etc. to get equal wear ?
  3. Love my AL390ST 32” ported great trap gun and decent in a duck blind.
  4. Shannon Smith did something like it 2 years ago.
  5. I run that .75mm or .029” Glock extended on my 34 due to the fact it double duties as my GSSF stock gun and have never missed a mag drop in a USPSA match but then again I do shift my grip a bit when I reload the extension gets too big it creates other problems like support hand bump mid string (spontaneous mag release) so I went with minimal extension to help insure a good mag drop and minimal risk of SMR actually to think back I never had a problem before my case of new part syndrome. Burkett Reload drills of course help I just dump the mag on a low table or bed to ease picking up off the floor
  6. There is a good one up in Gallatin don’t have his card handy at the moment call the Reloaders Bench in Mt Juliet they have his info
  7. I picked up some TTI mid sized used here on the forum they work well and easy enough off/on for cleaning. and I just use a Magpul for my starter with a 3/16” hole drilled to see the 10th and 11th round.
  8. It is a ported island so a more compact compensated gun one could argue it bridges the gap between a simple “Mag-Na-Port” job and a full blown comp/barrel weight.
  9. Could see this on my G40 I can dream I guess.
  10. Looks like SJC but no thread into the frame so possibly an older model. Yep, Zoom in on second pic thumbrest has the SJC logo
  11. Think I read 10 round floorplates are different and either need to be trimmed or replaced to fit mag wells or p80s guess a comparison would tell you. It I don’t have any 10 rounders. Not sure what to say about the trigger though some wear at the start is usual for any parts, just keep an eye on it it should stop at some point
  12. Find a shooter friendly upholstery shop or awning shop and draw it out for them might luck out and find an air soft or paintball guy on staff. I used to do all sorts of odd jobs like that in the off season back when I did the canvas thing. Converted an old Ernie Hill belt to a 2 belt Velcro setup back in 1990 and a custom pink gun cover for a gal who wanted one Their machines should be heavy enough to either make or modify and existing panel
  13. A few steel cleaning rod sections and a 25ACP or .32 casing epoxied on one end and some tubing at the joints to act as a barrel guide and the casing goes up against the loved bullet ?
  14. I just trim down baby bottle brushes. Last ine one I bought was by KleenBore
  15. 1/4” threaded rod inside thin walled rubber tubing all bought at Lowe’s or HD gun barrel length +3” I have an aluminum Kubotan from Monadnock as a key ring it is 6” x 1/4” diameter and threaded for brushes have had it for 30+ years Mas Ayoob used to suggest them to his 4” carry gun crowd and I can say it works great.
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