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  1. Not sure what cycles slower a G17L running 147s or a S&W M52
  2. Just running a polished internal set, stock smooth faced trigger with contoured safety tab and a TTI connector/spring kit Runs fine fortunately not much overtravel with this setup or I would have 4-40 set screwed the block G34 gen4
  3. Mike21STI I have one that fits my Glock G40 I may setup and run as limited in 10mm just working out mag pouches thinking DAA magnetics maybe.
  4. Just replaced mine because I wanted a blue one no change in accuracy in a G40
  5. Amerflyer48

    Best Connector??

    Glock trigger is pretty consistent, first to last shot. I run a TTI connector and spring kit in my 34 for Production and stock GSSF. my G40 came with a “-“ connector so I will probably just get the TTI spring kit when I get ready to go Limited I have a ghost and a “-“ in my spares kit box.
  6. Yeah I thought I knew what difficult was until I got into a 52 (mostly reloading issues it taught me a lot about ammo making and follow through) then I bought a Glock 34
  7. Amerflyer48


    Isn’t it all a class/classroom ? I get classes at the match watching M/GM/A shoot I also learn from the new guy always a student. Always observing. I guess it is just perception or point of view 1 class won’t be the magic if you don’t observe and take it in as a student of the sport. Maybe be I am missing something.
  8. Bullseye shooting with an emphasis on shot calling ,basic gun handling to stay familiar, general fitness weights and burpees,slow at first adding new technique or gear in dry firing then when I can live fire (weather/schedule dependent) And some sort of cross training something different so I am just a “bit hungry” to return to the range come springtime.
  9. I use the Howard Lleights with the gel cups and Surefire Sonic EP4 plugs outdoors indoors I have a set of David Clark’s with gel cups I have had since I was 14 and have rebuilt twice. My Grandfather got them for me and my brother back in the late 70s before folks were universally concerned about hearing protection
  10. After 17 years off after leaving the sport with a B Open class I came back as a Production shooter with this as my first classifier, shot it last of 6 stages with a GSSF Stock Glock 34 and factory Blazer 115s 7:24 3 A 3 C for 56.06% HF of 3.3149 I have work to do but it was a good feeling to be somewhere near a B after such a long layoff
  11. Have one of those Clark full profile “Heavy PinMaster” comps new in the bag with barrel and an old Ed Brown Maxi Well the one you cut 1/4” off the frame and TIG the well on and the mainspring housing pin goes through it. One of these days I will finish it as well.
  12. Maybe the old “tungsten powder and epoxy” trick, if you can use enough release against you might be able to make a removeable one then D/T for the lanyard hole to secure. Not sure you will get to your 5oz goal though
  13. Comp Looks like the Errol Lawson gun for sale in the classifieds
  14. Also have a Mike LaRocca .38 Super from same time period and can remember a Pin shoot with a .45 comp gun in late 1980s belonging to Stuart Spector
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