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    I would shoot every match if I could, but with a wife and kids I only shoot 2-3 matches a month. I'm an A class Limited shooter, shooting a CZ TS. When I'm out with the family we are either skiing, mountain biking, or going to a local skatepark.
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  1. If she isn't shooting, she ought to be reluctant. If she does shoot a little bit, then I say protect that situation and keep doing it all yourself. Now if she is one of the few wives that would actually shoot a match without you then just case gauge your own ammo and when she starts getting jams, she might want to start pitching in.
  2. Thanks for taking the time to put this up. I has a similar journey with a SAR9 pistol. One day I'd like to play with their K2. I really think the Turkish made pistols are very, very well made - slightly better than a CZ.
  3. It isn't pretty but neither is my holster or pistol. But it should be very functional.
  4. Since I wear my holster at about 1:30, a disk would very likely catch in my front pocket. I wanted something that would curve around so it couldn't catch on anything. I scanned my garage and found a shop vac nozzle a had a duplicate of. Voila.
  5. Yes, something like that. My hanger is lower though, so the exact same design might hook into a pocket.
  6. Hi, Are there any products like in the title? I have looked and not found any. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough. It's the kind of thing I'd normally make myself but I want to see what's out there first. For reference, I have a couple Aandabooks Ebay hangers and both are rock solid. But any match longer than a local, and it starts to get really uncomfortable digging into my thigh.
  7. If a 22lr division is introduced, I will finally join that large and growing group that thinks that USPSA is horribly mismanaged and is willing to wreck the sport in order to get more people in.
  8. I shoot a CZ Tactical Sport in Limited. I very rarely carry, but if I do a g43 in a blackhawk appendix holster is about as concealable and comfortable as I have ever come across. Seems more than adequate for close up personal protection. But, I'd want something with a much longer sight radius [or a dot] if I was protecting more than just myself.
  9. The Zev I had wasn't made for a backstrap, which is why I cut the backstrap. Doing it the way I described, you can't tell it is cut & it looked great. The plastic Glock backstraps are cheap, much cheaper than custom cutting a brass magwell. Someone would probably give you one. The aluminum magwell is a terrible option for balancing out a Glock that desperately needs for weight down low, if you are shooting major pf.
  10. Maybe try adding a thicker washer to your forward-most screw between the holster and hanger, and a thinner one to the back screw, thus angling the butt of the pistol back towards your hip. It would only take 5 cents and 5 minutes to try.
  11. Not true, I had a heavy brass ZEV magwell and used the large backstrap back when I shot a g35 gen4 in limited. You need to grind the bottom portion of the backstrap so that the only thing left on the bottom is the plastic back gripping surface. That will slip into the thin void on the top of the back of the magwell, sort of like a shoehorn.
  12. I'm good for about 1.5 weeks after a local, and longer after a bigger match. When I come home from a level 2, I usually feel "gunned-out". I don't want to look at, talk about, think about guns for a while. I always had a ton of fun, but a whole weekend intensely focused on 1 thing with no intrinsic value feels really out of balance.
  13. Here's an embarrassing story: I successfully drilled for the button, then it went downhill from there. Me being a total 1911 noob in a hurry, I saw that flathead screw head on the backside of the mag catch and, of course, I assumed that it was an actual screw I should remove to get the catch out. I cranked on the screw head to release the loctite I was imagining, and I must have bent/twisted the hell out of the mag catch lock. It totally locked up the mag catch, it wouldn't move in or out. So, I had to drill out the lock and my factory mag catch is a total loss. I bought the Wilson with the big checkered button, and it's a beautiful part. But they don't ship with a mag catch lock or spring!!! Why on earth would someone want to buy that tiny thing separate is beyond me. It's like selling car wheels without the valve stems, and selling them separate. The world of 1911s is interesting. They are fun to dump money into. Every last tiny part can be customized with many finely made options. Yet they still don't have the ergonomics or reliability of a CZ.
  14. Dawn and hot water, no pins--- if I'm just making ammo to shoot in a hurry. Brass comes out perfect for shooting, but not perfect for instagram. Dawn, hot water, pins---- if primers are scarce and I'm shooting way less, I'll take extra steps like adding the pins to make new looking brass.
  15. Dawson doesn't have many options anymore. I think I'm going to try and drill&tap for a homemade button. If I screw it up I'll buy something then. Right now the Wilson looks like the most ideal.
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