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  1. Not orange but- shadow 2 OR DA 10pounds SA 5. Changed out hammer spring to 11.5 pound DA 7.5 and SA 3
  2. not talking about thumbrest- just parts-
  3. how about EEMANN TECH in Miami Florida
  4. YES 18- but not pounds- I use the same wrench
  5. Rolex

    Carry optics dot

    Now that's funny
  6. Thank you- got it- ordered
  7. C&H told me their plate for the shadow 2 OR all have a dovetail on the back for a sight? Looks like poop to me-
  8. Rolex

    Max Michel 1911

    That's what Sig said- 250 from factory- crazy the go that high right off the bat-
  9. Rolex

    Max Michel 1911

    O I hear you on that- as I tryed a few days ago- fell off yesterday at the range- Sig finally stated the FS is .250 for the .9mm. Called Dawson and gave them some info on POA- stock- ordered a 180T x 90. Thank you-
  10. Rolex

    Max Michel 1911

    Please do measure- I don't know if there is a difference with the 45 and 9mm FS height though- and Sig cant answer that question?
  11. Rolex

    Max Michel 1911

    That's one of the issues- 2" low at 15 and 20 yards. Regardless of ammo used. I need to replace with a lower on- think Dawson Precision, but the FS blew off yesterday-
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