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  1. Rolex

    X5 rear sight?

    Only way to go for my old age- PCC also.
  2. Right! Getting all the number/models confused.
  3. Will the R1 Pro fit the new Legion slide? OR is it best to get the Romeo1Pro
  4. alma- what dealers have you seen the Romeo3Max at? Thanks
  5. How is that combo working for you
  6. Looks like the SRO sit's further out over the LCI- nice photos>
  7. I shot one last year in 6 matches- black barrel and no LCI
  8. I have talked to quite a few who own the x5- they have decided to get the new grip and keep the older x5, especially after the fact they have had the triggers worked on already. My opinion= good choice!
  9. Rolex

    P320 X5 Thread

    No- wife is home- she retired Friday
  10. Really? I was informed that was a perfect replacement for N320-
  11. Rolex

    P320 X5 Thread

    Ill trade you a new AR15 plus cash???
  12. How about Sport Pistol? Any one use that with the DPP on the X5?
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