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  1. Sig did not give the name to G1 G2 or G3. we the shooters did, to the best of my knowledge. The new model is PCC with a 16 inch barrel and the comp that's threaded on and the Timmnet trigger.
  2. That's whet I wanted to say- BUT didn't print that way
  3. Myself and another also use the slip 2000- let the parts soak overnight- then brush with a brass brush.
  4. I have not tried mixing the mags. But the PPC model- you refer to as G3- has a different bolt than the other versions. All you can do is try the older mags and see if they work-
  5. No, i am down to only 2 matches a month now. Just dont want to travel anymore.
  6. SOOO the new extractor spring is re by the looks of it!!
  7. Take apart the extractor, clean, and then replace spring and the plunger- try that
  8. Geroge16- is how we say- anal-
  9. OK I will- George- like I said- get the kit from ILWT- Rick
  10. Then you have never shot with our group of riflemen-
  11. Don't worry- Ill tell her for you- and if I don't Jack will
  12. I use the golf red
  13. SOOO that's how you get all those A's- OK ill try that
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