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  1. I have had NO hits on the RP1 optic on my Legion
  2. Rolex

    Front Sight Removal

    Yes I carry spare batteries- but hard to change in the middle of the stage! But the sights save that STAGE
  3. Rolex

    Front Sight Removal

    Disagree with that- My battery died on my RP1- had to finish the stage with the FS and the square notch in the rear of the RP1= a saved stage! Just my experience!
  4. Mine is on the Legion- GG comp kit and Keres trigger- changes from 1 3/4 pounds to just over 2- most likely me doing the trigger gage from different positions-
  5. small gunparts.com- when i ordered mine they sent me a 10% off code!
  6. Rolex

    Romeo 1 Pro

    No problems with my R1Pro-
  7. Rolex

    Shield Arms

    This company keeps saying the mags are on the way- Yet no one has any Yet! 15 round .9mm mags for the Glock 43 Any one have real info on this product Yet? Shield does not answer emails- Yet!
  8. Rolex

    Mixing SEAR springs

    SO yours was stock- others are not really having that issue- maybe more seasoned shooters?
  9. Rolex

    Mixing SEAR springs

    I have no idea why they are saying that?? My Legion with the GG comp kit and the Keres pro trigger is down to 2 3/4 pounds!
  10. Rolex

    Mixing SEAR springs

    Interesting- I have the GG comp kit in my Legion with the Keres pro adj trigger and my pull is 2 3/4 pounds- enough for me-
  11. I have the R1Pro on my Legion. I also have a Springer Precision RMR plate that has my Holosun with green dot.
  12. You're talking the 24c- I am talking the Hiperfire- Eclipse- different beast all together. a friend has one with close to 90k- still going strong. Good luck with whatever you go with
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