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  1. All factory ammo runs just fine- Sig MPX likes the gas- so don't wast to much time on minor PF worries-
  2. Dump that Timney trigger- Go Eclipse FIRST ORDER-
  3. I carry all the bolt extra parts- if it goes down during the stage- its over anyway- and I don't think you can run back and grab the backup. BUT you will have the time between the stages to fix what ever it is that has broken- and shoot the next stage. I have removed all items from the MPX bolts and replace all the parts in no time at all- practice-and patience- that's all you really need- Just saying
  4. I have the Sig 8" MPX barrel- all other components are stock, run 140-148 PF and have had no issues to date- knock on wood goes here-
  5. In my opinion- and I have G2 and 3- they like gas to work properly- I run 140-148 PF with 115 and 124 gr PD bullets- I use Sport Pistol and what's left of my N320- no issues on either.
  6. AND stop changing parts out on the MPXs- leave them stock= no problems!
  7. Blow back is just old school. Good when it was out. MPX with gas ports is the future for 9mm PCC. I have had two MPXs never had an issue with either one.
  8. you need to use BLUE on the screws-
  9. give sport pistol and 125 JHP at try at 4.0grs. OAL 1.130
  10. Sig Sauer fan here- went with the G2 and now the G3 MPX 16" carbine- You'll never have to look back -
  11. This is a design change- the new setup is two seperate pieces-
  12. new changes to the bolt- two piece.
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