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  1. Rolex

    Sig MPX problems

    Just needs more gas. That's all.
  2. Rolex

    HS-6 9mm Minor Load

    understand that-
  3. Rolex

    HS-6 9mm Minor Load

    Your one of the few- look at the powder charge you are using for minor PF- then do a comparison with like sport pistol- lots less powder- to each their own-
  4. Rolex

    HS-6 9mm Minor Load

    HS6 is really not for minor PF- set up much better for major PF-
  5. call TF hell tell you how to load it
  6. Hey i had sent you an offer for 1800. Not sure if youre not getting my messages

  7. Rolex

    New Sig MPX ?

    My MPX G2 runs flawless. With factory and my 115/124gr reloads using either N320 and Sport Pistol. 24c trigger, Holosun, Isler carbon handguard and title II stock. Shooting it for 8 months now. All my reloads are JHP so no lead base. Some of my fellow shooters have had issues- mostly do to them.
  8. Rolex

    Gen 5 extended mag buttons

    NDZ parts
  9. Rolex

    Triggers- Good God!

    I have two 24c triggers- no problems with either one- 6 months now, My friend used Timney Calvin- broke both of them- and he's a dealer for them-
  10. Rolex

    Trigger that will survive in an MPX?

    I use the middle of the road springs- and trigger shoe on the bottom notches
  11. Rolex

    Trigger that will survive in an MPX?

    I have the 24C in my Sig MPX- installed it in January- have had NO issues with it for the last 6 months
  12. Rolex

    More grip!

    back strap from a 2.0 or Talon Grip
  13. Had the TF 20 round base pad on my MPX 30 round mag- Using my loader put in 49 rounds then it - the loader- came off- The 50th round went in by placing it on the top round- and with a stout bang on the base pad the round went in. The mag will not lock in on a closed chamber- with 49 it will- Functioned just like a factory mag- no feed issues what so ever. I recommend this base pad- great TF product.
  14. Rolex

    anyone Try one of these in their M&P?

    Just extended- good to go for production- works well
  15. Rolex

    anyone Try one of these in their M&P?

    Anything SS sells is top quality-