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  1. Rolex

    PCC 9MM top end

    Thanks Eric- good information-
  2. Rolex

    PCC 9MM top end

    Who makes a 9mm PCC top end that will fit an AR15 lower? And what mags will work with it?
  3. Rolex

    Sig MPX problems

    Just needs more gas. That's all.
  4. Rolex

    HS-6 9mm Minor Load

    understand that-
  5. Rolex

    HS-6 9mm Minor Load

    Your one of the few- look at the powder charge you are using for minor PF- then do a comparison with like sport pistol- lots less powder- to each their own-
  6. Rolex

    HS-6 9mm Minor Load

    HS6 is really not for minor PF- set up much better for major PF-
  7. call TF hell tell you how to load it
  8. Hey i had sent you an offer for 1800. Not sure if youre not getting my messages

  9. Rolex

    New Sig MPX ?

    My MPX G2 runs flawless. With factory and my 115/124gr reloads using either N320 and Sport Pistol. 24c trigger, Holosun, Isler carbon handguard and title II stock. Shooting it for 8 months now. All my reloads are JHP so no lead base. Some of my fellow shooters have had issues- mostly do to them.
  10. Rolex

    Gen 5 extended mag buttons

    NDZ parts
  11. Rolex

    Triggers- Good God!

    I have two 24c triggers- no problems with either one- 6 months now, My friend used Timney Calvin- broke both of them- and he's a dealer for them-
  12. Rolex

    Trigger that will survive in an MPX?

    I use the middle of the road springs- and trigger shoe on the bottom notches
  13. Rolex

    Trigger that will survive in an MPX?

    I have the 24C in my Sig MPX- installed it in January- have had NO issues with it for the last 6 months
  14. Rolex

    More grip!

    back strap from a 2.0 or Talon Grip
  15. Had the TF 20 round base pad on my MPX 30 round mag- Using my loader put in 49 rounds then it - the loader- came off- The 50th round went in by placing it on the top round- and with a stout bang on the base pad the round went in. The mag will not lock in on a closed chamber- with 49 it will- Functioned just like a factory mag- no feed issues what so ever. I recommend this base pad- great TF product.