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  1. and what one is supposed to fit the MPX?
  2. Rolex


    The front is CW- only because the Romeo 1 pro has a notch in back-
  3. Rolex


    OK- so on CO guns- does anyone have an opinion on red dot and green FO front sight. AKA- does the red/green distract while shooting in matches?
  4. I have one for my MPX- and it runs flawless= right out of the package- Reloads
  5. I use mostly- in my MPX- TTIbase pads gives me 40 rounds. Most of our stages are 32 rounds. However I do have a +20 from TF on a mag and have 50- re-loadable on open bolt.
  6. But it needs pressure to go all the back for ejection! Doing it by had is not the same!
  7. Thats the same as I have- but mine did not have the adj trigger- that is current new-feature.- Use everything but the trigger, insert Keres here!
  8. No mine did not have the new over travel trigger.
  9. it was the competition kit has new sear, and springs- P320ST P320 Straight trigger TRG-SIG-320-ST on my package- might have come with a trigger, don't remember. And the Keres trigger was used
  10. I did and took it out- went with the GG comp kit with the trigger. Try it. Its worth the money and the reset and everything else
  11. What if anything is he using as a loader? Ill tell you I cant load this beast with my thumbs! AND PS with the factory ammo This mag functioned FLAWLESS- BUT my reloads are to long could not get more than 15 into the mag as the point of the 55gr heads stuck into the front of the mag- Now if the mag could be made just a tad longer in the front it would most likely shoot the reloads- from the factory making them, SO I reset the length to what most of the factory stuff is and BANG- loaded up 60 rounds and it ran flawless- NO I don"t shoot steel case or anything else- just the brass!!
  12. I run MG and Delta Precision 124 gr in my X5 Legion 4.0gr Sport Pistol at 1.135 OAL in both my MPX and X5- same load- no issues at all.
  13. WELL- even with a loader its a B---H none of my reloads fit- to long- but they all fit in my 30 round mags- So I tried loading with different makes of factory ammo- all brass- and all loaded up fine- yes the factory is just a little shorter than my reloads. Saturday Ill hit the range and hopefully the mag will run flawless. Hi-Power Jack I did load some with the two thumbs- not worth my effort- used the LULA and actually fit 65 rounds in- had to see- the extra are out for now.
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