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  1. I had always thought fast burning powders were better for lighter loads and slower burning was better for high power loads. Maybe I'm off base
  2. Can anyone suggest a load recipe for VV N310. I've seen some recipes for 147gr 9mm bullets but not 124gr. A friend gave me some to try. I also have some 45acp 230gr RN bullets if it would be better for that. I've heard it's a powder that you have to be careful with because it spikes quickly. Titegroup does too and I've used it successfully for 124gr
  3. Does the case feeder come with both small and large plate or do they just include the one that matches whatever the press is set up for (45acp or 9mm) when Dillon ships it. I don't remember if I got both of them with my press, it's been 3 or 4 years
  4. I have had by 650 for about 3 or 4 years now. I had it set up by DIllon for 45 acp when I bought it. I have used it exclusively for 45acp and have never switched calibers yet. Currently, I use my 550b for 9mm. I am thinking of switching the 650 to 9mm because I am shooting 9mm a lot more and use the 550 for 45acp. I know it's a pain, did Dillon provide everything I need to switch? How about the case feeder? Is there anything I have to acquire from Dillon to change case feeder over to 9mm?
  5. I seem to be having a problem with primers landing sideways in station 1 of shell plate. IT seems to be more of a common problem since I got one of these JW Systems Primer Slide Bearing Track Plate. Anybody else have this issue?
  6. Does anyone with an XL650 clean the plastic tube that drops cases from the case feeder, or do you just get another one from Dillon. Mine is pretty gunked up.
  7. Does that help keep the primer slide from sticking?
  8. Does anybody use aerosol graphite on the primer bearing plate as opposed to the powder. I use the powder graphite but it seems to make a mess
  9. Thanks for responding. Not sure what you mean by the tube base. Are you talking about the tube with the red/blue tips on them?
  10. I bought this part JW Systems Primer Slide Bearing Track Plate. It works pretty well but you still have to make sure you don't tighten the screws too tight. There seems to be a fine line between too tight and not tight enough. Too tight and the primer slide sticks, even using the new part I bought. Too loose and the plate and slide start wobbling. Seems like in efforts to keep from tightening too tight, I am constantly having too tighten the screws some more. I wonder if some non permanent lock tight could be used.
  11. I received the new part referred to above by 12GLOCKS, JW Systems Primer Slide Bearing Track Plate. It remedys the problem of the bar sticking but I still have problems getting the primers to drop into the cup. I figure I need to bend the operating rod a bit as mentioned by SARGE. Any ideas on where and how much to bend it? A video would be great. I don't want to booger up the rod and have to call Dillon and then wait for another one.
  12. Duh, of course. What was I thinking. My brain is on vacation today. Thanks for the quick response
  13. The roller bracket assembly is loose on my 550b. It bolts onto the bottom of the platform with a couple of hex screws that have to be tightened with an allen wrench. Space is pretty tight. Any ideas how to get in there a tighten the assembly tighter to the platform
  14. Just ordered me one of them..........thanks everybody. This forum is awesome for getting quick solutions. Hopefully, I'll have it in time to load up some more rounds in time for the competition shoot at our local range in 10 days.
  15. This has some pretty good reviews, 4 1/2 stars
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