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  1. I use Accurate #2 for 9mm and really like it. I've noticed that sometimes I get little specs of gun powder in various places inside my gun (M&P CORE 9L). Anybody else have this issue with AA #2. Any remedy (beside the obvious, quit using it, which is not an option).
  2. Yah, your're right I meant inch/lbs
  3. You have the Wheeler? Is it the digital one?
  4. I am thinking of getting a new FAT wrench. The wrench I am thinking of getting is digital and has a range of 15-100 ft/lbs. There is an analog version that goes from 12-60 ft/lbs. I would prefer to get a digital FAT wrench but S&W says the torque should be 12 ft/lbs. Would the 15ft lbs instead of 12 ft lbs likely make much difference on the gun (like break the screws). I think most FAT wrenched have a margin of error of 1 or 2%anyway, don't they?
  5. Does anyone know what size hex/torx wrench fits the screws on that hold the cover plate on that is removed to install a red dot sight, e.g. 1/8, T5, etc.
  6. Does anyone have a suggestion what to use for a pin to hold the primer catcher chute assembly together and where is the best place to get it. I would prefer to not have to contact Dillon to get one. RIght now I am using picture hanging wire (see picture)
  7. Do you use grease or gun oil to lubricate your gun (I am referring to strictly the lubricating portion of gun cleaning and not the cleaning part)? I've heard people say, as a general rule, grease for metal guns, oil for polymer guns. Please exclude CLP's from consideration.
  8. There is a users guide that came with it but it is extremely vague
  9. I have a Burris FF III mounted on my M&P CORE 9L. What is the correct way to zero it. On the elevation adjustment, there is an arrow pointing counter clockwise with UP imprinted next to the arrow. Does this mean turning the dial in the direction of the arrow (counter clockwise) will move the point of impact up or will it move the red dot up (which moves the point of impact down). Like wise the windage adjustment, has an arrow that points clockwise with words LEFT. Does this mean moving the dial the direction of the arrow (clockwise) will move the point of impact LEFT or move the red dot left (which moves the POI to the right)
  10. How do you zero the dot.............I am new to red dot sights
  11. thanks for responding, yes the M&P CORE does have the tall suppressor sights. Are you supposed to adjust you red dot so that the dot lines up with the iron front sight?
  12. I recently bought an M&P CORE Pro Series and have mounted a Burris Fastfire III on it. I have heard the term co-witnessing used a lot on various forums. Exactly what does that mean and how does one co-witness using a red dot sight?
  13. Can someone list some instructions for re-installing the Dillon de-priming die in the tool head of the XL650. I had to take mine out to replace the E-clip Thanks
  14. The E-clip on my Dillon de-capping die broke. I only have one spare one, so I want to make sure I don't break it trying to put it on. What is the best way to put on e-clip on the de-capping stem
  15. I recently installed a Burris Fast Fire III on my M&P CORE 9mm. IT seems to be consistently shooting high. I think I need to adjust the red dot so it shoots lower. It seems I read somewhere that to adjust the red dot you should adjust turn the adjustment dial the opposite direction of how you are shooting. So, if you are shooting too high, turn it the opposite direction of UP to make it shoot lower.Does this sound correct or is it the other way around. The users guide really doesn't address this
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