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  1. There is a users guide that came with it but it is extremely vague
  2. I have a Burris FF III mounted on my M&P CORE 9L. What is the correct way to zero it. On the elevation adjustment, there is an arrow pointing counter clockwise with UP imprinted next to the arrow. Does this mean turning the dial in the direction of the arrow (counter clockwise) will move the point of impact up or will it move the red dot up (which moves the point of impact down). Like wise the windage adjustment, has an arrow that points clockwise with words LEFT. Does this mean moving the dial the direction of the arrow (clockwise) will move the point of impact LEFT or move the red dot left (which moves the POI to the right)
  3. How do you zero the dot.............I am new to red dot sights
  4. thanks for responding, yes the M&P CORE does have the tall suppressor sights. Are you supposed to adjust you red dot so that the dot lines up with the iron front sight?
  5. I recently bought an M&P CORE Pro Series and have mounted a Burris Fastfire III on it. I have heard the term co-witnessing used a lot on various forums. Exactly what does that mean and how does one co-witness using a red dot sight?
  6. Can someone list some instructions for re-installing the Dillon de-priming die in the tool head of the XL650. I had to take mine out to replace the E-clip Thanks
  7. The E-clip on my Dillon de-capping die broke. I only have one spare one, so I want to make sure I don't break it trying to put it on. What is the best way to put on e-clip on the de-capping stem
  8. I recently installed a Burris Fast Fire III on my M&P CORE 9mm. IT seems to be consistently shooting high. I think I need to adjust the red dot so it shoots lower. It seems I read somewhere that to adjust the red dot you should adjust turn the adjustment dial the opposite direction of how you are shooting. So, if you are shooting too high, turn it the opposite direction of UP to make it shoot lower.Does this sound correct or is it the other way around. The users guide really doesn't address this
  9. Do you think it would be OK to scrub the primer slide and primer slide bearing with very fine sandpaper
  10. I seem to be having an issue with primers sticking at the very tip of the primer magazine. I thought I had a package of bad primers but it is not limited to just one package and it doesn't seem to matter if it is CCI or Winchester. I average about one out of every 30 or 40. I then have to remove the magazine from the primer feed body housing and stick the follower rod into the magazine to push the stuck primer out the end This seems to be a problem that just started recently.
  11. What type of maintenance would you suggest on the primer slide if I start having this problem again? There obviously was an issue with my primer slide since swapping it out for a less used one took care of the problem.
  12. I turns out I had an extra primer slide laying around that had seldom been used. I switched to that one and it solved my problem. Does anyone ever lube the primer seating cup spring? If so, what with.
  13. For some reason my 550b suddenly stopped dropping primers out of the magazine into the primer slide. If I manually pull back on slide with my hand it will drop them into the seating cup OK but not on it's own. I have tried cleaning all the parts and sprinkled powdered graphite on the platform the primer slide travels on to no avail (this usually solves the problem). DIllon is telling me it's probably my operating arm but I haven't changed anything and it's worked fine for quite a while until all of a sudden. I am wondering if my spring that operates the primer slide is wearing out. I hate to start bending the operating arm as I have seen suggested before since I haven't changed anything and it was working OK until a few days ago. Any ideas
  14. Dillon ended up sending me a new sprocket and shell plate bolt. That fixed the problem. I lubed the bolt before inserting it through the sprocket
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