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  1. On the 550, you just remove the cap from the shield and pull the magazine out and the primers are still in the magazine . On the 650, when you lift the magazine out of the shield, the primers fall out the end
  2. On my 650, I have a primer magazine full of primers and I am done loading for a while. How can I empty the magazine without spilling primers all over the inside of the primer shield. I want to put them back in the box they came in. This isn't a problem on the 550b
  3. Ah hah, I'll just put it back on the 550, the 550 and 650 are only 2 feet away from each other. I can still use the wrenches for both machines, just store them on the 550. Thanks to everyone. This board is awesome, I always get my questions answered here. It's my go to board now.
  4. I bought an Allen wrench holder a few years ago when I only had a 550b and used it on that machine. Several years ago I took it off the 550 because I had to move the 550 to accommodate the new 650 I had purchased. I never put it back on either machine until now. After having it lay around for several years, I decided to install it on my 650. Now I can't get the loaded round bin to go on because the Allen wrench holder is in the way. Am I doing something wrong or is there a separate Allen wrench holder for the 650.
  5. I spoke to Dillon support on the phone and according to them the hole in the side of the primer feed body is where the adjustment needs to be made. They referred me to fig 194 in the 650 Instructions.
  6. I loaded a few rounds after making the adjustment above. Suddenly this item fell on the floor. I wasn't sure if it was from my press or not. I just now figure it out: It goes underneath the arm I just adjusted.
  7. I tried your suggestion and it seems to have corrected the problem. I didn't see anything in the 650 Instruction Manual about having to do that, but it makes sense. That's what's great about this forum, you can get help for just about anything pertaining to reloading Thanks so much
  8. That screw and arm appears to be part of the primer assembly which is for small primer. I am surprised Dillon didn't have it set correctly when they sen it to me
  9. Just got my 9mm conversion kit installed on my 650. I am having trouble getting the cases go into station 2 straight. They tilt a little bit when they get into station 2 and I have to nudge them with my finger to get them upright or the primer ends up getting crushed when I extended the operating arm. I bought the entire small primer assembly from Dillon so all I had to do was lift the old one off and bolt the new one on, so I don't think that is the problem. Here is a picture illustrating the issue https://onedrive.live.com/embed?cid=EC2B94013EFB07DF&resid=EC2B94013EFB07DF!3317&authkey=AAeCRIDoctOv-Ao
  10. I've had my 650 for about 4 years and this is the first time I have attempted a caliber conversion. Everyone has been so helpful and I appreciate it. Here is another question: Can I use the same powder die for 9mm that I used for 45acp (I am converting from 45acp to 9mm). I realize there are separate powder funnels for each caliber, but there are not separate dies, right. As best I remember the powder die is included with the powder measure. The powder bar is the same as well, I believe. Thanks again. I should be up and running shortly
  11. I received the replacement spring from Dillon. Does it matter which end is up (or down)
  12. Ahh.......... I got it out. I used a drinking straw, one end on the ball, the other end in my mouth and sucked it out. The ball stuck to the end of the straw. Yes, the spring was missing, guess I'll call Dillon.
  13. I am in the process of installing my new 9mm caliber conversion kit on my 650. So far so good until now. This doesn't look quite right to me. Isn't the ball shown above sitting kind of low? There was a spring in that hole the last time I looked. How can I get the ball out to see if the spring is there. The ball is so low it's difficult to get a hold of.
  14. Btw, do you know if the primer punch is supposed to be included in the conversion kit. I didn't get one, just wondering
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