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  1. Thanks for responding I am curious whether this will fit the M&P CORE. In watching several videos for installing this, I noticed that for some of the older M&P's you have to take the rear site off but I don't think you have to take the sight off to install it on the CORE. Makes me wonder if it fits both CORE and non CORE models since the install is different
  2. Federal are the only ones I don't have issues with.
  3. I have an M&P CORE MOS 9mm, 5" barrel. I've had the Apex Flat-Faced Forward Set Sear & Trigger Kit installed on it. The Apex kit comes with 2 trigger springs to choose from. I had the lighter of the 2 springs installed (by a qualified, experienced gunsmith) Ever since, I've had an issue with light primer strikes (about 4 or 5 out of every hundred rounds). I've had people tell me that installing a heavier striker spring would solve the problem, so I swapped out the striker spring and put a heavy duty one in. It did nothing to solve the problem. I would hate to put the heavier of the 2 Apex trigger springs in as I suspect that would do little to fix the problem. I was advised that Federal primers (I reload my own ammo) solve the problem and I found that to be true, but who wants to be limited to using Federal primers only, especially as scarce as reloading supplies are. I've read that light primer strikes are a common problem with the M&P CORE. Any thoughts?
  4. Hopefully , your 1050 primer feed works better than the 550 one. My 550 requires a lot of "babysitting". The 650 one never has a problem
  5. I'm not sure how the 1050 works but I have a 650 and a 550 and the 650 has a totally different priming system than the 550. I counted on the 650 yesterday and when the alarms sounds there are 17 more primers in the primer disc.
  6. Question, the low primer alarm goes off based on how many primers are in the magazine, right, not how many are in the disk. So, if the alarm goes off when there are, say, 3 primers (small) n the magazine, how many are actually in the disk? How many are in the disc is actually how many you have left that you need cases for, right?
  7. One problem is that when I run out of primers (or the low primer indicator sounds), it's hard for me to tell how many cases are left in station 1 (if its low enough none are visible in the clear case feeder tube). So, I don't know more primers to put in the magazine so it comes out even. I don't like to leave extra primers sitting in the magazine when I am done loading.
  8. I usually just like to load enough for my next trip to the range (100-200 rounds), so I want it to come out even or with just a couple primers left over that I can easily eject or add a few more cases to the feeder. So, loading another tube of primers is not ideal for me as I don't want to have to empty a lot of primers out of the magazine when I am done or leave them there for the next session. Yes, I have been remiss about using the low primer indicator. I need to start using it again
  9. On my 650, I am forever more running out of primers before I run out of cases from the case feeder. The result is the powder drop dropping powder in cases with no primers and then a mess to clean up. Can anyone suggest a good way to insure this doesn't happen, short of counting out both of them ahead of time and putting the same number of both in the case feeder and primer magazine. Thanks
  10. It appears from looking at the manual that washer 13704 is on the top side of 13409 (crank) where the handle is inserted. I have a washer there on my machine (see picture below). ====================================================================== On my machine there is a gap between the bottom on the crank 13409 and nut 13841. The nut is as tight as it will go. So either their needs to be a washer between nut 13841 and the bottom of the crank or the threads are longer on the handle than the one that originally came with the machine. The manual doesn't show a washer there however.
  11. A while back I bought a new operating arm, the one with the roller handle, for my 550b. Later, I bought a 650 and so I decided to use the roller handle one on the 650. Because I hadn't planned on using the stock operating handle again on the 550b, I somehow managed to misplace it. So, I just used the stock operating arm from the 650 since I was now using the roller handle one on the 650. I can't seem to screw the nut on stock operating arm down far enough now on the 550b to keep it from being loose. Either the 650 arm is longer than the 550b one or I am using the wrong nut. https://1drv.ms/v/s!At8H-z4BlCvsmnAQ9rnDs0LtYD_3
  12. I am getting ready to lube my XL 650. I've already lubed the main shaft with 30W Pennzoil. Many places require grease lube. I have some shooters choice grease that I use to grease the rails on my 1911 and other metal guns. Will that be OK to use or is there a special type of grease?
  13. On the 550, you just remove the cap from the shield and pull the magazine out and the primers are still in the magazine . On the 650, when you lift the magazine out of the shield, the primers fall out the end
  14. On my 650, I have a primer magazine full of primers and I am done loading for a while. How can I empty the magazine without spilling primers all over the inside of the primer shield. I want to put them back in the box they came in. This isn't a problem on the 550b
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