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  1. I assume that since I have been loading 45acp, that I won't have to change the powder bar, right. They both use small powder bar?
  2. So, now that I know what I need to buy from Dillon to do the conversion, can someone tell me which OEM parts I need that were supplied with my 650. That way, if I have misplaced or lost anything and have to purchase any OEM parts, I can order everything at once. Thanks again
  3. I was thinking of going this route after watching a video of changing the priming system from large to small. When you buy the primer system from DIllon does the small/large primer punch come with it?
  4. Will it harm gun powder to leave it in the trunk of my car for several days when the temperatures are between 35 and 60 degrees.
  5. I finally got it out with a pair of channel locks. Thanks to all
  6. I thought about spraying silicone or some kind of lubricant on it but I don't want to contaminate the rounds
  7. I have a 9mm case stuck in the end of my Dillon decapping die. I tried to hammer it out from the other end with a hammer and screw driver but all I did was make matters worse by smashing the lip of the case inside the die so now it won't fit through the opening in the end of the die. Any ideas how to get the case out or is this a lost cause and I should I just buy another die
  8. I wasn't really thinking of removing the FPB. I was thinking more of replacing the firing pin with the elongated firing pin
  9. I have been having trouble with with primers not firing with this gun. I have seen several videos and read numerous forum posts indicating that replacing the stock firing pin with an elongated one solves this problem. This gun has not had any custom work done and is 100% stock. So I am surprised to have to resort to that.
  10. I have a CZ 75 B SA. I assume the "B" means it has a firing pin block, right? How can I tell?
  11. I had always thought fast burning powders were better for lighter loads and slower burning was better for high power loads. Maybe I'm off base
  12. Can anyone suggest a load recipe for VV N310. I've seen some recipes for 147gr 9mm bullets but not 124gr. A friend gave me some to try. I also have some 45acp 230gr RN bullets if it would be better for that. I've heard it's a powder that you have to be careful with because it spikes quickly. Titegroup does too and I've used it successfully for 124gr
  13. Does the case feeder come with both small and large plate or do they just include the one that matches whatever the press is set up for (45acp or 9mm) when Dillon ships it. I don't remember if I got both of them with my press, it's been 3 or 4 years
  14. I have had by 650 for about 3 or 4 years now. I had it set up by DIllon for 45 acp when I bought it. I have used it exclusively for 45acp and have never switched calibers yet. Currently, I use my 550b for 9mm. I am thinking of switching the 650 to 9mm because I am shooting 9mm a lot more and use the 550 for 45acp. I know it's a pain, did Dillon provide everything I need to switch? How about the case feeder? Is there anything I have to acquire from Dillon to change case feeder over to 9mm?
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