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  1. kneelingatlas

    New Czechmate Comp

    Is it a 75B SA? or the DA/SA model with the taper at the muzzle?
  2. kneelingatlas

    New Czechmate Comp

    These comps are made for barrels with an OD of 14mm, 75B 9mm barrels are 12.75mm OD. If you have a 75 you're trying to turn into an open gun, I can set you up with a complete top end. Email me some pictures of what you have going on: kneelingatlas@gmail.com.
  3. kneelingatlas

    Fitting BOLO Disconnector in CZ 75

    So did it work? How much fitting did it take?
  4. kneelingatlas

    CZ Tuning 101 with Professor Atlas

    Awesome! If you have any trouble, just post here and someone will help in short order.
  5. kneelingatlas

    CZ Tuning 101 with Professor Atlas

    If you can change the trigger, you shouldn't have a problem with anything else. As far as the polishing goes, the parts will eventually wear smooth with use, polishing is just a shortcut to a smooth action.
  6. kneelingatlas

    9mm Winchester Black Talon

    The gun show would be the easiest way to unload it, but the cost of a booth would likely eat up your win all, I would try GunBroker first.
  7. kneelingatlas

    CZ Tuning 101 with Professor Atlas

    Look at this video: You can see two distinct phases to the recoil: the intial lift when the bullet exits the barrel, then the flip when the slide impacts the frame. All else equal, the square firing pin stop radius results in more inital rise and a less forceful impact on the frame. Some might percieve this as an improvement, others may not. A heavier hammer spring or a heavier recoil spring also have a similar effect.  When you go the opposite way, the front sight dwells on the target longer, but the impact of the slide on frame is sharper. Grip strength, slide weight, bullet weight, powder choice and overall gun weight all factor into recoil feel as well. There are enough variables involved to drive you to drink . An important thing to remember is energy spent experimenting with this stuff probably won't yeild the same improvement in score than time spent on quality training.
  8. kneelingatlas

    Fun Steel Win

    This isn't the first time I've won this match, but last Thursday there were some particularly good shooters, shooting clean runs and I felt a little intimidated. I kept my head in the game, posted all clean runs and managed to take the win. With 5 second penalties per miss it really helps me train my mental game, I only shoot as fast as I can call hits. https://practiscore.com/results/html/175a65f6-9351-4f3b-858d-c46dd805d0bb?page=matchCombined
  9. kneelingatlas

    Which is your favorite CZ and why?

    Fightin words!
  10. kneelingatlas

    115 or 124 gr for 9mm major glock open

    Don't be afraid to try heavy bullets, even 147s, given the choice between a heavier bullet or a faster powder, I choose a heavier bullet.
  11. I use libre office: most of the functionality you want without all the crap you don't.
  12. kneelingatlas

    Questions for .38 Super owners

    If you want power from a double stack, I suggest the 10mm. Why settle for 147s at 1,350 when you can sling 180s that fast?!? I had a Hunter in 10mm and loved it! You can also buy a conversion kit for your 9mm Stock III.
  13. kneelingatlas

    Questions for .38 Super owners

    1. I've fired 9 from a 38 Tanfoglio without issue using K9 mags, 9mm from 38 mags is problematic with Tanfoglio. 2. I used regular super cases in my 2011 without issue before I switched everything to supercomp. My Tanfoglio was supercomp only as I used a 9mm slide. 3. I never had extraction issues, even shooting 9mm in a 40 slide. 4. Never bought factory ammo 5. It's the throat which is short, not the chamber, but I didn't see as many issues with the 38 as with the 9s 6. I'm not a fan of the sprinco nor the dpm. Now I have some questions: 1. Which Tanfoglio are you considering? 2. For what purpose?
  14. kneelingatlas

    New Czechmate Comp

    Yes, the inconsistencies I've seen in stock barrels are very slight, after chasing my threads the stock comp went back on with no detectible amount of slop. Intellectually I know some small amount of metal was removed, but I can't detect it in feel or performance.