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  1. I have many compact guide rods, let me know when you're ready.
  2. .40 slides and 10mm slides are the same, for springs I recommend https://www.gunsprings.com/
  3. $40 buy-in NL Texas Hold'em tournament Yes, through Venmo
  4. Are there any poker players on Enos? I'm hosting a game on PokerStars tonight
  5. The OD of a 10mm Tanfoglio barrel is 15mm, the easiest thing to do would be to turn it down and cut a 9/16" thread.
  6. @Pippu_Paladin Here's a picture of what you're talking about: In the compact slide, the barrel points down more dramacally than in a full sized.
  7. I have used Federal SPP (widely accepted as the softest primers on the market) and have never pierced a primer although I typically load powders on the slower end of the spectrum resulting in lower chamber pressures. Check out this thread on 9 major component selection:
  8. #1 on that list is what I shoot: 10.5gr of World Shooters Major Pistol under a 115gr MG CMJ. Best load available if you ask me
  9. Should be fun! What type of ammo are you using?
  10. The Czechmate recoil spring housing drops right into a 9mm TS slide, however the result is a slightly shorter stroke than the Czechmate so if you want the same or more, you have to remove some metal. I've never threaded a guide rod, but I have drilled and tapped a cut slide, then glued in a set screw with the center drilled out for the guide rod; it was not fun and I don't recommend it. If you're looking for those Czechmate specific parts, send me a PM, I might have some extra.
  11. Yes, like this one. It uses a small frame Tanfoglio comp: Tanfoglio makes an aluminum three port .40 comp, let me know it you have trouble sourcing one in Europe
  12. No, the threads are too big, M15 vs M14 on the CZ
  13. Maybe, my full sized 2011 w/o holes made 171pf with 10.3gr under a 115
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