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  1. It sounds like the springs are missing. More information would be helpful, pictures would be even better. I'd love to see how high it sits when zeroed in, the have been different blade heights on super sights over the years, it's possible the front and rear are mismatched.
  2. They typically swap fine between CZ 75 guns, but the TS/CM barrels/top ends need some modifications to be used on CZ 75 guns.
  3. If you're using your CO gun and your CO load, why not just shoot CO? Adding a compensator will have a barely detectable effect (I'm being generous) on flatness if you don't taylor your load to it.
  4. It appears to be a modified Czechmate top end with a custom comp, the trouble is frame is sized to take standard CZ75 mags, so there's no off the shelf 170mm mag for it.
  5. TSO: The TSO has a 5.1" barrel, a sub two pound SAO trigger out of the box and a wider frame to accommodate high capacity .40 mags (capacity in 9mm is unchanged). The perfect CZ for USPSA Limited in .40 SP01 Shadow Orange: The SP01 Shadow Orange is a standard frame with a 4.5" barrel and DA/SA trigger, a great pistol for USPSA Production. Shadow 2 Blue: The Shadow two is the hot new Production gun in 9mm, similar to the SP01 Shadow, only with sharper checkering like the TSO, a slightly longer barrel (4.7" I believe), and considerably heavier. My personal preference is for the SP01 Shadow over the Shadow 2, but I'm an Open shooter
  6. kneelingatlas

    CZ 75 Function

    It looks like it's factory
  7. I got some interest on Facebook, reached out to one of the manufacturers and got a promising response, but nothing solid yet.
  8. kneelingatlas

    CZ 75 Function

    You most likely increased the friction, the trigger bar rides on the underside of the cage, and then there's all the other contact areas inside the cage. Did you change the sear too? Sear spring?
  9. Are you loading minor or major? With which powder? How much?
  10. Adam of Atlas Gunworks typically does an ugly scoop behind the breech face, but this one is pretty damn sexy! His typical cut:
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