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  1. It's not my gun, but those appear to be factory parts available on EAA's web store (https://eaacorp.com/gun_accessories/)
  2. No, I don't think so. I've never tried the 5 port SJC, but I've tried the 11 and it didn't knock my socks off, I even added two 3/16" holes in the barrel. Aside from that you'll be hard pressed to work up a "flat" load at 140PF using a 115, soft yes, flat no. The key is a good comp, slow powder, and a light bullet at around 170PF, less powder just means less gas.
  3. I don't know anything about that pistol, merely saw a picture of it online
  4. Right now I'm loading 10.5gr of Lovex D037.1:
  5. That would be me, please send me an email at kneelingatlas@gmail.com
  6. If you don't cut the frame you'll need to cut notches out of the sides of the comp so it doesn't hit the frame when it cycles (the barrel moves ~1/4" towards the frame when it unlocks).
  7. I use a file to fit a disco if you clamp it on a vice you can see how much closer the surface gets to the jaws as you file.
  8. kneelingatlas

    CZ Tuning

    The TSO is more likely to feel perfect to you right out of the box than the Shadow 2.
  9. It's a Czechmate reverse plug and when I shorten the slide I have to cut the bottom of the comp to clear:
  10. I've noticed as my splits have gotten faster, I see more during the two shots I take at each target. It's hard to express the concept when you're not using the same terminology. I too cringe when I hear the term "double tap" because the image comes to mind of yanking the trigger the second time with your eyes shut, but as I've focused on shot calling I do see the sights on the second shot, whether my eyes, brain, and hands work in concert fast enough to change anything before the shot breaks is another question. One thing I do know is that at my current skill level I'm aware of a poor shot, but not enough to decide to send a make up shot before I've already transitioned off the target.
  11. I throat to the longest and measure the progress with a dummy round.
  12. Are you wanting it on the right or the left?
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