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  1. Sure, this comp could be bored out for 40: https://www.ericgrauffelonlineshop.com/en/tanfoglio-parts-/95-gold-custom-compensator.html And this barrel can be cut, threaded M15X0.75, and trimmed to fit through the front of the slide. https://eaacorp.com/store/shop-full-width/parts/barrels/6-match-grade-barrel/
  2. Are you weighing one charge at a time or ten?
  3. Shooters World Major Pistol is just over half the price of 3N38
  4. The set screw bottoms on the shoulder of the barrel, not the threads which really helps. The comp has a healthy clearance from both slide and frame.
  5. Yes, the competition frame came from the factory with that three hole pattern, here's a link to a new comp: https://www.gunpartscorp.com/products/1291700 And a new barrel: https://eaacorp.com/store/shop-full-width/parts/barrels/6-match-grade-barrel-38sup-302334/ The thread is M15x0.75
  6. Knives Out, Molly's Game, and Ford v Ferrari are all fantastic newish movies
  7. This is the edge of the slide stop which locks into a corresponding notch on the slide to hold the slide open, due to manufacturing tolerance stacking some slides are more likely to release than others when a mag is slammed home. If you want that feature, gently file the corner of the slide stop, but remember: there's a very fine line between a slide which closes when you insert a mag and a slide which won't stay locked open.
  8. How about beating a lead slug down the barrel from the muzzle?
  9. Awesome work Gary! I love that song and the spirit of your Open journey. Mine was similar: I fell in love with a rented tactical sport, couldn't justify buy a Czechmate, so I bought a TS and promptly started building custom CZ/Tanfoglio Open guns. Eight years and dozens of guns later I've made some great friends all over the world, learned a lot and had tons of fun!
  10. It's probably getting stuck on the ejector, take it out and try it.
  11. Pull a BoreSnake through from the muzzle, thank me later
  12. I turn my body to the target and grab my belt, probably because that's what I did when I shot Olympic pistol.
  13. kneelingatlas

    TS/TSO vs. 2011

    Yes, shorten the stroke with buffers, lengthen it by removing metal.
  14. kneelingatlas

    TS/TSO vs. 2011

    The stroke of a Tanfoglio is 1.850", standard CZ 75 is 1.875", Shadow 2 is 1.890", Czechmate/TS is 2.000", 2011 is 2.115", from what I've been told, Akai strokes his 2011s to 2.415". My custom TS Open is stroked to 2.440", then I run a buffer which gives back 0.140".
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