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Wilson Combat grip modules incoming


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More pictures from WC;


Looks like options for Fullsize and Carry, in black and FDE, with or without the manual safety slot. I like that they’re emulating the upper grip profile from the X-Compact grip module and adding it to other sizes, looks like it will be very ergonomic in the hand. Very reasonably priced as well



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Got mine delivered today. Like. A lot.


I was an early X5 adopter and I need a small grip (I have short stubby fingers). I have been pissed at Sig for a few years now for their "modular" handgun that comes with one grip size in the X-series format (which, despite the great quality of the X5, drove me to CZ). I've been using a standard 320 small grip which I never really liked but at least it fit my hand.


Comparison to standard 320 small grip:

- Size is comparable to Sig small. 

- Wilson's is squarer (more like X-series).

- Grip angle is slightly more pronounced.

- Front strap is awesome. Back strap is ok. Sides are not grippy (I'll want grip tape).
- Beaver tail is slightly higher.

- Thumb indent rides lower providing easier access to the mag release.

- Undercut trigger guard provides much better middle finger grip.

- Grip length is about the same, but the Wilson has a flare at the magwell that makes the grip more secure.


There looks to be tungsten slots from the top, but it's a custom system and not compatible with Sig's X-series modules at all.


An easy and welcome upgrade choice for me. YMMV.

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13 hours ago, Blaize said:

you sir, are a gentlemen and a scholar, thank you very much! Any idea how much total weight it added?

I’m not sure, it’s not much.  When you do install them, make sure they dont go above flush on the end you insert them from.  It will interfere with the fcu.  Also double check that mags drop free, mine distorted the plastic a little bit and mags wouldnt drop free 100%.  Easy fix with some samdpaper though.   

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I've got one arriving tomorrow...excited to see how it feels. 


For the tungsten rods, what length are you guys finding them that fit the grip? 


Seems like Wilson should sell a set, especially if they are going to advertise it as a feature. 

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Answered my own quesiton; 2.5" long for the tungsten rods. 


Got the grip module in the mail today...it's pretty awesome.  Deeper thumb rests makes a big difference when reaching the mag release.  I was using a small size X-Carry frame previously, and the WC is an improvement.  I'll use the WC frame for every day carry, but I'll keep the X-Carry frame for competition (already have the magwell installed).

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I just got mine and love the ergos.  Points higher than the standard grip, but lower than the X-Grip.  My favorite part is how the front lip of the magwell pushes up on my pinky and wedges my fingers against the trigger guard.  The trigger guard is nicely raised so it doesn't rub at all my middle finger knuckle.  Size wise it feels like a standard medium grip module.  I found that Legion/X-grips are too wide at the top near the tang and dig into my thumb knuckle.  My only complaint is that the texture on the sides is way too slick and with the way they cut out out the thumb area, my support palm doesn't have any traction.  So I went ahead and SC'd the grip.  

This will be on my CO gun once matches start up again.


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On ‎1‎/‎30‎/‎2020 at 10:04 PM, Heliarclee said:

Its a new mold from what I’ve read.   I’m curious about USPSA legality with that flare on the bottom.  


I have a buddy that emailed Troy about this, Troy gave it the no go. His reason was exactly your thoughts, the flare is to much of a 'magwell'

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