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  1. What makes the difference is the amount of practice you put in.
  2. What other rds are you thinking of using? The Legion was built to be compatible with either the DPP or the R1pro as direct mount.
  3. Just saw these on a FB advertiser here in Australia, Anyone tried them? https://www.radians.com/products/radians-vertex-nano-wireless-electronic-earbuds
  4. Safariland USPSA kit, or the CR Speed CBAX hanger
  5. Point to note they are legal out of the box, if you start changing things around you may end up out of PODL for example if you were to use the Legion grip module on an X5 due to weight. My X5 with steel GR and 10 round mags ( legal restriction in Australia) comes in at around the 960gm, I think it was weighed at last major I shot.
  6. Both are legal in Open, Std, Prod, Prod Optic and the X5 is also legal in Prod Optic Light. Obviously the 3 Production divisions without the magwell fitted. Just check on the Production list and you find the answers. https://www.ipsc.org/production-division-list/?fbclid=IwAR0oBV-tPgQ0HS4WTbZT9_z1EUvC49Jcfrx-NZISCQrCeEKOMabpVllkyAU
  7. I gather that but that's the division that was originally created before USPSA went with their rules that allowed any and everything, if you checked the IPSC rules as written it says do nothing, originally you weren't even allowed to change sights from the factory ones.
  8. Hmmm sounds like you're talking about IPSC Production Division? You guy's did have the chance at that but chose another path.
  9. Easily beat your 9 procedurals Stick. IPSC bought in the no short cut rule a couple of editions ago with a penalty of 1 procedural for every shot fired after the rule breach. 32 round stage had to move forward and left down a pathway but no I jumped across the corner instead of following the demarcated path, all before firing a shot. 18 procedurals minimum cant remember the exact amount as I sort of lost interest in the stage after realizing what Id done.
  10. I agree with you Sarge, that rule (4.5.1) is meant for dudes moving stuff around or even marking shooting positions, not tripping and knocking things over accidentally.
  11. We had a guy shoot with a cross draw holster a few years ago in Australia at our IPSC Nationals, a lot of RO discussion but there was nothing in the rule book that prevented it. What they did do was ask him to modify his stance slightly prior to drawing the gun. He was amenable to that and so shot the match with no issues if I remember correctly.
  12. Lot of guys here in Australia are running the Bul products both 1911 and 2011. New importer bringing them in and having trouble keeping up with the demand. Great price point and 5 mags is a great deal here in Australia.
  13. Assuming you're using the full length guide rod not a captured spring version from the X5, then yes you can use 1911 springs
  14. The guys that were running them had no interest in charging a fee as it was all local, it had been suggested but wasn't acted on. May well happen in the future to see if it works. We don't run RO courses as a club thing they are all run by our NROI, no one gets paid as I said its all locals that attend the students do the travelling to the seminar. Our National chief does travel to the other states and runs them there but not sure how that works but I'd assume his airfares/ travel is paid for and his accommodation may well be with hosts rather than hotel.
  15. Not just a USPSA thing guys. I'm an IPSC shooter and RO. we in my section don't charge for the RO courses, usually the venue is free, the instructors offer up their time. Unfortunately even with everything free we get a lot of folks saying they are going to attend then don't turn up or even notify that they're not coming. Very disappointing when you have 30 people have committed and less than half turn up.
  16. I shoot IPSC in Australia where we are limited to 10 round mags, all of my rigs have a magnet on the front pouch regardless of division and I usually have my barney on my strong side behind the holster on a DAA magnet pouch. see below
  17. terrydoc

    X5 Grip weight

    Sorry the P320 x5 has a grip weight that is removable, that's what I was after to purchase.
  18. terrydoc

    X5 Grip weight

    Hi Guy's Anyone know of a place I can get the X5 grip weight other than from Sig? ( they won't ship OS)
  19. https://www.brownells.com/handgun-parts/safety-parts/safeties/1911-swenson-thumbshield-thumb-safety-prod1861.aspx
  20. you never mentioned competition gear
  21. 4 Bros | Custom Holsters and Everyday Carry Essentials – Four Brothers Try these guys
  22. Maybe it's a bump to another division if the WML doesnt work, a bit like mags being too long or gun not fitting in the box? (IPSC guy here so just spit balling) however in IPSC you have the opportunity to rectify the issue, for example if your equipment is not correct, so possibly if it doesnt work when checked you can fix it and have it rechecked before you shoot another stage?
  23. Sorry to resurrect the thread, how much physical difference is there between the medium and the small grip module?
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