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  1. My non safety M17 is at 3.5 lbs with the grayguns curved trigger competition kit in it with the factory trigger return spring. I would imagine the thumb safety version would end up similar.
  2. I have the full GG kit in my M17. I installed it before they came out with the new kit. I switched back to the factory trigger bar spring and it seemed to help the sluggish reset and didn’t change my pull weight much at all. It was 3.5 right after kit install with GG trigger return spring, and is now at 3.5 after several thousand rounds with the factory trigger bar spring.
  3. I’m not sure, it’s not much. When you do install them, make sure they dont go above flush on the end you insert them from. It will interfere with the fcu. Also double check that mags drop free, mine distorted the plastic a little bit and mags wouldnt drop free 100%. Easy fix with some samdpaper though.
  4. 1/4” and 5/32”. I bought brass rods from Mcmaster carr.
  5. You could try inserting and dropping the mag a few times at make ready to see if it settles the rounds in there a little more. I heard one of the guys on the “make ready podcast” saying they do this and it helps when running a mag thats stuffed full +1 at the start.
  6. You could always buy a fullsize 320 in .40 and add a legion grip module to it.
  7. I think Nils proved that last year shooting a Canik.
  8. Heliarclee

    X5 Alpha

    There is a 3 page thread on it already,
  9. Maybe, and that CZ custom A01 LD. That thing weights 51 oz.
  10. But 59 ounces? It looks like they removed the factory weight +4 oz from production also, its just 59 oz now.
  11. Its in the appendix section. https://uspsa.org/documents/minutes/20200214_7 APPENDIX D4_D7 changes.pdf
  12. Has anyone else read the minutes from the last BOD meeting? They voted on changes to Production and Carry Optics and now both have maximum weight of 59oz. Why?
  13. I use a Ghost USA thunder rig for USPSA as a newbie. $159 for belt, holster, hanger, and 3 mag pouches. I havent had any trouble with any of the parts yet.
  14. I shot with a guy at my first ever USPSA match back in July that was shooting production loading his mags full with a Glock 19. One guy on the squad said “thats not production having 15 rounds in the gun”, I didn’t say anything to him being as I was brand new. Nobody else said anything to him either, and he was in the results in production. I’ve seen him around at other matches, but I haven’t squaded with him since. I wonder if anyone ever let him know.
  15. Its a new mold from what I’ve read. I’m curious about USPSA legality with that flare on the bottom.
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