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  1. jcc7x7

    Red Dot advice needed..

    FWIW both my DPP's and a couple of old DP's all go to sleep, so to speak, and wake up/dot comes on when they're moved. Use one on a nightstand gun and check it each night. Battery on that one is over a year old, guess it's time to change it, just cause!
  2. FWIW Every gun I've played with in CO has been between 41/4 and 51/4 poly and metal framed guns. Once I got the gun running smoothly and the right load /spring set up I split them all the same shooting A's Don't really think it matters. Unless of course it matters to your mind. But for me on the clock, taking the opinion out, it didn't
  3. On seated starts I leave the lock on. Not going to be able to make a fast draw anyway. So the lock on hasn't been an issue.
  4. Bingo my thoughts exactly
  5. Daa for about 8 -9 yrs no bbl support. Never have had a problem. So I'm in the don't need them camp
  6. I'm a fan of getting them reamed, so you can load everything the same for convivence. But Shoot it with your stuff , if it runs don't sorry about it and go from there!
  7. jcc7x7

    Atlas titan

    "Doc" IF you come from Precision rifle you're used to quality built stuff. So the Atlas, CK, type of guns are the same type in this game. Go 40 for the points.
  8. jcc7x7

    SVI old mags

    Recently bought 3 for 250.00 9140 -(40 cal with grams and Bolen base (pre TTI)
  9. jcc7x7

    Atlas Firing Pin Stop

    The flat "TOP" which both links show is for Bomar style sights or open guns with weight milled off the back of the slide. Makes it quicker to dress the FPS to sit even with the slide than using a full size one which you have to take more time due to more metal above the FP hole. at least from what I can see!
  10. jcc7x7

    Gen 5 GLOCK for Production Division

    I'd take a look at Dawson's website, if not enough info there. It would be worth a phone call to them. Edit: Just looked at Dawson's site they have a bunch of sights for the gen5 MOS.
  11. jcc7x7

    Prescription for Carry Optics

    All distance, target focus for optics.
  12. jcc7x7

    Blazer brass okay for 9 major?

    Piece of paper is usually about .004 , probably not enough to matter. FWIW I load anything that I pick up at the range and watch for stepped brass as I'm loading. Only case I've ever had a problem with is a stepped case. I pick up my brass at practice and reload it. At matches it goes on the ground. The stage I'm helping tear down at the end of the match I'll pick up brass and it gets tumbled and thrown in the bucket to reload. The only 9 brass I've ever sorted is for a 929 revolver, the moon clips I've got fit Win brass best and that's the only reason I sort. All the rest of my brass comes from the brass bin at the range.
  13. jcc7x7

    Single Stack mag pouches

    ETM's fit them fine
  14. jcc7x7

    What is your favorite frame?

    PT, CK-Cheely both are very nicely done with good machine work and tolerances. Easy to build off without a lot of extra work
  15. jcc7x7

    Is Single Stack Dead?

    Probably couldn't quite remember it and was lazy last night and didn't take the time to look it up!