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  1. As said above. Msh Msh cap and base for the spring 19-20lbs main spring Steel firing pin wolf recoil spring with included firing pin spring 9or 10 for 9mm 15 or 16 for 45 Done
  2. I believe the directions say to pull the bolt back and let it go, to release the slide. It will get easier to use as the gun broke in.
  3. Next thought is this FWIW Most folks seem to start ICORE in classic division. Then they get excited about the game. They want to upgrade equipment. The next move is usually to Limited or Open. The rules added L6 a few years ago to deal with the 625 vs the 627/929 issue.
  4. NO and NO again. Simple no long winded reason. My club has the ONLY ICORE matches in appox 150mile radius and we only get 20+ shooters a month. That club looked at the 22LR division as a joke and we don't need another division or split in a division. Our limited 6 guys shoot mostly 625's with one guy shooting a 9mm conversion on a 686. 2nd - a 1/2 second difference is huge! We both know the split difference is no where near a 1/2 second difference between major and minor. In USPSA SS division you get the option of more rounds when using minor. Obviously that would not be viable in L6. Maybe in Limited buy why L6 is the perfect spot for the 625. People left IDPA in droves when they kept changing rules, maybe we could learn a lesson from that and not change stuff for change sake!
  5. I'll third it. Bayou's are my go to bullets
  6. Don't think those are Precision bullets.as he doesn't sell that shape the lube groove
  7. The Next little circle down fits gap Magwell's and any other magwell or no magwell
  8. Any DP mag base will give you the length you need . Wilson base pads go in also
  9. I think Midway carries them also. It'll cost you more for the shipping than the pin!
  10. Several of us shooting x-5's have determined that 125gr bullets are much more accurate (easily) I say easily because I'm sure there are 145/147 loads people have, that shoot great out of x-5's I've owned and do own a lot of 9mm pistols and most will shoot 145/7 gr bullets into a quarter at 15 yds. But the SIG x-5's don't (3 of them) When I load my 124/5 gr load that all the guns shoot great, the X-5's are right along with the rest. I don't care if I shoot 124/5 or 145/7, the splits are the same and once you shoot them for a while you'll like the sight snapping back faster. Now if you really like testing loads and are convinced you want to shoot 145/7 gr bullets Start at 1.100 and go up .010 with 10 rounds, test fire them for accuracy. Then go up another .010 etc etc . Until you get to max OAL (either by plunking or mag length) to see which shoots best. I know that RMR 124 TCMW shoot out of all my guns much more accurately at 1.080 to 1.100 but I can load them to 1.150 All the above is FWIW
  11. Wow Rowdy. Think you hit a nerve! Made me laugh at their replies!
  12. I use the cheap plastic grip for dryfire practice. Yes it's lighter but the grip is the same and I've made the magwell openings as close to the same as I can I think you can pick up a plastic grip for around 45.00 I haven't checked in a while since I have 2-3 of them all SilCarbed and with carbide weights ground and installed in them to add some weight. Works for me , might for you if you're concerned about chewing up the TXG module. FWIW
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