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  1. Is the screw pattern rmr or sig?
  2. Way to go Mike, that will make you a hero with her, as it should !!. Hope we get to see y'all next year. Neil and Marlene
  3. Ordered over the weekend Shipped monday, arrived today wed. 48lbs UPS box Nice job BBI, setting up a shipping vendor that actually ships the box when they get it!
  4. Go with the 48 lbs package They come ups, no bs with usps
  5. I and Zombiewolff and I'm lots of other guys have shot 10's of 100's of blue lube bullets. Both indoors and outdoors. Got used to the haze from the lube burning/melting and I kinda like that smell but so much for reminiscing! Shoot them and when your coated bullets arrive store them up until the next shortage. FWIW
  6. 19lb MS cause you get slightly faster lock time, better reliability and you can get down to a 1 1/2 lb trigger if properly done. 9 lb Recoil spring seems to work well in my 9's for sight recovery
  7. I went Tanfo then to Sig x-5's Now x-5's with TXG grips so legion ish!!! I like the Tanfo's and do a lot of gunsmithing work for people but didn't want to keep smithing my own gun. So the Sig's were an easy button for me. Buy it put the gray guns kit in and a guide rod. Shoot it for how ever long you want. No tweaking continually etc just shoot it and it works and runs. If you're a tinkerer! Get a Tanfo. IF you're I just want to reload and shoot get the legion. Either will do you fine. CZ's are great but small for me and my hand size. Again CZ is a tinke
  8. I was just on Sig's site and they're showing small and large x 5 grip modules (White) https://www.sigsauer.com/store/xseries-full-size-small-module-magwell-weight-compatible-white-4-7.html https://www.sigsauer.com/store/xseries-full-size-large-grip-module-magwell-weight-compatible-white-4-7.html When I moved to check out it seemed like they were in stock. Take a look FWIW
  9. What do you have/ provide
  10. I Do Procedurals Always = me uspsa shooter thought that's what the IDPA acronym meant Like the folks a lot at my two local clubs so started shooting it again after about a 10 year layoff. Like the fault lines Still get procedurals A class uspsa shooter now shooting B level, old, fat and knee surgery!!! LOL
  11. Some thoughts 550 - rounds per hour = 400 at leisure pace - 500-600 an hour full blown act like you want to win the race 650 or 750 with case feeder = 500-600 an hour if there are no bobbles, 800 if you cranking 550 is a little cheaper to get the caliber conversions done I Find it's easier to load rifle on the 550 but that's one mans opinion Question for you is how much ammo vs time you want, need or desire. I can load enough for the wife and I in a couple of hours for the week so I own 550's and sold off the 650's. Again one mans opinion Good
  12. Not sure which mags you have BUT A Call to Dawson monday should get you fixed up with base pads for a magwell OR Call Wilson, I'd bet a "quarter and two bullets" that they have longer base pads for your mags. FWIW
  13. Use the fcd just set it light. 378 or 379ish
  14. 2.8 tite group. 1.150oal Like cheating
  15. 3.7 to 3.9 e3 with 230. Your milage may vary
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