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  1. It's the time of year to work loads up right!!! LOL I'm down to my last 2-3lbs of Clays Australian Been using a lot of e3 for 9mm and 40 major loads A few years ago I believe I remember some of y'all where using Clays recipes as a start for e3 I've done that with 9mm and 40 but just double checking Been using 3.8grs Clays with a 230 Bayou, CCI LPP, col1.250ish So my thought is 3.8grs of e3 with the 230 as a start and then chrono up as needed from there. Anyone with chrono results on e3 and 230 coated bullets I'd appreciate your input. Thanks y'all
  2. The division is problematic mostly because it takes a lot more effort, i.e. practice, to be good with a revolver. My un scientific research tells me that the majority of guys who are b,c and d shooters and like revolvers have more fun shooting their autos cause they have less misses, no shoots and missed steel with the auto than the revo. A few years ago I shot revo a bunch, even though there was little competition and made Master. Even at the sectional and area level there was only 5-8 people shooting revo. So understand that you will be the minority and keep encouraging others. in short, rule changes aren't going to breathe life into revo. Guys like you who want to shoot it and do will!! Good fortune and keep the cylinder turning!!!
  3. That's what I was thinking and some polite draw type filing, to just take the high spots off
  4. We can fix that for you, first I'll square up the opening to the slide, then I'll most likely use an mos type plate and re configure, the mounting holes on the slide. Then adjust the plate to fit your opening So the plate I'll make will fit the opening you have once it's squared up it'll have bosses for the sight along with the screw holes for the sight the but is, the mounting holes of the plate to the slide may not be where glocks mos plates holes might be. We're a production machine shop, though small 3 guys! We do a fair amount of slide work locally Agape Manufacturing and I'm on here (Benos) a lot If we can't fix it it'll be no charge and I'll ship it back without any further cutting to it. 150-200 bucks, may or may not be worth that to you I think brownells sells precut slide for less than that but IIRC there for RMR cuts
  5. Hole in a piece of tape Pull tape after about 30 minutes
  6. Sarge I spot grit some of mine. Cut a hole size you like. Place it where you want apply thin coat of epoxy and grit. Done
  7. 2.8gr TG, 160 bayou, federal spp, 1.150 Or 3.0grs e3, 145 bayou RN, same,same Works in 4 different 627s
  8. I run 200 Bayou's in my major load and 140 Bayou's with the same powder and settings on the press, just change the bullet. The guns I've built, Bedell and Akai limited guns all run both loads with the same spring set up. FWIW
  9. Idps will accept you, 1911and optic in their co divsion.
  10. The answer is!!! 2.4 ozs with the base on 1.4ozs sight only
  11. Got one coming and wondering if anyone knows the weight of the 507c with out the base on it. Obviously going on a C/O gun and want to know what the weight is! thanks in advance for the info
  12. I've owned most of the major builders guns. This is one man's opinion of actual gun building skill, not ornamentation. 1. Bedell or akai 2. Gans or CK 3. Most others Take it fwiw!
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