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  1. Dot stays in Romeo 1, so what's the problem.
  2. Bama I'm in the minority here. Started with RCBS Singe Stage, still have it for rifle small lots etc Went to a 550 30years ago when they didn't have a letter designation and still have it. Got a 650 didn't like the noise of the case feeder and seemed a PITA to change calibers by comparison. Sold it 6 months later and went back to the 550 FWIW the 650 is a good machine, I like the quiet of the 550 and 500 rounds an hour is more than enough output for me. Honestly I usually load in 200-300 round batches so it truly is enough machine for me I really like how it loads 223 and 308 ammo. I also like the manual index especially if something goes wrong or I want to check something. The 650 guys I'm sure have a process that works great for them but I like the simplicity and efficiency of my 550's I've got one set for sm. primers and one for Lg primers Welcome to the reloading addition
  3. jcc7x7

    P210 division

    I think you are correct L-10
  4. I'm not fan boy either. I've had two neither fit correctly and rocked in the holster like a rocking horse. That was when I had the holster in my hand and the gun inserted so it wasn't a loose mount etc. Even when it was tightened up so you couldn't pull the gun out , the gun rocked front to back A Tanfo and 1911 holster. I sold both to fan boys and they seem happy and so was I. Glad they're working out for others though. And I do appreciate RHT supporting uspsa matches.
  5. You may have to remove some material from the pad just behind the hook to get the proper "grip" on the case. If you're new to 1911/2011 guns keep this thought in mind. "NOTHING IS DROP IN!" If you think like that you will be better served in whatever upgrade or service you're doing on your pistol.
  6. Sorry again for your problem But mine have run thousands of rounds without incident. Just finished loading another couple hundred of brass that has been loaded unknown times and the press runs very smooth with the SIG fired brass. Gun cycles without concern and I've never seen a bulged case. I run 125 Bayou RN at 1.150 that plunk and spin freely. and enough recoil spring to close the action (13lbs) At this point everyone knows you've had a problem, again I'm sorry for your misfortune. That's a few out of untold number of guns with no problems
  7. BTW racer nobody ever said this was easy. Though very rewarding!
  8. My concern with this thought process of Sending someone to open while they are walking from stage to stage etc is this. I see a ton of people tuck mags in there belts in front of their hips, hold them in their mouth (don't know why, but have seen it) in cell phone pockets in front of the hip while they reload or check them etc. So since all of those are not allowed for prod. /CO are we to think that as an area director you want us to bump them to open? Again these folks are not doing this during the COF etc etc. Sarge as an area director I would really like your official position on this. Cause I'm figuring open division is going to grow at every match in your area. Thank you for your response based on your Area Directorship. Please understand I'm not being a smart arsh when I say this, I really want to know as I shoot both Level 1 and 2 matches, on a regular basis, in the area you have authority over.
  9. As politely as I can say this! Keep PRACTICING! Good Fortune!
  10. Couple of guns with EGW dt mounts. Very durable
  11. jcc7x7

    Carry Optics

    Lost track of how many rounds but they are going strong. Romeo's 6moa. I like the DPP also and have not had problems with the 3 I have. Like the window size in the DPP for open, the height is what I like For CO the Romeo's are fine as I don't seem to lose the dot in the window. If I get lazy with the open gun the extra height of the DPP window helps with the dot movement. Honestly either will work for you
  12. Mine like 124/5 better. 3" groups =147 11/2-2" groups with almost any 124/5 bullets at 25 rested. fwiw 125Gr Bayou RN 4.1 WST Win/CCI/Fed primers COL 1.145-50
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