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  1. Before you spend money, take the racker off and see if your thumb is hitting the racker, before you get a consistent grip. Then if that's not it, as stated above down load your mags one or two rounds and see if that is the problem. IF neither spend away. Or since we're talking open guns, spend away anyhow :LOL
  2. Seems like it's got what folks want with the grip shape and all.
  3. Good fortune with the hunt, hope you find the ONE! Neil
  4. B_RAD So you're out of Gloch's and on to SIG's Hope this is the one for you But It sure is enjoyable watching you looking for the perfect tool for you and all the S##t you take for changing so much. It just proves you're truly a gun guy. All kidding aside, really hope the Sig works for you!
  5. Size on a 40 year old rockchucker. Tumble clean primer pockets Load the rest on the 550b, without the sizing die in. Like stated 10 years ago. I can't shoot the difference out to 600meters. now for me 10 years later I can't hold the groups I did ten years ago either but the ammo shoots as well, as when I single load each one.
  6. They work on 22's for about a year. Open gun about a week. Friend tried them a while ago
  7. Call Cajun GW and CZ custom One or both should be able to fix you up!
  8. Price wise the Dan Wesson PM 9 is the best off the shelf gun in a 1911 Style Seems like you don't want the Stainless. Question, is it because it's stainless metal or because of the color. If it's color only get it nitrated or something like that in black/blue. And or call Dan Wesson and ask them if they will color it for you or build a Carbon PM 9 They have been very accommodating when it comes to custom work but I don't know if they will do a new custom finished gun Just some thoughts for you to think on!
  9. Shoot it you won't know the difference.
  10. No stepped, No steel (check brass bin with a magnet) Load the rest and don't think about it. IF I wanted to sort brass more than that, I'd shoot super comp.
  11. G Order them from Tripp and have them delivered to your hotel
  12. Agree But RO never saw or noticed that. And scored him as production. So shooter gets the gift on that stage.
  13. Ro didn't start him correctly. Score was approved. New stage ro did his job of starting shooter correctly. Nothing else to do. Ie, good ole boy rules. Go back and shoot last stage over. Whatever works, LoL
  14. LCI Barrell is for the military contract, so it leached over to the consumer market, don't think it's going away. Cheaper to replace the few that guys that shoot CO with non LCI barrels
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