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  1. jcc7x7

    Which Romeo1 for X5?

    I believe that is up to your eyes, not a blanket statement. The ones I have seem to adjust for MY EYES down low just fine for average room lighting and also what I'll call closed business lighting! i.e. where there is only subtle ambient lighting to get around the building but not really see anything. Lowest and next up work fine for my eyes, YMMV!
  2. jcc7x7

    Can't find legal moon clip holders

    Several years ago I used them at two state shoots with no problems. Have since quit IDPA, due to the rules changing all the time!!
  3. jcc7x7

    Acme "new" 124gn 9mm: OAL?

    Your gun is the only one that matters to you. Search for the "plunk" test if your not sure what it is. Do the plunk test then back off .010 from the longest that will drop and spin in YOUR chamber. General thought is that is your max OAL for that bullet and chamber FWIW
  4. My Romeo1 6 moa is the best dot I own. Used mostly DP and DPP before on slide mounted open gun and CO guns C More slide ride on my current open gun cause "if It ain't broke don't fix it"! Had a Romeo 1 3moa didn't like that I lost the dot on the bright days. The 6 moa is like a completely different sight, I've yet to turn it up all the way. Max M did a class at a local club and then shot the match at another local club afterward, spoke about a new Romeo 3 coming out soon FWIW
  5. jcc7x7

    USPSA 1911 legality Question

    CT laser is not an optic it is a grip sighting device.I believe. Could be wrong that has happen before LOL! To my knowledge if the grip laser is turned off, then it is just a set of grips. In turn with it off it is legal If it is an optic then tegos135 is correct.
  6. jcc7x7

    Who makes a good Iwb holster

    Alessi Holster's
  7. jcc7x7

    Which trigger is best?

    STI gunsmith blank if you know what length you want/like SVI properly fitted as stated above, so you can change lengths easily until you figure out length and shape you want. No need to get caught up in the "latest and supposed greatest"
  8. jcc7x7

    1911 38super or 9mm

    9mm mags are not a problem Ramped bbl.'s solve feeding issue and 9's are simple to get running All sorts of ammo is available if you need to buy it Reloading is simple but I do really like the 38 super cartridge
  9. jcc7x7

    Mark7 Evolution

    that's how my original Dillon measures are from 25+ years ago. they are still running strong with very little spread in the amount of powder thrown. Usually less than a tenth
  10. Start anywhere around 7.0 and work up for 38 super/SC. I was at 7.4, 124 MG, fed sRp, 1.235oal I've since switched to 9 major but that load worked well with CFE or WAC, supposed to be the same less the copper fouling additive etc etc
  11. jcc7x7

    9 mm Major “Crimp” ?

    Crimp is not really a crimp on auto cartridges, it's more pushing the bell back straight. The most I go is .002 under So measure your loaded round just below where the bell was put in by the powder funnel and remember that number. Then adjust the crimp die down about a 1/4 turn at a time until your at that measurement of .001-.002 below it. I've found when I get .001-.002 it case gauges or better yet "plunk" tests much easier. As a test I load a few round without crimp that I KNEW worked all the time in my gun. W/O the crimp station none would case gauge or plunk. At .000 about half plunked At .001 under they all plunked FWIW
  12. jcc7x7


    You've got the right but not the responsibility since you're not a member. BTW I was informed of what was going on and as stated no opposition! Rejoin and state your concern to the board for consideration at the next election FWIW
  13. jcc7x7

    What Power Factor should I be in?

    Classifiers are fine you won't lose them. Look at your number of c hits and add a point for each one, two point for each d hit then re calculate your hit factors and compare them to each stage compared to the other shooters or do it the easy way! Buy the 40 upper and know that the MAJORITY of limited shooters shoot major The cost of points is way to costly to shoot minor.FWIW
  14. jcc7x7

    TTI +2 Extension fitting?

    So many do they actually hold 22 or 23?
  15. jcc7x7

    Trigger inop with RX X-Change kit

    Call sig