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  1. Mike I've used variable springs for years. They open and close softer. Helps me with less muzzle dip as the slide closes.
  2. Every month or so. Doing it now!
  3. How about instead of voting for a Forum Why don't each of you that want the new forum send Benos 50.00 to support the forum this quarter You know! Money talks, BS walks! Just a thought!
  4. Lots of 1911 Barrels out there without any coating on them FWIW BUT I'd call SIG and ask them for a bbl that is coated the same as the bbl you sent in. IMO
  5. Yep, pretty much the go to load for 124/5 bullets. Find correct oal for your gun and your gtg.
  6. Most of the time it's the thickness of the moon clip. Thus less headspace between the loaded round and firing pin. Closer without bind is what I'm going for, to get positive ignition with light trigger set ups
  7. Thank you again ever so much. I use Revo supply extreme clips (929) with Mike's old brass Works ok and then some for me!!1
  8. If you don't have an MOS you can go with dovetail plates that are available from Agape Man., EGW, and I think springer. If you had you slide milled for the RMR you can have a plate made to effect the change, = Agape Manufacturing P.m. me if you want I've got some options for you possibly
  9. In the old days !!!!!!!!!!!!! it seemed there were a few people bullet proofing/hardening sights. I haven't heard anyone doing that lately. Wondered why folks weren't doing it to some of the newer gen sights Who is currently bullet proofing sights?
  10. I've got both FFlll and DPP and the battery is not a problem in either for me! Just different application of finger fiddling!!! LOL Pick a name brand sight in your price range and go! If you shoot a lot get a back up when funds are available as they all "can" have problems and need to be sent back home to be rebuilt!! FWIW
  11. Like divisions we probably have enough forums (IMO) I've found and started threads about CO things under the heading of the firearm, i.e. Sig, CZ Tanfo etc. I've never had a problem finding info on most things in either the manufacture area or the open area for optics. Maybe a sub forum in the open area Glad your getting more involved and I do think the subject has merit
  12. Go Bedell But he won't be quick to get back to you until deer season is over!!!
  13. Everglades BIGBULLET19 Works fine just used it!
  14. Y'all be blessed in the Lord! And enjoy the bird!! Happy Thanksgiving!
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