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  1. jcc7x7

    X5 trigger work

    And hours polishing all the internals. Everything has it's short comings. The good thing is everything can be made nicer than what you get from mass production!
  2. I agree BUT Springs are cheap so buy new springs for the most used set and use the other set for practice and watch for the above signs then change those. Changing the main set is more insurance so you don't get "told" by the mags during a match! Yes I speak from experience!!!
  3. Took mine off, was steering the gun with it. Still think that's weird cause I use the same rest on my open guns. FWIW
  4. Check the rule how long in front of the trigger guard the dust cover can be. I think the edge being full length makes it a no for idpa.
  5. Fairly common knowledge that 9x21 cases fit the 929. Starline has them It would give you 2mm more room or.078 in length of the case I
  6. Crimp - .001 to .002 Close the bell from powder die.
  7. I've had good fortune with the egw guide Rods as well
  8. Mike It's the jacketed bullets that make it a dream to load. Coated is cheaper but jacketed is easier!!!
  9. As stated above by Krusty. I guy I shoot with uses them in competition ICORE and IDPA and really likes them. All he shoots is revo's so I feel confident saying he wouldn't use them if they didn't work well. FWIW he uses metal clips in his 929
  10. thanks for the help in finding this guys, appreciate it!
  11. Shucks golly and I made master with a goofy long barreled gun. What should I do now; I know get a longer barreled goofier gun, maybe I can make GM with it!!!
  12. George from Revo supply reached out to me and I have the info. It's a three port comp that he's handling. For whatever reason the page wasn't opening the other day on my lap top. RSC-929-COMP Thanks for your condolences to the family!
  13. Get a "rounder" grip safety
  14. I'd be in the Dan Bedell camp for a custom SS Gun. I've had or have Limited and Open guns from Dan and all worked and shot accurately. I'm 45 minutes from him also, so that makes for an easier decision.
  15. I've got ANOTHER one coming. I was friends with the RO that got killed at the uspsa match last year. His family reached out and asked if I would like one of this revo's , I was honored that they thought of me . So I'm going to buy his 929 which has the nub on it The one from Revo Supply was the one I saw a picture of but couldn't find it on they're website Thanks for the info.
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