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  1. jcc7x7

    Lost decocker lever!

    CZ USA Warranty. Since that would likely be considered a safety item, I would think they would address it pretty quickly!
  2. jcc7x7

    X5 grip weight

    I formed one out of a tungsten blank for my RX and I like the added weight and the Balance it created. My shop made blank for the RX is 3 ozs
  3. 1, if it installed tight to the slide originally , my thought is your screws are to long and pushing the plate up. IF that's not the problem 2. then read the part on Springers website that tells about where to file the plate so it fits and there is always manufacturing tolerances in both parts. 3. if those two don't work, I have no clue!!! Good Fortune!
  4. https://www.preppergunshop.com/sig-p320-sig-p320-x-series-5-adj-sight-21-sh-black-polymer New X-five for 679.00, Hard to figure if a new 320 slide assy (not X-five) is 400.00
  5. What a great community we have here. Going to do another donation to Benos Because it's little things like this that make this a great site Thanks to all and in this case especially Britian USA God bless America, and good night Neil
  6. Need the little plastic grub screws. Ghost doesn't sell them per my phone call to them! There 5 or 6 mm but only ones I find are in England. Anybody got some they can spare or hook me up with someone in the USA to get them Thanks Neil
  7. When I started loading 45 years ago, yes it pains me to say that! It was common practice to go at least .001 over but usually .002 with lead bullets. Some where along the line we went smaller, which seemed to work with harder lead alloy and HyTec or other coatings. I shoot mostly Bayou at .358 out of all of my 9's now, including open guns without problems or leading. I bought a bag of Brazos and got great accuracy but did get some leading. Ordered two more bags of the 125gr RN, my go to bullet, in .357 and just as accurate and less leading. When I ordered it only showed 356 & 357 as options. I'm calling or emailing first next time and going to get .358's. I bet even with the softer alloy Brazos uses they'll work fine in my minor guns. Just as a point of info. Yes I did check if they were being swaged or if the crimp was to tight, neither was a problem. Guys (Brazos) if you go to a 125 NLG see if the same shape is available atsthe current RN, it's a beauty !
  8. Yep I've seen a few slides but don't remember the prices.
  9. I agree with BB . Same will hold true with .400, 401 bullets etc. All these coatings are great but I still find being a .001 to .002 oversized with a lead bullet cuts down on a lot of problems with accuracy and leading. If you can't measure the bore , slug the bbl etc. I've come to do it the easy way. I buy a few sample packs of each size, check them that they are actually that size and go to the range. Ultimately regardless of the size of your bore, live fire tells the story the best on accuracy and any problems with leading
  10. jcc7x7

    DAA insert block

    I used a 1911 block for my older Canadian but it rocked a lot and always keep the lock on it if I had to sit or do anything other than stand and draw. FWIW
  11. I think it's per division Don't have a rule book with me Down load the rule book and check
  12. Tell us where it was. So I don't go there. Absolutely not a dq!
  13. FWIW SIG is marketing this to compete against the Walther and to use as a competition gun. They've got two guys who are both GM's and know the rules Figure it will come in at weight With magwell and short mags for IDPA Without and 140 mags for USPSA
  14. If you have the finances available, buy an X-5 now and start using it. They can be found at great prices because of the changes of the slide and Legion getting ready to launch. Then when the Legion comes out get one of those and use the 1st one as a back up gun. Though I haven't had any reason to need a back up so far, just my nature not to have one of anything I use a lot!
  15. Extended firing pins are USUALLY longer in the back. That allows the hammer to hit it slightly sooner and drive it from the rear. some length is also added to the front portion but not always. Being in the rear keeps the system from doing anything weird Been that way with 1911/2011's anyways, figure these are the same principle
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