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  1. Match flow may be the concern. Thus the same size stages
  2. jcc7x7

    Witness P match or Winess Elite Match

    Listen to Memphis Go to the large frame limited
  3. That's great , Thanks for the info
  4. LOL HOW far is far? Really appox miles or time to get there?
  5. Going to be spending some time in the Fairmont area next month or two (oct/nov) Looking for matches especially and maybe a range, might join it for a place to shoot for a couple of months if not to costly Thanks for the info Neil
  6. jcc7x7

    Delta Point Pro ??

    Maybe the least of the suck! Lol
  7. jcc7x7

    Delta Point Pro ??

    C more slide ride, .200 offset for 9major or 90 degree mount
  8. Rule book speaks of slides not the frame, I thought of doing a Butler cut on my Stock ll but can't see where the rule book allows it So if it doesn't allow it, from what I know about CO rules, it is excluded or not allowed.
  9. jcc7x7

    Slide lightening on a TS!!! Whatcha think?

    Slide lighting does many things , Cool is the top of the list. Read panda's thread on where and how much, great info. Biggest thing for me is the sights do not move as much with a lightened slide (either iron or optic) Sight recovery is faster and with light bullets seems even faster, the but is can you see them fast enough to use the added speed of cycling with both. Also for carry optics it's a great way to reduce weight if needed
  10. Was asked at the match last weekend, "what's the flavor of the month today"! that will give you an idea of how often I change. I'm a gun guy and a shooter so like to shoot what I've got in the safe. I suggest you pick a division and shoot it for a whole season, shoot the other gun/guns when you just want to go have some fun and not PRACTICE. whenever I've done that (shot the same gun/division) I've gone up in the standings and classification. So to answer your question - bring them both; look at the COF's and choose which one you think will be more fun on the day.
  11. jcc7x7

    Bo-mar optic

    EGW makes a mount that will fit about any optic (i.e. they have several mounts for several optics) Burris makes a mount for the fastfires and I believe vortex will also mount to burris mounts
  12. jcc7x7

    Case head separation/stuck case

    Yep Usually works
  13. jcc7x7

    P320 triggers - Talk me through my options

    Gray Guns Pelt trigger may do all you need. weight reduction I'm not sure of but pre and over travel it should handle.