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  1. Usually there is a hole cross wise in the guide rod you put a paperclip in and then remove slide. Take gr assy out from bottom. Lock slide back and look for the cross hole
  2. Just bought a used x5 for 550.00 lgs. Grip 200= 700.00 trigger feels about the same as the legionx5's they had. Going to be the wife's new gun. Got another FCU. With Gray's trigger kit in it we can switch to when she gets used to the gun. Then we each have our own x5 and a backup gun to share if needed. .
  3. Tried RHT the one I got the gun rocks in like a rocking horse Just putting gun in holster and holding holster it rocks back and forth (got rid of it) Blade Tech works fine but not stable on hanger like I would like (currently using it) DAA holster is best so far but don't like the thin metal straps that hold it on belt. (currently using it sometimes) Hoping some one has another option they like. Also hoping I don't have to wait a month to get one !!!! Thanks for you input!
  4. Own two bedell open guns that flat out run. Still shoot co most the time, just enjoy the simplicity of the platform. Place about the same OA, so no draw there for me. Fwiw
  5. I think it's accuracy speaks, Mesa AZ Bob LaMarca tell him Neil Cassata told you about him. Anything he does will be done right. If he can't or doesn't want to mess with it. HE'll be straightforward and tell you up front
  6. 929 Federal American eagle ammo 147gr Friend is using above set up with great success
  7. Nothing is proven to be a bullet proof design to date. DDP has held up well for me. Sig Romeo 1 6moa has made it over 8k on the one slide w/o a problem
  8. Shot an invitational match today 250 round count. Fellow shooter with his new Legion and a DPP. Keep asking him if the glass was getting fouled/ Dirty he said no every time and never saw him wipe . Maybe his load combo is clean enough not to be a problem. Really enjoyed my Tungsten grip module today. Starting to see more and more benefit to it the more I shoot it!
  9. Don't know BT parts EGW are the best you can get day in and day out. Just got another set of ignition parts for a new pistol yesterday. I don't think they are exporting parts any longer directly though, check their website!
  10. The SF is way to small for my hand with the large adapter on it. It is also way to short length wise I can't get a magazine in it without opening up the bottom of my hand. Nice gun if it fit. I already owned x-5 and 320's so going to the Tungsten grip was an easy choice. Both guns do what they are intended for well. Think the SIG is priced slightly more reasonably. Street price is already coming down. Into the low to mid 800's at my local shops and they seem to be readily available. SIG put enough out and is still sending them based on the "born dates on the box. Small -med hands either will work Med/large to XXL hands think the SIG is the only option then.
  11. This is basically what I did also. Since moved on from Glock but I split alphas with it same as my limited gun and only slightly slower than my open gun
  12. jcc7x7

    P320 X5 Thread

    Using 21 round mags with internal block. 10 round factory with shop made bumper to 140mm for consistency. Factory mades for once a year idpa
  13. there are two clubs in our area that started doing this. One club is not worth shooting at so it's a non issue for me. The other one I started shooting the afternoon slot time, because they accept walk on shooters and always have openings in the afternoon. That way if the weather sucks (yes sometimes I snowflake!) I don't loose my fees.
  14. Shot my x-5 standard with the legion grip this weekend and posted my fastest SC score to date. I like it. Going to buy another grip for my Rx Fwiw
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