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  1. Common to place a rivet just long enough to stop follower at the proper spot. But allow the spring to work correctly and to be able to disassemble. Seen lots of our friends to the north do it
  2. jcc7x7

    GoGun P320 Thumb Rest Takedown Lever

    Gogun rests work well. Biggest problem is with holsters.. especially for edc
  3. jcc7x7

    Production P320 X5 complete

    Supported to sight in and with very deliberate unsupported. Ie slow fire, breath control trigger squeeze etc etc
  4. jcc7x7

    Production P320 X5 complete

    Mine with factory bbl, puts 5 rounds in a 2" dot at 20 and at 25 yds one was a tad low but I called that one low. So 2" out of a factory pistol at 25 yds I will be VERY happy with all day long. Enjoy your new rebuilt gun. Half the fun is making them the way you want them!!! Good fortune with it! Hoping lots of 1st places for you!
  5. jcc7x7

    1911 Grips

    DS Perman as stated above are about as close to a 2011 as I've found Have them on most of mine and the grip feels like my limited and open 2011's
  6. jcc7x7

    .38 Special... major?

    I stand corrected. Honestly thank you for the correction! Neil
  7. jcc7x7

    Is a 320X5 worth the upgrade over 320?

    As of Saturday I have both. Both have Gray Guns trigger kits in them. Both have optics X5 set for coptics is 3 ozs heavier. Rx has a large grip module. Actually think I like the feel of the LG grip better. Haven't shot it on the timer enough to say yet Easy to shoot 2" groups at 20 yds with the x5 though.
  8. jcc7x7

    .38 Special... major?

    What gun game is going to score you Major? Not uspsa or icore with a 35 call bullet. Unless you want to shoot open with your revo in uspsa
  9. jcc7x7

    .38 Special... major?

    Starline Brass Col 1.550 or longer Slow burn powder Starting 357 load and CAREFUL work up. ?in why but it's your choice
  10. jcc7x7

    Muffs for fat head

    3m They are not electric, Red cups with replaceable ear pads. Over the head and behind neck. I wear a 7 7/8 cowboy hat they fit me nice. 3m Peltor Optime 105
  11. jcc7x7

    Hand Fit or Mill

    Mill it so slide goes on frame then lap Hand fit barrel Hand fit ignition group Baer does a nice job in general Lots of good custom builders make them smoother and nicer imo i.e Bedell, Akai, etc etc
  12. jcc7x7

    9MM and COL Variations

    Safety on pointed in safe direction and see if they feed and extract smoothly.
  13. jcc7x7

    9MM and COL Variations

    Oal depends on two things. How deep is the chamber And how long are the magazines. Load some at 1.135 since you know they fit in the mags and chamber check them. Commonly called the plunk test
  14. jcc7x7

    Does anyone use variable springs?

    Variables allow the gun to open a little smoother and close the same and Yes I've used them in everything that they are available for