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  1. Sounds like the grip is cracked again
  2. Wife shoots her 226 stainless in co. I've bought 3 different guns for her . She keeps going back to the sig.
  3. When you stated 4.8-5.4 grs for a 124. But didn't realize you were stating the "published data" Any how it's all good and ALL OF US should be using this info with a grain of salt so to speak and starting low and working up with a chrono etc. My guns are all 5" bbl.'s, My wife's sig is 4 1/4 I think and it make 128 PF with the 4.1 grains of WST Anyhow everybody should start lower and work up with any load info!!!
  4. I actually like mine a little higher also. Seems like I can see around the gun better. Probably just "feeling" but on a timer I'm better with splits with the slightly higher dots! Again personal preference and what you get used to like ZZT said, a little dryfire goes a long ways! (Paraphrased)
  5. Made it fine at a couple of area matches at 130+ Honestly was very surprised at the amounts you stated. But I guess that's why we should all own our own chronograph's I've got s second scale I'm going to pull out and check both side by side after supper tonight. I leave that powder measure set up all the time. I load 4.1 of WST for 40 , with 200 gr Bayou's and it makes 172PF in my Limited guns, so that measure never gets messed with other than to check it every couple of months to make sure it hasn't moved. It's always at 4.14-4.16grs with a 10 throw average. FWIW
  6. I'm at 4.1grs wst with124 rn, fmj or tc. At 132 of out of 1911's and x5s
  7. Their going after the EDC market
  8. I use sig romeo 1 6moa , mostly. But I've got 2 ff3 and they're solid. No problems with battery cap . Dropped gun on sight and hood cracked. Called told them what I did. They sent a nib replacement, 3 week turn around mail box to mail box. No bitches here!
  9. Great thought here! Going to talk with a local and see what he's willing and able to do! Thanks for the idea. Otherwise I'm going to get and Comp tech/Blade tech type, since I've already got an extra hanger so I can get it where I want with that!
  10. Pat Actually got one of those in the deal I made with the gun. Getting my big mitt in the opening is the only problem so far with that! Thanks for the input.
  11. So I bought a 686 4" that TK custom reamed to 9mm and cut for moon clips. Been shooting limited with my 929 and I know I can use the same holster But Want to set up another belt for L6 moon clips for the 6 shot are tiny and need different posts/ holders than the 929/627 holders So thought I'd look at some new holsters etc. Don't care if it's covered kydex. Time to first shot is with in .003 in a Kydek or race holster. Also not looking to spend 150+ dollars. Figure y'all may have been keeping up with the newest and greatest better than I have! Since I haven't! My old holster is a 8-10 year old DAA LOL Thanks for any input, PM me if you have some special info. Mods if you want me to put this in WTB I will BUT, Right now looking for info more than buying etc
  12. For me, I like 200 when I'm not able or willing to practice live fire much 100-150 rounds a week If I'm shooting more than 150 rounds a week I find 180's a better option for splits (tested on the timer) I Find anything heavier than 200 even with out much live fire time feels really slow and gives no advantage on the timer in accuracy splits. Meaning split times with consistent two alpha hits. So for me I'd want to stick with 200's if I preferred them NOW and not change things before a major match
  13. Bayou 160gr rn 2.8 titegroup 2.6_2.8 e3 2.8_3.0 asp Fed prime I run these in sht colt cases, so you'll probably have to bump them up with your chrono to get what you need
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