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  1. I emailed them and they confirmed it i signed up to their mailing list. I currently have a CZ TSO and i love it but my 320 just feels better in my hand and points more natural so i want to give it a go!
  2. Lowsc3

    AXG Grip?

    I wouldn't, so you are saying the lockup is better compacts then on an x5?
  3. Lowsc3

    AXG Grip?

    The TXG weighs more no?
  4. Lowsc3

    P320 FCU

    Wrong section, post in classifieds. https://sigsauerparts.com/sig-sauer-p320-custom-works-fire-control-unit/
  5. Wonder what the release date is ? Would be nice if they kept it 5 inch somehow.
  6. On greyguns instagrsm they state they seem to be replicating Mason Lanes. So maybe they will sell a kit with the build ?
  7. I got the big oversized one from fire for effect it's adjustable and I love it.
  8. Did you have the maxwell shaved off the icarus comp grip ? Any pics of how it came out and the overall cost?
  9. Lowsc3

    Sig P320 X-Five Alpha

    Cancelled or delayed? cause this makes me want to make a limited .40 and put my x5 on top.
  10. Lowsc3

    Sig P320 X-Five Alpha

    No update on this beautiful piece?
  11. A lighter recoil spring to could do the trick
  12. I'm roughly 7k rounds into mine and no issues. Did bent the ejector tab once though user error. Don't slam a mag in with aftermarket bad pads and slide locked open!
  13. Lowsc3

    TSO conversion

    Is the extractor and ejector any different ?
  14. The TSO now comes with the shadow 2 style mag release, Shadow 2 style safety and a drilled and tapped thumb rest.
  15. The feel is different as well, the wider trigger face and striped textured line help me line up my trigger finger better. The grey guns trigger and over travel bar were good, I just feel with the AC trigger it can be fine tuned that much more.
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