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  1. If you are going to shoot CO then you can't have ghost holster or any race holster, it works fine for limited or open, I have a ghost ultimate and it works great aside from the lock lever not being to intuitive to re-lock or unlock on the go. I have since purchased a double alpha with an insert and i feel much better knowing i can quickly lock the gun in, or unlock with flick of a lever in during the draw if i need to in 3 gun. That being said I will also be purchasing a RHT or something kydex for a dedicated 3gun setup to avoid scuffing up the gun during some stages. If your plan is to only shoot uspsa and you'll always be able to calmly use the turn lock lever then its just fine.
  2. Lowsc3

    Sig P320 X-Five Alpha

    Stippling a Legion frame is time consuming and expensive from what I've heard. I got mine with carbide, however if these interchangeable panels can offer grip like 2011 evo grip then that's a very good thing,.
  3. This is the only thing I found https://zahal.org/product/fab-defense-beretta-92-aluminium-picatinny-rail-scope-mount-system/, might be better to wait till the 92x open comes out and see if you can just get that. Or maybe you an get this part machined to whatever pattern yol be using.
  4. Lowsc3

    Sig P320 X-Five Alpha

    There is none. You'd have to buy a full size 40. Cal p320 complete upper and you can just mount it on the x5 frame. It will be a slightly shorter barrel and stock slide however, no lightening cuts.
  5. I second this statement.
  6. Lowsc3

    Sig P320 X-Five Alpha

    We can just put a tungsten plug in the legion instead of buying a whole new frame
  7. Yea i checked today and its out of stock as far as the polished shell catch. I was able to bent just the tip of the TTI lifter gate and it made a WORLD of difference, i was able to quad load, so now i can practice. Unfortunately while shooting a match Sunday, my bolt release tab screw came loose and has been lost. I salvaged the tab, I called stoeger and while they are willing to send a new one they are on back order. Anyone know the thread and pitch of this bolt? I can't find that info anywhere and the only place Ive seen sells it by itself is midwest and with shipping and all its roughly 15 bucks mostly shipping. If i can go somewhere local and pick one up for a a buck or two id prefer it.
  8. Lowsc3

    Sig P320 X-Five Alpha

    I didn't catch that! So if the metal frame has the cut out for the safety and my current FCU doesn't have a safety will there be a missing slot or some compatibility issues if i just bought a frame? Thinking about it i wouldn't mind if there was a safety as long as i can get it extended like my TSO that way both guns will have a safety rest and a thumb rest as well.
  9. From what i understand the stock magazines base pads wont allow the magazine to be over inserted, when swapping out base pads though you can over insert and bend the ejector. It happened to me once when i was of course at slide lock and slammed one home, I have Springer base pads btw. Since then slide locked or not i just insert them without a lot of force , it doesn't take much and they always seat for me. 21,22, or even 23 rounds. I guess what im saying is slamming them hard when the slide is locked and using after market magazine pads you will bend it. And from Sig's perspective if you decide to run aftermarket parts they shouldn't be held liable. This is my own personal experience of course.
  10. Lowsc3

    Trigger Help

    I just have had the regular GG trigger kit in it, not the new one and have been happy. If you can find a better combo keep me posted i wouldn't mind being happier !
  11. Lowsc3

    Sig P320 X-Five Alpha

    I think if were going based on weight then this cant be MUCH different in terms of recoil felt from a TXG grip, that being said this looks grippier stock then the TXG. In additon it would allow the metal to be drilled and an frame mounted optic to be placed, throw an optic on it and a comp and your in open. I wonder if the BARSTO barrel can handle 9mm major or if any companies have this idea in mind as well. It would be cool to throw some extra parts and have a gun that do limited minor, CO and open with a swap of a frame/ slide keeping the same trigger and ergonomics throughout all three divisions. .
  12. Lowsc3

    Trigger Help

    Are you comparing the reset to another gun? its hard to say what the issue is you are having it may be normal. For example the reset on my x-5 is horrid when compared to my CZ TSO. Striker fired guns in my experience haven't come close to a hammer fired race guns in terms of triggers.
  13. Lowsc3

    Picked up a 320 XFive

    The grams will allow 1 more round. so 18 with just the kit, or 23 with kit and pads. I have the 21 rounders with springer and grams. At first the 23rd round was not re loadable until they set in. I usually just load 22 so they are easy enough to reload and I don't need to be forcefull, besides 1 more round won't make a huge difference IMO count the shots and better stage planning. I do wish i had bought the TTI pads because the springer uses a wonky 0.5mm hex and its easy to strip.
  14. Lowsc3

    Sig P320 X-Five Alpha

    Yea i bought the regular x-five then the legion came out so i bought the grip , and now this . I'm happy with my TXG grip and silicone carbide, but i wonder if they will sell this metal grip alone.
  15. I'll have to do that, while I'm not having issues with my barrel i plan on putting an optic on soon.
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