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  1. I've got the GG trigger kit with the AC adjustable trigger and I love it.
  2. I had this issue before when the gun was fairly new. Usually a push on the slide or rack of the slide and that was it. I'm roughly 5 k rounds now and it hasn't happened for a long time I chalked it up to some break in.
  3. How many rounds are you putting in the mag? I run 20 in my .40 i could fit 21 but i think its to tight of a fit to have the slide cycle properly. Also is it with just the one mag or all of them?
  4. True but why make a competition model grip that is a illegal to run in CO when this is the most popular CO gun now. Id hate to dish out that much money to then have to dish out more to make it legal for the division. It does looks sweet tho.
  5. What advantage did the return spring give? Did the np3 make a big difference
  6. I'd love to be able to compare side by side. Alas every shooter around me has gone the GG kit, no one has used Sig armorer , perhaps a cost factor?
  7. Yea i have everything that came in the GG kit as far as the springs and what not just swapped the trigger to the AC one I do like the wide aspect as well as the grip on the face of it. It is much easier to get a reference for my finger.
  8. I guess it would only work for limited minor then, it would be nice if they made that competition one without the magwell and made it so you can add a magwell of choice .
  9. I wonder if that's CO legal its like half a magwell..
  10. First off wow, this combination is amazing. Firstly i have a regular x-5 with a TXG grip, i had the earlier non adjustable grey guns kit installed. A buddy recommended the armory craft trigger and i got it several days ago as it was finally in stock. The combination after adjustment is little to no take up and the brake right at 90 with no overtravel. Can't wait to actually shoot it. I've read here and there the legion trigger bar allows for an even better feel or lighter pull is there any truth to this?
  11. Lowsc3


    Hello I have a buddy who recently I've gotten to join in on USPSA matches. He bought a Walther q5 match steel. He purchased the +5 from TTI so it should hold 23 but he can't get past 20, does the follower have to be changed? I couldn't find a grams kit for it either. Any help is appreciated.
  12. Nice I'm going to be there next week but moving over end of the year in the round rock/ hutto area
  13. Thanks for all the great info ! Sounds like there are more options then I currently have here in south Florida so i have a lot to loo forward to.
  14. Have plans to move to North of Austin Texas ( Round Rock area ) at the end of this year. Anyone know where i could rent out a bay for practice not to far away and where there i s good uspsa and 3 gun matches hosted?
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