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  1. Anyone have experience with the strike industries PIT stock, i love the look but wonder how comfortable it is especially since it has a weird curve
  2. I wonder how the frame to slide fit is.
  3. Hmm i get what you mean, still the plates ive seen make it sit pretty high and back so im just curious.
  4. Anyone have any pics of how the SRO sits in the newer slide. I'm wondering how low it mounts.
  5. Id want to use my same barrel and swap slides wouldn't it look kinda silly if the barrel stuck out a lot?
  6. Honestly probably better to silicon carbide it. I stippled my original x5 grip and it was better, my TXG grip has the SC and its WAYYY better
  7. I run a flat one of these and it has been great no issues at all and i love it. I had gotten mine on sale for 175 a while back. https://www.opticsplanet.com/elftmann-tactical-3-gun-trigger-curved.html
  8. Lowsc3

    TSO without a magwell?

    I think if you got long grips it should cover everything. If you have a buddy that has a shadow 2 with stock length grips give it a go.
  9. Lowsc3

    TSO Magazines

    Whenever i load 20 in my tso. 40cal it always has a rattling round , hasn't really been in issue
  10. I like mines, never had an issue. I even got my through amazon prime so i was free shipping and quick.
  11. Lowsc3

    TSO Magazines

  12. Lowsc3

    23+1 wont run

    Yea and gotta let it wear in a bit first. When i first did put them together the 23rd was rock solid no movement in the mag, after some use it gave some more wiggle room.
  13. https://fabricatedarms.com/product-category/sig-machining-slide-work/ I got the v1 package for my x5 and i loved his work. Great communication and turn around time.
  14. Lowsc3

    Replacement guide rod

  15. The romeo 1 has rear sights behind the optic but I think for what you want you should go with a base slide and have all the custom work done its going to cost more for it all.
  16. just get an adapter plate from springer precision
  17. Lowsc3

    23+1 wont run

    I run 22 for easier reloads and at 23 since there is little to no give on the mag you can easily bend the ejector. Just my 2 cents
  18. Lowsc3

    Sig P320 X-Five Alpha

    https://osagecountyguns.com/firearm-accessories/conversion-kits/sig-sauer-p320-full-size-caliber-exchange-kit-40-s-w-calx-320f-40-bss.html i found it here currently out of stock however
  19. Lowsc3

    Picked up a 320 XFive

    If you got the 21 rounders then get the tti+2 if you have the 17 rounder then get the +5
  20. Government spring for 1911 style is what you can run assuming you are not running the captured x5 spring combo. I ordered a 11# 12# and 13# since the springs are cheap in order to test some out. I stuck with the 12#.
  21. Sig also coming out with the Alpha grip , It seems to have more features then this grip. This color is however very pretty.
  22. If you are going to shoot CO then you can't have ghost holster or any race holster, it works fine for limited or open, I have a ghost ultimate and it works great aside from the lock lever not being to intuitive to re-lock or unlock on the go. I have since purchased a double alpha with an insert and i feel much better knowing i can quickly lock the gun in, or unlock with flick of a lever in during the draw if i need to in 3 gun. That being said I will also be purchasing a RHT or something kydex for a dedicated 3gun setup to avoid scuffing up the gun during some stages. If your plan is to only shoot uspsa and you'll always be able to calmly use the turn lock lever then its just fine.
  23. Lowsc3

    Sig P320 X-Five Alpha

    Stippling a Legion frame is time consuming and expensive from what I've heard. I got mine with carbide, however if these interchangeable panels can offer grip like 2011 evo grip then that's a very good thing,.
  24. This is the only thing I found https://zahal.org/product/fab-defense-beretta-92-aluminium-picatinny-rail-scope-mount-system/, might be better to wait till the 92x open comes out and see if you can just get that. Or maybe you an get this part machined to whatever pattern yol be using.
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