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  1. Meh. I'd consider grabbing a Professional Series 4.7" slide and fully populate it for my optic slide as a option. Not easy to find although I found one for $279 minus barrel/RSA.
  2. If you bought it from the Mothership, see if they will send you a shipping label to get it swapped to a slide that has been drilled and tapped for RMR/SRO. Not an unrealistic request as RMR drilled/tapped slides are showing up in the wild. They should do it, especially since you left instructions for them at checkout.
  3. Under heavy competition use, the magwell entrance area gets chewed up. Here's an alloy funnel that has seen heavy usage. Which is what motivated Dawson to design a replaceable liner for his funnels. [
  4. I don't have a tungsten-infused grip module, but field reports from users say that it is "softer" than conventional polymer. So that compounds the problem. They are ahead of the game with their steel magwell funnel. That will take the abuse, but it's not allowed in some disciplines. I have an STI Edge with a Dawson "Ice" magwell funnel. Dawson has designed in a replaceable liner. It's slick, like HDPE hence the moniker "Ice". Maybe a 3rd party aftermarket company will come up with a steel or stainless liner for the X-module ? I was talking to a magazine mfr. the other day, and it's like $200,000 for tool up for a new mag design. So a magwell liner would be less intricate than a magazine, but still, there would have to be a large enough market to design and tool up.
  5. For that money, and knowing that it would be used in competition, SIG should have designed in a hardened or replaceable magwell liner. Magwell erosion is a known issue. Actual magwell, not funnel .
  6. Which is a crazy-high price for a grip module, by the way.
  7. X-grip $47.99 https://osagecountyguns.com/sig-p320-x5-fullsize-943-medium-grip-shell-black.html Somebody needs to come up with a liner. Dawson makes one for the Ice Magwell Funnel so the concept is doable. The Legion would need a stainless liner that would snap in place. The market is going to have to get larger to justify a $200,000 investment in tooling, though.
  8. What I would do in this case : 1) Find a "full service" hardware store. They are still around. 2) Bring the bare slide in and have "Joe Bolts" find your screws for you. Pro Tip: Every Full Service hardware store has a "Joe Bolts". And they love doing their job, especially one like this.
  9. Friggin Bondo fixes everything ! And what it won't fix, duct tape will !
  10. Your definition of "Slide Lock Reload" is incorrect. A slide lock reload is slamming a loaded mag into a pistol that is in the "slide lock position". If slammed hard enough into some pistols, the slide automatically closes. That is a Slide Lock Reload. Google it. You'll find the reports of broken ejectors from slide lock reloads. First the ejector starts bending and then after a few cycles of being "bent back", they break. ETA: This is in the P320 design. Some pistols are immune from damage.
  11. The sight base still does not fill up the dovetail. To me it's an exercise in futility to remove a front sight blade and try to make that work. Just leave the front sight in and walk away.
  12. DirectDrive

    320 Light Strikes

    Yep, I think that was the "Secret Handshake"
  13. DirectDrive

    320 Light Strikes

    Thanks ! Do you have to be a "Legion Member" and know the secret password ? Not kidding, actually. ETA: Your measured pull weight difference is a witness to the P320 design. In other words, the striker spring is almost fully charged when the weapon is charged, therefore the striker spring has little influence on pull weight. I wonder why they went to a different striker spring in Legion ?
  14. DirectDrive

    320 Light Strikes

    Thanks for that intel. I can't get that part number to "search". Maybe it's not available separately ?
  15. DirectDrive

    320 Light Strikes

    Most likely the standard spring. Shhh....the Legion spring is supposed to be a "secret" but owners of standard P320 and legion have reported a lighter striker spring in the Legion. Good to know that you can buy just the spring.
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