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  1. Something's wrong with that answer. Two different sizes ?? Maybe the question was for two different pistol models ?
  2. No, I've never seen them on sale. You have to Pay to Play. ETA : Why not sell your GGI trigger to defray the cost of the Keres ?
  3. I don't think there's enough added weight to make that kind of difference. People fill weapon light shells with lead or brass. Now that's some weight.
  4. It is, if only for the reason that you can now adjust take-up.
  5. I have the Keres and GGI sear in an X-Five. I left the Apex over-travel bushing in place. You just turn the over-travel set screw in less. And having the bushing in place makes the over-travel pin less prone to falling out when removing/handling the FCU. _ _
  6. I would check with : Gray Guns Armory Craft
  7. I have a Romeo1 Pro on an X-Five. Getting powder kernels and debris on the lens (no LCI). With the exaggerated, forward cantilever of the SRO, it must be worse ?
  8. I have a Keres fully adjustable trigger working very well with an Apex bar. You can mix and match.
  9. Well, the AC trigger just might be the ticket, then. You will be able to dial in your take-up and your over-travel. I would leave the Apex bar in. If you go below your pull weight, put the OEM bar back in. I would say that my adjusted take-up is no more than 2mm. The gun will tell you where the over-travel setting has to be. Too tight and it won't reset. Get it to reset and then loosen an 1/8 of a turn or so. Good luck !
  10. I would say that with just the AC trigger, you would see a modest reduction in pull weight if you're coming from the curved, OEM trigger. This is due to more leverage provided by the straight trigger. To see a big reduction in pull weight, you have to go deeper into the gun.
  11. The issued, captured RSA (16lb) does not allow for tuning slide velocity. They are in my parts bin.
  12. Not all 1911 Government springs are created equal. I've even had some that are too long and wouldn't let me lock the slide back. These have been consistent for me. Nic Taylor's Ebay storefront : https://www.ebay.com/itm/Colt-Government-1911-Recoil-Calibration-Spring-Pack-11-12-13-14-15-set-of-5/301275600553?hash=item46256cd6a9:g:4oAAAOSwGvhT6X9-
  13. Not a deal-breaker. Just add the OEM "Adverse" trigger for about $25
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