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  1. All 1911/2011 barrels are fitted to the slide and to some extent the slide stop in the frame. Probably cheapest way is to have the barrel cut back to your desired length. That’s if you don’t care about having a threaded barrel. Otherwise, any competent 1911 gunsmith can fit a new barrel to your slide. Price will be determined by brand of barrel and the associated fitting/labor costs.
  2. One of the later changes was that they started cutting the slides for LPA adjustable rear sights instead of the Bomar sights. Not any less functional, just different. I’d still recommend any Trojan if someone was interested in a 1911 in 9mm or .40. , regardless of vintage. Solid guns.
  3. Passed this morning peacefully. Gave a lot to the sport and contributed a lot here. Great friend and even better person. He’ll be missed by a lot of people. RIP Gale.
  4. Thanks for posting! Your hands are as big as mine! Damn!
  5. Tell us what you think when you get it. I’ve noticed that the Taran Tactical looks identical to the older SV model. Which would make sense, since Taran used to be an SV sponsored shooter.
  6. Sorry to be a downer but....if you’ve got really big hands like me, the Dawson Big Hands is still too cramped. It depends on your hand size. Mine are XXL Glove sized. Old SVI magwells were fine for me but they are also smaller Funnel. Just FYI
  7. I’ve used TT basepads on 1st and 2nd gen STI tubes with only occasionally having to do tiny bit filing on the flanges at the bottom of the tubes to get them to slide into the retaining slots on the pads. YMMV
  8. As I recall, Wilson Combat used to offer a “drop in” beavertail. Yep...here it is: https://shopwilsoncombat.com/Drop-In-Grip-Safeties/products/38/ Not what I’d consider ideal, but another option. Also, in addition to the above mentioned EGW part (always top notch) Wilson also offers a .220 radius beavertail as well on the WC website. In fact, when SPringfield used to offer a wide variety of custom services, they had an option to upgrade the beavertail to the Wilson Combat versions. Hope this helps give give more options.
  9. The Tanfoglio is a great gun but....if you’re gonna put any serious amount of 10mm thru your chosen pistol, DW hands down, all day, every day. The 1911 has proven time and again that it’s more than up to the stress of the 10mm cartridge over the long haul.
  10. I don’t have a picture but have seen it a number of times...always looks a bit like a Franken-gun. Kinda cheap, even if well built. I’d either chop the frame to match and add weight with a tungsten guide rod...or save up and buy a slab sided slide to match the frame. YMMV
  11. Sometimes that audible click sound when pulling the trigger during take up is the disconnector moving in the frame hole. I’ve had that happen on a number of trigger jobs and one of the ways to eliminate it is the EGW ball-head disco that you fit to the frame hole. It’s a bit of a pain in the ass...but worth the hassle.
  12. That’s the same thing for me! Being lefty sucks because if you don’t like a holster...no one wants to buy it! My only advice on the DeSantis is to loctite the adjustment hook position. On IWB holsters for lefties, there’s always an inadvertent chance of hitting the mag release. I did it on a number of very expensive big-name holsters for my P365. The manufacturers had to eventually admit that they hadn’t thought about that possibility and they refunded my money both times. This DeSantis can let that happen if the hanger screw is loose. I just adjust it properly and then loctite and check it ev
  13. I now use only 19# mainsprings for trigger jobs and no problems at all with CCI SPP. However, I used to install 17# mainsprings and would have 1 or two light strikes out of 500 round batches. It would happen enough that my only solution was to install extended firing pins when using 17# springs. Then...no problems anymore. However, I prefer the crispness I get when using 19# mainsprings for trigger jobs and can go 1.75# pulls with no extended firing pin and get 100% ignition with CCI. Hope that helps.
  14. Another possibility here... I’ve seen shooters that index their trigger finger on the side of the frame (safe practice!) while reloading and inadvertently put their finger right on the top of the slide stop pin and accidentally depress it while they’re releasing the slide. This pressure allows the slide stop to pop out when the cutout on the slide passes by the tab on the slide stop. I’m left handed and had this happen to me many times until I filed the end of the slide stop pin flush with the frame of the pistol. Hope this helps!
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