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  1. The DeSantis Slim-Tuk is ambidextrous, thin, light, and in stock everywhere. Also cheap! I carry it everyday with my 365 and LOVE it!
  2. I don’t want to throw gasoline on the fire...but I’d not be surprised to see them discontinue warranty repairs/replacements in the near future. They could simply say “sorry, that’s an STI gun. They don’t exist anymore and we only serviced them as a courtesy during the transition....”. I hope that’s not the case, as I own 6 STI pistols and my wife owns 4 and half of them had to return to STI at various points for warranty issues....but it may be a strategic change coming...
  3. Placed an order during the Memorial Day sale...can’t wait! Will post as things develop!
  4. Have first hand experience with the trigger modules and sears...so far, so good!
  5. Phoenix Trinity has released a new *thumb rest [generic]*/thumb rest slide stop that looks really good, FYI
  6. cheers623

    X5 Legion accuracy

    That actually looks like a regular polymer “large size” grip module with SC treatment. Notice the beaver tail shape and length? I know a couple Team Sig shooters that actually prefer the size and shape of the Large modules compared to the X modules. Even without the added weight of tungsten. Not sure though....just speculating on this picture.
  7. I know they’re not the new hotness, but CR Speed holsters work great with my wife and my PT gripped guns. YMMV
  8. All of the above regarding longer COAL increasing feed-reliability holds true in the 1911/2011. I’d add that another benefit is slightly longer case life from the lower pressures associated with this. I especially noticed it in the tightness of the primer pockets. Regarding loads, my experience and that of others gives the following trend for load development using VVN320: 3.8-4.2gr with 200gr bullets for a Power Factor Range of 169-172 (lower charge weight for coated bullets) 4.8-5.2gr with 180gr bullets for a power factor range of 169-172, same trend as above. YMMV
  9. Wow, nice job on the SC job!
  10. It will not. Starting with the Gen 5 guns, Glock changed the locking block design slightly. I tried this with a gen 4 and gen 5 model 34s that I had. Couldn’t swap. Hope this helps.
  11. Just want to chime in with a little information. I’m not saying this to start a “back and forth of drama”...but...many reputable 2011 gunsmiths have noted that the .45acp round is not as reliable in the 2011 platform due to the increased surface area contact between the 1) rounds themselves and 2) the walls of the magazines causing drag and slow feeding and feeding problems. This is in comparison to a Single Stack magazine. I’ve owned a number of the STI Tactical models in all three calibers and experienced this issue specifically in the ones chambered in .45. All other things being equal in terms of tuning within the various guns and calibers, the only remedy was to use really stout magazine springs. Even then, reliability wasn’t as good as .40 or 9mm in exact same model guns. Sorry to throw this out there, but figured you’d want as much data as possible. YMMV
  12. It is NOT legal for USPSA Production Division. In USPSA it is legal for Single Stack, Limited 10, Limited, and Open Divisions. Though it would only be competitive in Single Stack, and Limited 10 depending on caliber and configuration. I can’t tell you about IDPA, as I don’t participate in that discipline. Hope that helps.
  13. Primary Machine, here on the forums, can Mill the slide in front of the dovetail for your dot AND keep your iron sights. He does excellent work! Check out his website for examples of the options. https://primarymachine.com/vortex-viper-milling-combo/
  14. I’m almost ready to jump in on the X5 Legion but have one recurring problem I’ve consistently encountered with a few of these on local ranges. Im left handed and have Size XXL mitts... So, very often I am able to squeeze through the web of my middle finger on my left hand with my support hand grip and press the mag release button and dump a magazine while shooting. It’s not an extended version or anything. Factory, stock configuration. So here’s the question: is it possible to boost or tighten the spring on the mag release? I do this on my 1911/2011 guns and never have problems once I do. Not knowing how these work on a P320, I’m looking for first hand experience and knowledge. Thanks for looking and any help!
  15. I don’t have the vice model, but do have the legacy model. I prefer thumbscrews so got that version. However, every local shooter I know that has either type loves them!
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