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  1. Though the topic has been beaten to death, I’d point out that the fitting issue has more to do with frame variations than grip dimensions. The frame ‘raceways’ on STI pistols has varied TREMENDOUSLY over the last few years. I’ve got 7 different STI frames of different vintages and each one of the Cheely and PT EVO grips I’ve fitted to them has been consistent in their dimensions but the frames have all been different. If you ever decide to have a gun built, try to decide on the grip first, then buy that companies frame...way less fitting usually. YMMV
  2. I’d take a look at GX Products LLC holsters. It’s a new company by a local Norther KY shooter and he does double layer Kydex holsters that are fantastic! Can’t recommend his holsters highly enough! Hope that helps!
  3. They’re both great. Only real difference I’ve noticed is the tuning-fork ring with every shot you get with the Koenig! Also, I assume Doug gets some small consideration for the use of his name on the hammer. That might explain the price difference?
  4. I zero both irons and red dots at 25 yards for 3-4” groups. Then shoot at my plate rack at 40 yards. Always hold for center of plates and never miss. Seems to consistently work on all my pistols.
  5. I’m not sure if you’re going slide or frame mounted. Slide mounted, my Open gun killed 3 RTS2s in less than 1000 rounds. CMore repaired or replaced them, but I gave up on them. Not saying they’re no good optics...just not for slide mounted 9Major Open guns...YMMV
  6. Yep, I’ve owned 6 different 2011s in .40 and never had one that wouldn’t run factory ammo.
  7. A well built 2011 with tuned magazines should reliably run quality factory ammo with the proper recoil springs. Most factory .40 is pretty comfortably Major Power factor too. So, so long as you tell Adam or anyone else that you might consider having build you a gun, you should be fine!
  8. I have no problems with ejection...quite the opposite! My cases land 7-10 feet away. My load is 4.4gr of N320 and 124gr Precision Delta RN FMJ. That load chronos consistently to 133-135pf. Maybe the guys with ejection issues are using too light of a bullet? Dunno. I used to prefer 147gr loads but in 9MM the 124gr loads seems to be the sweet spot for me. YMMV
  9. Same here. Emailed and no response. Called and got a person. Twice for two different RTS2s.
  10. A DYI job with a new “semi dropin” set of parts should be $150-ish. That assumes you’re read-up enough to do it yourself. An honest smith using new parts should charge $250-300.
  11. To his credit, he said there’s no dots out there that’ll survive riding on a slide of a 9Major gun...period. I’m not giving up...but I appreciated his honest opinion!
  12. Thanks for clearing that up!
  13. Who’s tungsten guide rod are you guys using?
  14. When you guys say short chamber, how short? I’m loading Precision Delta 124fmj Rn at 1.140” and having no problems after shooting 300 rounds since yesterday. Just curious.
  15. I ordered and received mine for a CZ P10F and the fit and finish was great! The owner is a great guy and obviously takes pride in his work! Can’t recommend GX highly enough!
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