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  1. He will , might take some time ,but he will get to you . I shoot private class , just me and another guy at Sig academy . Best experience ever, he's genuinely a nice guy and great teacher . Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  2. well, way I'm looking at it , They are both fun :):)
  3. well I'm only an Expert in Idpa but B in USPSA in production. Your math might be off . Bottom line you need to shoot fast and accurate in both . you're no winning anything hosing down the stage with Cs and Ds
  4. you welcome to check videos on my YT channel. New England Regional , New Hampshire LFOD ,Saratoga mach in NY all top any Area matches I've bee too . Waaay more props , lasers , movers...
  5. spent half a day with Max Michel , didn't ask anything , just listened
  6. I had same issue with my strike one . I even did video about it on my channel. With little tweaking it becomes pretty reliable
  7. how is your garage so clean , I have s#!t everywhere lol
  8. so who has Xcalibur and how does this stack up against it? What do you get for extra $$? kind of funny , one made in Slovakia , other in Slovenia
  9. I have the original Strike One , version with better trigger . Trigger on it is hands down best stock striker fired trigger out there , Don't like the way they did magazine catch , for me it wasn't reliable until I worked on it.. Really don't understand what happened to it. It's an awesome pistol for a price
  10. At1.18 OAL it's pretty much your case gauge . I have same issue . Have load long for my SVI and Wilson case gauge is super tight so I just use barrel to check the ammo
  11. been using both ,preffer 145s because of shape, but had no issues with 147s
  12. I load plated or jacketed for competition and coated for practice. Tried different powders and didn't see any significant difference in smoke. Different bullet did the trick
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