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  1. well, way I'm looking at it , They are both fun :):)
  2. well I'm only an Expert in Idpa but B in USPSA in production. Your math might be off . Bottom line you need to shoot fast and accurate in both . you're no winning anything hosing down the stage with Cs and Ds
  3. you welcome to check videos on my YT channel. New England Regional , New Hampshire LFOD ,Saratoga mach in NY all top any Area matches I've bee too . Waaay more props , lasers , movers...
  4. spent half a day with Max Michel , didn't ask anything , just listened
  5. I had same issue with my strike one . I even did video about it on my channel. With little tweaking it becomes pretty reliable
  6. how is your garage so clean , I have s#!t everywhere lol
  7. so who has Xcalibur and how does this stack up against it? What do you get for extra $$? kind of funny , one made in Slovakia , other in Slovenia
  8. I have the original Strike One , version with better trigger . Trigger on it is hands down best stock striker fired trigger out there , Don't like the way they did magazine catch , for me it wasn't reliable until I worked on it.. Really don't understand what happened to it. It's an awesome pistol for a price
  9. At1.18 OAL it's pretty much your case gauge . I have same issue . Have load long for my SVI and Wilson case gauge is super tight so I just use barrel to check the ammo
  10. been using both ,preffer 145s because of shape, but had no issues with 147s
  11. I load plated or jacketed for competition and coated for practice. Tried different powders and didn't see any significant difference in smoke. Different bullet did the trick
  12. this guy is me and sorry it didn't help you :):)
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