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  1. I had a good luck with CleanShot loading pistol rounds . Was wondering who has some experience with their powders for precision rifle , like 6.5 cr or even 77g .223 ? looking thru their manual they have lots of options. H4350 is nowhere to be found and looks like powder valley has plenty of SW powders
  2. you are talking about magnet that holds the magazine or actual pouches with magnets in them ?
  3. I usually just take used targets after the match . Most of the time they throw them out
  4. Thanks , just ordered one
  5. I use Tachyon and have dedicated hat with mount screwed to bill of the hat . Top of the hat produces weird video and if you shoot thru the ports ,it shows just a wall
  6. I used Safariland 014 holster back when I ran TS . Worked just fine for both
  7. Or just get everything from Safariland . At least 1-2 a year they run 40% sale . That's usually time I order my stuff
  8. I only ever owned 2 9mm 1911s and they were both super reliable and both on opposite side of market . One was RIA 9mm/22 tcm combo and second Wilson Combat classic
  9. Shot the crap out of my Xcal and Xtrim and only thing I ever replaced was recoil spring and one one of them had to replace firing pin spring
  10. Interesting , doesn't look like there's whole lot of stippling on those frames . In aluminum , they look slick
  11. valerko

    X5 competition load

    3g of TG and 147 Blue Bullets . Use same load and 147 FMJ RMR for competitions to eliminate smoke
  12. I use the lighter spring the Legion comes with. Believe it's 12lbs . Actually use same spring in both Legions , one with optic one without
  13. Xcal is better . Xtrim is pretty much standard K100 with cuts on slide . Xcal has lighter trigger in SA and DA. I usually use Xcal frame and just swap slides . Have to useXtrim slide for IDPA because of Bull barrel rule . Another reason I wand match OC version
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