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  1. yup, one of those . Keep telling that to yourself :):):)
  2. Wasn't that hard and took like 10 min Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  3. well , I;m sure it'll be fine for local matches at least . Hopefully they will sort it out and start bringing guns it at lower price
  4. so double charge , compressed is not dangerous ? Because that's what I'm talking about . You double charge 9mm , with 7-8 g of TG , then it's gonna be compressed load as well
  5. mine didn't break , but was literally worn out . Ended up getting standart SVI extractor .
  6. but nice gun makes me look good . I may shoot like crap , but I'm looking FLY.....:)
  7. my plate rack has 4x 8" and 2x 4" plates around 4 seconds on that one
  8. played with one at ShotShow , Now I have to sell something to get it
  9. I just picked up Valor in trade for Colt M45A1 custom and some cash and in my book, I got better end of the deal . Not sure if I ever shoot it in SS , but if I decide to , it will be there
  10. I doubt it . Lancer arms would have to do that . One of few good things of IDPA is , that there's no list . It makes the weight ,fits the box and rules , it's legal . Wonder if Alien fits IDPA box ?
  11. I did video while back comparing bullet accuracy from 115 all the way to 165 in my Grand Power . 165's were all over the place . Then I shot all different weights out of Arsenal Strike B and that thing didn't care , shot them all great. Go figure
  12. There's guy on YT , that compared some higher end bipods recently . Guy is accomplished PRS shooter and knows his stuff . Look for X-Ring channel
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