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  1. Dia. Of bullets and crimp also Effects plunk test
  2. Lathe, Mill or File the comp back until you can get the last turn. Gap .001 or .100 whatever you can live with as stated above. Clearance is clearance! I shoot for .002-004 which has always worked and looks nice. High temp loctite or rockset and drill and tap a set screw in to bottom of the comp with a dimple in the bbl for the set screw to locate! FWIW
  3. Do you have an off set mount?
  4. I've run the RN and TC and both ran great out of my open guns. Mine usually go about .2 lower in charge weight to get same velocity and dot movement than jacketed. Most nay of the major players have a variable in finished size of coated bullets due to sized die wear. BUT after 10 plus years of shooting coated bullets BBI, Brazos (relatively new supplier) seem to have the biggest problem with undersized bullets. and both will tell you your mics are off or that's the way they always do it and it works! LOL Obviously BBI it does work, while the other has some prob
  5. I'm in the Don't be a Dick camp. As long as it's not a "with out a doubt safety issue"
  6. Same here Day 18 today. USPS has said "Arriving Late but on the way" Not BBI's doing it's the USPS pissing match with the Dem's or somebody!! I just want the bullets LOL
  7. Thought there was a recent thread on Rowdy shooting a 226 and working it over. Want lighter sear spring I have lighter main springs Did the short reset kit I've polished everything and that helped Anybody know where to get lighter sear springs for the 226 da, sa Thanks
  8. Get a few sets of new mags guys, springs and followers, or at least new springs. Clean the mags and install new Springs. See if the new mag springs push the slide stop into the slide. Good fortune
  9. Mike drill it out to .050 or 1/16 and buy pins To replace original
  10. Egw Optic plate is easy to install. Usually it will tap in place. Or just a little fitting
  11. Clean the screws and bushings really well with a solvent that will break down the old loctite or what every you had on them. Re-install after inspection with some blue loctite or something similiar.
  12. Back to fundamentals as you stated earlier and go from there. Only shot that counts is the one you're shooting!
  13. jcc7x7

    124gr RN Oal?

    1.170 works fine Good bullet hold, feeding and no over pressure with my loads! Use due diligence when working up the load or re working when changing components
  14. I run 19lbs MS in all my 1911/2011 and they will set off any US made primer and usually S&B. Always Fiocchi, I haven't shot any tula's since the last shortage back in 2008-2010
  15. I put springs of different wgts in until the dot was returning the best. 12 or 13 variables were the best for me and my grip etc. Gun has never failed to run, When I holster it I have my thumb behind the slide to hold it in battery. BUT I do that with everything but 1911/2011's
  16. I run 12lbs variable in my 3 They in theory, open softer and lock up softer so supposed to stop or ease front sight/dot dip. I run variables on all my 1911/2011 so that's what I had when I was testing springs for shot to shot recovery FWIW!
  17. Wish this had a LIKE button!
  18. I bought a used 686 that the cyl has been reamed and cut for 9mm with moon clips Great revo for L-6 Yes it will shoot 38's but it bulges the case in the area where it's reamed for 9mm I want to have another cyl fitted for 38's for IDPA and or classic icore so reloading the cases isn't problematic. IT's a 686-6 SSR model so it has the newer style yoke, I'm not sure if the older style yoke and cyl can be used or not! Any help is appreciated
  19. If you want to keep the dovetail. Get an EGW sight plate to hold the optic of your choice. 50 bucks done
  20. Problems with MBX just like any other mag. I believe I'm the out layer here though based on the usual comments about MBX I've also had very poor CS from them but again seems not the usual here. Call MBX and have them address the concern.
  21. 7 years in the bush! Mt Garnet, QLD, God bless Australia! God bless the USA!
  22. Use super comp brass If your extractor needs adjustment (it may not) for the SC brass just tweak it a little tighter until it ejects well . Lot of info on tuning extractor on this site and the web The older sTI's that I've owned all ran fine with SC brass from the box FWIW
  23. This I've seen the guys from Canada do this more times than I can count. Drill the rivet out , shoot the match, then re pop rivet the block back in before heading home! Currently living in NY so I feel your pain. The above is what I do when I go to a "standard capacity" state !!!!!
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