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  1. Blaize

    P320 X5 Thread

    What products are you talking about ?
  2. Blaize

    P320 X5 Thread

    I just use the regular sanding drums that come in a dremel kit if I do any reduction, but I use it sparingly. Then do the rest by hand with various grips. and as for the JB weld not working, well if you say so. Tons of experience and others just like me say otherwise. Your marine epoxy is too thin and runny, which is why I keep telling you that’s why you have to use such a course grit to get the desired effect. No it does not bother my hands the least trust me, I lift several hundred pounds weekly in a Texas Bar for deadlifting, go put your hands on one of those and let me know how it feels, which brings up a good point. this silicon carbide is great, but in no way substitutes grip strength, which is what ultimately matters. The carbide is strictly there for a little extra traction, it is not going to magically super glue the gun in your hand. If you don’t have a good grip already (which we all know if the most important factor in shooting a handgun), then strengthen it up! this is not pointed at anyone directly FYI.
  3. Blaize

    P320 X5 Thread

    For epoxy, here is the secret JB Weld! yes the regular two part that comes in the red and black tubes. Mix them together and use a paint brush to LIGHTLY coat where you want the grit to stick, by light I mean apply some and spread it, until the gray just covers where you want it to, then let it sit there a couple minutes. It will kind of “set” and self level and smooth itself out very nice. After this, I just sprung the grit on a piece of paper towel or the like, and roll the grip over the grit. Just like you would do in kindergarten for an art project. After that let it dry completely for usually about 12 hours. Take a brush and just brush away the excess grit. The JB weld dried very hard, it’s like metal, you can even mill it. So it doesn’t take much to let the silicon carbide kind of “stand on top of it” so to speak, this is what makes it feel like a much more aggressive grit than it is. In the softer epoxy and such, it kind of embeds itself in there a little more, so what you feel isn’t as aggressive and you need a more coarse grit, like out tactical friend a few posts above has. Oh oh forgot to add, I do not sand where the OEM texturing is, it does a great job of holding the in weld in place. Also any excess outside of the border wipes off easy. Just go slow, take your time and do one panel at a time
  4. Blaize

    P320 X5 Thread

    To each their own buddy, you sound like quite the badass. Some people want a grip that doesn't look like a two year old smeared putty and glitter all over, but looks great AND is functional. I bet that PT Evo grip looks pretty
  5. Blaize

    P320 X5 Thread

    glad you think its silly my man, although if you handled one of my grips and shot with it, I doubt you would think so afterwards. The goal was for it to look OEM, and that little tiny half inch spot makes no difference whatsoever in how it shoots. Also, these have had the treatment for roughly 2 years now, and still feel very sharp. I shoot them literally every week at a match, a simple brush and elbow grease for a couple minutes every now and then keeps them brand new. It all depends on the medium your using to apply this, and judging by your pictures, you look to be using a clear type epoxy, which is not quite ideal. The silicone carbide will eventually work loose from this and will need to be reapplied, especially when run hard and used alot. I have tried 100-120 grit, and its not bad, but much prefer the 60-90 for competitive shooting. It seems to be just about right for most shooters I've done these for, however its a personal feel thing. On my X Carry I actually use the 100-120, and its not uncomfortable to carry IWB at all. The other thing that really determines how these feel, is what you use to do it with, and how you apply it. When you mix this stuff and use a traditional 5 minute type clear epoxy, it does not work quite as well. Therefore in my experience, there is somewhat of a less is more approach in regards to the grade of grit used. Here is Another I have done, the owner likes it very much also. It's all about keeping the factory lines in these pistols, and simply enhancing what is there.
  6. Blaize

    P320 X5 Thread

    No reduction work while inside the borders. It is really think though, but you can still feel the grit very well. The borders for the OEM stippling is kind of countersunk into the frame, so when I did it inside of the borders, I wanted it to be flush with the rest of the non-stipled portion, if that makes sense. In other words, you can run your finger across the grip from where its smooth and where the grit is, and there is no difference other than texture, its all on the same plane. It makes for a really really comfortable feel. Now on the picture below on the grip I did all the way, There is a bit of reduction, specifically i kind of squared off the front strap, ground down the little psuedo finger groove there, and took a little off of the backstrap. I also ground down all of the smooth transitions in between the OEM stippling so that everything was all flush. in other words if you ran your fingernail across all portions of the grip it was smooth and would not catch on anything. After that I then applied the grit. It came out really well. I tried to emulate the DVC grip shape from a 2011, and have to say it feels pretty close. Lots of guys tell me it almost looks OEM, the ones I do that stay inside the borders.
  7. Blaize

    P320 X5 Thread

    Thanks! I originally did my two X-5's first, then I guess it caught on, and have done several since. Also did a Canik TP9SF that came out really nice. They are 60-70 grit, so pretty aggressive, but follow the factory lines of the grip really well. That was my goal, just slightly enhance what is there, since SIG did such a god job! Everyone seems to like the look of them also
  8. Blaize

    P320 X5 Thread

    Here is another with full grip done
  9. Blaize

    P320 X5 Thread

    I have done quite a few..... done it with just staying inside of the OEM borders, and also covered the whole grip.
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