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  1. so explain this “tactical timmie” to me? Who is he and why is it a bad thing to get him involved in the sport? sure must have been a lot of tactical timmies hiding in the USPSA, due to the popularity of those two divisions
  2. Seems like people “cried” for a PCC division and a hi cap minor division to run a dot, and *gasp* they are among the two most popular divisions right now! Crazy! Almost like people got together and discussed something and were like “yeah that WOULD be pretty cool!” also seems like everyone had an issue with both of these, complained about them, cried about them, and said they would never take off..... and here we are now.
  3. L10 exists because of communist states, as does the 10 round limit for production. production/CO allow weight up front on the pistol, but for some reason you have to pay an unreasonable amount of money for it IE: CZ and Sig. so I guess it’s OK to have it as long as one of the big sponsors says it’s ok? A *thumb rest [generic]* is OK? A tungsten guide rod, brass grip panels, slide lightening, all that stuff is fine. But using some common sense and running a light up front for 5 extra oz on a 26 oz pistol!? Out of the question sacrilege! Yeah you can shoot it that was in open at a severe points disadvantage shooting minor, but why? Who the hell wants to do that? I love the argument you all present “because rules”. You all act like the rules have never changed in this sport and it shouldn’t evolve. Like I said before, this is why the sport isn’t growing like it should.
  4. this right here, it was all about the weight, not having an actual light for any purpose or a laser. it seems we have really stirred up some feelings in here. I do appreciate everyone’s opinions and input though. Wether we all agree, or agree to disagree, it’s a healthy discussion.
  5. sorry meant to quote your post above, this whole forum things owns me
  6. So your saying prior to the weight limit change in CO, I could take a shadow two milled for a dot from the factory, bolt a dot in it and make weight????? also, what do you have to say about the gas pedals that are allowed? How is that any different from a compensator ?
  7. good post! I agree and respect your opinion. I was being a little sarcastic in my reply. If someone wants one of those guns, that’s cool, to each their own. no one is trying to change the rules to fit an “ideal gun” by wanting to run a light in a 26 oz gun to help with the muzzle flip a little. Companies like Sig, CZ, and Walther has allready done that by producing these heavy competition specific guns. And the rules change because of the sponsorships and all the money they throw at the sport. so how if this any different, than wanting to change the rules to allow a little weight up front in the form of a light? They have allready made these guns and have altered the vision of these two divisions significantly. And people are buying them up left and right, so obviously there is interest in it.
  8. man, glad your making assumptions about me, when you don’t even know me! who the hell is Lucas Botkin? and it sounds like your butthurt because someone probably spanked your ass more than a few times running a Glock 34 with a light out of a safariland duty holster . im not a “tactical” guy at all. this sort of thing is what keeps some really great people out of the sport, people like you with your elitist attitude. I see many parallels here within the weightlifting community. Powerlifters,crossfitters, and bodybuilders all hate each other. and about compensators, the only place I’ve seen them is on stupid ass open guns that are the most ridiculous pistol I’ve ever seen! No use for it outside of the game, but hey if that’s your thing go for it!
  9. this right here sums it up folks! The “elite competitive shooter” has spoken! no “Timmy” bulls#!t allowed in USPSA! cause ya know, you gotta keep up appearances and all hah!
  10. I’m with you on this, in my mind, and many others I talk to, simply adding some weight up front with a light, a little trigger polishing on say a G34, and you can be very competitive with this. You don’t have to chop up the slide and add all kinds of other parts. For all intents and purposes it’s pretty much a stock gun, which I feel was the intention of these two divisions.
  11. man you hit the nail on the head! emotional reasons is the only thing I can think of as well. Maybe it’s because most USPSA shooters think of themselves as “competition shooters”, and we can’t have “competition shooters” running the game with a light, then they look like the “tactical guys”! That’s the only thing I can think of.
  12. thanks for your input sir! You have the best reason s far as to why to not allow them. I can see your side of it here, as then, a guy has to plan to drop 120-150 bucks on his rig on top of everything else. we won’t get into the money someone might spend on trigger kits and all the other nonsense you can buy, but your right, someone can easily perceive the light as a NEEDED part of the setup. thanks for your input! Hope to keep the discussion going as to why/why not. No one is trying to change the very core of USPSA here guys, just trying to get a perspective from lots of other shooters
  13. my man, I don’t have a problem with grip, I have a 550-600 lb deadlift without using any nonsense straps. This isn’t just about ME. completely agree, we have to keep production 10 rounds because of community it’s states... it’s dumb! These guys get it. A lot of the USPSA rules are just downright silly! Gas pedals on a production gun that weighs 45+ oz ????? Really? That’s what production and carry optics division was intended for?
  14. because that’s why everyone is running 45+ oz guns.... I’m not disagreeing with you on that point, my grip personally isn’t the issue, might not be for you either, but for many others it is, especially newcomers to the sport, where these two divisions are pretty much where they end up.
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