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  1. Perhaps, I will trade my M&P Shields for you Infinity, they will fit your delicate hands much better.
  2. Yeah but are you any good? Maybe you should give me your Infinity guns so you can finally improve.
  3. I suspect that speed is more important than points in some instances. Do the math for Hit Factor. Check my simple model below: Assumptions: 32 round stage 4 transitions includes first shot 28 individual rounds reloads ignored since they occur during transitions, all other factors are held constant My SV 9 mm mags get around 23-24 rounds. It will save a reload on some stages. Again, this was a very simple model. Go to an actual result of yours in a match and play with the numbers. Reducing your splits per transition for the entire match will save time.
  4. I think I understand the desire to go with a heavier bullet. Sometime ago, I had two guys shooting long range at a club. They were using x193 out to 600 & 800 yards. Of course, they had the appropriate scopes and dope. That is generally outside my comfort zone. I am just a duffer but my experience is that 55 grs can easily go to 500 yards. In Raton, at the Whittington Center, shooting across canyons and in open areas the wind can play havoc with lighter bullets. Below is my dope for a JP 18in and Swaro 10x. Here in the southwest, if I was reloading again I probably would standardize on a 62-65 gr bullet--SMK or H. The yardage verifications were estimated by the SWARO and verification done with two targets side by side out to 450+ yards. I was in the A zone (uspsa paper) plus some fliers in the C zone.
  5. It is amazing that very experience RO/MD have their own opinion of the rules regardless of the actual rules. Based on limited info in your thread - es muy mal.
  6. Listen to Cha-Lee; his is ugly but his advice is very good. There are probably a lot of threads on the pro/con of reloading yourself. Do the math. Unlike Charlie's advice, I use the cheapest ammo available for Tuesday Night Steel and practice. Accuracy is generally not an issue. In USPSA matches, better is better. Nothing sucks more than to be in an Area match and have ammo issues. It happened to me twice, I won't go back to that brand even for practice. .22 conversion units can be a huge benefit.
  7. My JP13 is not clocked as I see it. In fact, 3 out of 4 JPs are not clocked. (mine) The the fourth is slightly clocked.
  8. I have a RL1050. A Marine Master SGT purchased it's mate at the same time I got mine. He stripped it, went to a quarter car wash, spray car engine degreaser, soaked it, rinsed it, applied rust remover, and washed it. If there is a lot of rust or caked on dirt/grit/junk, I would do it his way. I just cleaned it at home. In accordance to the manual; take it apart, clean it and assembly it. I took the swage off and the ratchet.
  9. I have a RL1050. I do not use a ratcket nor the swage. When in doubt do a vicious clean; take off the tool head, remove the shell plate. Clean and grease according to their manual. Assembly as the manual states. I recommend this because taking incremental step recommendations may add to the problem or they may fix it. If I cannot see the problem immediately, I do a complete disassembly, clean, assemble. I do all the recommended calibrations. Have you measured your primer depth on your loaded rounds?
  10. Upgrade to what you can afford. A tuned gun made my shooting better. A tuned semi-custom helped me improved. A full blown custom gun is a joy to shoot. Your gun has to have 100% reliability. You can not shoot with your sub-conscious mind if you are not absolutely positive your equipment will not fail you. There are a bunch of championships won with Glocks, S&W, SA, STI, BUL, CZ and Infinity.
  11. You have to have the mental discipline not to pay attention. It is that simple, If you find yourself listening or watching stop it and go back to your game plan visualization especially, if your getting 'on deck, in the hole'.
  12. No The fundamentals: stance, grip, sight alignment, trigger control. Practice draws and reloads in dry fire more than in live fire. Seems like there are very few turn and draw stages so I would suggest more effort on draws and accuracy. The Bill drill is fast and furious. El Pres/Vice Pres are nice; draw, reload, transition, accuracy is a good but in the quest for speed do not compromise the fundamentals. Where is your movement practice? Read Lanny Bassham, Seeklander, etc. You can probably get Burkett vids cheap now Personally, I like Seeklander drills.
  13. I know a number of GMs who have about the same time in matches. My normal practice was in the 1.5 -1.7 range. An occasional <1.5. Matches >1.8+ if it is a standing reload.
  14. Speed comes from seeing faster and moving, not necessarily shooting faster. Seeklander sometimes refers to 'controlled chaos" in competition. Voigt probably move in and out of position faster than anyone I have seen. TGO moves only as far as he has to to see his target--no wasted movement. Taran just rolls through each position shooting. Burkett was always out of breadth when he finished a stage. If you are getting 95% of your points then it is time to up the movement/seeing aspects. You have to push your comfort zone to get faster. Make sure you don't develop training scars in the process. Never compromise you the firing sequence procedure to gain speed Seeklander has a great book. Check his website. Take a class from a known instructor!
  15. Right handed, right eye for reading Left eye dominate for distance. Contact wearing from the 1970s. I shoot pistols with my right hand and just close my left eye. I can shot rifles, shotguns with my left eye. Lately; I have changed my contact to have distance in my right eye and close with my left eye; usually for PCC, Sporting Clays, 3G, and Rifle. I really prefer this method. Contacts are cheap. I spent years experimenting with changing my mono-vision set up. At my age, I am not going to win the Caddilac for a match win, so I just do what feels best with decent results.
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