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  1. I knew three CROs who took the individual one-on-one instruction. This was a decade or so ago. I do not remember the exact name of the program. They were very good ROs to begin and were very good CROs. I have had mandated on-line training. So good and some so-so. No offense intended but being an RO is not being a rocket scientist. However, considering the nature of the multi-gun class a few years ago in AZ was poor. Reading the rules out loud is not instruction. So in-person and on-line can work effectively just as well as not. It depends on the instructi
  2. I think your analyses on the Federal Reserve is wrong. They don’t create money. The mints create money. The reserve is used for monetary policy and the congress is fiscal policy. Two entirely different approaches to the economy. Bad info on your part.
  3. pjb45

    Off season

    Sorry-being a wise ass-- I live in AZ. We have no off season. Regardless of my stupid comment, dry fire pays dividends.
  4. Back when I was a decent B class shooter , I stop sweating tight shots, no shoots, zebras. I was fortunate enough to have a large back yard with a wooden fence, perfect for dry fire. I had a large, really large cottonwood tree plus some other growths. Neighbors never saw me point a gun at their den windows. I never put up a fully exposed target. Everything had no shoots or hard cover plus three head shots. I used Seeklander's and Enos' drills. Dry fire really works. With the shortages of ammo and primers, less real fire and more dry fire might
  5. The above was to Ranger Trace. I screwed up the posting. Sorry Although all insights will be appreciated.
  6. Heya, Where did you find the base? Actually, I should backtrack; I have a 1050, moved to the capital of Action Pistol -- Rio Salado (AZ). I sold my home and moved. Downsized significantly. I now have only about 36 inches of width for a new reloading bench. I am looking at options. What is the height of your bench? I stand or sometime sit on a bar type stool. I want to get a good estimate on the height on the bench. I'll head to Dillon tomorrow to make sure i have enough width. I am perplexed about buying ready made or building my own. Any in
  7. +++ I have the aluminum and steel ones. Aluminum goes with tungsten guide rod and steel with normal guide rod. Both make weight. However, most are adequate and BEST is a relative term to the author.
  8. Thanks for the links. Very informative. I used Magtech primers also. Not a problem unlike Winchester.
  9. People buy and sell guns for their own reasons. I know I went to Infinity not because of their champions at that time, not even Doni influenced me. I knew Max years before I ever purchased a X5 and I did not buy it because of him. I knew Angus years before I ever purchased a CZ. I knew John Paul years before I ever purchased a JP. I might not be the best judge of character :-).
  10. I agree. In the ski industry they moved from instructors getting the best pro-form prices to ski shop employees. The ski shops were where most of recommendations for equipment came for buying equipment. Brand ambassadors are IT. “How many followers” or who goes to the shops and shows are key.
  11. Yeppers. I have had to buy new underwear too. I always wear glasses. My set up is such that I stand just to the left and the machine would block shrapnel
  12. I know a sponsored shooter for SA, he recommended the lowest price then send to SA Custom shop. Great Advice for the Budget.
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