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  1. pjb45

    Immersion Training Plan...

    How do you learn? This is fundamental. Read up on losing or gaining a new habit because that is what your are trying to do. You have to have a plan to do learn. RE: Lanny Bassham. Personally, I do not like the AMU advice because AMU shooters have already acquired advanced skills. So how they train might not be applicable. Second, not all GMs are great communicators. See BE forums on Myers/Briggs. iMO, they are great at diagnosing what needs improvement. GMs like Angus, TGO, Taran, Seeklander, Max, Travis, those guys in CO are very good communicators. There are others, but these guys I know personally. I have seen TGO diagnose a stage; 1. how he would shoot, 2. A more conservative way, and 3. his recommendation on how I or someone else on the squad should shoot it. He tailored his recommendation to the shooter's skill level. Think of your training program as a pyramid. The bottom is the foundation. It needs to be broad and strong. Each subsequent skill is based on acquisition of its predecessor fundamental. Take Big Pando's #2; What is the plan to improve? Dead lifts, squats, box jumps, mini sprints. Two boxes or ports with targets and live fire--with times recorded? How about #3; Dry fire drills? Live fire Drills. I haven't read Big Panda's but I know a reviewer who did and thought very well of it. Seeklander was giving his drill book away on his facebook page. It is excellent.
  2. pjb45

    Pre-Match Diet

    Having a boat load of 10K-1/2 marathons under my belt, I usually follow their old adage of you train on protein and race on carbos. Hydration is key out west; hot and dry. If you are thirsty during the match you are dehydrated. Start early and keep it up all day. Shooting Nationals, Areas etc, with long days, food throughout the day will help immensely. If you are older, your blood sugar might drop which will have an adverse effect on your shooting. Big heavy meals the day of a race were never recommended so I follow the same advice. I definitely eat a lighter lunch than most folks. I believe protein takes longer to metabolize so a little lasts a long time. I believe keeping your blood sugar level is a real key to performance so I try to pay attention to that more than anything else.
  3. There was an older adage that went along the lines of 'you should be shooting 90-95% of the total points.' I saw Taran come in second at the Desert Classic shooting minor and focusing on points. He lost by something like 5 points-I think. I think NIl's dad told me he only dropped a total of 8 points in his first Nationals win. TGO has a YouTube for Action Targets-1...10 shots with a three second par time. You might find it interesting.
  4. Whoa. First, SV does not have 2011 on the frame. So if it is a 2011 and not a SV slide with interchangeable breechface you are talking a brand new top end. So it would go in the queue as their new builds hence the delivery time. Second, if it is a SV slide you can order the breachface from them, you need a barrel, ejector and extractor. The new barrel needs to be fitted. It might be easy to use the same brand of barrels. Third, Don Golembieski at Kodiak Precision builds SV guns and he can do the work. I know because, three of my SV top ends I can covert to 9 or 40 in about an hour---I am rather inept, hence the slowness on my part. Fourth, Eddie Garcia in PHoenix can do the same or Eddie Cameron. I have heard good things about Glenn Jones. Be advised, SV tends to limit the number of gunsmith who get their frames. Fifth, if you need a new top end those three can do the work as well as Matt McLearn. Brazos can do the same. The key is an oversize slide that can be fitted to your existing frame not the other way around. Sixth, IMHO the SV cut is not a C/P or W/N per see, it is more along the lines of Clark/Para/Lissner Ramp, re Schuemann/SV barrels. Finally, IMHO with SV there maybe some nuances that very good gunsmith might not be aware of...whereas an STI might not be any issues.
  5. pjb45

    Scoring question. Bounce one off the barrel

    A grease mark is not mandatory. e.g. means for example. The key word is evidence. Define all examples of what could constitute evidence. I concur with Sarge and Moto... Personally, I'll give the shooter the benefit of the doubt in most cases in my experience. Too often ROs give it a passing glance.
  6. I use a 1050 for 9mm, 40, and 45. Each with its own tool head so to speak---reloading the .223 was a major concern. 1050-haveing the extra space for the sizing and undersize die is awesome. The stroke is smooth. 223: 1 tool head for decapping, sizing, and running the trimmer. I had the full setup including a small vacuum cleaner. I would do thousands and thousands at a time. 2nd tool head resiizing and powder, etc. Bottleneck cases require more exacting prep work in my experience, especially for the AR platform. I used the JP case gauge. Cases would pass the gauge and hang up in the gun. This was an operator issue not the press. I liked I was able to customize my load but what a PIA when I got it wrong. Cheaper to buy .223. Just as a side note I used X193 for the most part of SMMM3G and RM3G. They worked fine for most of the distances. I did have dope for my 69 gr SMK with VV133 or VV135 for the long long shots. Conversion from one caliber to the next with the extra tool heads was not all that time consuming. One tool head for all calibers was a pain hence my buying multiple. Make sure you have the right wrenches. It would have helped if I had standardize on one brand of dies. I would rather have one 1050 than 3 650s.
  7. pjb45

    Ammo Catching @ match

    I RO'd a stage yesterday, where most tried the 'catch.' No safety issue. Most failed as the round flip directly back at them or way off to the side. Seeing the clear chamber can be problematic. If I was unsure, I would make them show clear.
  8. pjb45

    140mm SVI .40 mags useable with 9mm?

    Adjusting the feed lips is not a major issue. However, reliability might be a concern since there is a tendency for the mag to become a salt shaker--rattle rattle and jam-o-matic mag. i wonder if adding a spacer like the old STI mags would solve the problem? Keep us posted, please.
  9. pjb45

    USPSA range commands and an AD

    I found this an interesting definition of the work "IF" http://www.dictionary.com/browse/if We use the Range Commands in our matches. The key, without determining intent, is the actual actions. If your are finished, unload, and show clear, IF you are not finished, you do not have to unload and show clear. You may shoot, stop, pause, .etc.....Until all three conditions of the command are completed the shooter actions is not finished. To quote John Amidon's conversation with me some years ago, it is a WHOOPS, ergo not DQ'able. I disagree with the intent logic. My friend of sixty some years, who got me started in USPSA and is also a CRO sometimes disagree when the area gets a little grey. There was a time when a shooter fired a shoot that was questionable. I could not see the actual action--narrow shooting enclose fit for only one person. My RO felt it was an AD. I could not justify it on that rule-it did not meet the conditions. Unsafe gun handling maybe but again no one had a clear view. Called the experience MD who was another CRO he concurred with a no violation. Did he intend on not intend to shoot the shot. UN-Determinable.
  10. pjb45

    USPSA range commands and an AD

    .......racked the slide back with out dropping the mag, ...... Without dropping the mag is key. He did not engage the mag release so technically he was NOT in the process of dropping his mag thus NOT unloading. No DQ. Do you want to claim he was LOADING because he was loading another round into his gun. He fired his gun. This is an allowable action. If I rack my slide to continue shooting, are you going to call DQ?
  11. pjb45

    USPSA range commands and an AD

    1. "IF..." is an important word, it does not mean "you are finished'. It is a question-not a declaration 2. The mag was not dropped so how can loading or unloading rule be used to DQ 3. Without divining intent🤔, as John Amidon once said, "it sounds like a Whoops moment" rather than an unsafe gun handling. Therefore, no call as per the rules. Personally, I might have walked off myself being disappointed in my actions.
  12. pjb45

    Pros/Cons Limited Minor

    I spent some time shooting 9mm in Limited as opposed to 40 major. My classifier scores were about the same. My match placement improved a tad bit. The reduced recoil and muzzle flip was actually a boon to improving my overall match performance. Advice is nice but nothing beats actually committing to minor for a while. Also, I generally shoot SS minor in regular matches. Two extra rounds are a big deal.
  13. I have 100/200 vision. I have worn soft contact since ~1975. I have spent a career in healthcare. I have friends in all the medical professions and solicited their advice. I have research all the different methods for correction. Some are better than others. Go to the most best/expensive eye surgeon possible for the evaluation. Actually go to a couple. The discount places are like puppy mills; sell the product. Your Cornea thickness is very very important. Read up on it. Each decade of my life since 1975 I re-assess the pros/cons. I still have NOT had it done. I know from personal experience of friends their challenges. Most have had corrections-some up to 8 corrections. They all still wear glasses. Also as your eyes age, there are other issues Presbyopia etc. Be aware of the downside risk.