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  1. Last I talked to them, SVI wouldnt do hard chrome. So any hard chrome you see is either after market or not a factory SV build. Correct. It was an aerospace company out of CA. The prep work is labor intensive. It was done by Don Golembieski. The grip tape has very muted skulls, thanks to Brandon.
  2. It's a hit. It counts. Partial hit on the barrel-legal, through a stick-legal. The stick is a bit of a bug-a-boo. I would like to see a pic of the target, stick, etc. I had a similar situation at the Desert Classic a few years ago. A very big hole. A very smart, experienced GM (MD also) said, "ask the CRO if it was possible for two shots to go through the hole, the first obviously made the hole, can the RO prove the second did not pass through the same hole?" The GM went on to say, 'on this stage most of your hits were next to each other.' It was an interesting point.
  3. I have several bright/mirror hard chrome SVs. I have a polish hard chrome Tripp SS. I really prefer bright/mirror finish.
  4. DontkillBill: Totally Awesome. Although I was a pretty good runner for decades, my legs strength was weak. I ride my bike to the Box, about 45 minutes in 100 degree weather and 30 minutes cooler weather. Trick for pull ups: Go to the rack. Set a barbell height that is a bit of a stretch for your arms when you are sitting down on the floor. This was much better for me than ring rows. I was started to do jumping muscle ups before my trip to Europe. Tough getting back to that level again at my age but will start next week. Push press and jerks for a rack are more than my weight-180 lbs but cleans are my limiting factor. I did a dead lift at 255 last week-PR. GHD situps!! Love them. I could not do even one in the beginning. Now :-), every WOD pre warm gets sets of 10. Other note: FitAid and protein powder. I started with Trader Joes but switch to Ascent. It helps. The boxes I been to: Paris, Lisbon, Marrakech, Rome, Milan, Albuquerque and Snobbsdale do not allow headphones. You get to talk with your fellow cult members. So much better than LA Fitness or 24 hr Fitness. Keep it up. It can be a grind but it is well worth it. Again totally awesome. If you know or heard of Mike Seeklander, he got me interested in CrossFit. His books are great.
  5. Do you need to load your ammo long? That might affect where you get your ammo.
  6. Angus said to put a set of ear muffs on your neck below your chin. It will keep your head up.
  7. I have known Max for a while. I did a write up of his training in FrontSight. Generally, Max takes time off right now to be with his family. He is worth every penny. Try Tim Herron.
  8. I know this shooter. CrossFit benefited him. I started after my Chemo and have not looked back. It is an awesome program. I just finished the Open this year. I did not push it because the Desert Classic was at the same time. I did my first consecutive double unders today. I love ports that a lower. Generally I do Scaled about 50% of the time. I did Rx for the Open. I am 68!
  9. LMAO That reasoning is just plain silly. I realize he is probably a very serious person but the reasoning seems flawed with the info presented in the thread.
  10. NO DQ. The gun can be fired if there is no magazine in the gun. That is what happened. Was it an OOPS? Perhaps. But an OOPs in not a DQ offense if the criteria for a DQ are not met. Motor/Sarge are right on. OOPS was a technical term given to me by the former head of the NROI-John A. Range Lawyers exist. You may not like them but that is your problem. Most of the time, RL are more knowledgable and help keep match administration moving along.
  11. I knew several GMs that used rimfire in their practice. After talking with them I purchased a Tactical Solutions (BJ Norris won with this upper) upper that fit both my SV Wide body and Single Stack. When I transition to SV Open (for a while), I had a rail and C-more added. So three guns fitted for TS upper. It greatly improved my Open shooting which for me was a huge transition from Limited. I practiced a lot of weak/strong hand shooting. What a &%!&%@* difference it made. I burned through a lot of .22 bricks. One year I was 11th on the Schmidt standards at Western States Single Stack Championship--I am a B shooter. That was very good! I learned a lot about visual patience and sight pictures with my .22. Reloads really took off. Yes dry firing reload practice is paramount. However. nothing beats 2 shots, reload ,2 shots, reload, 2 shots. My single reloads were strong because I traveled for work and could practice dry fire reloads. But being able to do it in live fire just added to my competence. Then I got a TS upper for my AR. Liked it so much after a couple of years I went to JP. In AZ we have 3 or 4 .22 matches a month.
  12. There is no trip hazard. There is a moving platform upon which the shooter steps onto to see targets. In close to 14 years or so of shooting Area and National matches, I have never seen a fault line design so a shooter could not step on it without acquiring a penalty. In the spirit and literal interpretation of the rule infers the fault line must be above the surface so as to allow the shooter a physical touchable reference point. In fact, in the RO and CRO classes, it was mentioned that fault lines provide the shooter the ability to gauge they are still in the shooting area without having to look down. The dirt was explicitly arrange so the shooter could not step on that part of the fault line without incurring a penalty. Furthermore, notice the other legs of the fault line, there is no dirt piled up. So the other legs of the fault line comply with the literal and spirit of the rule(s).
  13. At a match quite a while ago, the MD said touching the dirt was a penalty per shot fired. He said the depth requirement was met on the inside of the fault line.
  14. The threads says hole. unless there is visible evidence within the remnants of the hole (e.g. a grease mark or a “crown” etc.), to eliminate a presumption that the hole was caused by a ricochet or splatter. e.g. means for example. It is not limited to grease mark or crown. Shot scores. I hope the shooter did not assert both shots were in the elongated hole.
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