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  1. +1. We have several SA sponsored shooters here. They say the same thing. RO is a great base gun. Of course there are recommendations for SA Custom Shop. I think at one time there were 3-4 members of the Pistolsmith Guild in that shop. But this place is home to some great pistol smiths. DW is a great base gun too.
  2. pjb45


    I got an email from HQ saying the matchbook has not been published —- ?
  3. I know Eric. Great machinist. Solid guy. NO troll.
  4. I finally have all my parts in for the upgrades. Looking at clip holders. N Mt is first choice although SpeedBeez looks promising. Their moon clips are less expensive. I need to sort brass next. Kodiak Precision is my go to Gunsmith. I hear good things about Caleb also. I think I am about a month away from matches.
  5. Production Nationals in MT--I was on Jerry's squad when he used a revolver. Jerry, ever the nice guy, said, "that right popper is slow to fall, pound it down with extra hits." Duh.
  6. Interesting, since Robin was the editor? of FrontSight and an employee of USPSA.
  7. Nothing but peer pressure. Seriously, some of my friends convinced me to get one. As of a couple of weeks ago I have a S&W 929. I am waiting on parts and gear. If this !#$^^&!%$& keeps up, I might have to get a .22 revolver also. I prefer my 50 year old Colt Match Target for Steel Challenge stuff.
  8. I have used Federal Small pistol; magnum, match, rifle; magnum and match for 9mm and 40 S&W with VV320 in my Limited and SS guns with no problems. Generally, Zero bullets are used in my guns. Range brass offers a slightly greater variance than once fired (out of my guns) brass. I do have extended firing pins. i do not load to max but rather a 166-169 power factor. I have seen some limited data stating there might be a 10-15 fps increase in velocity by using rifle or magnum primers. I never statistically noticed a difference in over 20,000 reloads. My chrono dat
  9. My SV Limited has over 70,000 rounds. I think that might qualify for 'actually shooting enough', add in a 1911 and a dedicated 3 gun. The SS get shot weekly, the 3 Gun not so much. The function of my SVs exceeds their form. :-).
  10. I noticed TKC offers a coiled spring to replace the flat spring. Is this popular? Worth the extra money? tks paul
  11. pjb45

    S&W 929

    Thanks for all the great info. It is very much appreciated. You guys are the best.
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