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  1. Interesting. I thought when in doubt the benefit goes to the shooter. With the quote above it would seem a reshoot is appropriate.
  2. We had a left handed shooter who would safely hit the mag release with his left hand index finger. I know because he showed me how to WHO reload without switching hands. He is also a CRO. Not unsafe gun handling, just another gun manipulation skill to be acquired.
  3. Ha. A friend asked me recently 'will CO replace Open'? My answer is YES. It has all the benefits without the additional costs.
  4. As usual, Charlie cracks me up. He is spot on. Fortunately, I started shooting in a club where everyone was expected to RO or run the board.Period. But then Rod and Cheryl Current were among the founders of Action Shooting. You participate! Add in Tuesday Night Steel at Rio and you learn how to RO. If you don't help Don't show up.
  5. I have met a few GMs that use .22 conversion units. I have a couple for both my rifle and pistols, TS and JP. There are pluses and minuses. Having the same sight or optic is a big plus but not a critical success factor. The .22 AR weight of my JP is exactly the same as my JP. The TS was lighter. Honestly, my .22 conversion units have helped in a bunch of other issues; weak/strong hand, movement, and shooting positions. It is not a true 1-1 training but it helped develop the fundamental skills without the cost of 30 cents a round. The specifics of wind drift and drop are significantly different but the exercise of learning both for each caliber was instructive for me. But I am just a duffer. I lack significant experience shooting at 400-600 yards. No 22 conversion is going to help in that regard. Only same ammo and trigger time will benefit me. I would definitely invest in both for pistol and rifle given the option again, without regrets.
  6. Accuracy Speaks had an adjustable butt recoil pad. Shotgunners use foam to adjust their combs when they don't want to do extra modifications to their stocks. Check their websites.
  7. I prop the gun/comp in a jar of Bore Scrubber of Hoppes. Same technique. Works fine. I only use Jacketed bullets. I have only reloaded SMK and Hornady. I generally run Hornady Match Steel ammo. So I have not experienced issues with plated type bullets.
  8. I use a loader and NP with TTI or TL extensions.
  9. I am a walking cluster f@&%$&k; right handed, left eye dominant, mono vision and 100/200 add in the astigmatism. I wear soft contacts and have for more than 40 years. The 510C on my PCC is amazing. My only issue for long distances I switched to weak hand since my left eye is a distance eye. I can shoot skeet with my right eye and sporting clays with my left. Accupoint 1-4 is pretty cool for my JP.22. I just ignore the astigmatism as much as possible but that is after more than 20 years of dealing with it. Your mind will eventually adapt if you standardize on an optic that works the best.
  10. For SVI guns I would recommend Don Golembieski at Kodiak Precision. He is local in Mesa. Fortunately or unfortunately his a a close friend and his work is outstanding. He was only one of a very few who could get SV frames etc. His work is outstanding. Several of his guns have appeared on magazine covers. My limited gun has over 60,000 rounds and is still gnats ass accurate, his trigger jobs are amazing. Eddie Garcia and Eddie Camneron (speliing) are very very good. Both local to the Phoenix area. I know people who shoot their guns and are very very happy. Frank Glenn (see TGO on comments about Frank), I am not sure if his is still building guns. Bob L. is a great guy. I know him and shot matches with him. I realize I am a snob. I am local to AZ now but have shot in CA, OR, WA, LA, TX. I have met some outstanding GMs and their gunsmiths. I am sure there are other very well qualified gunsmiths in AZ and nearby but my go to guy is Don. If I could not wait, The Eddies are a great second choice. For a quick issue Bob's work and turn around is very good.
  11. Yesterday, two stages with unloaded start. One had a gun held in weak hand, stock of belt, strong hand raised above shoulder. Also mag changes. Watched a guy do a mag change, inserted it, move the hand to the stock, next shot the mag fell out of the gun.
  12. Remember Clay shooting is target focus not front sight focus. It is a completely different game. Your eyes focus on the front of the clay bird while it is moving, the gun naturally follows. Skeet is good for crossers, trap for going away birds and clays for rabbits and pop ups. At RM3G you need all three skills. Some clay ranges allow you to practice on certain shots without having to do the whole course. Try Shotgunworld.com for more info.
  13. No, eye relief is correct. "Eye relief is the distance you must hold your shooting eye from the rear (ocular) lens of a scope in order to see the entire image produced by the scope." I run a Swaro 1.7-10x with a BRT type reticle. It is not a FFP/V. So changing the X-power changes the POI. Since most my competitions are either at 1.7 or 10x it is not that big of a deal. The couple of times I forgot about that and tried to use 5x the pain was severe. Your Swaro 1-8x is ideal for my type of shooting. 8x was great at RM3G and SMM3G distances. Swaro only offered the 1-6x when I got my scope. The clarity is great for the early morning, late afternoon and targets in the shadows. Both competitions put targets out past 500 yards. RM3G has targets in shadows at different times. The clarity of glass is more important than X power. I have pounded steel at 800 yards with my 10x without major issues. I did read your post. Many out here use a second optic but my observation from being a RO/CRO is the second optic appears to be a slight advantage for the less experienced shooters. They seem to be on target slightly faster. At 1.7x and 90+ft of FOV I have no problems but I am just a duffer.
  14. FOV and eye relief are more critical than X power then add it the quality of the glass. FFV? Swaro 1-8 FOV is about 100 ft at 100 yards with a generous eye relief. Plus great glass. IOR, narrow FOV and eye relief but great glass. See the trade offs?
  15. Sorry: only SV mags. In general, reloadable 29-30. Either a TT follower (and tuned by TT) or silver SV adds an extra round, 31 sometime reloadable but mostly non-reloadable. Again. TT tuned my mags.
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