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  1. Do you have field courses? Keeping in lock step with the competitor can be challenging. Keeping with Nils, Nic, Leighton, Max Michel, Todd, Robbie can cause the RO not to record every shot. My JP PCC is actually quite quiet. The timer can not record every shot without RO interference. Even at Tuesday Night Steel the timer does not pick up every shot. It is unrealistic to expect a RO/Timer to record every shot, only the last one is needed.
  2. I had a well known and like SS holster. It was plastic. It rubbed the finish off my blued and hard chromed gun. I knew guys who purchased felt and glued the felt to the holster to reduce the wear on the slide. I went back to Safariland Holsters for that reason alone. I am happy with their mag holder too. BUT I use the ELS and QLS systems from Safariland so moving from SS to Limited to Prod to CO to 3G is just plug and play. Ask, someone might have Safariland discount codes.
  3. I dropped a CZ off to CZ Custom. Chatted with Stuart for a bit. He set my expectation. First: the gun was finished 6 weeks early Second: the cost was below what I budgeted A big shout out to CZ Custom. THIS IS A HABIT FOR THEM.?
  4. pjb45

    N320 sensitivity or chrono off?

    Ha, I have chrono issues. So my first response is the chrono. VV320 has been very consistent for me over the last 15 years. Yes I had National and Area Chrono results and use that ammo as a control. The only time VV320 ran slow for me was a Tulsa Nationals for L10. It made major but barely. Two days later at Limited no problem. L10 was very cold. L was normal. At 39 degrees I would expect a lower PF not higher. Check your chrono if you do not have any control ammo to compare. If you have watched the Chrono guys using two chrono, generally you will see two different velocities for the same shot. Chronos are just weird.
  5. As a semi-experienced RO/CRO I have warned and DQ'd shooters. I have been warned and DQ'd. I have been in someone's underwear as well as feet/yards away. SITUATIONAL AWARENESS is a phrase I have heard a lot. If the situation requires being close but not intruding then fine. If a distance is required fine. Situations may require adaptability. Some RO/CROs are not comfortable in this regard. That is their prerogative, as long as everyone is safe foremost.
  6. pjb45

    New Classifier Percentages

    Seriously, USPSA is a business by any definition. What I provided support that assertion. I invoke the Gman Bart Corollary
  7. pjb45

    New Classifier Percentages

    Business does not have to be for profit. There are not-for-profit businesses. http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/business.html http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/business.html An organization or economic system where goods and services are exchanged for one another or for money.Every business requires some form of investment and enough customers to whom its output can be sold on a consistent basis in order to make a profit. In this case Profit means revenues exceed costs. A Nonprofit corporation is a special type of corporation that has been organized to meet specific tax-exempt purposes. To qualify for Nonprofit status, your corporation must be formed to benefit: (1) the public, (2) a specific group of individuals, or (3) the membership of the Nonprofit.Read more: http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/business.html
  8. I ordered some PD 40 Major loaded long ammo. They say it makes major. I believe them. Over 20 rounds in two segments there was a difference of .5 PF. I have had issues with my CED previously (noted in the forum earlier). It has consistently measured lower than Nationals. It chrono'd at 161 and 161.5 today. The barrel is a very tight Nowlin. Has anyone used their Major ammo and not made major in a 40 Limited (SV in my case) ? I have some control ammo from previously Nationals but did not have it today. It is packed away for now but I will find it and go back out. But until then....? BTW: it was very soft shooting. Very little muzzle flip but I am running a full dust cover, tungsten guide rod and steel frame. I was impressed.
  9. pjb45

    New Classifier Percentages

    A non-profit corporation is not a business? It has revenue and expenses. It has staff. It has a President, Director, etc. It has a policy and procedure manual It has a legal standing and must file legal paperwork. It has good and services which are exchanged for monetary instruments. NOT a business is the dumbest conclusion I have heard this week but then it's only Monday. Or maybe I misread the intent of the thread.
  10. pjb45

    Best 2011 22lr conversion

    Tactical Solutions $$$$$ Worth every penny.
  11. pjb45

    moving eyes before muzzle ?

    Lanny Bassham discusses how the conscious mind trains the subconscious. In conjunction with something Max Michel once told me, "Most of my dry fire is at slower speed" When I had a chance to practice, I put up three targets. I did the BE Transition Drill at slow speed. Eyes then gun. Not fast, just perfect every time. You don't need to go fast, just train your subconscious to do it right and in a match your transitions will be faster. Later, I added no shoots for the drill. The result was two or three outstanding classifiers as well as matches.
  12. pjb45

    New Classifier Percentages

    ? I made similar observations previously in this forum. As for a little knowledge is ...... I have not only undergraduate but graduate hours in research methodology/statistics. Add to that 6 years at government theoretical research center and 3 years in applied research. BTW: The data is the data. It can be sliced and diced to meet the business requirements but the laws and rule still apply. In almost any IT practice, business requirements come first. I have never seen the USPSA Business Requirement/Goals stated anywhere.
  13. Your SV, if it came from Infinity, probably as the SV barrel. It is an evolution of the Schuemann barrels. Schuemann barrels tend to run a little slower. I run 1.175 in my reloads. What does Brandon suggest for your gun? Factory ammo specs turn my SV into a Jam-O-Matic. Not fun. I have a 1000 rounds of Precision Delta sitting on my living room floor waiting to fired. (my 1050 is still packed in a box since I moved) I will know how it shoots next week. I need long loaded ammo. PD was significantly cheaper than Atlanta Arms. Ginger, at PD, followed up my order with an email(s). I talked with her about drop shipping my Nationals ammo. Great Customer Service. I will take my Chrono out to ensure I make Major PF. My SV Limited has a Nowlin barrel, it is faster than my SS Schuemann barrel.
  14. pjb45

    Switching from 180gr to 200gr.

    200 is a great weight. I use VV320. Nowlin barrel for Limited, Schuemann for Single Stack. The Schuemann barrel is slower. I dropped the weight and still made major. Below 170PF the gun is incredibly soft. Depending on where you normally shoot and Area/National matches, you may not have to bump the load. 320 is amazingly consistent in the Southwest. I have had 167 PF in NM at 5,000 ft and 167 in AZ at 2,300 feet. I dropped the OAL to 1.175, requires even less powder. Biggest problem was range brass v. my once fired LEO brass. More variability in the velocity for range brass. When I Chrono, I get a little anal; Three rounds at a time, 3 sessions group. This tells me how any given three rounds will chrono, the use of 9 rounds will tell me if I need to have the Chrono guys use all the (8) rounds. I do four to five sessions (~30-45 total rounds of ammo) per match ammo. I download the chrono data to Excel and do the statistical analysis on the data. Check your length, your post number seems rather short.