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  1. I was using SV as an example of a manufacturer issuing barrels with coatings. You can buy aftermarket barrels for Production guns that are legal in USPSA. My error was reading 'production' as a product that is produced rather than Production as in a Division. 21.3 After-market slides and barrels – provided they are the same length, con- tour and caliber as original factory standard. . (21.6 Exchange of minor EXTERNAL components) •Barrels are considered “external parts” and are subject to specific restrictions in 21.4 and associated rulings. Although, now SV uses the infinity symbol on their guns my SV guns just have SV, not SVI.
  2. Have you seen SV barrels? They are issued at the factory.
  3. pjb45

    Rule 9.1.3

    Having been to matches (local) in several states, if it is an agreed upon practice for people to tape and remember the score prior to the clock RO seeing them done quite well with no arguments. Any questionable hit is not taped and saved for the RO and shooter. Then again most of the shooters on the squad are RO and CROs.
  4. No amount of practice is going to improve a gun that is not reliable. An unreliable gun erodes self-confidence and increase doubt which can adversely impact any shooting skills. Can you shoot accurately at distance if your sights do not maintain a zero? Can you shoot quickly if your trigger has an inconsistent release? The list goes on. Given that your gun performs as designed consistently then it is up to the individual to practice perfectly i.e., do not acquire training scars associated with practicing/acquiring poor skills. For example, taking your eyes off your sights in hopes of getting quicker before the shot breaks. It seems everything I have read; Saul K, Mike S, Max M, etc, and heard emphasizes executing proper technique in all types of practice sessions. I think Max more than once said something about Reliability, Consistently and Repeatability..
  5. SV ships overseas. Have you emailed them?
  6. I got rid of that upper, a friend gave me a voltor (spelling) which was great. Gave it to a friend when JP sent me an upper. I tend towards more expensive scopes; IOR Valada, Swaro, and Accupoint, although I do have a Primary Arm 1-6x that is actually ok. So having a trued scope is a must. I agree, pistol is very popular, however, Rio, Cowtown, and other nearby ranges run a lot of rifle, two and three gun matches. Check the Rio calendar. Next weekend there is a match but some issues with the road being closed for a race. Most stages are a reasonable distance but few at 'some' yardage.
  7. Great advice. My first 1911 was an gnats ass accurate STI Trojan. Upgraded the fire controls (C&S). It was <$900. Barrels broke. Virgil built my second 1911. He is a member of the pistolsmith guild. SV for my next one(s). Sandy is a member of the pistolsmith guild. Improve what you can when you can afford it. For me, it was fire controls on the Trojan. After that, the others did not need anything.
  8. Most places where I have shot are: Brass pickers, tapers and steel setters do it during the reset. Everyone picks up brass and gives it to the shooter or sets it on a table for the shooter to sort out. Mark your brass and it will be easier to spot. That is like what? 15 cents a round?
  9. I suspect they see sponsor money going to 3G in a big way.
  10. I got to shoot with Yong Lee for a few months years ago. Great guy. Sound advice always from him.
  11. Plantar Fasciitis maybe the diagnosis but it is not the Rx for improvement. You are overweight which is above and beyond what a typical shoe is meant to carry. The advice of going to a quality store to buy the best shoe you can afford is great. When I was a running 10K and 1/2 Marathons, some 30 years ago, I changed my shoes every 300 miles, I rotated my training shoe to my everyday shoe and purchased new shoes. I had friends that worked in a sporting goods store so I got to try a bunch of brands. Nike fit me the best, friends loved NB, Brooks etc. Runner World used to do an evaluation of shoes, check them out. I went with Superfeet and never looked back. READ the instructions. Start using them a little bit at a time. For me they put me in a more neutral position starting with my feet, knees and hips.
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