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  1. pjb45


    I tend to normalize my data when I have arrived at a load I think is appropriate. My Chrono allows me to download the data to a spreadsheet so the calculations are a POC. I calculate the dope with two different applications then set up targets next to each other at distances out to 500 meters to confirm the dope. {I test two bullet weights at the same time} I have dope for X193, Hornady 68 gr, SMK 69gr, and S62 gr rounds for my Swaro. Pretty anal for most 3Gunners and lackadaisical for the bench rest/precision rifle folks.
  2. pjb45


    Just some fundamentals on statistics: 1. Sample size matters! Less than 35 is not useful. 2. Extreme Spread is interesting but not as important as SD 3. Standard Deviation is a great number You might want to shoot for something like a 95% Confidence Interval.
  3. Call Mike Seeklander. He did an online class with a GM I know, the results were impressive. I know he offered this type of training in the past. I have another friend who took a class from him and Phil, he raved about them. Just a quick story: I was at Nationals and rocked a stage. Then in the scoring. I had a miss. I talked with Mike and he said, "you trained yourself to miss!" That lead to more talk and a Tips from the GM column in Front Sight.
  4. I shoot a Beretta O/U for sporting clays and a Benelli in 3G. I also have a 1903A(x) 30:06. A Winchester 30:06 with a heavy Douglass air gauge barrel. A 223/5.56 has minimal recoil. Muzzle flip is usually what most people ask about and the comps on JPs take care of that. You might add the silent recoil spring that JP offers. I have a group of friends that are fanatics about the comp/block/SRS and ammo. They go out of their way to really tune their combinations. I am either too inept or lazy for such activity. I am just a duffer. Needless to say, I do not notice the differ
  5. We shoot at lot of targets pass 300 yards. I feel more comfortable with the 18 at those ranges. The 16" barrel is probably fine at longer ranges.
  6. I hated running chrono. Too many shooters fail to ensure their mags fit the gauge. Bump to Open is one thing bumping to No Score is worse IMO. Never trust what OEM’s say, Verify Verify. Even if the base pad works on one doesn’t mean it will work on all.
  7. I use the heat sink in my 18 JP. In AZ the guns get so hot just sitting in their cases many use gloves. My 16 JP does not - but I don't shoot it as much as the 18 JP. I had some reliability issues with another brand lower, whether it was the lower or the lower parts I have no idea. I have built three ARs and I prefer just paying the extra for a JP. Probably more money than sense could describe my logic.
  8. Holosun 501C. Awesome. Depending on the match I will change POA/PIA dope. Our big PCC matchshas short golf ball size targets and distance targets so knowing the dope is critical. In our shorter matches, I will use whatever ammo I have handy. In the big matches, I will re-zero the 510C to match ammo. But I am just a duffer.
  9. I have three JPs, 2/223-1/9mm and one .22. One 223 and the .22 have transitioned to JP lowers. I am so much happier. My reliability factor has gone up to the level of my other JPs. In fact I am in the process of picking up another JP lower because I have a lonely JP upper. There is probably nothing wrong with quality lowers by someone else. I hate dicking with ARs-1911 No Problem. I had one JP trigger tuned by a JP smith, it was light. Great trigger! Hated russian ammo-one jam every mag. Changed to Hyperfire--no problems. Brought three more Hyperfire triggers.
  10. Once again, I am in total agreement with your assessment. I value your experience and your opinion. Legal yes Safe, If I can see a RO when sighting down my pistol I would be concern. If I was the CRO or MD I would not allow that positioning to happen. IMHO.
  11. In my SS guns; Tripp, CMC, Wilson mags all work.
  12. If Malarky112's photo is representative of the COF, then Malarky112's photo shows the muzzle of a pistol and two people in front of the muzzle, not that muzzle is pointed at them but sighting down the pistol I can see easily see three people. If the muzzle swung to the right a few degrees it would be aiming at least two of them. That is a stupid stage. AT no time should a RO or anyone be in front of a muzzle. Seriously, When you are RO'ing a Shooter do you stand in front of them when they facing downrange. I am not saying shooter was breaking the 90 degree rule.
  13. Seems like the RO is in front of the gun muzzle, like between the muzzle and the berm, standing to the side of a target. Anybody here stand/run in front of a gun muzzle on a COF ?
  14. Taran suggested a similar technique in an article in Front Sight. One recommendation from Mike Seeklander was for me to tuck my head more into my shoulder. It provides more stability for me. Again, reread IVC's thread.
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