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  1. Swarovski! many times FOV is underrated. My Swarovski is awesome. Plus the glass is particularly excellent is poor light conditions; dawn, dusk, cloudy, and targets in shadows.
  2. I had its big brother, 38 SC, six popolled style holes plus a great comp. ROs would double plug and stand directly behind me at the beep. The guns resides in FL now and squad mates are very happy.
  3. Might have been St. Paddy’s day and I am part Irish. Seriously, just lucky that week.
  4. The Desert Classic posts explicit instructions regarding walk through poor to / before the match. During the the match I have heard CRO/RO tell the waiting squad not to walk the stage while a squad is shooting. It’s just common courtesy to squad shooting and the on deck shooter to walk the stage while being reset.
  5. Yes. In the mag. Just a small puff was all I did.. I am in AZ so for the most part 360 of sunshine. I picked it up at an auto store. The kind used for locks.
  6. Mine was about 5 days. About day three I got a call that an upgrade model order was cancelled and the asked if I wanted it. However, it took three days of calls to actually talk to a real person
  7. From just observing as an RO in several matches, it seems I have not seen JPs with reliability issues. That said, I am biased. I own several JPs and have experienced squat in terms of reliability. I know people are happy with their Sigs but I’ll spend the extra dough for a JP.
  8. My Surefire works great with brass ammo. I heard it can be finicky with steel. No issues with Hornsby steel match ammo though for me. A very wise person suggested a little graphite every 20 rounds eliminates issues. I leave it empty between matches.
  9. I believe Dave Sevigny at the HDC had this happen. He was and still is a class act. He volunteered to do a reshoot. At at a match in Abq I took off at the beep and the RO never caught up. He was and is my friend for some sixty years. It was a no brainer-we just did a reshoot. Good sportsman’s conduct does not require a rule.
  10. My SV SS has a tungsten guide rod, steel msh, and aluminum mag well it makes weight with Tripp mags. Call Scott Springer at Springer Precision for more details.
  11. You are in the world capital of USPSA shooting. I have lost count of the number of M/GMs that call AZ home. There are outstanding gunsmiths near you. E. Garcia, E Cameron M McLearn CZ custom Kodiak Precision Accuracy Speaks These are just a few. You can call SA and ask them. They have like four guys who are members of the Pistolsmith Guild. Message me if you want more info
  12. Call Mike Seeklander or ping him.
  13. It is reasonable for you to modify the ejector yourself. So enough YouTube instruction videos might help. Remember, take off a little at a time, it is really hard to get J-B Weld to add length.
  14. One year at Nationals in PASA, there was a door that opened and activated the stuff. The CRO told every squad they need to fully open the door for it to work correctly. No Reshoots were given for failure to activate the movers. More than one shooter failed to properly activate the door, when the RO fully opened the door and the movers worked, the shooter did not like the stage score. I have seen pressure pads require a very aggressive stomp for them to work-just reality. If there is a failure several times per squad, then I would definitely call an REF. Usually the solution is to fix the pad or have a person who can set it correctly do it every time. Pretty much the same for every activator that is inconsistent.
  15. Does ejector length determine how soon the brass starts to leave the slide? Just asking, I do not know the answer.
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