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  1. Your SV, if it came from Infinity, probably as the SV barrel. It is an evolution of the Schuemann barrels. Schuemann barrels tend to run a little slower. I run 1.175 in my reloads. What does Brandon suggest for your gun? Factory ammo specs turn my SV into a Jam-O-Matic. Not fun. I have a 1000 rounds of Precision Delta sitting on my living room floor waiting to fired. (my 1050 is still packed in a box since I moved) I will know how it shoots next week. I need long loaded ammo. PD was significantly cheaper than Atlanta Arms. Ginger, at PD, followed up my order with an email(s). I talked with her about drop shipping my Nationals ammo. Great Customer Service. I will take my Chrono out to ensure I make Major PF. My SV Limited has a Nowlin barrel, it is faster than my SS Schuemann barrel.
  2. pjb45

    Switching from 180gr to 200gr.

    200 is a great weight. I use VV320. Nowlin barrel for Limited, Schuemann for Single Stack. The Schuemann barrel is slower. I dropped the weight and still made major. Below 170PF the gun is incredibly soft. Depending on where you normally shoot and Area/National matches, you may not have to bump the load. 320 is amazingly consistent in the Southwest. I have had 167 PF in NM at 5,000 ft and 167 in AZ at 2,300 feet. I dropped the OAL to 1.175, requires even less powder. Biggest problem was range brass v. my once fired LEO brass. More variability in the velocity for range brass. When I Chrono, I get a little anal; Three rounds at a time, 3 sessions group. This tells me how any given three rounds will chrono, the use of 9 rounds will tell me if I need to have the Chrono guys use all the (8) rounds. I do four to five sessions (~30-45 total rounds of ammo) per match ammo. I download the chrono data to Excel and do the statistical analysis on the data. Check your length, your post number seems rather short.
  3. pjb45

    switching ammo in shotgun stage

    I like the idea of keeping buckshot and slugs in their own carrier. The carrier is situated in a different location on my belt to as not to confuse them with birdshot. I can load just as slowly either right or left handed. I also try to shot slug either first or last. I load one more slug than is needed in case I need a make up shot. I'll either burn it into the berm --some matches might not allow this---or rack it out. I am not winning any stages so the extra time is fine.
  4. pjb45


    I run Carlson chokes for my 3G Benelli and Beretta Sporting Clay O/U. They work fine. I did not want to pay the extra dough for Briley, which are excellent chokes. I use to shoot a fair amount of skeet and sporting clays. I never heard anyone ever say 'so and so' brand were terrible. Seemed like almost all the decent aftermarket chokes did what they were suppose to do. Of course, I used a patterning board for all my chokes to determine the patterns at distances. Skeet or I/C worked 90% of the time. Heavy steel plates with buck shot did require a tighter pattern--Mod maybe-lesson learned.
  5. pjb45

    Quest for the best non-mag PCC Optic

    Thanks guys. That seemed to do the trick.
  6. pjb45

    Quest for the best non-mag PCC Optic

    Thanks for the review. I have a H510C. I like it but I wish it was brighter in the AZ sun.
  7. So a reserve LEO comes to his first USPSA match wearing his thigh rig and flash light attached. As a CRO I ask him if he is a LEO. His shooting buddy steps in and tells me he is a reserve officer. So far I am ok. I asked, "does he have the power to arrest?" Then does he have the power to arrest anytime or only when he is on duty? Both shooters are nice enough guys. I want the new shooter to return. The new shooter shoots the rest of the match. However, I tell him, under USPSA rules LEOs can wear their duty rigs but they have to be LEO with the power to arrest. Next time, you have to abide by the rules.
  8. pjb45

    Shooting First in squad....

    In major matches that I have attended, after the squad walk through, the RO/CRO usually gives the first shooter a chance to walk the stage alone. Same in most of the local matches. Sometimes, RO/CROs need to be reminded it about the shooter getting a fair chance. Seriously, how many of you have notice that not just the on deck shooter but others are walking the stage between shooters. From a personal standpoint, I like being the first shooter if I have a chance to walk the stage appropriately. There have been times where I did not take the time to do a good walk through and tanked the stage. Lesson learned.
  9. pjb45

    3gun rifle ammo selection 200+ yards

    I agree totally.
  10. pjb45

    3gun rifle ammo selection 200+ yards

    Parker Arms was a small commercial reloader. He was heavy into rifle accuracy. When he dedicated a 1050 for my 40 S&W, he did not like my FCD. He showed me article after article on rifle accuracy degraded by the crimp. His 223 stuff did not have a crimp and was MOA accurate. Not sure it that adds or subtracts value to the discussion. Hornady Steel Match works well out of my JP CTR. So does Black Hills stuff. $$$$$$$ for my tastes. He changed his mind on my FCD for my pistol.
  11. pjb45

    Dry Firing During Make Ready - DQ?

    Mikeg1005: I have known Stealthly for a while. He is probably one the best most thoughtful CROs out there. That includes some 13 years of National, Area and local matches. Do you have any idea of how many matches there are a month in the Phoenix Area? He has a tad bit of experience. You know not of what you write.
  12. pjb45


    I shoot steel SV grips on my SV full length dust cover in limited and short DC in my 3G SV. Heavy is an issue because I prefer it, significantly. The impulse/recoil/flip are all consistent as far as I am concerned. My XD was done by Scott Springer so it was a performer but I prefer a steel gun.
  13. pjb45

    SP01 for CO

    EERW, I thinking of coming in next week to chat. Any day in particular would work for you? tks paul
  14. pjb45

    SP01 for CO

    I have a SP01 I am going to have convert to a CO. I will have CZC do the upgrade work but I am clueless about what Optic I should put on it. I am just an average shooter on Social Security = not great eyesight. I shoot Rio Tuesday Night Steel mostly so that means rarely a 50 yrd plates. I have Holsun on my PCC and like the dot and circle. But I am not sure if that would be worthwhile on a pistol. What optic and size dot would be a good choice? Thanks in advance.
  15. pjb45

    Rolling 1911s into Production.

    Come to Tuesday Night Steel in AZ. Lots of SS in AZ matches. SS production is a solution for a non-existent problem.