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  1. I have both: astigmatism and 510C-green. I wear contacts with no correction for the astigmatism Love the 510C. It is on my JP PCC. In the AZ sun the green shows up great. Recently, at the PCC match it was very cloudy and the brightness overwhelmed my ability to see the plates. I had to turned it down and the world was right again. The adjustments are good on the 510C. I have DPP on my CO guns which is nice but when Santa comes I might switch to the Holosun for my CO. I really like the circle dot for shooting steel.
  2. Hi George, I did not articulate my thought well enough. Paper trail locally is perfect for the Club/Range. It documents the concerns of the group. Internal communications should be treated as personal and confidential Much like how major companies handle personnel matters. Many companies will only give dates of employment, confirm job titles. Some will state eligible for rehire and salary (I worked for Deloitte and they ask permission on quoting salary as they generally won't do it with out permission) although most give a pat answer eligible for rehire. It is all about Risk Management and reduction of liabilities. When personal/personnel actions are communicated externally is where the defamation laws may come into play. I am in agreement with you conclusions about handling the matter internally.
  3. George, are there legal liabilities that might come into play; defamation law provides legal recourse. Written evidence is a paper trail. Verbal could be considered hearsay unless several people say they heard essentially the same thing. There was a case in Tx a few decades ago that cost the company around $14M because a manager defame an employee. Things have gotten worse.
  4. You might want to research Matt McLearn. He has built a few championship gun.
  5. Between Rowdy and Cha, they pretty much hit on everything. Feedback is critical, regardless if it is positive or negative. Just be honest in your assessment. I have given and taken a lot of training, giving presentations in national settings. The positive feedback validated a lot of what I wanted to communicate, the negative feedback helped me do better the next time. I was always looking to improve my teaching abilities.
  6. CTR-02, actually 1 of 10 built. It can shoot way out there. Our 3/2 G matches usually have targets out past 400 yards to 500. I have shot a 650 yards before , frequently banging the gong.
  7. Lee Undersize Die in second station (1050) factory crimp in last. My 929 does not like Zero JHP. Round nose seems to load smoother for me. Actually, after adjusting the trigger spring I am getting reliable ignition. I have been trying using different stamps with no issues. I received some polymer moon clips that work just fine. Also Federal SPM for primers. Shout out to Kodiak Precision for the excellent work.
  8. That was not my quote you cited but in the original thread.
  9. Very interesting thread. Words and definitions matter. As a point of contention (see below underlined text), I would suggest the wordings from the exam ....or solid obstruction....does not lend itself to define 'solid'. The bullet is a solid obstruction. Fine Case separation is NOT a solid obstruction I would offer since if the barrel was out of the gun and looking down the barrel I could see light at the other end. The barrel is not solidly blocked. A potentially correct finding and conclusion. However, weeks later (as I take the NROI exam) I visit the definition of a Squib: "A bullet or solid obstruction lodged inside the barrel of a firearm." Being that the spent case with the partial head separation impedes access through the barrel, it meets the definition of a solid obstruction. As such a case head separation during a COF and ANY attempt to clear, be it with the L shaped squib rod or with a pocket knife would be a DQ'able offense under 10.5.2.
  10. pjb45


    You guys might want to read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The First Amendment says the government can not ……. Organizations can prohibit and do regulate speech within their organizations. NBA, NFL and MLB do it all the time are prime examples. character counts.
  11. I burnt the engine in my 1050 Case Feeder. My bad. Talked with Tony on Thursday, dropped it off on Friday. Tuesday morning I get a call to come pick it up. WOW- It is like a brand new one. Awesome.
  12. I stopped by the home of Nelson guns. I had a very nice chat with them. I would rate their customer service attitude as excellent to superior. I have had a couple of conversion units--Marvel; I did not like . Tactical solutions does not make theirs anymore. But it runs like a champ for me. It does require 1250+ fps to run. I would buy a Nelson before anything else.
  13. Plus 1 on the pistolsmith guild. I have several pistols by their members. Worth ever penny.
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