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  1. Sorry about the personal inquiry: Are you a RO? Are you a CRO? How many matches do you have under your belt? I am disappointed in your conclusion. It seems to be very contradictory to some very fine logic of some very experienced RO/CRO types. I have been to a few National and Region Championships and I would never conclude a RO/CRO would tolerate a CLEAR violation of the RULES.
  2. pjb45

    JP22 upper?

    I have not done PRS yet but mine is very accurate. I was advised that supersonic ammo is not advisable at longer distances (regardless of rifle maker). I am awaiting on a scope. I was told 5-25x or 5-30x with a FFP were the way to go.
  3. After your scope is zero'd and you know your dope; I find a stable shooting position is key then breath accordingly. I am inconsistent because on some targets my position, hence my scope are very stable, then when I am not stable I just burn ammo. Recently I was very stable at ~400 yds and a clusterF at 300 when I wasn't. I got some good advice that suggested tuck my trigger arm tight to my body-get solid; bone to bone to ground; elbow on knee, legs solid on the ground. Seems liked good advice.
  4. Comprehensive report.
  5. Tactical Solutions. Did BJ use it in the Steel Challenge win? I have had the Marvel, it sucked. TS has been very reliable with CCI or Federal ammo It needs about 1200 fps.
  6. If I was being a range lawyer, I would claim creeping yes, i know that would be bogus but then again. Either shooter error or gun malfunction. If the RO was not actually looking at the gun at the time, it would be any number of calls. I have no idea what would be correct one. I would not DQ unless I was absolutely assured of the call.
  7. Isn't the Swaro a different focal plane? I like their glass but the Swaro 1-8x the dope does not change with the magnification--?
  8. While y'all are carping, did you read his post? This guy has probably RO'd more stages in a year than you do in 10. HIs citation is spot on.
  9. You might check with SV. They might not sell you some of their parts. Actually, they don't sell much to other gunsmiths. There are a few but not many. I have known Bob for a long time. He is a GM and gunsmith. His stuff is top notch. In AZ, the Eddie's have a very good rep. Mix and matching can ofter require more build time. There were some excellent posts on the 1911 Forum about steel. Bar Stock, cast etc. Good steel in exists in both categories as does bad. I was at the Shot Show some years ago, when a foreign country (not in SA) was marketing bar stock steel frame, with the hardness of silly putty (the analogy is a joke but you get the idea).
  10. Get an extended firing pin. Some gunsmith put in a light MS to get a lighter trigger feel. I had some Coast Guard 40 s&W surplus ammo that did not like a lighter MS. Went to an extended FP and the problem was solved.
  11. I talked with Chris Tilley, the time a SVI shooter, some years ago about my open gun. HIs take was there is a trade off between muzzle flip and recoil. He preferred less muzzle flip, keeping the dot in the optic. There is a relationship between ports, muzzle flip, recoil, and your powder choices. My IMM SV had very little muzzle flip, decent recoil, and a very bad concussion blast for the ROs. I used VV 3N38 producing a lot of gas which worked the comp to perfection. If I was to get back into Open, SV is the only choice for me. I'll pay the premium for their quality. Understand, I am not bad mouthing any other builder but my experience with SV has been superior.
  12. There are some very fine files. However, a stone might be better as it can less aggressive. Followed by an Arkansas stone.
  13. Well, I know the young lady. I have shot a couple of major matches with her and her sister. I know that TGO mentored them for a while. She asked an appropriate question. Additionally, I have RO'd her in a few matches. Never an attitude problem or ego issues. In no way shape or form is she a gamer. Furthermore, if you do not know her personally or shot with her, calling her a gamer is not appropriate. You used the term in a derogatory sense not in a good nature context. You owe her an apology!
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