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  1. There is a local ReMan. store in the PHX area that has good prices. Three out of 500 rounds failed, the neck separated in the chamber and the second/third rounds were squibs in my JPs. Now this is .223 ammo. Their quality control is next to worthless. I have shot their 9mm in my SVs without a squib. I do not buy from them anymore-not worth it. However, prices at Walmart for 9mm are below 18 cents a round. It is all I will shoot in my JP PCC. I started reloading with my dad in the late 50s/early 60s. No issues. I reload on a 1050 9mm, 40S&W, 45ACP and .223 with no issues.
  2. Thanks! Awesome. I ordered from JP the other day. I appreciate your generosity.
  3. So as the only individual to receive a coaching penalty at Nationals, I acknowledged that I coach when the CRO demanded to know who said 'just shoot it," I took the penalty without argument. At the time the DROI and I had a good chuckle about it, as did some of the other CROs at Nationals. I pretty much agree with Dave. That said at a major match where i am the CRO I try to be very circumspect with what I will say. I won't coach and pretty much will not allow coaching at a major.
  4. Hello, Does anyone have a JP discount code I could use? Thanks pjb
  5. The title of the thread is from a single view. View A range of sight or vision specific to an array of targets. In order to constitute a new "view" under this rule, the range of sight of an array of targets must be broken by a vision barrier of some sort, such that a different array of targets is seen in the new view. Location A physical space within the boundaries of a course of fire. For the purposes of this rule, a competitor will not be considered to have changed location until both feet have moved to a new physical position. I concede your point in your example. And I would agree and I have been in matches where there is a 'sweet spot' view where I can see multiple targets without moving. This strategy is the cool part of our game and fundamental in allowing the shooter to solve the stage. I have been in matches where the MD tries to get away with not adhering to the rule by saying well you can see some from here a some from there..........thus requiring more than 8 rounds per location or view. It becomes readily apparent to me since I shoot single stack major in a lot of matches. The diagram in this thread shows a gap between two walls. In that diagram I would not consider it to be two views.
  6. Some guns can be balanced and stand upright due to the mag well. The trigger guard is centered over the X.
  7. Is a view a location? Pat Jones nailed it if movement is required. Now we know three things: 1. my math was wrong 2. Definition of movement 3. The original constraint of there are three positions. Stay on point. Correct my mistake but don't change the narrative. Thanks Pat for adding the clarification.
  8. I have ~20 Tripp mags. I had two mags that would not fit my SV. I inked them and sent them back. The response was 'they are to spec.' All Tripp mags fit my STI and Tripp built guns. The problem was unique to my SV only. 15 of my Wilsons mags fit everything but did require a substantial break in period. Chip's mags fit everything. I'll always buy Tripp mags first.
  9. Assumption: There are three and only three shooting positions. I did not explain myself effectively; The stage is 28 rounds, there are three shooting position (an assumption that I am willing to forego if there are more). 3 goes into 28 three times with a remainder of three. Those three rounds have to be shot from any combination of the three shooting positions which means that more than 8 rounds are required from any combination of the three positions. You cannot finish the stage without being forced to fire three rounds from any combination of the three position. Or stated differently, you are forced to fire more than 8 rounds from at least one or more shooting positions. The logic is not at what can be seen or is available, it is about being forced to fire more than 8 rounds sometime during the stage.
  10. Sorry. Not buying it. It is not what targets are visible but from the diagram there appears to be only three places where targets are visible; left side, right side, and middle. If if you mean the shooter can shoot some targets from the up range side of the shooting area and proceed to the down range side of the shooting area, then I would agree with your analysis. I have experienced shooting areas areas that were too narrow to step back far enough constitute another position.
  11. Are there more than 3 shooting positions? If not, then 28 is not divisible by 3 - integer math.
  12. Correct. I make twice as much as Gary. The multiplication property of zero unconfuses USPSA.
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