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  1. My SV SS has a tungsten guide rod, steel msh, and aluminum mag well it makes weight with Tripp mags. Call Scott Springer at Springer Precision for more details.
  2. You are in the world capital of USPSA shooting. I have lost count of the number of M/GMs that call AZ home. There are outstanding gunsmiths near you. E. Garcia, E Cameron M McLearn CZ custom Kodiak Precision Accuracy Speaks These are just a few. You can call SA and ask them. They have like four guys who are members of the Pistolsmith Guild. Message me if you want more info
  3. Call Mike Seeklander or ping him.
  4. It is reasonable for you to modify the ejector yourself. So enough YouTube instruction videos might help. Remember, take off a little at a time, it is really hard to get J-B Weld to add length.
  5. One year at Nationals in PASA, there was a door that opened and activated the stuff. The CRO told every squad they need to fully open the door for it to work correctly. No Reshoots were given for failure to activate the movers. More than one shooter failed to properly activate the door, when the RO fully opened the door and the movers worked, the shooter did not like the stage score. I have seen pressure pads require a very aggressive stomp for them to work-just reality. If there is a failure several times per squad, then I would definitely call an REF. Usually the solution is to fix the pad or have a person who can set it correctly do it every time. Pretty much the same for every activator that is inconsistent.
  6. Does ejector length determine how soon the brass starts to leave the slide? Just asking, I do not know the answer.
  7. I am a fan of JP, no doubt. The JP SW Regional PCC was in AZ. I noticed (very subjective observations) that every JP ran and ran. At least one PCC had an issue of one type or another on every stage. Not to really start a flame war but it was a very subjective observation. There are a lot of good PCCs out there. A causal observation at RM3G and SMM3G, the JPs performed. But as stated, if you can afford it, it is a great reliable company that produces premier equipment.
  8. $600? Isn't that match fee for the Desert Classic? But you are so correct. The High Desert Classic in NM is a favorite because 90% of the stages were 29-32 rounds. Still, the data is the data. GIGO, egos aside.
  9. Well, Lancaster and nearby have the greatest pretzels. I was born in Philly. Harrisburg pretzels are the best. My relatives are from Lancaster. They have some outstanding gunsmiths and bad ass shooters. Downside: I worked with a guy whose friend had a gun build by a champion shooter. It was a dog. Not saying your guy is but I tend to want more research. As a medical industry guy, I always suggest second opinions. ScoreHI in NM has a great rep. Accuracy Speaks did have one. Kodiak Precision, Don Golebieski, stuff is amazing. He is a big Tikka fan. Former, VV technical rep, and Tikka guy. Probably knows more about that platform than anybody I know. And I know at least 4 people GA is that way too. The guy OK is pretty amazing.
  10. A long long time ago, is a place east of the MIssissippi River there was a coach at the Naval Academy that thought eye dominance was most important. My brother was left handed and our dad had a gunsmith change is bolt gun to a left handed shooter. I am right handed but left eye dominate-serious vision issues. My left eye is much much stronger. Is it worthwhile for her to learn to shoot with her dominate eye? BTW: TGO is left handed and shoots right handed. Always a joy to hear him say, he does not have a dominate hand during the Schmigt Standards. Equipment wise: there are plenty of big dollar .22s. But the 10/22 is an ideal platform to build the best gun. And I am not a fan of Rugers. My .22 ARs are Tactical Solutions and JP. Incredible accuracy. Get the best mags!!! A reliable gun is more important than anything else. She needs to know her gun will work everytime so she can focus on the shot and not worry about it working. Anschutz is the SV of .22. Valquartsen (sp) has great great stuff.
  11. WOW I rarely see the timer after a string. So that is pretty cool you get to see it. Additionally here in AZ we move the shooters pretty quickly through a stage so that review process is shorten significantly. So now, what does the rule book say about disputes? There is a formal and informal way of dealing with it. At a regional, as a CRO, I would record it, the shooter not approve it, and call the Range Manager or MD etc. And do the next shooter. In an informal way, I would just do a reshoot and move on. I had a match where I had 100 procedurals on a 15 target stage. The iPad hit too many keys. I saw it too late and just sucked it up. I did not win the Vette that match.
  12. Truth Yes I am a dickhead but with 12 hours of graduate level statistics and research methodology and 8 years in research, I might have a tad bit of knowledge. When a large amount of Production data is used, it overwhelms the additional new data associated with CO. I would suggest, with data analysis, that data from two years of Nationals and Area Matches would radically change the classifier system. USPSA should require at least 3 classifiers in those matches. OOPS, I would suppose there would be a significant reduction in the percentages----bad PR. No ego stroking.
  13. I would listen to aircooled6racer. He has built a few things that require precision work. Although my grandmother was English, it appears I have the trait of British understatement.
  14. pjb45

    SVI Slides

    1911 Forum has threads on steel. It is worth a read. SV starts with the best not the most economical then produce outstanding guns.
  15. There are a lot DW and SA here in AZ for obvious reasons. I have not heard about major issues. The RO is a base gun. You want a competition ready gun you have to shell out the money for it. To expect otherwise is foolish. The SA Custom shop has 3 or 4 guys who are members of the Pistolsmith Guild. That is a big deal. This a fact not antidotal.
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