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  1. Yeppers. A good friend always.
  2. pjb45

    Fully seated

    Always a bit of dialog regarding 'seated' when it is not quantified; seated--partial butt check, fully seated-both butt checks, fully seated with back agains chair, the variables are endless. For example, both checks on but one leg hanging over the side of the chair. It is almost too much fun gaming 'seated'.
  3. Eddie Garcia and Eddie Cameron build very nice guns. If you shoot Rio Salado you will find their guns being shot. Eddie shootsTNS and the local matches. You can get a boat load of local references. Matt McLearn is not local but about an hour away. I believe all three have had national champions shoot their guns as do local GMs. & Et. Al. These guys are local and do outstanding work. You cannot beat outstanding local service. IF you have the time contact Kodiak Precision for truly outstanding guns. Don Golembieski is my gunsmith--not just a pistolsmith. He does it all, pistol, rifles, shotguns. He excels as a shooter in all disciplines. He is very well know in the upper echelons of shooting. At one time he was one of three gunsmiths who would get SV frames and slides.
  4. Well, with the 2 Eddies in town why don't you contact them. Their service is excellent.
  5. pjb45

    What would you ask a pro?

    I got to watch Taran shoot the Mid-Coast Championship. One stage was two strings; one strong hand and one weak hand. His times were almost exactly the same. I asked him about it. He told me he wanted to be know as the guy who could do the hard shots. Most people do not work their weak hand. He spent a some time with me about shooting weak hand, the transition from strong to weak, shoulder angle, cant/not, etc. Yeah, I was pretty lucky to have some one-on-one time with a great shooter. The interesting part was it was in small manageable chunks of time. It was focus on one skill to establish a solid foundation. I offer this as a suggestion, pick one skill-talk with a GM, and work on that skill. Gain proficiency. Move onto the next skill to acquire. Remember skills are perishable, so you always have to go back and re-enforce the learning.
  6. pjb45

    Single Stack or Production?

    My SV runs either in 9 or 40. Tripp mags. No issues My Tripp runs 40 with Tripps, Wilson, etc. No Issues My STI 45 -- some woman took it and has not returned it. Woe is me. So two out of three are full custom guns, while the third only has a STI frame and slide. Tuesday night steel the 9 rules. Area 2 SS - 9mm better to have extra rounds.
  7. pjb45

    What would you ask a pro?

    One afternoon, I was shooting the s#!t with Taran at his home. I brought this subject up and we had a bit of a dialog about it. That session was the impetus for Tips from the GMs column in Front Sight. The focus was on the skills a D, C, and B shooter should acquire to improve. It was great fun for me to talk with the major GMs in the sport and was a wonderful lesson. Add to this I had to the opportunity to be squad mother on several 'super squads.' Every GM I have ever been in contact with, was more than willing to answer questions. Quite a few would critique what I was doing or offer suggestions on how to shoot a stage. TGO is excellent in this area. I have taken two formal classes. Both instructors were quite good. The only downside was the disparity in skills sets. But only slightly. Matt B talked about grip, Max M talked about movement. Both emphasized the need to hit an A on command. Too bad Roy Neal does not weigh in on this topic. His input was be an eye opener for many. There is no doubt in my mind I was on the road to significant improvement because of these guys but I was derailed with life issues.
  8. pjb45


    I would say Taran Butler. I don't want to start an Urban Legend but I think he made in one year--with a Glock?
  9. They double my salary. Put me in a higher tax bracket.
  10. RO/CRO- I am with Gary. I try to give a warning, have gotten warnings. I have DQ'd and been DQ'd.
  11. "This is the way we have always done it. There is no reason to change!" I have heard this refrain in over 35 hospitals where I was retained to turn them around so they would not go bankrupt. If the change would result in a better situation then change is warranted. Nothing wrong with becoming obsolete if the replacement is better. 'Change for the sake of change is anarchy' I was neither persuaded by the author's premise nor the counter arguments. I am ex-military and have many friends that are still LEOs. Some are C, B and GMs. Generalizations about this subcategory are worthless.
  12. pjb45

    Immersion Training Plan...

    NIce analysis.
  13. pjb45

    Immersion Training Plan...

    I want to revisit my first question: How do you learn? This is critical. For me, the process of learning has never stop, professionally and recreationally. I learned how to learn. So different techniques or styles generally work for me. I have friends that can see someone do something then imitate pretty well, others have natural talent,-I am not that lucky. For example, Mike Seeklander communicates in a style that resonates with me. For me, I like the mental part marrying the physical part of the learning process.
  14. pjb45

    Immersion Training Plan...

    How do you learn? This is fundamental. Read up on losing or gaining a new habit because that is what your are trying to do. You have to have a plan to do learn. RE: Lanny Bassham. Personally, I do not like the AMU advice because AMU shooters have already acquired advanced skills. So how they train might not be applicable. Second, not all GMs are great communicators. See BE forums on Myers/Briggs. iMO, they are great at diagnosing what needs improvement. GMs like Angus, TGO, Taran, Seeklander, Max, Travis, those guys in CO are very good communicators. There are others, but these guys I know personally. I have seen TGO diagnose a stage; 1. how he would shoot, 2. A more conservative way, and 3. his recommendation on how I or someone else on the squad should shoot it. He tailored his recommendation to the shooter's skill level. Think of your training program as a pyramid. The bottom is the foundation. It needs to be broad and strong. Each subsequent skill is based on acquisition of its predecessor fundamental. Take Big Pando's #2; What is the plan to improve? Dead lifts, squats, box jumps, mini sprints. Two boxes or ports with targets and live fire--with times recorded? How about #3; Dry fire drills? Live fire Drills. I haven't read Big Panda's but I know a reviewer who did and thought very well of it. Seeklander was giving his drill book away on his facebook page. It is excellent.
  15. pjb45

    Pre-Match Diet

    Having a boat load of 10K-1/2 marathons under my belt, I usually follow their old adage of you train on protein and race on carbos. Hydration is key out west; hot and dry. If you are thirsty during the match you are dehydrated. Start early and keep it up all day. Shooting Nationals, Areas etc, with long days, food throughout the day will help immensely. If you are older, your blood sugar might drop which will have an adverse effect on your shooting. Big heavy meals the day of a race were never recommended so I follow the same advice. I definitely eat a lighter lunch than most folks. I believe protein takes longer to metabolize so a little lasts a long time. I believe keeping your blood sugar level is a real key to performance so I try to pay attention to that more than anything else.