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  1. I use the normal JB weld epoxy, I cant remember the cure time on it... I think it may be like 10 min set time and 24 hr full cure. but I pull the tape off around 30 mins. I also use the 60/90 grit.
  2. solid looking bench there!. Im planning on rebuilding my bench Friday and had something similar in mind. Two questions: 1) what did you use for the top on yours? 2) I see that you mounted yours straight to the table without the strong mount, I'm wanting to do the same. was there enough space there for the mounting holes or did you have to do something goofy to get around the top horizonal 2x4?
  3. C_Tanner


    This^^^^^ Im so ready to get back on the range. I feel like a crackwhore looking for her next fix.
  4. I've never loaded that brand But I've always loaded SNS coated bullets. I run 3.9gn of n320 @ 1.140 and make 132PF.
  5. 94.91% (8.189 hf) and 92.72% (8.0 hf) in CO, both scores leaving and entering on the partials.
  6. I use JB weld 5 min epoxy and the stuff you sprinkle on. The real deal stuff. It doesn’t just peel off. It’s a fair amount of work. But it does come off. This is what it looks like after I removed and cleaned it up. If your worried about messing it up, I know a guy that does KILLER work. I could hook you up with him if you would like. BTW OP, I’m so sorry for jacking your thread. It wasn’t my intent.
  7. I ground a little spot down and was able to peel it up with a pick. it is a MAJOR pain, but totally worth it. I shoot a good bit of matches and dryfire almost every night. so about 9-10 months is all I get out of silicone carbide. its still grippy when I pull it off but nothing like when its fresh.
  8. They do not have a set Dimension, and you can blend the inside of the FACTORY grip. But I think the issue here is that its a aftermarket grip with a flair. if the factory frame had that flair it may not be an issue.
  9. I re-did the silicone carbide on my X5 last night. you cant beat a fresh SC job!.
  10. yea... that's gonna be a big fat NOPE. sorry for the bad news.
  11. I have a buddy that emailed Troy about this, Troy gave it the no go. His reason was exactly your thoughts, the flare is to much of a 'magwell'
  12. SNS 125 RN 4.0 n320 cci 500 primer 1.140 oal 132PF.
  13. absolutely legal. I really enjoy mine and just purchased another ratchet for my open rig!
  14. luckily, Im still working.... my office is pretty much empty, but here I am . I have several shooting buddies that are working from home, we all are keeping our normal dryfire routines. the only real difference is instead of shooting 3 matches per month we are running live fire drills on the weekends. not sure how this will effect our performance come match time. I hope its for the better.
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