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  1. As of Jan this year that is correct
  2. terrydoc

    M17 slide on an X5

    I'm in Australia so we are probably at least 2 years behind what happens in the US, availability wise.
  3. terrydoc

    Single Stack mag pouches

    Wilsons fit fine in the Racer pouches, havent found any issues with Wilson, CMC, Tripp or Metalform.
  4. terrydoc

    Rail mounted light

    ebay, look for airsoft stuff
  5. terrydoc

    M17 slide on an X5

    Or wait for the new X5 apparently they are going to have the DPP footprint.
  6. terrydoc

    P320x5 Carry Optics

  7. terrydoc

    Better Belt for Heavier Shooter?

    I'd try the drop offset as it comes with the holster, you may need to heat the DOH part if the holster points in at your leg as it tends to do with most people, if you don't like that set up grab the BOSS.
  8. I wish Dawson would do a carry version, so you could swap and change as you require. I actually sent them an email last year but no response.
  9. terrydoc

    P320x5 Carry Optics

    Just a question regarding the shroud, when you fitted it did it require re zero for elevation or not enough difference to warrant it?
  10. Techwell is $150 because you get the grips, I have purchased the magwells themselves for about $70.
  11. terrydoc

    Romeo1 Shroud

    Hi Guys When you fitted your R1 shrouds was there any need to adjust the dot for elevation.
  12. terrydoc

    320 extractor issue

    It would not have been 1000 rounds through it, never had it out. I had never had an issue with it prior either, nor anything with the gun, now the R1 that's a differnt story. Hence the low round count for a gun I purchsed back in 2017.
  13. terrydoc

    P320 Porn Picture Thread

    Ended up with the Talon Grip
  14. terrydoc

    320 slide disassembly

    See other post today, I sent the gun back and their gunsmith couldn't budge it either so they are replacing the gun for me.
  15. terrydoc

    320 extractor issue

    Hi Guys Has anyone had any extractor issues with their 320's? I recently had to send mine back to the importer (I'm in Australia) as something broke in the extractor system of my P320RX. I couldnt get the backplate to budge so I called the importer who sent the gun to their gunsmith. The gunsmith tried to remove the backplate to allow removal of the extractor but it wasn't possible to depress the extractor pin, seems whatever broke has locked everything in place. The extractor it's self does move with a pen r any tool a bit like a loose tooth. In the end Sig have a greed at this stage to replace the gun for me so no problem there just time. PITA is we have a State match on next weekend and the way things work down here I doubt I with have the replacement in hand.