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  1. Correct, mine is a home grown version here in Australia that has a smaller pad, but the belt is a bit too wide for the competition holster hangers so Ive gone the Bladetec hanger, its ok and works fine but most of the others are hard to get hold of here.
  2. I do occasionally, the issue I have is getting a hanger that allows me to place the gun where it needs to be (IPSC). Its currently got the Bladetech TMMS set up but that's borderline for me, the wrong RO on the wrong day could lead to a division change. But otherwise I like the way they work I reckon its more comfortable than the traditional competition rig.
  3. Great shot, SRO on a??
  4. We usually run 12 squads with a dozen competitors or more in each squad for a major 2 day L3, usually replace the targets at lunch break at min or as required depending on stage. So usually complete 4sets of targets per stage and then some spares for those close up hoser set ups.
  5. not sure its worth twice the price of a standard DAA belt.
  6. but i bet it won't cost $2.
  7. Seem like good people to, I'm in Australia and have had no issues dealing with Jason.
  8. Have and use both the Comptac and a 4 Bros, both very good holsters.
  9. Been using mine for about 4 years of and on, just picked up a bronze lens for them to try out with the red dot
  10. Try the ESS Crossbow suppressor frames for a slim line eye wear frame.
  11. The problem I found with any of the 1911 models of any of the trigger guard grip holsters, is the trigger guards from different manufactures is different. I had 3 different holsters (JR holsters) (DAA) (Hoeppener & Schuman similar to the JR) and none of them fitted all the guns correctly, all held the gun but wobbled like a bowl of jello and was too much for me so I went back to the bucket holsters.
  12. Anyone heard of or use the Carlsons mag extensions?
  13. Anyone heard of or use the Carlsons mag extensions?
  14. If you're looking for a "race" holster I'd suggest the DAA Alpha X. A 'Competition' holster, any of those previously mentioned.
  15. Hi Guy's I have a brand new Stoeger shotgun that has a 18.5 in barrel, I know I should probably have at least a 24in for it but its what I have. Looking at getting a mag tube ext for it ( currently is 7+1) the question I have is what would be the longest recommended safe length of tube ext past the muzzle? Current set up with rifle stock fitted. | Thanx in advance.
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