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  1. Why not I have both types and was wondering if there was one belt that did both, pretty simple really
  2. Hi Guys Is there such a thing as a competition belt ( as in the double belt made by a number of manufacturers ) that also has Molle rows on it? I've seen the Bladetech version but not sure how that would work out with only 1 row. Thanks in advance.
  3. terrydoc

    P320 back up gun

    No EGW dont do International
  4. terrydoc

    P320 back up gun

    Hi Guy's Have an older FS p320 that I want to put a Shield RMS sight on with a dovetail mount ( I already have both, and live in Australia so getting stuff isnt all that easy) I already have an OuterImpact RDS universal plate for my X5 for when my R1 craps out , can anyone suggest another dovetail mount plate other than the OuterImpact version? Thanks.
  5. Don't some of the manufacturers ship guns with them? A quick google shows Brownells, ebay, Amazon sell them
  6. FYI there's nothing in the IPSC rule book that prohibits you removing your rig with holstered firearm. Obviously if the gun is dropped then you cant pick it up and an RO is required.
  7. looks like any other kydex with some thumb screws.
  8. maybe if the floor is dirty I put it somewhere it's not,
  9. I've found shooting steel challenge has helped me and reading these types of threads ie: listen to those that know and have gone through the change over.
  10. I've been shooting and RO'ing IPSC for nearly 20 years now including WS's and Regional and National Championship's and I can honestly say I've never seen a gun come out of a kydex type holster, a few out of the different race holster's, mostly due to either user error or people clashing holsters when wandering around, which in the end is user error anyway.
  11. yep when you get caught in IPSC too
  12. If it's #2 I usually remove my rig and place it on the floor in the cubicle or portaloo before any business takes place, gun stays holstered never had it fall out.
  13. What is it you guys do during a walkthrough that you require to lock down a gun into a bucket holster? Having said that I have Comptac, DAA Alpha X, and currently use a 4 Bros holster for my X5. All of them work fine and to be honest I don't really have a preference over any of them, just what I feel like using on the day..
  14. check out the EAA Witness, probably find all the parts and mags are the same.
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