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  1. terrydoc

    P320 Porn Picture Thread

    Pity I prefer the 4 piece style.
  2. terrydoc

    320 X5 magwell

    Ebay seller won't ship to Australia, I think I made an error and purchased the the full sized X5 carry without the magwell and weight, thinking I'll not use the gun in Standard/ Limited as it's an RX. Now I'm having a bit of buyers remorse thinking I should have bought the full kit in case I change my mind.
  3. terrydoc

    320 X5 magwell

    Anyone know where I might be able to pick one up?
  4. terrydoc

    X-five holsters

    thanx George
  5. terrydoc

    P320 Porn Picture Thread

    Whilst I don't want the pink what brand of grip tape are you using?
  6. terrydoc

    X-five holsters

    Hi Guy's I've dropped the hammer on an X5 full size grip module to run my RX full size on, currently using a Comptac international for the 320 RX. Can anyone foresee any issues with the X5 grip in that particular holster?
  7. terrydoc

    Options 320 RX OTHER optics

  8. terrydoc

    Options 320 RX OTHER optics

    I have an RX and haven't had much luck with the R1. The first one cracked and the second switches off under unloaded cycling of the slid, I know the battery cap tightness has something to do with it but cant get it any tighter without damaging the cap which I have already had to send for replacement.. Would it be easier to take the mm off the DP rather than the slide??
  9. terrydoc

    Options 320 RX OTHER optics

    will a delta point fit? don't know if they are a different size to the pro?
  10. terrydoc

    Preferred Single Stack pouches?

    DAA racer
  11. terrydoc

    Mounting screws for Romeo 1

    All sorted thanks anyway.
  12. terrydoc

    Mounting screws for Romeo 1

    If only it was that easy, I'm in Australia and the importer ( which is in my city) doesn't deal with the public and the dealer is in another state half the country away. that's why I'm after the size I have no issue paying the 20c they will cost me I just need the correct ones. I'd prefer not to have to take the slide with me but that may be the option.
  13. terrydoc

    Mounting screws for Romeo 1

    Can I assume the screws are same size for 320RX? Sent the R1 complete off for warranty and they didn't send the screws or tool back.
  14. terrydoc

    Sig 320 mag

  15. terrydoc

    1911 magwell options

    Whats your height got to do with gun grip?