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  1. Can the iron sights go back on?
  2. How are you trying to mount it? IE what type of mount system are you using?
  3. I have a Racer holster for 1911 which I haven't used for a couple of years. The holster was a generic 1911 BUT the problem is that not every 1911 trigger guard is the same dimension, it fits fine for my Springfield loaded but didn't fit well for an STI Spartan or a Nighthawk or Springfield Range Officer so it's been relegated to the holster draw. You want to make sure you get one to fit your gun specifically if you can. The issue was how much movement of the gun there was, the gun would probably never have fallen out but wasn't happy with it. I now use an Apha X for my Sig 320 RX and X% and couldn't be happier with it. Although after using it all weekend last week I have bought the thigh pad to try out.
  4. Hi Eric is that the 320 holster or is there an X5 specific one?
  5. Comptac International on a Safariland USPSA hanger no movement at all, DAA PDR Pro II same no movement issues.
  6. In the mail to me now, Here are the manufacturers specs: Civivi McKenna. Damascus Nice Front flipper . Designed By Elijah Isham Blade Patterns will Vary SPECS. AOL 6.75”(171.4mm) Blade Length 2.92”(74.1mm) Blade Thickness 0.1”(2.6mm) Blade Hardness HRC 59-61 Blade Grind Flat Handle Length 3.83”(97.3mm) Handle Overall Thickness 0.39”(10mm) Handle Material G10 Liner Material Stainless Steel Clip Material Stainless Steel Screws Material Stainless Steel Pivot Cap: Stainless Steel Back Spacer Material G10 Washers Material: Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Weight: 50 g / 1.76 oz Lock Type: Liner Lock.
  7. What was the no shoot doing 3 ft away from the shot array? was it next to other targets?
  8. Yeah I know im shooting PDO in IPSC in Australia and have had my R1 back to the importer a couple of times and scratched the screen on a Shield RMS that I was using while the R1 was being sorted out.
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