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  1. I used to shoot a Sig 320RX it had suppressor height tritium sights factory fitted absolutely crowded the optic with those big white dots, moved to an X5 with just the front fiber no issues as its low in the screen.
  2. Not sure if its the same in US but with our shoe sizes the .5 tends to be width not length of the shoe. Amazing how similar to the Salomons they look, maybe out of the same factory?
  3. Don't know if it was USPS or a customs issue but there was no issue at my end as it was only a holster.
  4. CHA-LEE have you tried the Safariland USPSA hanger? If so how do the C-Bax and the Safariland compare?
  5. Ordered one this morning direct from AC coming to Australia lets see how the mail system works or not. Took nearly a month to get a holster after the package sat in San Francisco for nearly 3 weeks. 3 days to get there and another 4 days including weekend to get to me once it got let free.
  6. Just looking at pictures of the naked hanger it's got a lot more holes in it than the one I currently have, early version only has the 4 holes for the belt plate. Hence the reason it doesn't fit the Tech-lok very well
  7. The one Im looking at has the ELS fork fitted to the hanger that's connected to the holster or that's how it looks to me.
  8. I'm assuming that its a different plate than the 'standard' one they sell set up specifically for the QLS/ELS fork? Not a lot of info on it out there.
  9. Hi Guys I'm looking for alternative methods of fitting a BOSS hanger to a larger width belt, I'm not a big fan of using a Tech-lok as it doesn't sit square on the tech-lok or on the BOSS plate due to dimensional differences. Has anyone used the Safariland ELS plate that Stoeger sells?
  10. DrBruce try a loop back style inner belt like an Uncle Mikes or similar and see how that works for you. But I can see not a lot better result due to the ratchet.
  11. does that meet the belt loop requirements or are there no belt loops required in USPSA?
  12. So what your saying is he chased a refund of the money He paid after not turning up to a match? Did he take or claim back more than He paid? And thats what you call despicable? Definition of despicable. : deserving to be despised : so worthless or obnoxious as to rouse moral indignation despicable behavior. Gee Id hate to get on your wrong side if I picked up your brass by mistake
  13. Comptac International DAA PDR Pro 2 is another
  14. So you remove the barney mag from the magnet before the RO calls Make Ready, so no foul.
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