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  1. Never used an RHT but have used Bladetech, Comptac and DAA also Uncle Mikes and as the couple of post's above say hold it upside down and tighten until it doesn't fall out.
  2. I don't understand how that can still be an issue , it seems to have been happening for quite a while now and still not rectified by Leupold.
  3. terrydoc

    Romeo 1 Pro

    probably the R1 to get rid of stock
  4. Had the rubber version on for over 6 months have taken them of and swapped to grit and then replaced the same rubber again still stuck on, so maybe was an issue when you applied them?
  5. Looks to me to be the belt clip is the issue as above said the normal thunder holster doesn t use the Tech lok attachment so would probably fit. Check out this video (its in german) and you will see the difference
  6. terrydoc

    P320 X5 Thread

    I used one on my 320RX ( not sure of the differences to the X5 milling) for a while as I had a number of issues with the R1, it worked fine just be aware its very easy to scratch the lens / screen when cleaning it in the field.
  7. I'm currently running a Comptac International on it for my 320 X5
  8. The 1911 version will fit the majority of the 1911 guns out there regardless of brand as they are pretty much the same, the difference maybe a rail or similar. For the XD unfortunately you might have to buy before you try. Best bet is to use the Safariland gun chart
  9. terrydoc

    P320 X5 Thread

    AM guide rod and spring question fellas, I recently purchases an Armoury Craft steel guide rod and spring set, can I use any 1911 recoil spring with it?
  10. Anyone know the factory recoil spring weight on the X5 (not legion) ?
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