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  1. Have had the tep 100 for a few years and were great, now I get about 45 min to an hour out of 1 of them and its shuts down. Ended up buying a set of walkers non BT and they work ok just prefer the charger on the Tep 100.
  2. I have a straight pull version ( think semi auto with a gas issue, about all we can have ) here in Australia already, was just wondering what was done.
  3. Yeah thanks I reckon I understand the why part, I was wondering what had to be done.
  4. Easiest fix is to write as demonstrated and then have the RO demonstrate what the position is. And make sure all RO's use the same demonstration.
  5. Couple of thousand maybe mostly Syntech 150 gn, not sure of the reload powder as I buy them from Mario. Probably about 400 of those so far. Update Mario uses Winchester WST. as 4 gn Ap50 for the 125, and Ap70 for 145gn pills (not sure of gn amount)
  6. I currently shoot (except for Covid anyway) one of Dan's old X5's and have not had any issues with it.
  7. That's interesting as the Sig 320 M17/18 (and others) are cut for the DPP and Romeo 1 pro no plates required so something isn't right there as there mounting pattern is the same.
  8. Im in Australia and we are limited to 10 round magazines. The mags that came with my 320's are overall the same size as the 17 round mags. We even have the 17 round legion mags available which have a dimple punched just below the 10 round window.;
  9. Hi Steve can I ask why the change of bolt to left hand drive? And what was required other than the bolt handle slot?
  10. Its all about how you set up your plates. If your plates have a flat bottom foot put some form of 'barrier' in front of the foot to stop the plate from turning, we usually have a stand that has the same size plate as the foot, when hit they just fall off and not turn, since we've used this type of stand I cant recall ever seeing a plate not fall if the PF is right. If you have a look at the plates in appendix C3 you will see what I mean by flat plate.
  11. Try DAA I know they do IPSC boxes I am assuming they also do USPSA ( stand to be corrected) the DAA box has a slide on lid.
  12. To be honest I've never had any issues with mine, only ever tightened it by hand and a slight tweak with a allen wrench and never had it loosen.
  13. Im pretty sure Mecgar make some try them
  14. Metal targets and no-shoots which can accidentally turn edge-on or sideways when hit are expressly prohibited. Using them may result in withdrawal of IPSC sanction Scoring metal targets must be shot and fall or overturn to score. 4.6.2 A competitor who is unable to complete a course of fire due to range equipment failure, or if a metal or moving target was not reset prior to his attempt at a course of fire, must be required to reshoot the course of fire after corrective actions have been taken.
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