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  1. Given Recoil’s description, I doubt that’s the case; Even if it is, most of STI’s 2011 pistols come from the factory with a >3lbs trigger, but they’re still not allowed in Production/CO. The other manufacturers really ought to be the ones most pissed about this
  2. To be clear - I love creativity, innovation, and ingenuity. I’m ecstatic about someone thinking outside the box and coming up with a really genuinely unique, interesting design that seems to deliver some real benefits. If they made a slightly more compact version of the Alien and priced it right, I’d use it as a carry/defensive gun. That said, it should NOT be given an exception to the rules as written for competition. Let alone the negative bore axis and non-reciprocating sights, this gun will give an automatic advantage to anyone shooting it simply because of the firing mechanism. Either change the rules to allow every other pistol with that configuration to run in Production/CO, or follow the rules you’ve prescribed for everyone else and only allow it in Limited/Open
  3. If I showed up to a match and lost in Production Division to someone shooting the only hammer-fired SAO pistol allowed in the division, I’d be pissed at the organizers. So can STI build a full-bore 2011, call it a “hybrid striker system”, and get it approved for Production/CO? What about a gun with a frame-mounted red dot and comp called the “hybrid production/limited system”? Is it just what companies label their guns now, or are we going to follow the rules as written?
  4. I guess the rule book means nothing anymore; https://www.guns.com/news/2019/03/14/laugo-arms-alien-pistol-hits-market-ispc-approved-video From Recoil’s rangeday review; https://www.recoilweb.com/review-recoil-exclusive-alien-pistol-from-laugo-arms-146616.html So when can we expect all the other hammer-fired SAO Guns to be approved for the Production and CO lists? The rule book is an absolute joke
  5. Meanwhile, Optics Planet has Apex flat forward-set trigger kits on sale for 26% off with free shipping, so...I ordered it. All of the parts to complete RS320B will be in my possession shortly
  6. Magwell installation; https://shop.springerprecision.com/Gunsmith-installation-of-Sig-P320-magwell-SP-Gunsmith-install.htm Their magwells require slight modification of the grip module and epoxy to stay on, due to the design of the P320 grip module. No front lip on the grip modules in standard form to help the magwell stay seated, so Springer Precision cuts a small notch into the bottom of the front strap and a corresponding tooth on their magwell bites into it, then epoxy helps hold everything solid. When I first started looking into magwells, I tried a different manufacturer first that claimed no permanent modification required but it would just slip off the grip module under recoil. This picture helps illustrate why the modification and epoxy are necessary; Notice that the bottom finger groove on the Glock creates a bit of a ledge - properly designed Glock magwells use that ledge to help stay firmly seated. In comparison, no ledge at the bottom of the stock P320 grip module = nothing to keep a magwell properly seated
  7. I did get the grip modules in the mail to Springer today, should have them back soon. I should probably poke Bobby Carver to see where he’s at on the mount modifications...
  8. Looks like you were able to retain the loaded chamber indicator as well? Excellent work!
  9. I believe the forthcoming Romeo1T maintains the current R1 footprint and includes the additional shroud. Hard to follow what’s been confirmed/only rumor at this point...
  10. They replaced the one I sent in with a new one, correct. Which was really my preference - The old one was a relatively early generation, the new one will have the most up to date circuit board and programming
  11. Tax refund hit so made my order for ESP magwell and installation from Springer. Ended up purchasing an ESP magwell for both the ODG Compact grip module as well as the FDE Compact grip module while I was at it. Those will go in the mail tomorrow and based on Springer’s prior turnaround times I should have them back with magwells installed in a week or two!
  12. ...Aaaand we’re back, RS320A reassembled into working order. Dropped RS320B back into the X-Carry grip module for now in preparation to send the ODG Compact grip out to Springer. Another benefit of the P320 platform - when you send your “frame” out for work, as long as you have a spare your pistol isn’t out of commission. I love this damn gun;
  13. If anyone in the Denver area is interested in putting a few rounds through RS320 themselves, I’ll be at Centennial Gun Club the afternoon of April 25th from 3-4pm, meeting another shooter so he can get a feel for the build. Let me know if anyone else is interested and I’ll tell you which lane I have reserved. https://centennialgunclub.com/
  14. 300 more rounds through the RS320B top end, currently mated to the RS320A FCU and grip module. Spent time tonight focusing on slidelock and retention reloads. Group shown is about 150 rounds, shot between 5 and 10 yards. The sight on RS320B is still only roughly zeroed, and clearly needs to be adjusted up some for proper POA/POI... That said the new R1 and RS320A’s top end are with my gunsmith to be properly mounted and zeroed, and they said it should be ready by the end of this weekend...
  15. Package received from Sig today, according to the manifest they decided to replace the optic with an entirely new one, which will include their most current generation circuit board and programming updates. Range time scheduled for this evening, will try to drop off the optic with RS320A’s slide tonight to be properly mounted and re-zeroed by my gunsmith. As soon as my tax refund hits I’ll also be sending off RS320B’s grip module for Springer magwell treatment. Progress soon!
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