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  1. More progress on Billy’s single finger knuckler version, being made in collaboration with Turner CNC. Sounds like the SFK version will be ready for sale in a few weeks, then moving on to my full-fist piece!
  2. There’s movement being made! https://www.instagram.com/p/CUgjiGrMuWt/ Progress being made on Billy’s original single finger NAA knuckler grip which is the precursor to my full-fist version. Time to get excited!
  3. Yup. Here we see where the striker safety lock should be, and the small sliver of metal below the striker assembly is everything that was left of the safety lock piece. I’m gonna say that’s broken
  4. Well, ran into a bit of a problem with the EVO320 - I believe the striker safety lock broke while dryfiring this afternoon: Part #6 in this diagram I was doing a little standard dryfire practice over lunch, had done about a dozen trigger pulls, when I went to rack the slide and the gun wouldn’t go fully back into battery. Took the slide off and took a bit of time inspecting and comparing to see what was wrong but it appears that the safety lock is no longer present on the EVO320 slide. Here’s a comparison between RS320A and the EVO320: RS320A, safety lock clearly visible and functional. Round count is ~5,200 rounds EVO320, no safety lock. Round count of ~2,500 rounds I’ll have to actually remove the striker assembly later tonight when I have time to fully inspect it and see what’s happened. For the life of me though if it broke off I can’t find the little piece of metal either in the frame of the gun or on the ground where I was dryfiring, it seems to have just vanished…
  5. First trip to the range getting to work from the new holster on the EVO320, brought the OWB setup with me this time. Dryfire and practicing manipulations at home definitely helps the body mechanics on the firing line but one thing I do need to work on some is calming down my hand tremors, causes some shanked shots here and there especially when trying to move quickly. Another couple hundred rounds through the gun today brings it up to 2,500 total with no issues. I think it’s gonna get a good cleaning tonight, probably haven’t really scrubbed it down since about a thousand rounds ago
  6. Just got a package of custom gun buckets from OTGHex! Ordered an AIWB and an OWB QLS w/ thumb break model and they both fit excellently. The kydex is molded smoothly, edges and corners are well rounded, and the custom fitting around the Atlas optic mount was done perfectly even without having the actual gun to go off of. And because I know someone will say it, the AIWB holster is fairly large in comparison to a regular light-bearing holster but compared to a Sidecar style holster - like the T1C Axis I use with the RS320s - it’s not really any larger in dimension: The optic shroud on the AIWB piece was requested for two reasons, the first being structural rigidity so the holster doesn’t crush under belt tension after the pistol is drawn, and secondly to keep pressure from the belt from snagging on the optic and slowing down/stopping the draw stroke
  7. Another range trip, another 200 rounds through EVO320 without an issue - and another trip to the range leaving the RS320s at home in the safe. I’m very heavily considering selling the complete top end assembly and magwell’d polymer grip modules from both RS320s as something like aftermarket X-Change kits and rebuilding the lowers from both to the EVO320 spec. The lower assembly on all three guns is identical - same FCU, Apex trigger, Icarus grip module with Springer magwell, and Surefire X300U-B lights. For each RS320 I’d need a standard P320 Compact complete upper assembly, Bar-Sto threaded barrels, Springer Open comps, Atlas RMR/SRO mounts, and Holosun 508Ts (the X2s, since it’s about time to upgrade the original EVO320 too). But at that point I’d be left with triplets and have a backup for my backup… Have to think about it a bit more
  8. Neat that they’re getting them imported finally. My dad and brother both just purchased VR80s for themselves, if there was more info/review/availability on these I may have suggested they hold off. Something about it being a true AR-platform rather than “AR-style” makes it more appealing to me
  9. Thank you, it’s been a fun project made much easier by the modularity of the various components. Testing and finding the right balance for parts can certainly be a process but it’s worth it in the end!
  10. No pics this time but another quick 100 rounds at the range today, doing reloads with the Neomag carrier. Extremely convenient piece and will work excellently in concert with the OTG holster once it gets here, should make for a very effective and capable carry system!
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