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  1. That would be difficult considering I didn’t realize your comment was directed at me, but I guess since it apparently was - I’m perfectly happy with how I build and use my guns. Thanks for commenting
  2. I don’t see a problem with building guns just for the fun of it, provided it’s done safely. Let people spend their money however they want, doesn’t hurt me
  3. Feel the reloads, feel the grind - Get on up, it’s magwell time!
  4. Some days one delivery makes up for all the junk mail that gets jammed into the box every year. Black, ODG, and Sniper Gray all accounted for. I was a bit worried the ODG would be too vibrant for my tastes but it matches the OEM ODG polymer grip module very well. Next step is to send these off to Springer Precision to get magwell’d up. But first I’m gonna fondle them a bit more...
  5. The problem unfortunately is that the designers don’t fully understand the division rules for competitions
  6. I recommend Springer Precision compensators, I have more than one of them and they have always worked perfectly for me. If you plan to use factory standard pressure/Minor PF loads, get the Shorty comp: https://shop.springerprecision.com/Springer-Precision-P320-9mm-Shorty-Compensator-1-2-x-28-SP0231.htm If you’ll be running +P/Major PF loads, get the Open comp: https://shop.springerprecision.com/Springer-Precision-Sig-P320-9mm-Open-Compensator-1-2-x-28-SP0232.htm
  7. You could still send that grip module to Springer Precision for installation of any of their P320 magwells. They’d be able to cut off the integrated flare and graft a new magwell to the bottom of the module - or just remove the magwell portion entirely which might make it closer to Production/CO legal. All three of my Tactical Carry modules are going to Springer for installation of their ESP magwell once I get them
  8. I doubt it would be considered legal for CO considering the magwell. That aside, I’m not sure if USPSA has ruled on whether or not a P320 grip module counts as “swappable grip panels” for the purposes of competition modifications
  9. ...and YOU get a metal grip module, and YOU get a metal grip module - EVERYBODY GETS A METAL GRIP MODUUUUULE!
  10. I just can’t get over how good the RS320 feels with the Tactical Carry grip module. Here’s my revised list of steps for finishing out the current projects, in order: 1. Acquire two more Icarus TC grip modules (ODG for RS320B, Sniper Gray for EVO320) 2. Send all three TC grip modules to Springer for fitting and installation of ESP magwells 3. With the RS320s completed once I get their magwell modules back from Springer, take the third module to my gunsmith for drilling/tapping of the dustcover, re-installation of the optic mount, and installation of the Apex trigger kit 4
  11. Based on their web store and Instagram posts, it appears Icarus is phasing out the original X-Carry module and all of the P320 modules they’re offering going forward favor the thinner, better grip texture Tactical Carry style - Which in my opinion is a good move. Their newly released competition module looks like it has an even more aggressive grip texture that extends 360 degrees around the grip as well as down the integrated magwell: https://www.icarusprecision.com/product-page/a-c-e-320-pro-competition
  12. Alright, now that I’ve had a bit more time to handle the new grip module I’ve got some more thoughts. For the purposes of this discussion the main focus will be on the actual grip and beavertail portions of the module, as from the trigger guard forward they’re functionally identical. The first thing I noticed is that the grip texture on the new Tactical Carry module is VASTLY improved over the (non)texture of the X-Carry version. It’s grippier in my hand that even the OEM polymer grip, even without a magwell. Safe to say that for my hands at least, IP nailed the ergonomics. In that vein, the t
  13. Initial impression: Sweet baby Jesus, I’ve found my standard grip module Further/more coherent thoughts after I fondle this a bit more...
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