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  1. https://shop.springerprecision.com/SP-Sig-M17-X-Compact-X-Five-LEGION-RMR-Mount-WITH-DOVETAIL-SP0247.htm For those of you who are looking for a way to mount a RMR while retaining a rear iron sight, Springer recently introduced this adapter plate which includes an integrated dovetail to install a rear BUIS. It’s compatible with the DPP footprint pistols, which currently includes the M17, X-Compact, and X-Five Legion. Sig is in the process of transitioning at least the rest of the X-Series guns to this footprint as well. This is currently the easiest method for running a RMR without sacrificing your rear BUIS, at least to my knowledge;
  2. I’ve been looking for something like this for quite a while. Unfortunately to my knowledge there aren’t currently any of these kinds of mounts available on the market, however I’m aware of several companies that are either known or rumored to be working on metal grip modules (aluminum or steel). Once one of those gets on the market, it will lend itself much better to a frame-mounted optic as you’ll be able to drill and tap the grip module itself. You could also join me in encouraging/pestering SJC Guns to develop a version of their micro dot mount for the P320 platform, which would install by mounting to the FCU through the polymer grip in the same way their mounts for Glocks and M&Ps currently work; https://stores.sjcguns.com/sight-mounts/
  3. I have to say in terms of balisongs I’d really been waiting for the Tops Knives version to come out. I like the slightly beefier proportions of it as compared to most butterfly knives. I know it probably wouldn’t be a great “flipper”, but that’s not really my interest in a balisong anyway. They teased it a couple years ago at SHOT and Blade Show but unfortunately I haven’t seen anything else on it since;
  4. Thank you sir. I’m doing everything I can to focus on recovery at the moment. I still have plenty of tricks up my sleeve for the platform once I’m able to get back to it!
  5. Not sure if anyone is still following this thread but to those who might be - My apologies for the lack of updates recently, I have been and continue to be dealing with some medical issues with my back that have kept me fairly bedridden/wheelchair-bound for the last couple of months and unfortunately right now all spare funds (save for a custom knife project) are going towards medical costs. I certainly haven’t given up on finishing out the RS320B build and there are additional builds on my project list for the P320 platform beyond that. Progress and updates will continue once I’m back on my feet and able to allocate funds again
  6. Very nice. It’ll be a while before I’m back in a position to purchase any balisong of reasonable quality, all of my knife-purchasing funds are going towards the custom blade from Ironside Edgeworks at the moment. Very reasonably priced for a completely original design entirely handmade knife of extremely high quality, but that doesn’t come cheap either way
  7. Nice group of blades! I’ve been wanting to add a balisong to my collection for a while now but just haven’t found the one that speaks to me yet. How do you like the Bushbat? I’m a diehard Karambit fan (both traditional and non-traditional) and the unique blade shape of the JX4 has been taunting me to buy one for a long time. All of my current collection are production blades but here’s my current lineup of ring-handled knives, anxiously awaiting being able to add my first custom which will be the knife in the sketch from my first post;
  8. Post ‘em if you got ‘em! Here’s a sketch of a blade I’ve got coming from Ironside Edgeworks out of South Africa, a hybridized Karambit/Pikal combative knife I’ve been designing in my mind for some time and finally decided to have someone make it out of steel (posting here to kill time as I anxiously await updates);
  9. I should’ve been more clear - I know frame-mounted optics have dominated in Open division competition for a very long time now. What I was implying was that I firmly believe non-reciprocating optics will be the next design component/philosophy to make the jump from competition pistols to more defensive/duty/carry-oriented handguns
  10. Wait until they license the design to a larger manufacturer like they did with the Scorpion EVO. Mass production by a company capable of it will bring the price down to be competitive with the Shadow 2, Q5 SF, Tanfoglio, and other competition-specific metal-frame production guns. At least if they’re smart they’ll license the design to another manufacturer. I’m sure plenty would jump at the chance. The negative bore-axis and non-reciprocating sight rail represents the next true leap forward in handgun design philosophy. Particularly as it concerns the sights; Non-reciprocating red dots are the near future of both competition and defensive pistols, I guarantee it
  11. Sorry for the lack of substantive updates lately everyone, I’ve been pretty well bedridden for a while dealing with some medical issues (my lumbar spine is fubar due to genetics). That said, I’ve been using the downtime to put quite a few dryfire trigger pulls on a spot on my ceiling. I guess would that count as #trainlikeyoufight...?
  12. What I want is a steel (or aluminum, but steel highly preferred) grip module to be able to drill and tap the dustcover for a frame-mounted optic while leaving the accessory rail free for use (meaning no rail-mounted optic “bridge” mounts). That would certainly lend itself well to an Open gun build, but that’s not exactly why I want it
  13. The actual steel frame. Not that I’m going to go out and buy a Q5 SF, I’m just going to save my money for whenever Sig or a third party manufacturer decides to actually make a grip module out of steel
  14. Love the feel of the Springer ESP magwell on a Compact grip;
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