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  1. So...I figured one 2011 part worked out pretty well, maybe another one will...I swear I don’t have a problem, I can stop whenever I want - I think
  2. At the moment I’ve tried none, but I have some ideas for holsters that index off the light rather than the pistol (with a little dremel trimming)
  3. I followed the suggestion of my gunsmith regarding the screws, he made the decision based on his prior experience installing optic mounts to 1911/2011 and various other handgun platforms. I’ll be thoroughly testing it either way, if the hardware becomes an issue I’ll make sure to have it addressed
  4. I’ve spent most of last night and this morning disassembling, inspecting, dryfiring, and generally manipulating the EVO320 and I must say I’m just absolutely tickled at how well this experiment seems to have worked. The installation by my gunsmith is absolutely flawless. The reticle on the 508T is extremely easy to acquire and the gun points perfectly naturally. It only took about a dozen draws to get the dot to fall exactly on my point of aim. There’s still a bit more to do parts-wise to complete the build, but it’s finally in operable shape to take to the range and blast as many rounds down the pipe as possible!
  5. How do you do, fellow Open shooters?
  6. How do you do, fellow Open shooters?
  7. Standard-issue Space Force blaster is now operational!
  8. Well...Got another call from my gunsmith today, unfortunately they said more delays have pushed back completing the work on my gun a bit longer. Hopefully it gets sorted out and I have some significantly more interesting/exciting updates to share soon, but for now I’m back to dryfiring RS320B and doing my best to wait patiently...
  9. Yeah, Max Michel uses them in his X-Fives. The two groups are ten rounds benched at 25 yards: I have fitted Bar-Sto threaded barrels in both of my X-Carry builds. They’re tack drivers and are far more mechanically accurate than I will ever be in practice:
  10. Just got off the phone with my gunsmith, sounds like a slight delay with other customers will mean the EVO320 will need another week to be finished, but he stated it was at the top of his queue to work on. He expects to have it finished by the 10th. Updates and more as I get them!
  11. Took a little while to shake the rust off but got it back pretty quickly today. That’s another 250 malfunction-free rounds down the pipe for RS320B bringing the tally up to ~1,500. The only thing that’s left to do is to shoot and train with it until it falls apart. My brother got to shoot his M18 with the dot for the first time today as well, and it can safely be said he’s now officially a convert to the church of pistol RDS. He also found out exactly how much it sucks to shoot .357Mag out of a S&W 340PD...
  12. Returning to the range today after a long hiatus! I’ll be pumping up the round count through RS320B mainly, as it assumes the role of designated range/practice pistol. The EVO320 should be back in my hands by the end of this week as well, and will finally be in an operable condition - meaning another range trip will be in order shortly thereafter for an extensive shakedown. Pictures will come later this evening!
  13. Unless you already have hundreds of dollars invested in P320 mags and accessories for Production/CO divisions. It’s up to the individual buyer to decide if the price of entry is worth it
  14. You can purchase the grip module unfinished raw and have your own coating applied if you want something other than cerakote
  15. I should note I’m in no way affiliated with or paid by the company, I’m just very excited to finally see some quality metal grip modules for the platform coming on the market and impressed with the responsiveness of the company to customer requests and feedback
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