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  1. Thank you, it’s been a fun project made much easier by the modularity of the various components. Testing and finding the right balance for parts can certainly be a process but it’s worth it in the end!
  2. No pics this time but another quick 100 rounds at the range today, doing reloads with the Neomag carrier. Extremely convenient piece and will work excellently in concert with the OTG holster once it gets here, should make for a very effective and capable carry system!
  3. Got a package in the mail today!
  4. 350 rounds in about an hour will leave a mark. Little lens cleaner and oil and good as new again
  5. After the trip last weekend and my range time in about an hour the EVO320 will have ticked over the 2k round mark. Holster for it should be done in another week or two, and then I can really get down to drilling and practicing with what I firmly consider my perfect pistol. Info on the holster will be posted as soon as I get it in hand!
  6. Took the opportunity today to go shooting with my dad and my brother. Got to put another few hundred rounds through the EVO320 and a few cylinders through the Pug, again no problems to report. We also got to shake down my brother’s newly assembled Custom Works FCU Fullsize gun, and with just a couple drops of lube on the rails it ran perfectly. He’ll be sending it off soon here for optic milling and he’s got a X300U on the way, so that’ll be a nicely built addition to our small collection of P320s. At the recommendation of a member on another forum we went and tried the Shoot Indoors range nearby. It’s a very nice facility, the staff is great, and it’s very conveniently located - I know for sure I’ll be going back! About another two trips to the range and the EVO320 will pass the 2,000 round mark. It’s holding up extremely well so far and performing flawlessly, there isn’t anything about it I’d want to change. Excitedly awaiting the new holster to come in and when it does I’ll be running drills with it at home and on the firing line. More updates coming soon!
  7. I held the AXG Pro in my LGS the other day. Feels very nice, very similar to the classic P-series guns and not really at all like the X-Five or X-Carry as rowdyb noted. There was nothing about it though that made me want to trade the AXG metal module for my current Icarus Precision metal modules
  8. It is standard 1913, but different guns have different lengths between the trigger guard and the rail slots so they get different mounting keys for placing the light
  9. One of the keys should specifically say P320 on it: See the lower left key of those five. If you don’t have one of those, call Streamlight
  10. A bit of personal improvement to the guns today: The bottom of IP’s grip modules have these two screw holes left as an artifact of the machining process on the beavertail. Generally perfectly fine and unnoticeable. When you put the gun through some higher round count range sessions however the slight movement from recoil can add up and eventually rub some little raw spots on the webbing of your strong hand: A quick fix for this is to fill the two holes from the bottom with JB Weld epoxy to smooth out the beavertail area and remove any cause for irritation that might otherwise be present: Quick and simple fix for a bit more comfort to the shooter
  11. Meanwhile… While I was shooting my brother was picking up his newest acquisition, a Custom Works FCU. Once his other parts get here that’ll be five P320s between the two of us. We’ll call that “a good start”
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