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  1. Not exactly custom, but here’s my current complete collection;
  2. Trying out a new EDC setup. I think it might be just a bit too much...
  3. Live blade and trainer set;
  4. They’re Strobeforce D-Tac 1,000 lights made by the guy who designed the Fox DART and 599 karambits, no longer in production. I got them several years back before the Thyrm Switchback was available, specifically for the retention ring feature. They’re good quality, but likely probably better options on the market now. But they’ve been satisfactory to my needs so I haven’t spent the money or time to replace them. If you’re looking for something similar I’d suggest getting a Thyrm Switchback ring and a compatible Surefire or Streamlight handheld, it’ll serve you very well
  5. This is Grizzly, a true mutt. Got him from the shelter in early 2019, best guess is he’s 2.5-3 years old. 85lbs of stubborn and laziness. Recently did a DNA test on him that my parents got me for Christmas, found out he’s roughly 40% Australian Shepherd, 28% Australian Cattle Dog, 24% Siberian Husky, and 8% American Pit Bull Terrier
  6. Snowed in here in Colorado today, so decided to spend some time doing dryfire and access drills with some of my regular EDC tools. While the Fox and Spyderco knives are very nice and well-made, messing with them is only making me itch to get my hands on the in-transit custom fixed blade I have on order...
  7. I’ve had the QVO Tactical Secondary OWB and Tier 1 Concealed Axis Slim AIWB holster (My EDC) for a while now and can very comfortably recommend them to anyone looking for a high-quality gun bucket that can be customized to your specific setup;
  8. I want to see one of the large-frame 9mm Limited Master pistols with a frame-mounted optic and a WML (preferably a Surefire X300U) on the rail. Perfect general-purpose 3 Gun/Range/Home defense pistol... Yes, I know I’m weird
  9. More pictures from WC; Looks like options for Fullsize and Carry, in black and FDE, with or without the manual safety slot. I like that they’re emulating the upper grip profile from the X-Compact grip module and adding it to other sizes, looks like it will be very ergonomic in the hand. Very reasonably priced as well https://shopwilsoncombat.com/What-s-New/products/249/
  10. I stumbled across this video in my YouTube subscription feed this morning, detailing the further development of Sig’s upcoming Romeo2 pistol RDS; Some key takeaways; - Likely launch around NRAAM in April, shipping later in summer - Footprint and bolt pattern same as Romeo1Pro/DeltaPoint Pro - Meaning most if not all of Sig’s revamped optics-ready pistols will be compatible, including the M17/18, X-Five Legion, X-Compact, and any other Sig pistol that comes cut for or equipped with a R1P - Will include two optional protective shrouds in the package - Specifically being designed to survive Aaron Cowan’s pistol RDS drop test (5-6 foot drop onto concrete with the pistol oriented optic-down) with either of the included optional protective shrouds installed - One of the two included optional protective shrouds is a “fully-enclosed shroud with a clear polycarbonate rear lens sealed with a gasket”, creating an enclosed-emitter optic that remains compatible with the R1P/DPP top-down mounting pattern - Integrated rear suppressor-height iron sight - MSRP of $5-600 estimated Looks like an interesting new optic with a novel approach to creating an enclosed-emitter design without the mounting solution issues of the ACRO or Holosun 509T. And sounds like they’re building it to be properly tough. This will be one to watch...
  11. These appear to be Wilson Combat‘s own design, not just a stippled OEM grip. Unable to find any other info online, but here are some screenshots from the video;
  12. Best thing about the modularity of the P320? Easy wardrobe changes for FDE Fridays;
  13. And with the final components installed into the second pistol, the long saga of the RS320 twins is now complete. Two mechanically identical, state-of-the-art-and-industry tools built to my personal specifications and preferences. Going forward RS320A will be my designated CCW pistol, while RS320B ticks up the round count in practice on the range. It’s been a lot of time, effort, and money invested, and I’m extremely satisfied with the results of this particular experiment with the P320 platform. Never one to stay satisfied for long though, my focus now shifts to the construction of the EVO320 project - And seeing just how far outside the box of conventional wisdom this platform can be pushed to gain even more of an edge...Lots more to come in 2020!
  14. I’d imagine it’s a combination of that, plus adding non-reciprocating weight at the nose of the gun, plus subjective aesthetics
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