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  1. What I want is a steel (or aluminum, but steel highly preferred) grip module to be able to drill and tap the dustcover for a frame-mounted optic while leaving the accessory rail free for use (meaning no rail-mounted optic “bridge” mounts). That would certainly lend itself well to an Open gun build, but that’s not exactly why I want it
  2. The actual steel frame. Not that I’m going to go out and buy a Q5 SF, I’m just going to save my money for whenever Sig or a third party manufacturer decides to actually make a grip module out of steel
  3. Love the feel of the Springer ESP magwell on a Compact grip;
  4. While this is neat, I don’t see it as a true competitor to the Q5 SF without a steel grip module. Rumor has it the P320MAX variant will debut with an all-steel grip module...That’s the one I’m waiting for
  5. RS320B inches closer to completion. Got my Springer ESP magwell’d ODG and FDE grip modules back and re-installed the ODG grip module on RS320B. All that’s left is to get the Apex trigger kit installed and get a precise zero. The FDE grip module is being set aside for a future build;
  6. I’ve seen it, yes. The weight is certainly impressive, but weight isn’t the only reason I want a metal grip module. Metal will be a much stronger material to anchor an optic mount drilled and tapped into the dustcover
  7. Got my shipping notification from Springer, grip modules with magwells incoming!
  8. Rudukai13

    P320 X5 Thread

    It’s the Romeo3MAX, and Max has been hinting that they will be introducing another pistol variant (the P320MAX) shortly that will be cut specifically for it
  9. Rudukai13

    P320 X5 Thread

    I guarantee you won’t be able to purchase the tungsten grip module separately. At the very least not for several years. Infusing tungsten powder into the polymer mixture is neat, and the weight is certainly there. Still would’ve been nice just to get an all-metal grip module...
  10. Good advice, but I don’t think that would work for a full steel grip module with the profile and features that I’m specifically looking for. A little more in-depth than just a bridge mount for an optic
  11. Still just waiting to get my modified grip modules back from Springer, then the Apex trigger will get installed and RS320B will be completed. With the completion of RS320B so close, my thoughts have begun turning towards this third P320 that’s just been sitting in the back of my safe for a while. This is the gun I want to base a frame-mounted optic build on. I had originally planned to use Carver Custom’s Universal optic mount (still waiting on the modified parts that would allow that to work), but I’m leaning more and more towards trying to find an alternate route that doesn’t use up the rail space and thus preclude the use of a WML. I have this image in my head of what I actually want this gun to look like when it’s done - the problem is, nobody currently makes the parts that I’m envisioning, and I don’t have the money or pull in the industry to convince a company capable of it to prototype them for me...
  12. Rudukai13

    P320 X5 Thread

    I recall reading a while back that Max has Robert Burke (the Sig Armorer) work on all his P320 triggers, though I may be mistaken. ETA; I was not mistaken;
  13. I love getting parts in the mail. Just need my ODG grip module back from Springer, get this Apex trigger installed and RS320B is done;
  14. I imagine an aluminum grip module would be heavier than polymer, but not as heavy as steel. The exact differences I wouldn’t know
  15. I would much prefer steel as well, but I’ll take any step in the right direction towards a metal grip module. Besides, once someone’s making one in aluminum it’s a much easier jump to steel
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