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  1. https://www.icarusprecision.com/product-page/ace-320-grip $370. It’s up to the individual buyer to determine if that amount is reasonable to them
  2. Cool. Not surprising that the alloy with short dustcover is lighter than the tungsten grip with full-length rail, but I bet it’s still a noticeable difference from the polymer X-Carry module. I believe the aluminum grip is also compatible with the grip weight, which means you can also add more weight to it
  3. It’ll be compatible with any X-Five magwell, including the recently introduced Springer X-Five Open (larger than OEM) and ESP (smaller than OEM) magwells; https://shop.springerprecision.com/Springer-Precision-Open-LTD-Magwell-for-P320-X-Five-and-Legion-SP0203.htm https://shop.springerprecision.com/Springer-Precision-ESP-Duty-Magwell-for-P320-X-Five-and-Legion-SP0252.htm Not sure you get much additional benefit by changing it to accept 2011 magwells, the Springer Open magwell is already a pretty large funnel;
  4. Assuming the dustcover is the same dimensions on the aluminum grip module as the OEM polymer grip modules (very likely), there will already be enough space and perfectly proportioned for installing a frame-mounted optic to it (pictured is the Atlas gunworks RMR/SRO mount, unmodified from how it ships);
  5. Where did you find the info on the weight of the grip module? I tried my best to make suggestions to them regarding profile and features, but it seemed they were fairly set in what they wanted to do. That said while it won’t be as easy and grinding down a polymer grip module, it still should be fairly straight-forward for a buyer to reprofile the aluminum grip to their particular shape and needs
  6. Yeah my guess is it’ll be somewhat heavier than a polymer X-Carry module but not as heavy as a TXG grip module. I’d certainly prefer a grip module made of steel for the additional weight, but for my purposes the aluminum version will work well enough. I’m less interested in the added weight from the grip module and more interested in it being a much more solid mounting point for a frame-mounted optic. The Surefire X300U that I hang off the pic rail will make up for the lack of weight in the aluminum itself
  7. That will entirely depend on the interpretation of what constitutes a “grip panel”. But considering some of the other aftermarket parts that have recently been ruled legal for Production/CO (like the GoGuns “Not-a-thumbrest” takedown lever), I’d lean towards yes
  8. I’ve requested that info from them, will post it when I receive a response
  9. Considering they already have the one model with a short dustcover and fullsize grip length I wouldn’t hold your breath on that...
  10. Looks like they’re just about ready to be released. The initial version is modeled after the X-Carry (Compact length dustcover, Fullsize/17-round grip length), though they have stated they’ll be working on other versions as well. Compatible with the X-Five magwell; https://www.icarusprecision.com I’ll be getting one as soon as they’re available and will do a full review in my Project Nemesis thread
  11. The only thing better than Sunday night dryfire practice is dryfire practice while watching Tom Brady eat it for the second week in a row
  12. Rudukai13

    2020 Sig Lineup

    No real surprises here. Good to see them clearing out some of the unnecessarily redundant editions of their lineup
  13. Happy Thanksgiving from Project Nemesis! I’m thankful for everyone who has followed along on this journey up to this point, and am looking forward to much more to come. May you all eat until your CCW holster becomes uncomfortable!
  14. CORRECTION; I may have spoken too soon, further info and pictures posted to Icarus Precision’s Instagram feed appear to indicate compatibility with the X-Five magwell. So there’s that at least. Still, with the full-length grip it’ll be too large at least for me to CCW. So until they come out with a Compact version the EVO320 will be relegated to nightstand and range duty
  15. Well I can’t say I’m not a bit disappointed; The company about to release aluminum P320 grip modules missed all the other features I was hoping they would include other than it being made out of aluminum. Split the difference between Fullsize and Compact with a Carry size, no magwell compatibility, no rough grip texturing. It’ll still work for the EVO320 build as it’ll be solid enough to attach the optic mount to, but I will be looking to replace it at the first available opportunity whenever a better option comes to market. Damn it I had high hopes for this thing...
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