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  1. Well after some opportunities conspired to make it possible, I’ve settled on my next project. It’s a little...different: Emphasis on different. And little. By no means are my P320 shenanigans complete, there’s still plenty of testing and shooting to do when the EVO320 is finished and I’ll still be posting to this thread regularly. But as for the next gun I’m building I’m taking a short break from P320s to work on another project I’ve wanted to do for years as well. If anyone’s interested, you can follow along with that build in this thread:
  2. ***Note for those with short attention spans: the following is word-heavy. With that said, let’s begin... Introduction: For as long as I’ve been into guns and shooting the bulk of my focus has been fairly evenly divided into two distinct categories of interest; The first being cutting edge, state-of-the-art-and-industry, next evolution and even near-future weapon platforms. The second category, arguably diametrically opposed with the first, is that of unique and/or quirky detours from historical firearm development. Those classic antique guns that were oddities of their
  3. Hmm...Sorry but that’s a resounding “meh” from me. If they had done this with a German X-Five Alpha-style grip module I’d be a lot more excited, but essentially just a X-Five Legion with a R3Max isn’t all that exciting
  4. Who’s got one? Post ‘em if you got ‘em! I’ve got a limited edition Pug in lockup at my FFL right now, waiting for the backlog of NICS checks to cycle through. I have some modifications I want to make to it, but for the most part I intend for it to just be a fun range toy and conversation piece:
  5. Buds has the following description on their page: [quote]Sig Sauer P320 X5, Semi-automatic, Striker Fired, Full Size, 9MM, 5" Barrel, Polymer Frame, Black Color, Ambidextrous Controls, Fiber Optic Sights, Sig Romeo 3 Max Red Dot Sight, 21Rd, 4 Magazines[/quote] https://www.budsgunshop.com/mobile/product/714024046/redirect
  6. Since the SKU and item description started popping up on distributor websites a couple months ago, I’d guess they were planning to announce it at SHOT this year. Since that got cancelled the timeline becomes a bit iffier, but if I had to bet I imagine they’ll announce it by end of January/beginning of February. My guess is basically a X-Five Legion with a direct-mount R3Max included
  7. Kinetic energy from reciprocating mass increases movement of the gun in hand. Inertia from non-reciprocating mass reduces movement of the gun that would be caused by kinetic energy. Since the guide rod itself doesn’t reciprocate when the slide cycles, it does not contribute to movement of the gun in hand (in the case of your question, muzzle dip)
  8. The ‘smith estimates the EVO320 will be wrapped up around February 8th, which works since I’m scheduled to be filleted in a little less than seven hours from the time of this post and it will likely be about that long before I’m up and moving confidently again. I’ll be using the down time to brainstorm, research, and look for inspiration for what my next P320 build should be. Whatever it is, I’m pretty certain it’ll have a “50 Shades of FDE” color scheme as that’s certainly one of the pigments conspicuously lacking from my pistol safe. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions for builds,
  9. Despite all the other insanity that occurred, 2020 was an excellent year in the Project Nemesis saga. I’m very pleased with the current condition of the trio compared to this time last year, and excited for everything coming up next in 2021. Happy new year to everyone, I hope it’s a good one for you all!
  10. Much appreciated! Hopefully in a few weeks I’ll have the EVO320 completed and a little better quality of life. I’ll have to think of something else to build next during my down time
  11. This monster will be going to see the gunsmithing wizard tomorrow or Thursday to get the new grip module drilled and tapped, Apex trigger installed, final reassembly and re-zeroing. Wait time will likely be a few weeks and I’m scheduled for surgery on the 6th, so it might as well be with the ‘smith while I’m off my feet and recovering anyway. Almost finished!
  12. Doing some dryfire/mag change practice tonight and figured I’d take a detail pic of the magwell fit. Perfectly blended with a bit of epoxy for a smooth transition from magwell to internal grip funnel, with zero hitches or stuck mags so far. It supports my pinky finger and the space between the magwell flare and the trigger guard fits my hand like a glove
  13. Precision Squared has arrived! It took a little longer than expected but absolutely worth the wait. Fit and finish of the magwell installations are absolutely top notch, the balance and fit in hand is downright perfect, and the weight is in all the right places. I can’t wait to get these to the range, I imagine these will barely budge in recoil with their 124gr NATO/+P standard diet. With these finished grip modules both RS320s are back in completed functional form. The EVO320 will be going to my gunsmith soon to get the new grip module drilled and tapped, the trigger kit installed, and reasse
  14. Well the grip modules were supposed to arrive yesterday but USPS gonna USPS...Hopefully it’ll show up today or tomorrow. Update coming as soon as that happens
  15. It’s gonna be a long four days
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