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  1. I believe I’ve settled on this carry position. It conceals well enough, is perfectly comfortable to sit and move (the sheath just swivels up out of the way of my leg), and provides the best access to the ring of the knife. It’s a very natural draw and my index finger can be placed through the ring very inconspicuously if I feel the need to pre-load the draw;
  2. That’s been my experience, with it clipped in the pocket it would occasionally come out with the sheath still attached when trying to draw it. Had to add a static line to the sheath for additional security and it just made for a very rough draw. On the belt with the snap loop, the sheath doesn’t budge on the draw. Much smoother, much easier, and accessible with both hands. My only real concern was bulk and concealability, but so far that doesn’t seem to be an issue
  3. Experimenting with different carry methods and locations. Based on initial impressions carrying on the belt at a downward 45-degree angle at the hip may in fact work even with my AIWB holster, and certainly provides better access than clipped in the pocket;
  4. I believe any 17- or 21-round magazine with the OEM basepad will be your best bet in regard to stopping over-insertion of the magazines on the ACE320 grip module. I will say though, I’ve used extended magazines on both RS320s for a couple years at least, with nothing to prevent over-insertion but the magazine catch and ejector. I’m certainly not gentle when performing magazine changes, and there’s absolutely no evidence of damage or deflection of the ejectors in either RS320. In all my reading and research on the platform as well I‘ve never heard of a single bent ejector caused by repeated forceful mag changes. It’s anecdotal so take it with however many grains of salt you feel comfortable with, but I believe any concern over damaging the ejector due to forceful magazine insertions may be misplaced as far as the P320 is concerned. Hopefully that helps!
  5. I don’t have any direct personal experience with them yet, but my brother’s first impressions are good. I’ll get a chance to put my hands on them soon and can give further thoughts at that time. It is the B model, I recommended that one to him based on my experience with the A model X300U on my P320s. No matter what I tried with the A model there was always some play in the light on the rail, but the B model with the Picatinny crossbar piece is rock solid with no movement at all
  6. My brother got in most of the extras he purchased for his M18, just waiting on Optics Planet for the R1P and he’ll be all set;
  7. It’s getting the Atlas optic mount and the 508T, just waiting for a chance to get it to my gunsmith to get the grip module drilled and tapped
  8. I sincerely hope that 1. You’re being serious, and 2. You’ll post pics of the results!
  9. Oh damn that’s a beautiful Dawson. That’s his Relentless sword design right? Is it as nice as it looks?
  10. Sorry not sorry for the picture whoring, I absolutely love this thing;
  11. Happy 3/20 day from snowy Colorado! Double happy sticks loaded up today cause there’s nowhere to go anyway due to the snow and Coronavirus. Oh well, time for dryfire practice!
  12. I’m no trick flipper or anything, just getting acquainted with the balance and feel of the knife with the trainer
  13. A size comparison between the new custom and the knife it’s replacing;
  14. Made another update to my EDC today. I think I’m happy with where it’s at for now. For now...
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