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Inexpensive chrono

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Don't buy anything made by Chrony, mine never worked correctly, after two trips back home I shot the dam thing on purpose, and I can't tell you how people at my club have said to me "what chronograph is that, mine never reads correctly", I use a CED M2 for load development, and a MagnetoSpeed V3 for ballistics

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Had a shooting Chrony for several years. It worked but was very finicky. Customer service was not real responsive. Did repairs under warranty but complained about it including speculation on their part why it was not working. Of course they blamed me.

Later when the Chrony took a bullet, I purchased a Pro Chrono last year and quite happy with it.

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I have a Pro Digital Chronograph and am very happy with it. I did have a Chrony and it worked fine. Couldn't find it in my garage and had to do some testing so I went with a proven design. I gave my Chrony to a friend. He's not satisfied because he gets too many error messages.

I replaced the cable for him but he still has problems even though he is shooting down the center of the machine. I guess I'm glad I gave it away.

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Very happy with my Caldwell. Got the whole premium kit from midway on sale over Christmas for like $99. The app is very handy as well!

^^^ This

My neighbor and I went in on one of these just this past week. Never having owned a chrony, I wasn't sure what to expect. I set it up at a local outdoor range and had my phone registering shots in under 5 minutes from removing the bag from the box. Not one failure in the hour spent using it. The app is definitely nice to have!

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