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  1. I bought some. They rock! Easy set up. love having the zero stop on the scope,
  2. I dig this thing for training. Its like dry fire where the airsoft pellet keeps you accountable to the sights. Super short video of training that i cant get to embed
  3. 4.8gr with a 180gr coated @ 1.142 was barely major out of my Sig 1911max. 4.9 was butter.
  4. Production CZ SP-01 Time 7.03 Points 52 HF 7.3969 Calcs to 75.9% Saw two 100% runs right before I shot....That did not help....
  5. So far so good on the one I ordered. The feel is surprisingly real. It is great for adding movement in my drills.
  6. Shot this one today, Production CZ SP-01. Steel then paper in 6.17 46 points. Works out to 7.4554HF. I think its about 74.5%.
  7. Swapped in a 17lb hammer spring, 13 lb recoil spring, took out the series 80's parts, polished the trigger bow, disco, and trigger channel. Pinned the grip safety. Nice 3 Lb break. Now I have a spare Brazos trigger kit. The stock parts worked great with a little love.
  8. My wife has been enjoying single stack quite a bit. Her 9mm needed a stablemate. So, after a delayed NICS background check.... Yay....I picked up our new Sig 1911 Max Michel in .40. Fit and finish is quite good. Trigger is....heavy. Probably 7 or 8 lbs, and a bit creepy. Brazos pro parts on the way. The gun fit my wifes holster fine, mine needed a touch of heat gun...now it fits fine. The front sight is beautifully narrow and bright. Took some 170pf rounds to the range today. I am impressed by the way it shoots. Considerably softer than a G-35 with the same loads. It is oversprung. So I ordered a couple of recoil springs to try. WIth 180gr coated bullets it is quite accurate. My Wilson .45 mags work fine but need a longer base pad. Dawsons ordered. Overall it is a nice gun and my wife is thrilled....which makes me thrilled! She called dibs at the next match!
  9. taco101

    NICS Delay

    Last week I picked up a CS SP-01 at a great price. LGS did the NICS background check and went right through. Today my Sig 1911 MaxM came in and I rushed out to pick it up. NICS came back delayed. I was carrying two guns at the time.... Makes no sense.
  10. Ordered one today. Now off to find target materials.
  11. I recently got a CZ SP-01 and ugraded it quite a bit. I added Dawson Precision sights. They only required slight fitting. I centered the rear sight up....I thought.....and called it good. First match didn't have any far targets really. Last Saturdays Match had a BUNCH of targets 20-25 yards away and they were mostly partials. I hit mostly hard cover and no shoots on those targets. All to the left. I sucked it up and figured I was having trigger control issues..... Then I decided to check the poi. At 25 yards I was 4 inches left. Plenty for me to call an A and hit hard cover. I moved the rear sight just a little and it hits poa/poi. Cost me quite a few points! Live and learn.
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