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  1. That should be counted as one procedure, not 12. You get the procedure for making the mistake from the one shooting position.
  2. Anyone can shoot. You just have to be an ICORE member to win a prize. That's the way it's been. Check. It may have changed.
  3. Brian's Slide Glide has worked for me for years.
  4. I'm using mine on 2 Ruger Mark IVs. One is a ultimate build of Volquartsen parts and is a home made Mamba and has the Vortex Venom 6 moa on it.. The LLV upper has it's own base, Picatiny. On my other Mark IV I use a Burris FFIII base for the Viper again with the 6 moa..
  5. I never use range brass in my 929. I use new Winchester . It's very consistent and allows many loadings. Don't be cheap, find a good brass and order 1000 rounds. You will be much happier in the end. I seat the bullet and use a taper crimp die but only crimp enough to get rid of the bell. I have had no problems with bullet jumping in the cases.
  6. My C-More's have had to go back to the factory more than the Vortex and I had to pay shipping on them.
  7. I bought a Vortex Viper 6 moa red dot scope a few weeks ago. Out of the box I could not adjust for windage or elevation so I called Vortex. The sent me a label to send it back. I got it back in two days. The sent me a new unit I think. I set up the new scope and after one session the dot would go out every once in a while. I called Vortex and the person said they would send me a box. Next day a new Viper arrived. It works perfectly. Vortex stands buy their product and their responses are exceptional.
  8. Ruger Mark IV with all Volquartsen upgrades and Stoner CNC grips along with a C-More Red Dot with 12 minute dot.
  9. I can no longer shoot the way I use to but I can still do my best and have fun. Sunday I shot our local Steel Challenge Match and my goal was to cut down on my misses and make sure I made my hits. I didn't care about my time and had no one to beat except myself. Shooting from a wheelchair, and having Parkinson's has changed my outlook on the game. I actually was able to push myself around all the stages without someone else doing the pushing. I did have some help from my squad mates. One offered to put my bag on his cart and that was a huge help. I timed most of the shooters and that's always appreciated by the guys. Next match I'll work on a little more speed. This one gave me the confidence to know I can make my hits when it counts.
  10. Using the Lyman spring gauge will give you more of a benefit to see if your primers will go off than just testing the pull of the trigger. I have been able to shoot with 4.5 pound triggers with 100% reliability Hammer drop should ( for me) be around 40 oz. Under that and I get light strikes. My triggers all have stock mainsprings in them and are balanced so that they reset properly. I then Loctite the Strain Screw and don't worry about it. I recently sold my 92 with the 4.5 # trigger and the new owner says he can only get reliable ignition with a 6.5 # trigger pull. Seating primers properly is a big help.
  11. mvmojo has the right tip. A little spray before you load up the hopper and you will have no troubles with the McFadden. I shoot about 300 rounds each trip to the range and it's never let me down. If you end up with an extra bullet dropping out or only get 9 adjust the Philip's Head screw on the bottom only 1/2 turn at a time and your problems will be solved.
  12. I had the TacSol compensator on my Ruger Mark III and it leaded real bad. It's a PITA to clean. I opted for a new compensator from Allchin.com and am very happy. The holes are huge and it's easy to get to. I also clean it in my vibrator cleaner with a mix of 50 per cent vinegar and 50 per cent peroxide. I also find that just leaving it in the solution for a few hours will loosen up the lead and I can scrape it out with a brass punch.
  13. Glad you have been enjoying the CCML Steel Challenge Matches. It sure fills up fast now with all 8 squads filled by Tuesday before the match. Eighty shooters per match is a nice change compared to last year. Everyone is helping out.
  14. Send it back to that "gunsmith". I did my own upgrade with the Volquartsen Accurizing Kit and my trigger pull went from 5 3/4 pounds down to just under 2. Takes about an hour after you watch the YouTube video to do it yourself. You got ripped off.
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