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  1. That's a good start but you need to clean it up a bit. As suggested get a Cratex bit.
  2. 4 grains of bullseye and the 160 grain bullet will work very well and will give you just over 800 fps making minor power factor with no problem. The 160s are heavy enough to knock down steel with no problems.
  3. I've been shooting Rimfire Revolver for years against RPO guys. I use to hold my own but health has changed all that. Shoot with the lady your brought and have fun.
  4. 130 power factor. I shot the same loads for USPSA and ICORE as SCSA.
  5. When I shot a lot, my times with OSR were much faster than my RFPO times.
  6. CCI - SV give me the tightest groups but for Steel Challenge I shoot Remington Bucket Of Bullets. They are the cleanest ammo I've found. I can easily run 500 rounds before I clean the cylinder. Mini Mags work pretty well also.
  7. I love shooting the .22s for SC. So much easier without having to buy a holster for each of my guns. Now I'm shooting RFRO as well. It's much cheaper than reloading anything.
  8. Looks like an ADCO Mirage. It was very popular before the reflex sights came along. I shot one for years. It's easier to pick up the dot but you get a better field of view with the reflex which helps making transitions faster. Love the V-Comps. My favorite of all the models and I wish I would have kept mine. Good luck with it and good shooting Steven
  9. Never should have allowed the 7 shot revolver to begin with. Should have eliminated the problem in the bud. I was the third person in our area to shoot an optic on my revolver. First being Brian Enos and then Rob Leathem. Yhey started because of Bianchi and adding the dot made a big difference in the sport. We only had shoot with the girl you came with. At the club level we split Revo and Auto and had Best Of Day to make both compete with each other. Sometimes the revolver would win. I can no longer shoot do to health reasons but if I did I would vote for Optics in Revolver. It's more accurate and faster, at least it was for me. Vote with your heart. If you like shooting Irons, shoot them. It's not like we're shooting for a brand new Caddy at the end of the day. Just the opinion of a very old shooter that use to do it for the fun of the sport.
  10. I agree that as we've become older and less physically active out times will definitely change and scores will not approach what we would have been capable of years ago. Asking for reclassification is one answer and I agree with it. There's always the mystique of being a Master Class or Higher and it's notoriety but not winning can get you down. I remember my higher classifications but realize I'll never be competitive against the younger, newer and more dedicated shooters. I'd rather stay in C now and have fun then have to shoot my old classifications although I still try, I recognize my limitations.
  11. Use Blue Loctite on the screws to make sure it doesn't come loose on you. I just tried purple and my sight base began to move after only 10 shots. I use a Wheeler Torque wrench with it set for 15 inch/pounds.
  12. A friend gifted me a Ruger 10-22 this year for Christmas and I've wanted one for Steel Challenge. It's not too conducive to speed shooting but after a few modifications I think I have a winner. I took off the Clark 20 inch .920 heavy barrel. Another friend gave me a Tactical Solutions light weight barrel that only weighs 15 ounces. I picked up a MagPul stock to replace the Hogue Over Molded stock and I did a trigger job on a very old trigger that I had sitting in the garage for about 15 years. I had done all the polishing back then but replaced the springs the other day with a set from Wolf. Trigger pull is between 1.5 and 2 pounds as measured by my Lyman Digital Scale. I tried a variety of ammo and all seemed to group about 1.5 to 2 inches at 25 yards using my old C-More with a 12 MOA dot.
  13. I'm 72 and in a wheelchair but I still compete. Just can't move as fast as I want. I mostly shoot Steel Challenge now.
  14. Anyone need .38 Short Colt brass let me know. I think I've got 500 new cases I can let go of. Once I had my 929 working with Winchester brass I never looked back.
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