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  1. AzShooter

    Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Lite resurected

    Well, yes since I'm use to a 2 pound trigger on my other guns but when testing it today it didn't feel too bad. This is not going to be a competition gun, just something to play with.
  2. Thanks to WirthweinGuns.com I was able to replace the frame on my 22/45 with one of his reclaimed lowers to build my new Lite. After building my "Mamba", Volquartsen's new name for a 22/45 with their LLV upper and internal Accurizing Kit, I had a left over barrel and bolt sitting in the safe accumulating dust. Today my lower showed up and I put the barrel assembly on it. There were no adjustments needed and now I have an extra gun to play with. The trigger is stock and I like the new Gold trigger. It also has a flat face so it feels like my Victory trigger on the Mamba. Trigger pull is a nice 3 3/4 pounds with jus a little bit of take-up. I may put my spare VQ trigger in this to eliminate the takes-up but for now I'm going to shoot it as is.
  3. AzShooter

    Revo holster

    Hogue is an excellent holster. Why doesns't it work for you? I like Blade Tech and Fobus holsters. Both aare secure but fast to pull the gun out of.
  4. AzShooter

    S&W 625JM

    BHBret, those 230s look way too short. Seat them out longer and you will probably get better accuracy. OAL should be 1.272 - 1.275
  5. AzShooter

    Could a new hammer/firing pin cause keyholing?

    No, the Apex Hammer and the new springs would not affect your groups like that. The best thing to do is check out your loads more. Also check to see if your bullets are jumping out of the cases when fired or are bullets coming loose after you fire previous shots. Could be your crimp. 8 inches at 7 yards there is definitely something else happening.
  6. AzShooter

    S&W 625JM

    For the pistol work I'd go with TKCustom.com. Tom does excellent work and he has the moonclips you need for your gun.
  7. AzShooter

    Trigger finger pain after dry fire

    50 - 60 trigger pulls a night is nothing. I would dry fire my revolver 1000 times a night to get use to the trigger. Just sit there watching tv and pull that trigger. It doesn't take long and you will build up straight for those long stages.
  8. AzShooter

    Are we really Revolver “Enthusiasts?”

    If you can get a 929 for under a grand get it. It's the best choice for ICORE. Reloading 9mm is easy and you can find a load to tune your gun just right. Try 160 grain bullets. They work best for low recoil and accuracy.
  9. AzShooter

    S&W 625JM

    I'd put an Apex Hammer and Extended Firing Pin in it. You should be able to tune the action down to about 6 pounds at least. Definitely have the chambers chamfered. Nothing reloads faster than the 625. Shoot Round Nose bullets. 230 grains are the best. If you want to shoot ICORE down load them to abut 3 - 3.2 grains of Bullseye.
  10. 35 degrees this morning at the range in North Phoenix. I went prepared but had to come home early because my shooting buddy didn't. We stayed an hour and then left. It's supposed to be this cold for the next week at least. I'm hoping it warms up for our Steel Challenge later this month.
  11. AzShooter

    38 Spcl. Load for USPSA minor

    That should be a good load. It shoots well and will make chrono with room to spare.
  12. AzShooter

    38 Spcl. Load for USPSA minor

    4 grains of Bullseye makes a great combination with a 158 LRN bullet. Very accurate and little recoil.
  13. AzShooter

    Red Dot on S&W 929

    Not on my 929 but you get the idea. Allchin mount.
  14. AzShooter

    Red Dot on S&W 929

  15. AzShooter

    Red Dot on S&W 929

    I agree. C-More Railway on an Allchin mount. Works great. I like a 6 minute dot for accuracy work and a 12 minute for Steel Challenge.