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  1. Factory Federals gave me the same problem. I switched to Wnchester and the problem went away. Then I started reloading and it all has to do with the crimp. Not a lot, just enough to take the bell out but bullet size is important. I was shooting .357 and .358 lead bullets and never had one jump from the cases.
  2. Great videos and it looks like you are at the top of your game. ICORE sure has changed from 10 years ago. It looks more interesting with lots of targets and movement. You must have practice a lot to get to your skill level. Congratulations.
  3. https://i.imgur.com/ir21AMlh.jpg[/img] Last time out practicing I couldn't force a magazine into my 1911 22. I took it down to bare frame to figure it out but couldn't. I called ATI (American Tactical Inc. to get an RA # to send it back. I had made a few modifications and thought I took them all out before sending it back but I missed a few. I figured I cancelled my Warrantee. They had to replace the slide, firing pin, Magazine safety and the trigger return spring. I also replaced the rear sight with a Dawson adjustable. I figured when they replaced the slide they would not give me back my Dawson but they managed to mount it on the new slide. I'm real happy with the service. I expected the trigger to change from the 3.5 pounds I had gotten it down to and I was right. From the factory it came back with a 5.5 pound trigger. I kept all my old parts and will upgrade the trigger again after I shoot it stock and see how it's doing.
  4. I've read that removing the 1980 safety parts will help reduce trigger pull, less parts to get in the way. I don't like eliminating safeties but what is the real gain in doing so on your 1911?
  5. For me, in a wheelchair, it's easier to carry my stuff on the belt than to carry a bag. It's harder to handle and there are no tables at the range to put the bag on.
  6. AzShooter

    929 Info

    Nope, not going to make it this year. I can't get around at the Phoenix Rod & Gun Club in my wheelchair.
  7. Do not use Red Loctite unless you don't want to remove the mount. It takes lots of heat to loosen Red. Make sure you clean the holes and screws with acetone and then let them sit for at least 24 hours before you shoot the gun when using Blue Loctite.
  8. AzShooter

    929 Info

    Yes it was. First was Vic Maehren with an Astra, and then Charlie Prest really go the idea going using a S&W Model 28. You can thank Charlie for the popularity of the 8 shot.
  9. AzShooter

    929 Info

    Yes, that was with the Apex kit with hammer and springs. Stock mainspring but 11 pound rebound spring. I also had the Apex firing pin installed.
  10. AzShooter

    929 Info

    The compensator really doesn't do anything on the 929 it will get dirty but clean the plug with Hoppes or I like MPro7. My trigger pull was 4.5 pounds and had no problem with Federal primers. For their loaded ammo I would stick to 6.5 pounds. There is no problem in using any solvent on the titanium. The face can be cleaned using brass steel wool and a lot of elbow grease. It's not worth the effort to clean it. I love my Guba Ribas holster. Fast and secure.
  11. Volquartsen recently announce their new holster for the Scorpion and Mamba pistols. I ordered one so I could have my Mamba on my hip instead of having to use a bag during Steel Challenge Matches. The fit is tight and works great with the 4.5 in barrel. With my 6 inch the compensator stick out past the end of the holster but fit and finish are superb.
  12. Plano fishing boxes. You can get them at Walmart.
  13. The Mark IV rest will not fit the Mark III. Bill Striplin either has the Mark III model or can get you one. Give him a call.
  14. Before I reloaded 9 mm for my 929 I used Federal ammo and had no problems with it. I fired 1000 rounds for the brass and by then I had my dies for my Dillon 650 and just reloaded them. If you don't intent to reload go with the 929.
  15. Be careful, most .22s are not made to be dry fired. You will eventually either brake the firing pin or cause damage to the cylinder head which will lead to misfires. It sure does help shooting hundreds of dry fires and comparing it to your automatic. Good luck.
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