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  1. 31 degrees in Surprise Az. Snow is down to 3500 feet and everyplace north of us is wicked. Most of the smaller towns in Northern Arizona are closed. I'll take our summers, thank you.
  2. Bill Striplin makes the thumb rest and it is available for the 22/45 lite and in a left handed version.
  3. I have run about 75K rounds though it before it started giving me trouble. I was getting failures to fire, especially with Eley ammo but also with my favorite, Blazers. Like you, when I needed a part they would ship it very quickly. Today I installed one of their fiber optic front sights on the gun. I want to shoot RFPI a bit. The screws were the wrong size so Ryan told me they would send them out tonight. Once he told me the size I found a couple in my leather working draw. With the upper, they asked if I just wanted a new one and use my old barrel or did I want a new barrel
  4. I mounted my C-More on my Black Mamba by just using the built in rail.
  5. Weather was perfect today for out monthly Steel Challenge Match. Registration was full with 75 shooters showing up for the 8 stages of fire. I shot my Black Mamba, after getting it back from Volquartsen two weeks ago. Basically it's a new gun and all the little problems with it have been corrected. VQ replaced the top end after a small piece broke off my original. They also put in a new barrel so I seasoned it with 800 rounds of Federal HV 36 grain HPs. The match went off without a hitch. By 10 o'clock I had to take off my sweater, the temperature was over 70 degrees and there w
  6. Well, lack of ammo didn't stop people from shooting our monthly Steel challenge Match. We had 75 competitors. Most were shooting .22s. Many of our top centerfire shooters also shot .22s. I found a 4 pound bottle of Vhita Vhouri N 310 in the garage this week. I no longer shoot centerfire and sold all my reloading equipment so I mentioned that I'd like to sell this powder. I asked for what I paid for it a few years ago and the first person I told bought it. They said there was a hard time finding powder. I asked for $100 for the 4 pounds. When I check the price on-line it is
  7. Well, it took me a few tries but I finally completed a new holster for my Black Mamba 22. The holster has two tension screws so I can adjust how fast the gun will come out and there is no way it is going to fall out unexpectedly. I like wearing my gun instead of using a bag for Steel Challenge Matches.
  8. Awesome build. Good luck with it.
  9. The lighter you make the hammer the better your trigger will be. Remember to change your springs. I use an 11 pound rebound spring. You may want to start with a 13. You can also loosen the main spring to get a lighter pull. If you do, use some blue Loctite to keep it in position. There is no problem to grinding off the hammer spur.
  10. Shooting the IRC one year and they had a stage with 9 poppers. This was way back when we first started having the IRC and things were still being learned. The wind kept blowing a popper over even after it had been reset a number of times. I was the lucky shooters that had the problems the most problems with the stage. I had to reshot it so often, I think 7 times also, that I almost ran out of ammo. I was shooting my 625 at the time and fortunately had a box of 230 ball ammo in my case. I ended up needed it to finish the match. What a difference from my wimp reloads to ball
  11. Charlie Prest, the guy that started this 8-shot revolution was my sponsor years ago. He did a coil spring conversion on my 625 that improved the trigger a lot. This was when a 7 pound trigger was considered as low as you could go. I had no problems busting Federal and Winchester primers. This conversion looks an awful lot like Charlie's. It will work.
  12. I've tried the Vortex Venom and the C-More Railway and neither one would let me co witness. I used Allchin mounts for both dots. I would also add some DS-10 speed loaders to your inventory. They help a lot when loading between stages or just for a long day at the range. Here's my 617 with the C-More.
  13. I had a bad experience a week ago with the top end of my Mamba breaking. A small piece in front of the mainspring housing broke off. The gun would no longer fire which was probably a good thing at that point and the top end would no longer close onto the receiver. Volquartsen told me to send it back. This on Dec 23rd and I figured even with overnight there would be a problem with delivery. UPS surprised me and everything went smoothly. Today, Jan 4 I received my gun back from Volquartsen with a new LLV upper and new compensator. Great service from Ryan and all the people at Volq
  14. I shot the red CCI Clean at our last Steel Challenge Match and was very pleased with it. It seems very consistent. Recoil is about the same as my normal fodder, CCI Blazer 40 grain. Much cleaner without having all that wax on the bullet. I only have 600 more rounds so I'm saving them for a match that counts unless they become available soon. So hard to find anything these days.
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