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  1. While walking around at our local LGS I came upon an interesting little gun, a GSG 1911 22. It has the look and feel of a standard 1911 but in .22 and seems to be an excellent gun for practicing. Weight feels the same and magazines also feel like the standard ones. I think it would be an inexpensive way to practice for real shooting. Especially draws and mag changes. The recoil is still that of a .22 so firing isn't going to be realistic. I didn't think I would buy it but after checking it out, and seeing the price, I just had to take it home. I did read a number of reviews on the web and it looks like it will be fun to play with. It's 80% compatible with regular 1911 parts, except for the .22 features so new sights and a new Main Spring Housing look like a must. The housing is to get rid of the Magazine Disconnector making it California legal.
  2. Great shooting Bob. I knew you could do it. You are going to love the other match. Wonderful people there too. Good luck at the State Championship.
  3. Put a bore snake in your shooting bag and run it through the gun every 200 rounds. Problem solved. I shoot about 500 rounds per session with my 22/45 and don't have any perception of leading. I shoot CCI-SV and even Blazer with no problem. When I get home I do use a bore snake and MPro-7 to clean the barrel out. I also clean my compensator with 50% peroxide and 50% vinegar but I do that after every 1000 rounds.
  4. If Ruger can't help you get in touch with Wirtheinguns.com. He has just about every part you can think of.
  5. Using a C-More on my Ruger Mark IV 22.45 light the sight was about half way to the front of the rail. I have since switched to a Vortex Venom with 6 minute dot and hve it mounted on the dovetail with an EGW mount. The advantage, Easier to center targets, the dot appears larger. I was using a 12 minute dot on the C-More but the 6, up close seems to be about the same. I also like the battery life of the Venom. My C-Mores took a new battery every month while this sight has lasted me about 6 months so far.
  6. Notice nearly every shooter displayed in the video is using an Ernie Hill holster. Weren't they the good old days?
  7. Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Lite. Great for youths because it is very light. Very good for Steel Challenge. Transitions easier from target to target.
  8. I use a dip of 50% peroxide and 50% vinegar to clean my comp. After a few hours it will loosen up or if you have a sonic cleaner put this mix and your comp in a plastic container, put that in your sonic cleaner. I run my at 4 cycles of 4 minutes each.
  9. l've only had my dot go out once at a match and the match director was more than understanding and gave me enough time to mount two different dots that were also broke and then to sight in until I was satisfied. They let me go to a stage that wasn't being used and let me shoot at one target. A lot depends on time and the match director's attitude.
  10. I finally installed the Volquartsen Accurizing Kit after a shot period of time and got the trigger down to 1 1/2 pounds. I don't shoot this gun much because I enjoy the Mamba but now that the summer months are upon us and I won't be shooting Steel Challenge for the next few months because of the extreme heat (hell, I'm 68 years old and shooting from a wheelchair or walker depending on the day) I have to take care of my health and will wait until it's under 100 before I shoot again. Now's my time to practice with this gun. I love that it is so much lighter than my other one. It tracks from target to target with ease. Accuracy of the stock barrel isn't bad at all and I find the tightest shooting load to be Blazer so I won't bother shooting my Eley rounds out of this gun. The Allchin mount works well and the sound is loader than stock, good for the timer. Newest modification is a Dove-tail mount for my Vortex Vipers. I know, you have to take the sight off to replace that battery but I haven't seen a problem in getting the sight back on target when replacing it.
  11. I too like the Guba Ribas holster. I now use it for my 617 but was using it for my 929 and had no problems setting it up for either gun. Drawing was a breeze. Holstering was a little tricky for me becauwe I shoot from a wheelchair.
  12. I've used the stainless and they work fine in my gun. I've also had the blue and can't tell the difference.. Get the right ones for your brass, call and ask Tom for the ones that will fit Starline the best.
  13. CR-Speed was the fastest holster I ever owned. Only problem is it was so fast I always thought I'd lose the gun. It never happened though.
  14. If it's one of the originals replace the firing pin. They are known to break. The newer ones don't have that problem. I replaced mine with the Volquartsen and have had good luck with it. Over 30K rounds with no problems.
  15. I received my new pair of Pro Ears last week and finally got a chance to check them out both at an indoor and outdoor range. They are nice and light and fit behind the head with 2 plugs that go in your ears. There are 3 different sized of plugs so you can custom fit them to year hearing. Sound quality is superb. I had no problems hearing range commands or when talking to friends. As always, when the gun fires the hearing protection cuts off the loud sounds be quickly goes back to normal sounds. There are 5 degrees of loudness and easy to adjust. No more having to wear heavy, uncomfortable earmuffs.
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