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  1. Perhaps I was miss understood. I didn't mean to go slow, just to shoot at my confidence level. I was running in the 120s for the Steel Challenge Matches so I wasn't taking my time. I felt like a turret on a tank and just never missed. Vic Pickett and I would often shoot to seen how fast both of us could shoot a stage with all Xs. In ICORE you have to make your shots as fast as you can, same as SC because the A-Zone is so big but if you miss you lose seconds and if you go too slow you lose seconds. It's a balancing act for sure.
  2. I like the Volquartsen Black Mamba. A Scorpion would be another choice. They are built strong and accurate. The Mamba is basically an upgraded Mark IV 22/45 Lite. It tracks fast and with the VQ internals will have a trigger pull of around 1.5 pounds. I put a 12 MOA dot on mine for the C-More Railway sight, I find that the bigger the dot the better for Steel Challenge.
  3. North Mountain are the best. Using Short Colt you can put 3 moons on each peg and that's all you better need per stage. For Steel Challenge I ran the inexpensive moons from Revolver Supply Co. As long as I checked them for flatness there were good enough. The Hearthco and TK .35 moons were saved for ICORE where a serious reload was important.
  4. My best times were with a 625 where I loaded 3 grains of Bullseye and a 230 RNL bullet. It was so slow I think I hit target 5 on 5-to-go before the bullet hit target 4. I was fast because I never missed. It doesn't matter what speed your bullets are going, knowing you are going to hit every shot I think is more important. These days I'm slow, I miss but I enjoy myself. I'm shooting RFPI with my 617 and enjoying it. Still shooting revolver even though there is no division for it in rimfire. I see too many revolver shooters shooting all 8 of their bullets on a
  5. Do not slow down to watch your sights. Once you are on-target let the shot fly. You are trying to hit large scale and not small MOA shots so relax.
  6. Come out to the Cactus Match League Steel Challenge Matches at Ben Avery on the 3rd Sunday of the month. The match starts at 8 a.m. now because of the heat. Sign up on Practiscore. I'm now shooting my 617. It's a blast. Over the years lots of guys have given me DS-10 Speed Loaders for it. I now have 20 including 5 of the new model that the owner gave me to test. He's a great guy and really supports the sport.
  7. Jets would be nice but Bubba rising a Comp III from Safariland isn't that bad either.
  8. Looks impressive and functional. Good luck with it.
  9. I don't thing you will give any harm to your R8 shooting the light loads you are using. If you go with a 627 go with the 4 inch. Since you have a red dot on it the extra barrel length is not going to help you if you went with a 6 incher. You will also find that the 4 inch tracks faster from target to target and that's a big advantage.
  10. I've shot revolver competitively for over 40 years and it is by far the most fun that I have in shooting. I was one of the first Master Class shooters in ICORE with both Open and Iron sights. My favorite to compete in USPSA matches was my 625 because it's the fastest reloading revo out there. You just have to have a mindset that you are always competing against yourself and try to improve. I've beaten a number of auto shooters at our club level and even won Best Of Day against the auto shooters taking out best Revo and Auto shooters on a Man On Man match. I am no lo
  11. [img]https://i.imgur.com/Kev8kRd.jpg[/img] M&P Shield 9EZ I'm getting old and can't rack the slide on many of my old autos so I went looking for this in .380. They didn't have ammo and I still had over 1000 rounds of 9 so I bought this one. It's a little large for a pocket gun but since I make my own holsters I was able to a nice OWB for it.
  12. I did that a few years ago and couldn't bring myself to shoot them after reading the warnings in reloading manuals. I found, for me, the best bet was to pull them and start over again. I bought a collet pullet and it really worked great. I reloaded the brass and bullets and saved the powder.
  13. Many years ago Charlie Prest (the guy that started the 8 shot .38s) converted my 625 to coil spring. The trigger was fantastic. There was no delay in the pull, just the same weight all the way through and it was soooo smooth. TK's system looks similar and should take your trigger pull to the next level. I think you would enjoy it if you give it a try.
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