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  1. CactusMatchLeague.com At Ben Avery Shooting Facitlity on I-18 and Carfree HYW. Thursday night and 1st and 3rd Sunday. DearTribe, second Sunday at Ben Avery Steel Challenge.
  2. Just for fun my friend measured the Patriot loads and found the Red and Blue to be .223 but the white ran .224 to .25 and jammed in his Mark III Hunter. They tumbled in my Mark IV so we stopped using them. YMMV.
  3. Three days before the State Championship, a level 2 match, this happened. Glad I have a backup.
  4. I decided to clean my gun in preparation for the AzState Championships this week. I had no problem taking the comp off and using my new carbon blaster from Volquartsen. Worked great. But when I went to clean the barrel section and lower I found this. The Mainspring Housing and plunger were broken. Fortunately I have a second frame from my back-up so I switched them out. Wednesday I'll head to the range to make sure the sights are one.
  5. I've been using Blazers with a lot of luck. They work perfectly in my Mark IVs and give the best groups in all of my .22s. Until today. I tried Eley Force just to see how it works. WOW. off hand groups are about twice as tight as my Blazers. Next week is our State Championship. I have no illusion of winning anything but I'm going to shoot Force for the fun of it. Probably the only match I will do this, I'll go back to Blazers because they work 100% of the time and are much cheaper.
  6. Try as I may, I just couldn't get use to the smaller/lighter dot of the Vortex Venoms so I'm back to my 12 and 8 moa C-Mores. This one is my backup and for now has the 8 moa. Last match with the Vortex I was loosing the dot in the sunlight causing delay in being able to fire the shot.
  7. If it slugs .356 you want to use .357 or .358 bullets. Mine worked best with .358. Good luck.
  8. I did the same as FWSixgunner. Definitely worth the time and effort. Veral will help you if you need it gut it's real simple. I gained a few FPS but don't remember how many and my groups got a little tighter, always a bonus.
  9. How do I place an item for sale in the Classifieds? I see Dealer and Brass but not for Members.
  10. If your still in the market, I have a railway 6 - 8 MOA, refurbished by CMore and mounted on a 10-22 for a year. Changed over to the RTS for commonality on all my guns.



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      Wow, Great to know.  Thanks Bill.


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      It's in your mailbox!! Enjoy and good shooting.



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      I already have it mounted on my backup gun.   Thanks.


  11. Factory Federals gave me the same problem. I switched to Wnchester and the problem went away. Then I started reloading and it all has to do with the crimp. Not a lot, just enough to take the bell out but bullet size is important. I was shooting .357 and .358 lead bullets and never had one jump from the cases.
  12. Great videos and it looks like you are at the top of your game. ICORE sure has changed from 10 years ago. It looks more interesting with lots of targets and movement. You must have practice a lot to get to your skill level. Congratulations.
  13. https://i.imgur.com/ir21AMlh.jpg[/img] Last time out practicing I couldn't force a magazine into my 1911 22. I took it down to bare frame to figure it out but couldn't. I called ATI (American Tactical Inc. to get an RA # to send it back. I had made a few modifications and thought I took them all out before sending it back but I missed a few. I figured I cancelled my Warrantee. They had to replace the slide, firing pin, Magazine safety and the trigger return spring. I also replaced the rear sight with a Dawson adjustable. I figured when they replaced the slide they would not give me back my Dawson but they managed to mount it on the new slide. I'm real happy with the service. I expected the trigger to change from the 3.5 pounds I had gotten it down to and I was right. From the factory it came back with a 5.5 pound trigger. I kept all my old parts and will upgrade the trigger again after I shoot it stock and see how it's doing.
  14. I've read that removing the 1980 safety parts will help reduce trigger pull, less parts to get in the way. I don't like eliminating safeties but what is the real gain in doing so on your 1911?
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