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  1. I looked under 2021 International Revolver Championships.
  2. It's all one piece. Grips flair out on bottom for the mag well.
  3. Try WirthweinGuns.com. He sells the entire lower. I know of no place where you can just order springs, pins etc. If you want to build a Krakan from Tandemkross you will have to buy a complete frame to get all the parts.
  4. Good video. Thanks for sharing that.
  5. Having missed the past two SCSA matches do to Covid I finally got out today to shoot with The Deer Tribe in Phoenix. Not many braved the heat. It was only 110. We had three squads of 5 shooter's each. I hope this club can survive with such poor turnout. I also will do everything I can to get more people to shoot it. With such low attendance we were able to complete the match by 11:30 so we didn't have to contend with today's high. Coming back from years of not being able to shoot I'm just about starting over but I'm having a lot more fun these days. If it ain't fun, don't do it. I only scored a 177. I won my class (C- Senior) and shot my personal best on Outer Limits and 5 To Go. 5 To Go has always been my hardest stage. I don't know why, it's so simple, but I always seem to be having makeup shots. I only had one bad run on it today. It was nice to shoot OL without the extra 4 second penalty for not moving. I always thought the penalty was too great but I realize it takes me about 3 seconds to make my first shot from the second box so I guess the 4 second is reasonable. I still think there should be no penalty, being in a wheelchair is enough of a bad situation. I tried shooting CCI-SV today. My Black Mamba really likes them and I can feel less recoil compared to shooting my normal CCI Blazer 40 grain ammo. Sight settings are very close so I still practice with Blazers and will shoot SV until I run out. I've got 10K rounds left. I found one of my problems is that I shoot steel too fast. I shoot as soon as the dot is on the target and end up missing because my follow through is too quick. Today I shot as if I was shooting paper. I didn't wait for the clang, just shot for center of mass and moved along to the next target. It seems to work for me. I also tested out two shooting vests from Cool Vest. One recharges by dumping it in water. It lasted all day. The other is put in the freezer and the ice packs freeze. It only lasts about 2 - 2.5 hours but with the Chilly Vest on top I was nice and comfortable while others in the squad were complaining about the heat. Here's my Black Mamba. All Volquartsen internals, the VQ Bolt, Thumb Rest Safety latch by Cornerstone, and a pair of Stoner CNC grips and C-More Railway with a 12 MOA dot.
  6. I designed a lot of the classifiers years ago and would be open to helping whomever would listen to this old man.
  7. Remember, there is always tomorrow. Enjoy. At least you weren't sitting on your couch.
  8. Good point ysrracer. I wish I could go to the IRC. There is more than just the match design, there is friendship. People may think the stages are not challenging enough but unless you are shooting them in real time, you don't know. And Jerry is shooting. Who would want to miss seeing the greatest revolver shooter of all times?
  9. I was at the first IRC and it was a lot of fun. These stages seem to reflect that and people should enjoy it. I wish I could go but... Good luck to all that attend. Have fun and shoot well.
  10. I think your xmas list is perfect. You will be very happy with that setup. Good Luck and Good Shooting.
  11. My draw is much slower then my reloads.
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