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  1. Steven Bressan. Yeah we probably know each other. I was at the firs12 then had to take a few years off and started up again for a number of years. That first one was a blast. Alpine Grove was where my wife grew up so she knew the location. I also like the ones in Colorado. Always had a good time. I even came in 10th at the first 2 matches. I went thinking no one could beat me but to my surprise...LOL.
  2. I use a taper crimp, actually just relieving the bell. I also use .358 bullets in my 929 and have never had a problem with setback or bullets pushing forward.
  3. I like making holsters as much as I like shooting. This is today's effort. Lined with 5 ounce Veg Tan Leather, Dyed Tan from Tandy Leather and Hand Stitched using yellow thread. It takes about a week to get the final finish on these holsters. I've had a few request for them from local shooters.
  4. I've had very good luck with CCI Blazers and my Mark IV 22/45 and Mamba. Last month I tried CCI - SV at our Steel Challenge Match and had so many FTE that it wasn't fun. I bought some Eley Action Plus and it's been working real well. I think this will become my new match ammo. I also have some Eley Force, again no problems with FTF or FTE.
  5. No, there is no division for rimfire revolver, optic or iron. I shoot mine in RFPO and actually have better results than my auto. Never had a jam with the revolver.
  6. https://i.imgur.com/MX3lxfCl.jpg[/img] Finding .22 ammo has been a real challenge lately. I normally shoot Blazer because they group better in my guns than a lot of the expensive ammo and are cheap. Non are available on line form any of my sources. On another forum someone suggested Eley Action. There is standard velocity and Plus. I chose to test the Plus out of my Volquartsen Mamba. It's 42 grains and is hotter than Blazers. I ran 200 rounds through my gun this week and I like it. I'm not a good shooter from the bench but I did manage this group from 25 yards off a sandbag. The flyers are my fault. It's not easy to shoot tight groups with a 12 MOA dot. The Action Plus shoots better in my gun then Force and is less expensive at $32.50 for 500 rounds. I was fortunate enough to buy a case after testing it and seeing how well I like it. I will regulate this for Steel Challenge Matches. I didn't buy more because I already have about 60K rounds of Blazer plus a variety of other good .22 ammo for plinking.
  7. I've had good luck with a Dremel and cut-off wheel. I've also just put the screw up against my grinder to get it to the right size. Better method is to buy a shorter screw from Brownell's.com. I understand Ace Hardware now has gunsmithing screws so that will help as well.
  8. E-Bay has take off New Rear Sights for the Mark Series coming off of the New Mark IVs. They run about $40. I just ordered one. I like the sight picture better than the original Ruger Rear Sight. I have a Williams Fire Sight for the front.
  9. Well I finally got my 617 back from out local gunsmith and I'm happy with the results. I tried to replace the hand myself and ran into all kinds of problems...I was using a centerfire hand on my rimfire. I also had a bent crane and don't have the tools to fix this. I'm too old to be buying more tools so I let the gunsmith do it as well. When I picked the gun up I was told that he did not function fire it and I had two weeks to test it. If it didn't work he would be glad to fix it. Today I fired 150 rounds for Federal BYOB bullets. I had one failure to fire when the trigger pull was set to 6.5 lbs. Once I upped it to 7.2 pounds I had no more FTFs and groups were outstanding shooting off hand at 15 yards. I kept everything inside of 4 inches. Nelson Ford is The Gunsmith, Phoenix, Az..He's been doing work for me for over 40 years and is a great Smith & Wesson smith. He only works on S&Ws and Colt autos and is very good at what he does.
  10. You can order them from RevolverSupply.com They also have the cases that hold your ammo ready for the loaders. Dave is still in business. He was nice enough to give me some of his new loaders recently. The new ones are easier to grab and let go of the ammo faster. They are the ones in my picture with the holster I made for the 617.
  11. I wish it was Apex but I gave it to a friend, Nelson Ford "The Gunsmith". I've known Nelson for 40 years and thought I'd give him a try. He found that I was out of time and that my Yoke was bent. I wanted to do it myself but couldn't fit the timing with a new hand, beyond my ability at this time. I don't have knowledge enough to fix the yoke. I normally get stuff done real fast with Nelson.
  12. What ammo are you using? I've had the best luck with Federal BYOB and Remington Golden Bullets. Blazers work well but not 100%. My timing is off a little so I'm having that worked on then I expect to be using CCI Mini Mags as well but the Federal are working so well I'll probably stay with them. I'm using the Apex extended firing pin, their springs and I've gotten my pull down to 6.5 lbs. I haven't tried lower than that. It feels good right where it is. At 7.5 pounds I can shoot more ammo reliably. 100% ignition is more important that the 1/2 pound you may save. If you need speed loaders go with the DS-10s. Dave is great to work with and the loaders are fast and reliable.
  13. I've seen many shooters at the tables before a match checking their ammo with just a barrel. I don't consider it a firearm and have no problem. NROI would be the best place to get the correct answer though.
  14. I like ACMEBullets.com. Always consistent in weight and diameter. What I like most is the variety of colors they come in. When testing loads I use different colors for either weight or size to insure I'm using just one example for all my loaded rounds. I also like Blue Bullets.
  15. North Mountain worked for me with no problems. I am also Husky ( Being Nice ) weighing 375 pounds and only 6 foot. I never had a problem reaching for my magazines and they hold your moons well enough that you can run from position to position without worry.
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