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  1. AzShooter

    Lets see your .22 Steel guns

    My main gun, Ruger Mark IV with all Volquartsen upgrades and Vortex Venom sight.
  2. AzShooter

    JJ Racaza, damn!!

    I seem to remember a guy called The Great One, Rob Leatham. He has more National titles than anyone.
  3. AzShooter

    Sonic Vibrator for cleaning compensators

    Glad to hear that. It's amazing how well it works with the sonic cleaner.
  4. Rimfire does not require a holster. I enjoy using one but never have to draw from it. I keep my gun on me and my spare mags in my bag but my 6 main mags, one for backup, are held in Tandemkross.com holders on my belt.
  5. AzShooter

    2019 IRC

    It's already posted on the ICORE webpage. Ontelaune but I don't know where that is.
  6. AzShooter

    RFPO ammo??

    Spray your comp with PAM or Dillon Case Lube before you go out and you will have limited amount of fouling.
  7. AzShooter

    Are we really Revolver “Enthusiasts?”

    Keep shooting your revolver and enjoy yourself. You may be the only one but wait until you start beating some of those auto shooters. If you want company, find an ICORE.ORG club near you. They only shoot revolvers.
  8. AzShooter

    Ruger 22/45 compensator question.

    Put a drop of oil on the bolt before the match. It may improve your daughter's reliability with here Mark IV.
  9. I like your recipe Brian. I'm going to have to try that. I hate trying to eat hard tacos and always order soft when I get them now. My caregiver makes them both ways, hard for my fiancé and soft for me.
  10. AzShooter

    Sonic Vibrator for cleaning compensators

    YouTube How to clean your compensator. This will give you the Tandemkross Video. I couldn't get my saved link to copy but if you copy and past the first sentence you will get the video.
  11. AzShooter

    Do you focus on the dot or the target?

    Wow, my sight picture is the worst. Guess I'll have to work on that as well as confidence that my shots are hits.
  12. AzShooter

    Do you focus on the dot or the target?

    I'm starting to call my shots but every so often I wait to hear the hits on the far targets like in Outer Limits. On the 10 inch plates my sight picture is the bottom of the plate, just above the stand. If I see the dot I know I will hit that plate. 5-To-Go is the perfect example for me.
  13. AzShooter

    Sonic Vibrator for cleaning compensators

    Mine are all aluminum. Just don't leave it in the dip overnight I've heard, after I've done it with no problems.
  14. Do to health issues I had to trim down my shooting and eventually sold all my reloading equipment and centerfire guns. I'm now enjoying .22s and find it costs a lot less to shoot. I was reloading upwards of 800 rounds a week for my 9 mm and my .38 revolver. Now I just order on line so I don't have to pay shipping costs. I see where you are at. Enjoy Rimfire and being out with your friends doing something you like. If it ain't fun, don't do it.
  15. AzShooter

    Sonic Vibrator for cleaning compensators

    4 0z. Apple Cyder Vinegar, 4 oz. Hydrogen Peroxide. This solution worked great on my comps.