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  1. I've done a lot of my own work on my revolvers and it's not that difficult using the right stones and watching the video. Just take your time and leave the Dremel out of your hands.
  2. My 929 must have been the exception. Other than blowing my cylinder apart with a double charge there was nothing wrong with the gun that I didn't expect. All my S&Ws needed action jobs and the Michulek (SP) video helped me get the action I wanted along with replacing the hammer with an Apex. My trigger pull was 5 lbs and accuracy was outstanding. I did use .358 coated bullets with VV N320 to get a 132 power factor. I also used it a lot for Steel Challenge Matches and put a C-More Railway on it and Hogue Big Butt grips
  3. Congratulations on the 929. TK Custom will do a great job for you. I'd suggest 160 grain RN bullet with a minimum of powder so that you could use the same load for Steel and ICORE or USPSA. I like VV N320. Get some good brass and stay with it. Match your brass to the TK Moon clips. I'd stay away from DEWC or Semi-WC. Why load two different bullets? It's easier to just stay with one style that you find reliable.
  4. Pat: That's the way I've always cycled my brass. I just feel more comfortable doing it that way.
  5. Yep, every year I buy a new 1000 pieces of brass. I use the older brass for practice and the new stuff for competition.
  6. Hi, I'm from the other side of town but shoot Steel Challenge at Ben Avery Shooting Facility in North Phoenix. It's only a little over an hour drive. There are two clubs there that shoot Steel Challenge. The second and third Sundays. Close to Chandler you can shoot at Rio Salado in Mesa. If I remember correctly there don't shoot all 8 stages. The club hosts some of the best shooters in the world. There is also a club in Prescott that shoots on the second Sunday. It's a bit of a trip, about 2 hours but it is a great club also. Let me know if you need more specifics.
  7. I have an old Pro Ears 300 and use it a lot but have recently switched to the Pro Ears Stealth 28. They fit my ears and I can hear my hits on Steel better. I know, I'm not supposed to hear the hits, it makes it too slow. I have 2 pair of the Stealths. My first set got lost and sure enough as soon as my 2nd set showed up I found the first set hidden in the outer pocket of my shooting bag. I do like the fact that I can recharge them using my computer. I Keep them both charged just in case I'm shooting a 2 day match. Charge lasts about 6 hours.
  8. I have always liked the long Hogue release. It just seems to fit my hand better. I have one on all of my competition revolvers.
  9. I settled on the Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Lite with all the Volquartsen options I could find. It's now a Black Mamba and shoots great. I run Eley Practice from it mostly but anything I try shoots well. My backup is a Ruger Mark IV 22/45 L also with all internal VQ parts.
  10. Also check out DeerTribeGunClub.com They shoot Steel Challenge the second Sunday at Ben Avery and start at 9:00.
  11. Go to RevolverSupplyCo.com for your other needs. Moon clips are very good, he has holders and holsters as well as moon clip holders from Moon Mountain.
  12. The Lee Undersize Die works great but the biggest change I made was to shoot new brass, my gun likes Winchester, and to use .358 or .359 sized bullets. This stopped any bullet pulling in my gun.
  13. I added a Hogue Cylinder Release and Pachmyer grips although I also use Hogue Big Butt grips on most of my guns.
  14. Buy the 627 and don't worry about replacing the barrel. It's a great gun and I've run 627s for years with no problems. You can use .38 Specials or like a lot of people do, use .38 Short Colt ( they load a little faster ). Many people add a lot of (Upgrades) to their guns. They are not needed and if I can ever get back into shooting ICORE the 627 is they way I'd go. Get the gun for $700 and all you need to do is get ammo, a holster some speed loader holders and lots of practice. A good trigger job is a nice plus but first fire the gun and see if it needs it. If it's used the previous owner may have already done the trigger.
  15. I'm not good enough to tell the difference between the 6 and 4.5. My backup gun is a mostly stock Mark IV 22/45 and is slighter but as I say I can't really tell the difference in speed.
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