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  1. I had the TacSol compensator on my Ruger Mark III and it leaded real bad. It's a PITA to clean. I opted for a new compensator from Allchin.com and am very happy. The holes are huge and it's easy to get to. I also clean it in my vibrator cleaner with a mix of 50 per cent vinegar and 50 per cent peroxide. I also find that just leaving it in the solution for a few hours will loosen up the lead and I can scrape it out with a brass punch.
  2. Glad you have been enjoying the CCML Steel Challenge Matches. It sure fills up fast now with all 8 squads filled by Tuesday before the match. Eighty shooters per match is a nice change compared to last year. Everyone is helping out.
  3. Send it back to that "gunsmith". I did my own upgrade with the Volquartsen Accurizing Kit and my trigger pull went from 5 3/4 pounds down to just under 2. Takes about an hour after you watch the YouTube video to do it yourself. You got ripped off.
  4. Get it done now. You may be able to smooth it out a bit after a few thousand rounds but you will never get it down to a smooth and light action without a lot of stoning and fitting. A good gunsmith should be able to do it for you for around $150 and they are worth every penny. In most instances that's cheaper than buying the tools needed and doing it your self. You also don't end up ruining parts and having to buy replacements.
  5. I used Winchester brass on my 929 with Revolver Supply Co. .035 moons and they worked great. They were very tight in .040 moons and with my arthritis I couldn't load them.
  6. I knew when Charlie Prest came up with the 8 round revolver that it would forever change revolver shooting and create an equipment race. I first saw it at the IRC when Jerry shot his Bauman 7 shot. You could see the righting on the wall and a few others bought the Bauman to keep up...Not like Jerry had anyone coming close. For ICORE, as a separate category it works fine. You only compete with like equipment. But for USPSA I think it really hurt us. I would have rather they let optics in the USPSA.
  7. If only the number of people that have posted in this thread would show up at a revolver match. Imagine how well revo division would be doing.
  8. A good thing about revolvers is you can dry fire the heck out of them. Make it a routine to dry fire a few hundred times a night. You will soon get use to that heavy trigger pull. Years ago at the IRC there was a huge stage. I don't remember how many rounds but it was more than we normally shoot at one time. Many of the shooters had to slow way down on the final 12 shots just to get their hits. By dry firing so much it becomes that much easier.
  9. One thing for sure, you will get practice reloading on the clock. My club president would always apologies to me when they had non-revolver friendly stages but I told him I needed practice with my reloads. After a while I had the fastest reloads in the club. I even managed to impress some California shooters at the first IRC.
  10. I've met a lot of shooters that would love to compete in USPSA matches with the Open Revolvers. I'm glad Rio Salado had the ambition to do it at the WS Match. I think you would gain shooters. There will be an equipment race but those with iron sights would welcome the open shooters I think.
  11. Yes the Safariland holster will work with the 627. I used one for years. I now run a Guba Ribas holster and am very happy with it. The CR-Speed is a good holster but I always felt that my gun was loose. It's the only holster I ever dropped my gun out of.
  12. tke No, I'm just shooting pistol and use the Railway on my Mark IV and Mark III as well as my S&W 617. I also had one on my 929 but sold that gun. The railway is not too heavy. The advantage is the dots are interchangeable and I've never had a dot fade out on me. Only problem I've had is battery life. I have to replace the battery once a month, just before my next match.
  13. I went from my 550 to a 650 with a Mr. Bulletfeeder. Great set up and I could load easily at 800 rounds per hour. The Dillon powder bar meters very well with a variety of pistol powders. I had no problem with Unique, Bullseye, Vhitavhouri N 320 and large flake powders like Trail Boss.
  14. C-More Railway with 12 minute dot works real well for me.
  15. It's working well for me so far. I think I like it the way it is. My accuracy has improved as well.
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