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  1. bradsteimel

    First SCSA match

    Good news... the ONE thing you need to practice for Steel is your draw from surrender. Shave that by .1 and you’re 4 seconds faster for the match. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. bradsteimel

    Red vs Green Fiber Optic front sight

    Switching back and forth from open... I’m quite fond of red fronts. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. bradsteimel

    low vs high hits

    New shooter... needs to make sure he gets an acceptable sight picture for BOTH shots. It's not a double tap. Might suggest moving the target far enough away that he doesn't even consider double tapping, and MUST aim the gun twice.
  4. bradsteimel

    Switching divisions

    +1 if you wanna have fun, shoot whatever gun/division you're in the mood for that week. If you want to really improve, stick with the same gun/division.
  5. bradsteimel

    Left-handed "flip and catch" unload

    Much easier for an open shooter with a right-side slide racker
  6. bradsteimel

    Sigting in Handgun from Bench?

    Can't imagine, if you have good trigger technique, that there'd be a difference between POI with freestyle v. resting the barrel on a bag?!? Resting on the bag should give a slightly more consistent POI by reducing one's slight muzzle movement during freestyle.
  7. As soon as the last successful shot breaks on the left target, your eyes and head need to SNAP to the next target. Bring the gun in a little from the extended arms length to allow for more aggressive turn, and then drive the gun aggressively toward the next target. For me, on the first/left target, your weight needs to be on your left foot with the right foot slightly rearward and with the toe slightly pointed to the next target. After breaking the last shot on the first target, and during the transition to the right target, you weight shifts automagically to the right foot which is now pointing to that new target. Hope this helps.
  8. bradsteimel

    170mm Mbx issues

    I had nothing but trouble with my MBX mags. They even told me to make my rounds shorter?!? I sold them and now use STI and SVI mags. Much happier now! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. bradsteimel

    Creeping VS False Start define the difference

    This just happened at my club yesterday while i was RO'ing a competitor who routinely starts prematurely. He's selective about when he jumps, but always during a classifier. On this occasion, it caught me off-guard and i let it slide, thus giving him a big advantage on a difficult PAR time stage. On the second string of that same classifier, he jumped again, and i stopped him... and gave him a warning. I differentiate creeping vs. false start as... when a competitor false-starts accidentally and stops himself, i consider that a false start and will give them another go. But if he doesn't stop himself, i feel it was intentional and they should be stopped/procedural'ed.
  10. bradsteimel

    Need New STI Std Frame Kit, Ramped, Long Curved Trigger

    Update on my search for STI Standard Frame Kit for a Nowlin/Wilson ramped barrell: Saw that Brownell's had it listed as "available for backorder". I ordered it on 5/24 and got an email a day or two later saying they placed the order with STI. On 6/24 Brownell's shipped it to my ffl... and i picked it up today 6/30. Brownell's now shows that item as "in stock". I'll have to say it was a pleasant surprise! This order from Brownell's and STI went as smoothly as i could have hoped! Big shout-out to Brownell's and STI.
  11. bradsteimel

    My 1050 is crushing brass

    I too am having problems with the brass getting crushed in station 2 (decapping station) because the brass isn't inserted into the shell plate correctly... and when the Mark 7 lowers the toolhead to deprime the cartridge, the cartridge is at a 30 degree angle and gets crushed along with bending the decapping pin to a 90 degree In an attempt to fix the problem, i purchased the FFB shellplate (http://fastandfriendlybrass.com/shop/category.aspx/shell-plates/17/). Super impressed with the quality of this shellplate! Now, i'm going to try the tips from DougC's posts above.
  12. bradsteimel

    Throwing magazine

    Awright, my bad... fixture was a little harsh I guess my point was, the RO straddles a fine line between maintaining control of the stage versus taking control of a stage and kind of getting in the way. The same for any professional referee who needs to balance keeping the game under control and letting the competitors compete. I will say most RO's i've had at larger matches do a very good job.
  13. bradsteimel

    Throwing magazine

    Frustration gets the better of all of us. The RO's job is to ensure everyone's safety AND be a "fixture". The last thing a match needs is for an RO (and his ego) to get in the way and cause distractions for the competitors.
  14. bradsteimel

    Favorite powder for 9mm Major in open pistols

    Probably not a popular vote, but 6.6gr of CFE under a MG 124JHP is a pleasure to load - that powder is super fine, so you get zero splash. AND, It's also not bad to shoot either.
  15. bradsteimel

    Favorite powder for 9mm Major in open pistols

    From what i've been hearing N350 is one of the most temperature-consistent powders out there.