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  1. Get a Giraud Trimmer
  2. I think it depends, the stock Glock barrel is accurate enough for most, my G35 gen3 stock barrel didn’t like coated bullets, plated and real FMJ pills shot pretty good, my KKM 9 conversion barrel shot everything I fed it good.
  3. My wife and I started watching season 1 on Netflix, pretty good so far.
  4. I grew up in College Station, and my kid is in Grad school at A&M, David and Robert are good people.
  5. It’s not about how much magnification you have, but the quality of the glass, I have a Gen2 Razor 4.5-27x56 on my rifle, I normally shoot around 15-18 power or less, and don’t F@#K around with MOA scopes, go MRAD.
  6. Most targets are 1moa, ie at 1000 yards the target is 10inches for easy prone shots, positional target sizes vary. A tripod is necessary for some matches, and not needed for some, buy once cry once get a RRS Rear bags are an absolute must have, most of us have a collection, the Weibad Taco is my new favorite A shooting sling is a must have, and most of us have a collection, I greatly prefer a sling with a bungee in the rear like the Rifles Only one
  7. I would advise against a 6mm, barrel life sucks compared to 6.5Creed, since this would be your first precision rifle I recommend the trusty old 308, the fundamentals of marksmanship will be ingrained in you, then when that barrel is toast(10k rounds) you will greatly appreciate the Creedmoors and will be a much better shooter.
  8. 4300 for a hand fitted shooter sounds like a much better deal to me.
  9. I don’t want BT for hearing protection, I’m already deaf from fixing Boeing’s for over 3 decades, I have been looking hard at Otto Noizebarriers, and adding different foam inserts for a better seal, as summer is coming to an end I’ll probably get some in the spring. https://forum.snipershide.com/threads/otto-noizebarrier-earpro-same-as-new-etymotic-elites.6870288/
  10. Buy once cry once https://www.shortactionprecision.com/collections/bipods-and-accessories/products/mdt-ckye-pod
  11. Ruger 10/22 Kidd Ultra Light Wieght 16 inch barrel PMACA LW Chassis Pick your AR15 Stock
  12. Mine came with a stock Ruger BX trigger, not a TS one, I took it apart today and stoned on the hammer and sear, and relieved a little material on the trigger housing, creep is almost gone only took a pound off the pull, as far as a MB goes I noticed almost all the people shooting SC with 10/22 have a MB, so it must make a difference of some sort.
  13. I hand cranked with the same set up for a few years, then I bought a Giraud, the Wilson have been untouched since.
  14. Every aspect of the build is customizable, if you want a functional grip safety or not just specify, I went with a pinned non functional grip safety.
  15. I bought a Tactical Solutions X-Ring 10/22 yesterday, I put a Vortex Razor 3moa red dot on it(I had it laying around a bigger dot is in the future), trigger is being replaced with a Kidd, the stock with a PMACA, my question is about muzzle brakes, what brake is recommended.
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