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  1. I wish I had gone with the aggressive grip on my SVI
  2. Ordrered a case of 9mm 125's and a case of 40 180's from blue bullets on July 31st, at the time the site said 4-5 weeks, called on sept 10, told to expect my order around Oct 20
  3. https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/Keepers-Inners-etc--C1136.aspx
  4. I bulge bust every 40 case, I full length resize with a Lee U die, my Infinity eats my ammo, and is accurate, IMHO the FCD is un needed and makes ammo less accurate.
  5. I perfer a SVI tube with Taran followers and springs, my Stock 40 mags ran flawless, but the 9mm ones jammed, Taran guts fixed all that
  6. When it comes to glass there is a difference in those that cost 200 bucks and 3000+, I spend my money first on a high dollar rifle scope first instead of a Swaro spotter or Swaro binos. if that is covered get a spotter first, I prefer the straight ones over angled models, unless F-Class is your game, then get some 10x Swaro ELR binos, ie Bino/LRF
  7. Bolt throw is no big deal, I don't see a difference in speed or accuracy, the Gap Tempest has a 60 degree throw, and a 3 lug bolt, Impact/Defiance/Surgeon have whatever degree and 2 lug bolts. Ejectors are all the same, but extractors are either Rem or M16, I have never broken either so those are a wash The integral recoil lug adds a lot of strength, a pinned lug works but no way is 2 pieces stronger than 1, also more barrel shank is in the receiver which may help with rigidity as things heat up BDL bottom metal are a stock Rem700 hinged bottom metal, usuall
  8. I am a huge fan of Impact Actions, I also love the fact that just about anyone of us can swap the barrels out which are available on there website.
  9. degrease everything, then take a Marks A lot, and mark all suspected areas, cycle the slide a dozen time and examine the marked areas for worn off marker
  10. Peltor EEP-100 with Skull Screw Tips are 30db noise reduction for 180 bucks from Amazon, this things rock
  11. this aint precision benchrest, put the borescope away, clean or don't clean, its a pistol round loaded at low pressure
  12. I can somewhat answer this question, 99% of people who trim to published minimums are doing too much work in there reloading process, since in the bolt action world no crimp is necessary, and trimming is not an accuracy step why trim at all, safety is the answer. Sinclair sells a chamber length gauge, I trim 308 brass when it gets to 2.025, which is .010 from the end of the chamber, it takes about 10 firings before trimming is required, and in my experience annealing has no effect on how many firings it takes for the brass neck to grow to the trim point, so it very well could be that this cer
  13. the AMG is the wave of the future, and my CED7000 is broken, I also greatly prefer using off the shelf buy anywhere batteries instead of having to charge
  14. My 2017 sight tracker feeds reliably from SV and STI tubes
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