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  1. I want to set the record straight on the recirculated air on commercial airliners, all the air you are breathing in flight is coming off the engines, its called bleed air, on. a 737-700/800 only 10% is recirculated and that air goes through a bad ass HEPA filter(that is changed every few months) before being reintroduced into the cabin, all the air in the cabin is coming out of the ceiling and is being drawn down to return air vents close to the floor, and is then vented overboard through an outflow valve in the tail of the airplane, the recirculated air comes from the baggage bin, not the cabin. I know these things from 33 years of being a aircraft mechanic, 23 at Southwest Airlines.
  2. I am left handed, but I shoot right handed, its no big deal.
  3. a small base full length sizing die may save the brass
  4. my Giraud Trimmer is the one reloading tool I will never be without
  5. its an easy change over, I use 2 tool heads, the 1st one has a RCBS small base FL die set to bump the shoulder .003(I haven't bought a RT1500 trimmer yet), I then tumble off the lube, trim on my Giraud Trimmer, the second tool head had a Lee Collet die in position 1, 25.0 of 8208 in position 2, RCBS seating did in 4 and a Lee FCD in 5, I only use the FCD to remove any bell in the case mouth, this process producers 3/4 Moa ammo, the furtherest I have shot this load is 500 yards.
  6. I use 25.0 of 8208, and use Lee FCD to close the bell
  7. I hate wet feet, and I hate rain boots, I have some water proof socks, I wear Seal Skin socks with my Hoka shoes, as for rain gear Gortex is the way to go, buy once cry once, military ECWCS is pretty good if you you can't spend the $$$ for good Gortex
  8. I changed both of my SVI front sights with Dawson fiber optic fronts, go slow and easy with the file, easy peasy, watch Dawson’s video on you tube
  9. Highlander, seen it a hundred times, There can be only one.
  10. No surprise I took my fam to see this movie, 1st of all the movie is not 100% factual, but it was a great movie, before seeing it I thought Matt Damon would be a terrible choice as Carrol Shelby, boy was I wrong, he did a great job minus the Texas accent, Christian Bale was the perfect choice for Ken Miles, the ending is just as it was in 1966, Miles got F—ked, not as hard as Enzo though, Ferrari hasn’t won LeMans since.
  11. Make sure the gas key is not loose on the carrier
  12. I broke dual safety on my SVI, I replaced it with a single side myself from SVI, pretty easy fit, zero blending.
  13. 3m Peltor EEP-100, same as TEP-100 but lime green and a different charging case, add some Skull Screw tips and for 170 bucks you’ll have electronic in ear hearing protection with a 30bd noise reduction, I love mine.
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