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  1. People who recommend barrel break in are people who sell barrels, I have worn out 2 308 barrels, a 260, and a 6.5 creedmoor barrel on my Surgeon, and the current 308 tube on it is close to 11k rounds on it and still shoots 1/2 MOA, keep carbon in check, and shoot, less time doing anything else means more time shooting, what will yield better results
  2. I have been looking hard at a Stern mag adapter, and a Foxtrot Mike 8.5 upper for my SBR, for the Stern to work with the FM bolt carrier .035 has to be taken off the carrier, Stern does this service for $7.50 plus shipping both ways, what the turn time is IDK.
  3. After 35k or so of rounds my Marauder developed hammer follow, stripped it down and found the edge of spring where it makes contact with the sear worn/rolled over slightly, what replacement spring should I get to replace it, is one brand better than others?
  4. I have the gold standard for long range precision rifle scale, a Gen 2 Prometheus, yes it’s worth it and a old Lyman M5 scale, but I don’t have any check weights, nor will I be buying any, use your targets and chronograph to tell me what is good and what sucks.
  5. My Infinity with one caliber was only 1300 more, 3900 for a production gun is crazy.
  6. I have a SVI 9/40 sight tracker, I love the pistol, it’s sexy and accurate, dam thing was so tight when new I had to clean it every 100 rounds for the first 500 I put thru it, now after 10k of 9 and 5k of 40 it’s still tight but will run no problem, I don’t recall the recoil spring weights but IMHO 9 is over sprung and 40 is under sprung, when I go thru the spares I have I’m going to experiment with recoil spring weights, I know lube is a highly debatable subject, I use what SVI recommends which is Lucas Red n Tacky on everything but the FCG, with 6 drops of Blue oil on top of the grease on the rails, and a drop on the FCG, my pistol shows no wear on reciprocating parts so I will keep doing as SVI recommends. Now the downsides, wait is first on the list, mine took 18 months to get, 2nd is my 9mm mags sucked, the fix was Taran springs and followers, the 40 mags have been flawless, that’s it. As for Atlas, they are great shooters, not a full on custom made to order like SVI, price is less, but really in this price range it doesn’t matter, if can afford one you can afford the other. Good luck with your decision, SVI or Atlas will serve you well.
  7. GemPro is garbage. A scale to measure what a Dillon is throwing, any cheap scale will work, so keep what you got, precision rifle is a whole different game, to the kernel is a gotta have for long range consistency, I use a Gen 2 Prometheus for my bolt guns.
  8. 427Cobra


    I have wide feet with high arches, after a foot surgery and ankle surgery on the same hoof, I bought some Hoka One One, now it’s all I wear
  9. I only have experience with a Ghost and the Alpha X, between the 2 the Alpha X is leaps and bounds better in every way, but I went back to using a BladeTech with a Boss hanger, YMMV.
  10. Been there done that, I went back to dry media for cleaning brass, much less work, and Uber clean brass does not shoot better, especially in precision rifle.
  11. I bulge bust, then use the EGW die in station 1, my SVI has never had a feeding problem.
  12. Very intense, if you have HBO I recommend watching it.
  13. Trimming is not an accuracy step but a safety step, I don’t trim 308 brass until it reaches 2.025, my targets and chronograph can’t tell the difference in trim length, I use a Giraud Trimmer.
  14. Dawson Fiber Optic front sight 180x90 S&A Alum magwell with 70 series guts including a 17 mainspring(the ILS has to go) 10lb recoil spring with GI guide rod MagPul grips Wilson 10 round mags A pretty aggressive relief cut on the sear had I kept the pistol I would have changed the barrel bushing
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