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  1. I broke dual safety on my SVI, I replaced it with a single side myself from SVI, pretty easy fit, zero blending.
  2. 3m Peltor EEP-100, same as TEP-100 but lime green and a different charging case, add some Skull Screw tips and for 170 bucks you’ll have electronic in ear hearing protection with a 30bd noise reduction, I love mine.
  3. I just ordered one for my 650, I’ll be watching this thread
  4. PIf a can is “soo expensive” maybe precision rifle is not for you. It’s a buy once cry once purchase, there is no going back afterwards, and no used market to speak of, shooting off baracades in windy conditions sucks, so those are the cons. Shooting suppressed makes things easier, less recoil less noise which make you more accurate, I like cans that come apart, ie that are not welded together, makes getting them serviced easier, IMHO they don’t require or need cleaning unless it’s a rim fire can, both of mine are direct thread and the POI shift is spot on repeatable.
  5. Very few stages are “Milling” stages, ie figure out without a LRF what the range is, the course of fire is spelled out in the match book, and range to target/targets is spelled out.
  6. Alpha Mike No Shoot(WTF). Congrats on shooting two pistols to failure, most of us will never do that, have you contacted STI on warranty replacement?
  7. I have some MSA Sordins with Gel Cups, they are 8 years old and still work great, but the gel cups do go bad and need replacement about every 4 years. I recently bought some 3m Peltor EEP-100 plugs and added Skull Screw tips, these are marketed for industrial use not shooting and with skull screw tips provide 30db noise reduction, I love these things, price is 170 for the plugs and a 10 pack of tips from Amazon.
  8. I put TTI springs and universal followers in my 9 and 40 tubes, 23 rounds of 9 20 rounds of 40.
  9. I have read Lannys book(a few times), and I listen to Steve Anderson’s podcast, last year I took a demotion and got a 8 dollar a hour raise, right now in my work I want to be the best, been there before but not now, harping on the negatives is a super hard thing to break, doing so is IMHO is the single biggest hurdle, once you are able to focus on positives, and think objectively on solutions the world is yours, my self image has grown, problem is my shooting is not my focus, work is, the conscience mind can only do 1 thing at a time.
  10. Get a Giraud Trimmer
  11. I think it depends, the stock Glock barrel is accurate enough for most, my G35 gen3 stock barrel didn’t like coated bullets, plated and real FMJ pills shot pretty good, my KKM 9 conversion barrel shot everything I fed it good.
  12. My wife and I started watching season 1 on Netflix, pretty good so far.
  13. I grew up in College Station, and my kid is in Grad school at A&M, David and Robert are good people.
  14. It’s not about how much magnification you have, but the quality of the glass, I have a Gen2 Razor 4.5-27x56 on my rifle, I normally shoot around 15-18 power or less, and don’t F@#K around with MOA scopes, go MRAD.
  15. Most targets are 1moa, ie at 1000 yards the target is 10inches for easy prone shots, positional target sizes vary. A tripod is necessary for some matches, and not needed for some, buy once cry once get a RRS Rear bags are an absolute must have, most of us have a collection, the Weibad Taco is my new favorite A shooting sling is a must have, and most of us have a collection, I greatly prefer a sling with a bungee in the rear like the Rifles Only one
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