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  1. Been there done that, I went back to dry media for cleaning brass, much less work, and Uber clean brass does not shoot better, especially in precision rifle.
  2. I bulge bust, then use the EGW die in station 1, my SVI has never had a feeding problem.
  3. Very intense, if you have HBO I recommend watching it.
  4. Trimming is not an accuracy step but a safety step, I don’t trim 308 brass until it reaches 2.025, my targets and chronograph can’t tell the difference in trim length, I use a Giraud Trimmer.
  5. Dawson Fiber Optic front sight 180x90 S&A Alum magwell with 70 series guts including a 17 mainspring(the ILS has to go) 10lb recoil spring with GI guide rod MagPul grips Wilson 10 round mags A pretty aggressive relief cut on the sear had I kept the pistol I would have changed the barrel bushing
  6. My SVI does this when it’s dirty, clean and lube it, be careful with grease if that’s what your using, too much in cold weather causes malfunctions
  7. Taran Universal follower, Taran 11coil spring, Taran 7g base pad, 140 SVI tube, 24 rounds
  8. The Shooters Connection brand belt is great and is priced well
  9. Blue Bullets, Stoeger is the discount code
  10. Just finished season 1, it was ok, gonna start season 2 soon
  11. 3.0 of Clay’s and a 180 soft accurate fun to shoot out of my G35
  12. No it’s not https://www.sigsauer.com/press-releases/atf-clarifies-ruling-pistol-stabilizing-braces/
  13. So when I break mine how much fitting did it take
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