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  1. I have a very bad experience with RHT holsters, the first one I got came with the gun, it was for an STI Edge, the holster was very loose, after try the adjustments, the holster still very loose to the point of no retention, I thought it was because the holster was a second hand one. Then I ordered an other one for my Tanfoglio CO gun, this holster came last weekend, WOW this one is worse, the gun holstered is in a weird angle, pivoting on the trigger guard, like something was pushing it to the front of the holster, again try to adjust the retention with the screws but nothing, I sent it back today for a refund and will try GX vice. I know some guys at the range that love their RHT but I have no luck with them, their customer support is really bad.
  2. @benos Hi! I received this email from tapatalk today! -------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Adrian, A new version of the Tapatalk plugin has been available since March 2021. Once the forum admin installs it, the appo will work again. Chris Tapatalk Support --------------------------------------------------------------- Hope it helps! Adrian S.
  3. Great, thanks for the info! Any experience with the comp ?
  4. Hello, may be some expert can help me to identify this comp. I got this comp in a box of spare parts, it's heavy, made of stainless steel but I've never seen something like this, any info about it will be appreciated (brand, efficiency, etc). In this image you can see the compensator, the lower part in a red box is a gas chamber that redirect it to two angled ports in front of the comp, blue arrow. Like you can see, pointed with the red arrow, is the mouth of the lower chamber: Here you can see, the two angled ports in front of the comp: Thanks for your help!
  5. This one https://store.eaacorp.com/shop/produ ct/302331-6-match-grade-barrel-9mm-302331-192?category=9#attr=, then cut the barrel to length, thread it M15X0.75, chamfer the bottom corners of the barrel, and fit the breech face, or you can buy a PD match bull barrel threaded ( 11/16-40 ) and play with 2011 comps. Cheers!
  6. Hello, Recently I bought a couple of PD match bull barrels, one of them threaded 11/16-40 since I want to change my Limited Custom base open build. Actually I'm using the Durso comp, and It's good but can't get use to the extra long comp, so, with this PD barrels I want to explore the 2011 comps variety. Any good or bad experience to share ? advantages of using any in particular ? Really need advice about 2011 comps, so any comment will be appreciate. Thanks in advance! A couple of pictures of my blaster!
  7. Any news ?, I only bought this APP to read this forum
  8. Hello guys, do you know if the Universal Academy Holsters are still on the market ?, I have one that I use in my stock 2 and limited, but I'm setting up a new rig for my Gold Custom so I want another one. In some post I read that there was a second generation of this holster. Does anyone know or have read anything about it? This picture is from the SLB Gen 2 holster from Finland I know that the guys from everglades ammo have one but just for 2011 style frames. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. ¡Thank you, but I don't really need something in particular, but the info is really valuable!
  10. Yeap!! that is why it's valuable for me, I shoot IPSC a lot internationally! ?
  11. This thread should be updated, some links does not exist any more and there are a lot of valuable info around here like the MemphisMechanic tuning videos that should be listed. In this thread are very good info about how to deal with light strikes in a Stock II @haiedras has good knowledge about SF Tanfos too!
  12. My setup for .40: - EGW U-Die - Mr BF powder funnel/expander - Redding competition seating - Lee FCD The result of this setup work like charm in my Tanfoglio Limited HC
  13. I'm looking for a Henning and/or Canyon creek magwell , if some one have one and want to sell it just PM me. It's for a LF Limited in 40S&W. Thanks in advance!
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