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  1. I do the same but use a cleaning rod chucked in a drill motor.
  2. Just read through this thread again for the 5th time. Some of you know that my dear wife is slowly dying of metastasized breast cancer. I am her caregiver (have lost my job to do so) and for months now I sit and watch her decay. In-between her endless hours of sleep she has moments of lucidity mixed in with dementia. Perhaps this is a test, perhaps karma owes me this, perhaps happenstance is at play. I just know that my dear girl should not have to leave this earth so soon. And to have to suffer the ravages of this insufferable disease while waiting her time is br
  3. MOA has figured out a way to incorporate the "speed load" feature of the Browning Auto 5 into the M3000 series of Stoeger shotguns.
  4. You still have the P9?

  5. Thank you gents! I really like shooting these videos. I love that you watch and comment on them!
  6. As was stated in the video and the article....Customer service had already seen, heard, checked, tested and retuned. Without any noticeable change.
  7. I am considering it, but right now I'd be taking money without being able to return much. Struggling with health issues at home.
  8. Thank you for being a viewer. I sure ain't doing this for the money, so good feedback from guys like you help keep me going.
  9. That is a good choice! I am a Burris man so I would go with the RT-6 or XTR2 1x5, but that Steiner is solid!
  10. This dude gets it. We have all gone so "power crazy" (magnification) when it is not needed in 3 gun. If you can >clearly< put the aiming element on the target that is all you need. More "power" (skill) in your trigger finger is the real key.
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