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  1. Yeah can usually find new ones around $1600
  2. I've used both a decent amount. prefereed the 2.5 by a long shot, size was better and it looked more crisp.
  3. Okay if the same glass the gen 1s that are selling at $220 are a much better deal.
  4. How much better is the gen 2 Midas than the gen 1?
  5. Have a Magpul UBR gen 2 on mine and like it a lot.
  6. Do you know the one he sold is the one he was referencing and not a replacement or a different one? You're acting like it's news to you so the one you bought must be working.. seems like a bunch of people are assuming a little too much to me.
  7. I've also thought about this idea. The magazines required already exist doesn't seem like it would be too terribly hard for someone to make a setup that would work. Think there would just be a lack of demand, can get 9mm ammo for half the cost of .223 so the savings aren't as dramatic.
  8. Yes if high in the overall standings is what you're after. Open or PCC
  9. Anyone tried one yet? Curious on how much fitting was required and any ideas on what comps would look and work well on them.
  10. What do you consider improvement? Can't imagine any reason why you would improve any as a percentage of the winner in your division which is what I personally would consider improvement.
  11. I like them as well and Fire 4 Effect is a good company, great customer service and they make some nice stuff. Don't think you can go wrong with one for Limited if your budget allows the already modified ones they sell are ready to go out of the box.
  12. I did something pretty similar. Used a SAR k2 with a 6lb spring. 230 grain with N310 I'd have to find the exact amount but it wasn't much. At 125pf the SD and accuracy were all over the place. Brought it up to 140 or so and they performed much better while still feeling very soft.
  13. It's cool but why? Will probably cost as much as you could build an ar9 for and you don't have to swap around parts between guns.
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