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  1. I moved my springer precision mag release from my original X5 frame to the new heavy legion module with no problem.
  2. I shot a P-09 for a couple years in local USPSA matches with major PF ammo, also shot some local Action Pistol matches shooting hottish minor PF ammo. The good news is the P-09 is an exceptionally accurate gun. Mine will shoot sub 1" groups at 25yds with a pretty wide range of loads. I used the Springer Precision comp and it did a remarkably good job with major PF ammo for what it is. I found VV3N38 the best choice for major PF ammo with Accurate #7 being a close 2nd. Running around 170PF the gun ran remarkably flat and fairly soft while still keeping tight groups. That being said I did have some loads in the 150PF range using autocomp powder that were very accurate too. I have a lot of load data at home for that gun but its all with the stock CZ threaded barrel and a slightly different comp so not sure how well it would transfer to what you are doing. I can put some up if you are interested.
  3. A big +1. Not gonna order any now, unless a bunch of people start posting better results. Very disappointing.
  4. dave33

    P320 X5 Thread

    Its a lighter one for a lighter pull weight. Unfortunately its not as strong as the OEM part and mine did break, but GG replaced it under warranty. I put the OEM spring back in while waiting on the replacement part, and while the pull is slightly heavier, its really not much at all. The lighter sear springs do more to lighten the pull than the trigger return spring. Ive heard of people taking one of the 2 stock springs out to lighten the pull.
  5. dave33

    P320 X5 Thread

    The grey guns trigger kit doesn’t come with a lighter striker spring, only trigger return and sear springs, so an extended firing pin isn’t needed. Primer marks on CCI primers are plenty deep.
  6. Website now says available 10/7. Hope that's the case, want to try a 17 and 21 rounder, maybe a 30 just for fun.
  7. dave33


    Wish I could help, but Ive never heard of that kind of brass before, and believe me when I tell you I have had my hands on thousands upon thousands of 9mm brass over the last several years. I used to go through the painstaking process of sorting 9mm brass when I use to shoot 9 major, and I am certain Ive never come across that brand before.
  8. In my X5 they are snug but no problem on the reloads. I do give my mags a good slam to take advantage of the auto forward though when shooting idpa with the 17 round mags and that habit carries over into uspsa automatically for me.
  9. When I loaded for 9 major I much preferred AA7 and 3n38 to every other powder I tried, with the nod going to 3n38, but not by a huge margin. I found those two powders softer and a little more accurate than the others. If I ever get back into shooing 9 major again Ive got an 8lb jug of AA7 waiting on me.
  10. I always have emptied my hopper when done reloading. That said if you don't want to have that staining problem and cut down on static in the hopper you can get a pyrex glass replacement hopper from a place called dramworx. Not exactly cheap, but high quality, doesn't stain, Ive noticed way less, basically no static in the hopper now, and the lids have an O ring seal if you have humidity concerns. I got one when my cheap plastic Hornady hopper broke at the base. Could of gotten a free replacement hopper from Hornady but when ahead and spent the money on the Dramworx. Glad I did.
  11. 3.9-4.0 gr of AA #2 was what I used on this last case of the Acme 122’s. Prior to that 3.8 gr of titegroup worked well.
  12. Im just finishing up a case of the Acme 122 CN bullets, probably have a couple hundred left. Very accurate for me, would order again. Im sure Ive shot the bayou profile before as well, just not recently enough to remember it, but Im sure it was fine too. Would order again, but gonna try the Brazos 125RN first since they are priced better, and I like to tinker with different bullets anyway.
  13. Thanks guys, Im gonna be loading with AA#2. Will let yall know how it works.
  14. Gonna give the Brazos 125gr 9mm a try. Ordered a sample pack sized at .357 Wednesday, got a shipping notice Thursday afternoon and a follow up notice this morning, so far so good. Looking forward to seeing how they perform in my 320X5.
  15. Add me to the list of folks just buying the grip and sticking with my original x5 top end. Got my hands on a legion a few days ago and really like the way it feels. Don't want to have to buy a new optic, actually like my Romeo 1 6moa dot, and my GG trigger kit is just the way I like it. Also not a fan of the LCI and the loose fitting top end of the legion even though reports don't seem to be negative on the accuracy side. My grip shipped out from Osage Co guns today.
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