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  1. dave33


    Wish I could help, but Ive never heard of that kind of brass before, and believe me when I tell you I have had my hands on thousands upon thousands of 9mm brass over the last several years. I used to go through the painstaking process of sorting 9mm brass when I use to shoot 9 major, and I am certain Ive never come across that brand before.
  2. In my X5 they are snug but no problem on the reloads. I do give my mags a good slam to take advantage of the auto forward though when shooting idpa with the 17 round mags and that habit carries over into uspsa automatically for me.
  3. When I loaded for 9 major I much preferred AA7 and 3n38 to every other powder I tried, with the nod going to 3n38, but not by a huge margin. I found those two powders softer and a little more accurate than the others. If I ever get back into shooing 9 major again Ive got an 8lb jug of AA7 waiting on me.
  4. I always have emptied my hopper when done reloading. That said if you don't want to have that staining problem and cut down on static in the hopper you can get a pyrex glass replacement hopper from a place called dramworx. Not exactly cheap, but high quality, doesn't stain, Ive noticed way less, basically no static in the hopper now, and the lids have an O ring seal if you have humidity concerns. I got one when my cheap plastic Hornady hopper broke at the base. Could of gotten a free replacement hopper from Hornady but when ahead and spent the money on the Dramworx. Glad I did.
  5. 3.9-4.0 gr of AA #2 was what I used on this last case of the Acme 122’s. Prior to that 3.8 gr of titegroup worked well.
  6. Im just finishing up a case of the Acme 122 CN bullets, probably have a couple hundred left. Very accurate for me, would order again. Im sure Ive shot the bayou profile before as well, just not recently enough to remember it, but Im sure it was fine too. Would order again, but gonna try the Brazos 125RN first since they are priced better, and I like to tinker with different bullets anyway.
  7. Thanks guys, Im gonna be loading with AA#2. Will let yall know how it works.
  8. Gonna give the Brazos 125gr 9mm a try. Ordered a sample pack sized at .357 Wednesday, got a shipping notice Thursday afternoon and a follow up notice this morning, so far so good. Looking forward to seeing how they perform in my 320X5.
  9. Add me to the list of folks just buying the grip and sticking with my original x5 top end. Got my hands on a legion a few days ago and really like the way it feels. Don't want to have to buy a new optic, actually like my Romeo 1 6moa dot, and my GG trigger kit is just the way I like it. Also not a fan of the LCI and the loose fitting top end of the legion even though reports don't seem to be negative on the accuracy side. My grip shipped out from Osage Co guns today.
  10. Many people have complained about brass hitting their optics. My take on it is the 320X5 comes pretty heavily sprung from the factory, combine that with weak reloads or non stout bulk 115gr factory ammo and I can see where the brass hitting the optic could be a concern. I run an aftermarket guide rod and 12lb spring in my x5 and don't have a problem with brass hitting my Romeo 1. The first time I ever shot my x5 I was using my typical competition reloads, about 130PF, and the brass didn't exactly fly out. Didn't have the optic on it at that time but can see where I may have gotten some impacts on it with that setup.
  11. First I’ve seen of them. They look nice but in approximately 200 billion rounds through my 320X5 I’ve never had an extraction issue. Next time I take it apart for a deep cleaning I’ll see if my stock extractor is worn, may try one of these as a replacement if so.
  12. 124 gr precision delta JHP over 4.1 gr AA#2 works great for me. I have had good luck with 3.6gr AA#2 and 135 gr blue bullets.
  13. It does add some weight. Not sure its a pound more like Vizorn experienced in his gun, but a little more. Don’t have a trigger gage to be able to measure it.
  14. I know you said jacketed and not plated but I have found the heavy plated 124gr Xtreme RN bullets to be exceptionally accurate and hold up just fine to major 9 speed. They group about 1" at 25yds out of my CZ. Just a thought.
  15. Headed out to the range for a practice session with the 320 X5 yesterday but unfortunately it was cut rather short. Probably less than 30 rounds in the trigger went totally dead. Field stripped it, everything looked ok, pulled out the FCU and there was the trigger return spring just dangling in the wind. Didn't see that coming. I've had the kit for a little less than a year, have Im sure several thousand trouble free rounds through it, never occurred to me the spring would just snap like that. I know its a thinner diameter than stock but I would have thought it would of lasted longer. Didn't have the stock spring with me so was done for the day with that gun, ended up salvaging the trip shooting my 365 and old standby XDM. Got through to Gray Guns this afternoon, no way to buy replacement springs on the website but they are sending me one no charge. I guess the moral to this story is if you have this kit in your Sig keep an eye on the trigger return spring and keep your stock one with you as a back up. Just glad this didn't happen at a match.
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