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  1. I tried to find some locally the last couple days but no luck. Hate using amazon but may give them a try tomorrow.
  2. Thanks. I’m ready to make a order of 3-6k depending on the deal.
  3. As long as it chambers it’s good to go. If you are shooting 50+ yds, worry about it then.
  4. I have one and am not totally sold on it. On the clock there’s really no difference if I’m gripping the gun properly. Maybe it’s useful as a reference point if nothing else. It fits my holster without mods fine but have heard some have to modify theirs. I honestly don’t think it’s a “game changer” for the platform. Then again I’m not sure my heavy TXG grip module is any better than my stock X5 grip as the timer doesn’t show any real difference. At the end of the day it really just comes down to the fundamentals.
  5. VV 3n38 is what you need. Their published load data shows a starting charge of 6.3 gr pushes a 147 XTP JHP 1171 FPS and you can go higher if need be. Back when I shot 9major 3n38 was my go to powder, I’ve even loaded some 147’s at their max data. Definitely works, no pressure issues at all.
  6. Cool, I haven't looked at their site in a while. Had them confused with on older bullet they use to sell. Let us know how they do for you.
  7. I thought the match winners were plated, did this change recently? They use to make a plated hollow point round I liked but discontinued it for some reason.
  8. When I was shooting my XDM 5.25 in comps it ate everything I ever fed it, not picky at all so Im sure the MG 147gr FP bullets will feed just fine. When I shot 147gr ammo it was coated lead and with titegroup I think 3.1 was the sweet spot for accuracy and velocity out of my gun. If you didn't know, Hodgdon has a great online resource for their load data, they are showing a 147gr XTP load starting at 3.2gr and maxing out at 3.6gr of titegroup at a 1.1 OAL. The 5.25" barrel helps getting the velocity up, I would think 3.3-3.4 range should put you in a good place. As always, start low and work up with a chrono. Good luck.
  9. Heck, I don't even own a Walther, but I think their own section makes more sense than Steyr, Para, and honestly a couple others.
  10. Out of curiosity I switched out my heavy grip module for the standard grip module to see if that would make any difference, it didn't. Still could not feel any difference in the true blue loads and the AA#2 loads. Ran a course of fire using both loads with a shot timer and got basically the same results there too. It still seems that the true blue loads are slightly more accurate, but not enough to make a difference at typical IDPA/USPSA distances. When I first started reloading my own ammo and getting into shooting matches I preferred 147gr ammo since it was "softer" shooting. As my skills and techniques improved I have found that I prefer 124 gr ammo as it seems to give me the right "snap" back onto target for follow up shots.
  11. Interesting discussion of True Blue powder, I just recently bought a lb to play around with. Not much discussion about it but over the years Ive seen some mention of it here and there and the folks that use it really seem to like it so I figured what the heck. My experience with it is very limited, so far Ive only loaded about 250 rounds but it has really surprised me. I hadn't tried it before since the charge weights are so much higher than the typical powders I use I just assumed it was going to pack a harder hit. I was wrong. Loaded to the same power factor, at least with 135gr coated lead bullets I couldn't tell any difference in feel with my current match load using AA #2 powder That really surprised me. Under a 135gr Brazos RN coated lead bullet, 3.8gr of AA#2 is a very consistent 1000 FPS/135 PF. Under the same bullet, 4.9gr of True Blue averaged 986 FPS/133 PF. Quite a bit more powder, but the same feel and it seems to be giving me a bit better accuracy, at least with coated lead. I shot these out of my 320 X5 with heavy grip module. To test feel I loaded up the 21 round mags alternating 3 rounds of each load. Shooting them at match speed in 3 round bursts I cant tell the two apart. The dot on my gun has the exact same bounce. Im looking forward to loading more and shooting some controlled pairs on paper to see if they remain the same there as well.
  12. If you stick with the Xtreme plated bullets, they sell a heavy plated bullet that may work better for you. I have run the heavy plated bullets in 9mm major with no problems and excellent accuracy. When I have pulled plated bullets for whatever reason they have the very faintest line around them with basically no indention.
  13. Do yourself a favor and pitch any 9mm brass with a nato headstamp in the recycle bucket and anything marked Federal NT. Most everything else should load fine. Pay attention to your press, unusual resistance during priming (or pretty much any unusual resistance) is your press trying to tell you something. Listen to it.
  14. I would almost think you could triple charge a case with titegroup and still seat a bullet so a double charge would definitely have no problem.
  15. dave33

    I call it my P365X

    I got mine from smallgunparts.com. Osage county guns sells them as well. The mag release can be a little tricky to get out so you may want to get one of those as a matter of convenience.
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