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  1. Since it takes 5 in a division for a first prize what does it matter how much you are spending on trophies if you don't get the required 5? There is no extra cost to the match to run the shooters. I may be wrong in the number it takes to recognize a winner but to put their scores on the final sheet is what most guys are saying is important.
  2. You shouldn't have any trouble with your timer picking up a .22 from your pistol. The only problem is when shooting rifles without compensators. My Pro Shot timer is about 30 years old and picks up every shot from my .22s.
  3. Looks like everyone is in favor of it. What do you think will hold it up? I've got my equipment all ready with 617 and DS-10 speedloaders. I've been given about 20 from other guys that have shot them and didn't shoot .22 revolvers + Dave sent me 5 of the newest design to test. All I can say is it's great. really improves reload times; which I hope I never need to do under the clock.
  4. Thanks. I'll try to get someone to video a few of my runs at the next match.
  5. Yep I keep my finger deep into the trigger guard, so much so that I'm not using the pad or first joint. From a rest this gun keeps them into an inch at 25 yards so it's not the gun. So many people will tell me what they think is wrong but I think I need to get a class from TGO for an hour or two.
  6. I'm not trying to do as well as I did years ago, too many health problems over the years, but my groups now are horrible. I don't worry about elevation, I keep all my shot into an 8 inch Shoot-N-See target but I'm throwing them out both right and left. I use my second joint of my index finger on the trigger. In practice it appears to be the best way to go but I'm open to suggestions. At out monthly Steel Challenge Matches I can see myself pulling the gun right or left when I'm trying to go fast or slowing down. My thought is I'm not following through by keeping the front sight clear when aiming. I though I knew how to shoot but I have enough self doubt that I need some advice.
  7. I've been running my 617 in RFPI and at times with my C-More for RFPO. It's a great gun. If they had a division for it I'd run that.
  8. I have the click switch on all my C-Mores. The 12 MOA dot will only cover about 2.5 inches at 18 yards. If the dot is anywhere on the target you will hit it with proper trigger pull.
  9. Of all the dots I've tried the C-More is the brightest. I run Railways on my pistols with 12 MOA dots and they work great even on the brightest sunny days.
  10. Once you get your 929 shooting correctly there are few problems you should have to endure. Other than blowing up my first 929 ( double charge ) I had no problems with it.
  11. I remember Vic Pickett always shooting his Open Revolver at the Ernie Hill Desert Classics and their follow-up matches. He ruled the match against other revolvers but shot for fun and took it in stride. I shot my 625 5 inch for years in USPSA and ICORE. I still think there is no better gun when it comes to reloads. My ICORE number was AZ-45 because of my gun. It's a hole new game now where 8 shots rule. If you spit division would there be enough to have trophies or prizes for each? I think it takes 5 for a first place recognition. I shoot my 617 in SCSA matches in RFPO. I do it for the fun of competing and every once in a while beating the bottom feeders but I have no asperations of shooting top scores with it. I always shot revolver because I enjoyed it. When I shot USPSA with an auto it was a Glock 19 with extra capacity base pads before the coming of 20 round or more centerfire guns and I won a lot of matches because I eliminated the reload. When I shot the 625 ( there was no division for revolver back then ) Range Masters would tell me they were sorry but didn't take the reloads into consideration and I don't think they should have. Shooting Revolver is a choice that you have to live with. You shoot against yourself, which is what you should be doing anyway. Those courses of fire kept me honest on making the best reload possible. So, NO! I would not like to see another split. The division is fine the way it is. Just my 2 cents.
  12. Sounds like a plan and I'm sure you are going to enjoy yourself. If you've been shooting RFRO and PCCO for a while you will get the hang of the pistol soone. Have fun and good shooting.
  13. I've shot many thousands of rounds of CCI Mini Mags which is all I needed to get the gun to run in the beginning. It's well worn in now and SVs work fine. I still have Mini Mags and Blazers should it act up. I keep it clean after every match and oil it before the match. I guess that helps.
  14. Great story. Yes, add the Cornerstone Safety. You will feel a huge difference in grip. I let a couple of our shooters fire my Mamba this weekend and they were very impressed. I'm using CCI - SV and it groups real well. Recoil doesn't seem to exist. I think you will find that the VQ compensator works better that the TK and it's much easier to clean using the Volquartsen Pulverizer. You can really see the gas blowing through that large port.
  15. Using the right bullet there is no reason you can't get the same accuracy form your 9mm as you do from 38 spl. My 929 runs best with bullets sized .358.
  16. Cactus Match League is having their Steel Challenge Match Sunday. Shooting starts at 8 a.m. and there are still spots open on Practiscore if you want to shoot. It's at Ben Avery Shooting Facility just North of Phoenix on Carefree Hwy and I-17. They have all 8 stages set up. Rio Salado has a match Sunday as well. Can't tell you much because I haven't gone there in a while but they put on wonderful matches.
  17. I use the 50/50 hydrogen peroxide and white vinegar solution. I let it sit a few hours and then nock out the rest of the lead, if any, with my engraver Dremel. I was concerned about disposing the mixture but after doing a lot of research on line It's not a problem to just put it in the sink and flush it out with lots of water. Remember to wear gloves and safety glasses. Remember to dump your compensator in water and Palmolive or other soap after you take it out of the mix.
  18. I ride a marathon every day on my stationary bike except for the night before a match. That night I drink lots of water, eat nothing after midnight and have a protein drink before the match. Riding the bike has proven to really wear me out for a few hours.
  19. Try Unique. I've used it for heavy loads with 197 grain bullets that I had a special mold made for. I was told to just keep adding more powder until I started getting better groups, i.e. 1 inch at 25 yards from a bench. I don't recall the load but it was unbelievable. I've since sold all my casting and reloading equipment. I gave the mold to a friend. It was from LBT Technology. He mostly makes flat point bullets but I asked him to make me a round nose and he made it for me.
  20. Having both, I prefer the Black Mamba for my primary SCSA pistol. I do keep both with me just in case but the BM outshoots the stock Mark IV and tracks faster between targets. I switch between iron sights and mounting my C-More Railways on the guns for RFPO.
  21. I met Roger years ago before ICORE. He was always a character that everyone wanted to be with. His humor was contagious. Roger took on the responsibility to write the first rule book for ICORE. He also created the Bubberized speed loaders which helped many of us learn just how fast you could load a 6 shot revolver. I will miss him. I'm sure he and Vic Pickett and looking down at all of us now.
  22. My favorite is the 6 inch Black Mamba although I do take both to the Matches with me just in case. The Mark IV has gotten me out of touble more than once. I just got the Mamba back from Volquartsen and I'm running CCI-SV through it with no problems so I'll probably shoot that for the next few weeks. Any misfires and I'll be back to my 617.
  23. I like the Volquartsen compensator on my Black Mamba. It's no problem to clean if you use the Pulverizer from Volquartsen. Simply take off the comp, run the Pulverizer through until you get out all the lead and that's it. I've been running my comp for over 80K rounds with no problems. My Mark IV 22/45 Lite has a Carolina Crusher on it. It's perhaps the easiest compensator to keep clean.
  24. I came from an Archery background where the center of the bullseye was the most important factor. Timing was so liberal that it never was an issue. When I took up guns about 40 years ago I still knew what it takes to shoot the center of the target. That is what I would call the most important thing. Know where your shot is going to hit before you shoot it. Practice this until it's second nature. Once you start shooting a stage: be it Steel Challenge, USPSA or IDPA your hits are still very important. You've now added the clock but shouldn't worry about it until you are pushing A or even the top of B class. When the clock goes off don't slow down to hit all A's. They will come as long as you practice the fundamentals. Speed needs to be practiced too and pushing yourself at a match, if you can't practice stages, is the second most important thing. YMMV
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