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  1. I ran about 500 rounds of WWB and just lubed mine until I was ready to start with handloads. Cleaned it up good and now eats a steady diet of 124 JHP and 147 JHP with zero issues. Out of a pistol, they're 130pf. Never chrono’d out of the MPX.
  2. After 400+ rounds of WWB through my MPX, it has run flawlessly. Not even a single hiccup. I lube it before each match but I've yet to clean it. It's heavily modified, but the barrel, gas port and internals are still factory.
  3. Hmm. This may prompt me to have a 9mm upper built for my .45 PCC. But that would be redundant seeing as I’ve already got a sweet MPX built up.
  4. 3.0gr of SV will get you 130PF with 147gr bullets.
  5. SV is a faster burning powder. On average, you’ll use .2gr less than V to achieve the same results. Think of it as Clays (AUS) vs Tightgroup. It meters very well in a Dillon 550 and takes up about 1/2 a case per charge.
  6. Finally made it to the range to test fire and sight in. 1st 100 rounds of wwb ran flawlessly. Both gen1 and gen2 mags worked without issue as well. I do believe that the gen1 mags can work reliably in the gen2 with the proper bullet OAL. Of course nothing ever goes wrong when you’re just punching paper. Next week I’m trying my damnest to get a match in. I haven’t shot in over 6 months so I don’t expect to win, but I do intend to enjoy myself.
  7. I finally got around to getting all of my go-fast parts installed. I won't post a pic only because it looks so similar to what you already have on this thread. My only disappointment is with the safety i installed. I knew the hyperfire triggers were very selective as to which 45 degree safeties were compatible but even at 90 degrees, it doesn't switch from safe to fire smoothly. It fees like a 2 stage safety (that's now a thing that I just came up with). I really have to crank down on the safety to get it to disengage and I can feel it fight the trigger as it passes the 45degree mark. But I spent so much time installing and uninstalling the friggin trigger that I didn't want to mess with it anymore and I'm going to see if this safety smooths out with practice. If it doesn't, then I'll have to find something else.
  8. Have you test fired major pf through it? I’m wondering if it cycles and feeds reliably.
  9. Thanks for posting Rowdy. You make look so effortless. Watching your moves, you looked relaxed and fluid. The MPX looked good too.
  10. Add this to the list of videos you can be shooting with your MPX.
  11. I hadn’t thought of using it in that manner. Now I have to buy a 45 degree mount. I can see this being useful not just for weakhand shooting but hard lean shots on the strong side as well.
  12. In what capacity are you using the laser? i have one on my .45 PCC, but I’ve yet to use it.
  13. Great video Rowdy, thanks for sharing. That rifle looks incredibly flat even with the stock muzzle device. One question: What kind of groupings are you getting with your double taps and bill drills?
  14. I love it. Look forward to seeing the vids! Gives me an idea of what I need to work towards once I start shooting again.
  15. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that you’re a person that is drivin by relentless dissatisfaction. If that’s true, you may not be shooting matches but you’re probably practicing regularly to refine skills. I’d like to see any videos of you working on transitions with the newer setup. Reloads on the clock would be interesting to see as well.
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