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  1. Jason, Thanks for the tips about getting the word out. We will have six stages at a minimum and approximately 180 or so scored rounds. At the moment, we are not on the listings you mentioned, but it is in the works. I think Practiscore will be the choice. Thanks for the leads, I will check them out for sure. We have a email list for the matches in East Texas, but I will have to PM you to get your info and add you. The YouTube channel is Rose City ICORE . . . Thanks again, Uncledoc
  2. Minnesota1 . . . we may eventually switch to Saturdays depending on the interest. It is on the table. At the moment, we hold an IDPA match on the second Saturday and ICORE is on the second Sunday. I will keep you posted . . .I will PM you my info. Thanks...
  3. Rose City ICORE Location: Rose City Flying Clays, Tyler Texas Date: Sunday, February 10, 2019 Time: 3:00 p.m. (weather permitting)
  4. I like the storage container idea. Thanks for the photo . . . I appreciate it.
  5. I emailed TK Custom and they did not have one. I do like your suggestion about mondifying a 38 special checker. Thanks!
  6. I have a GP100 38/357 6-shot revolver that I had rechambered to 9mm and cut for moonclips; thus my need for a moonclip checker. I checked the normal revolver vendors, but I have not been able to locate the item. Does anyone know where I can purchase a 9mm 6-shot moonclip checker? Thanks . . .
  7. I modified one of my speed loaders and used your plug suggestion . . . it worked very well. Without a lathe, the hacksaw butchered up things pretty bad:) My photos will not load due to file size, but my loader looks similar to you example. Thanks again for sharing your fix.
  8. Thank you for the link . . .
  9. I finally got the cylinder back from the shop and fired 60 rounds on 8 inch steel plates today. I think the accuracy did not change enough for me to notice. It (GP-100) felt really good with the 9 mm ammo. Best decision I have made this year concerning gear. I have a 686 with Comp III loaders for sanction matches just in case:)
  10. I am concerned as well about the limits of SPD, but I am going to several matches to see what happens:) I think some match directors will challenge me on the equipment. . .
  11. I am not sure as of yet. . . . the gunsmith estimated two or three weeks before returning it to me. . . I will keep you posted!
  12. I am getting back to shooting my GP100 in IDPA. I will be in the Specialty Division (SPD) going forward. My Area Coordinator said that anything goes in this division. My gear: GP-100 6-shot converted to 9mm with moon clips Moon clip server (DAA and Hogue were runner-ups) TK Custom 9mm moon clips .035 SS BMT Mooner #L9-6 Speed belt Blade-tech Kydex Holster Anglefire 9mm ammo (147 grain FMJ / 138 pf) 1. I wanted one round for bug out purposes (the zombies are coming) 2. I do not reload and 9mm is cheap IMHO Looking forward to competing with the revo . . .
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