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  1. Dirtchevy841

    Backyard shooting range

    Range is done. Berms and shooting area finished. Berms are 10ft all the way around horse shoe. Can anybody post some pics for me. Pm me and I’ll text or email to you. Thanks. Now it’s time to start doing all the cosmetics for it. Over hang, turf install etc.
  2. Dirtchevy841

    Backyard shooting range

    Hopefully tomorrow range will be done as far as berms and shooting area. Next to go down probably next week turf will go down. It’s getting there.
  3. Dirtchevy841

    Backyard shooting range

    Made a big jackpot find through a friend. Well the range will have field turf for the shooting area. Friend has a friend where he found a college redoing their football field and acquired me a piece of it for the range 50x80 ft. Gonna he awesome
  4. Dirtchevy841

    Backyard shooting range

    2 more weeks should be finished range. Land clearing for house and property lines took a little more time. But clearing the right side property line I’ve found another spot for a steel and target range. It’s hilly in the back and found a creek crossing that is similar to hickok45 range he does his videos on. Can’t wait to get shooting.
  5. Dirtchevy841

    Dillon SDB multiple problems

    I have a sdb and this is normal. Powder range from Dillon says .1-.2 variance and the oal is in range with mixed head stamp. If you want consistent oal to the T the same head stamp will get you that.
  6. Dirtchevy841

    Folding target stands

    Good deal. Thanks. About 2minths away from having my private range built and I am stocking up on goodies. Only thing now is I need to find out where’s the cheapest prices for steel toys.
  7. Dirtchevy841

    Folding target stands

    The wood stakes got in easy or did you have to cut them to fit. 1x2 correct
  8. Dirtchevy841

    Chinese soloman shoes

    I ordered some 2 years ago never hit them. eBay refunded money. I wouldn’t try it heard people not getting them.
  9. Dirtchevy841

    Dillon reloading room setup

    That’s what I was thinking running a connection out of the cabinet and have the tank in the cabinet. Thanks for the vid.
  10. Dirtchevy841

    Backyard shooting range

    New design lol. Figured out what the final one is. Main bay 50x80 ft. Back berm will be extended 30 ft past the bay berms. That will give me 2 possible small bays on each side. Thinking is to shoot into the corner or triangle part of the berm for static drills or just running small stage or classifier stuff as to not to use the big bay and all that walking ?
  11. Dirtchevy841

    Mark 7 Evolution and Revolution

    So what is the wait time on the evolution presses. Waited to upgrade to a 1050 to see how this was gonna fair and it looks great. I don’t much like the auto drive stuff but I think I am all in for a manual evolution and if I do want to automate I can do that in the future but I like pulling my handle ?
  12. Dirtchevy841

    Dillon reloading room setup

    Does anybody have a air compressor hook up in there room if it’s in the house. Was thinking of running alive from garage to the room. Any ideas. Or getting a mini tank from harbor freight and keep in a cabinet with a outlet in there for it.
  13. Dirtchevy841

    1.5lb trigger for limited

    I have 1.5lb trigger in my new Sv limited pistol. Just got it in February and it’s awedome.
  14. Dirtchevy841

    Backyard shooting range

    Electric will be run to it just forgot to mention. I thought about ac lol. It may happen still up in the air if I gonna build just a shed or a little building with all the bells a whistles. Leaning more to a little 10x10 building with finished inside.
  15. Dirtchevy841

    Dillon reloading room setup

    No just the way the plans were for the new house wanted it in back corner of house and just so happens the garage is right there for a door. Had a 3 car carport going behind right there but put it on other side off garage