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  1. I hope he makes it for 40 cal soon. It looks a lot better than the daa
  2. That’s a great deal. I thought I was getting a good deal. I paid 2k for s brand new 1050 in40cal and a new mbf for it. Pkg deal.
  3. Dirtchevy841

    Cleaning after loading

    Same here tumble 5 minutes after loading.
  4. That’s do it. Mystery solved. Knew I wasn’t crazy
  5. Nope. Came from Dillon. Had a gold tip either metal or aluminum. And your right my sons sdb has the blue tip. No clue maybe something they were working on and left it on the tube. I have no clue. But I know it wasn’t blue plastic.
  6. Not the pickup tubes the actual tube in the primer system in the 650 had a gold either metal or aluminum tip that fed the primers into the primer wheel. On the 1050 when you take the tube out of the black tube it has a blue plastic tip. Wondering why it’s plastic
  7. Was wondering about 1050 primer tube. Why is there plastic ends on the primer tube instead of a aluminum or Metal one like on the 650 tube. Seems like it would be better. Unless it works different on the 1050 primer system. New to the 1050 so just was wondering
  8. I just upgraded to a 1050 couple weeks ago. Started on sdb then went to 650. The 1050 is it. Night and day compared to the others. Only been setting it up and messing with it a little do to space while building new house and I tell you I can’t wait to see what it will do in my new reloading room. You won’t regret getting it.
  9. I will say dillon has the best customer service around. Sending new rod out and asked questions for 1050 to help me out in the learning curve and guy was so eager to help me out in the new 1050.
  10. Dirtchevy841

    Dillon bullet seating die ?

    That’s what I thought but it looks like they cut the same seat on each side. Gonna call dillon Monday.
  11. That’s what I thought. Well this sucks. Gotta call Dillon Monday.
  12. Setting a little up today on new 1050. ? Is. Is the powder bar return rod supposed to be straight or dies it have a slight bend in the middle. It looks like it supposed to be straight but I don’t know new to the 1050. Mine is bent pretty good though.
  13. Dirtchevy841

    Dillon bullet seating die ?

    Thus is gonna be a dumb ? And I feel like it but on the seating stem which end is for rn. Haven’t used dillon seating die in a awhile at least since they switched to this two sided deal. Both look almost the same. Is the rn the one on top of the ring with 10-40 stamp or or the bottom.
  14. Dirtchevy841

    E-Clip on Dillon decapping die

    Dammit why didn’t you say earlier harbor freight has them I was there this morning
  15. Checked the Arredondo out. Do they have one for 40cal. Only see pics of 9mm