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  1. Thanks. Deep clean and some polishing on the way. I was thinking same thing maybe the extractor needs a little filing or deburing
  2. Bought a ati mil sport 9mm pistol. Having issues with extractor. Pistol feeds fine and runs fine ejecting spent cases. Here’s my problem. When I go to clear the pistol the extractor is not grabbing the case to pull it and eject the live round. Gonna takefiring pin and extractor out and clean real good. Never had a pcc ar so the bolt is a little different but does the extractor need to be bent a little or some bend taken out. I loaded 10 rounds in a mag and fired the first round then pulled bolt back to see if extractor grabs case. About every 3 case the extractor would not grab case. I pulled back bolt all the way back and let it slam and 2out of the 3-4 rds the extractor grab case after doing this, the mag was taken out each time to let the bolt go all the way then repeated the process. I know the extractor is not working 100%. Any ideas and help appreciated for a novice to pcc 9mm ar
  3. I’ve had the same issues as you with 40 in the past. Send it back to dillon cause chances are it’s out of alignment. As for the upgrades I ran all the upgrades mark at snowsooz makes and the only thing you can feel the difference with is the oilite washer and the shell plate ball and spring kit he has. All the other stuff feels the same or no different than just having these 2 upgrades. After the press came back from Dillon I left all upgrades off except the oil ring and the detent ball and reduced spring. In ran like a top. Honestly I would not buy the other upgrades rather than the 2 I described. Not worth it after the press came back realigned from Dillon. I found out the hard way get it back to dillon and you’ll see the difference with them getting it to like new working order. People will say all the upgrades smooth out the press more and more but the ball, spring and washer is really all you need in my opinion. I’ll throw a wrench in your program upgrade to a 1050. I wish I did that years ago. Sold both my 650 and got the 1050 in November and man it’s fn awesome. I didn’t know what I was missing
  4. Did that it hasn’t been shipped. And he finally emailed back and said it did ship he will check in it and let me know. He’s got till 5 pm today if not I want a refund and I’ll contact PayPal to file claim
  5. Well it’s been 7 days since last Friday when it was supposedly shipped. No response to any emails. Not what I was expecting after all the great reviews I’ve read and even after speaking with Wayne. I’ll give it till Monday if no response I’ll ask for my refund.
  6. That’s a good idea never thought to strip the paint out first.
  7. Yeah Steve I saw that one probably go with it if no new ideas pop up. Was seeing if someone had s better idea. I am wondering what people use for media and how long do the tumble when using a mixer.
  8. Thinking of going the way of small mixer. What media did you use to tumble the brass and how long.
  9. What is the best and cheapest way to tumble large amounts of brass. I know about the cement mixer but is there any other ideas out there.
  10. Cool thanks. The wait is on I guess. Yes I want match ammo consistent also. Loading for a SV so I want it right for matches
  11. Where they worth the wait. I don’t mind waiting when your told up front there maybe a wait or you get a email saying they are working on it. I just don’t like when you have to bug people about not getting there product after paying and not hearing from them. We the shooters deal with these companies and buy there products all the time some are better than others when it comes to stuff like this. My 2 cents.
  12. Are you still waiting on the replacement die. I ordered the 40 sw die Monday after Wayne said it was back in stock and I am still waiting for it to be shipped. He must be like lee at uniquetek they take forever to ship after getting paid and you have to bug them to get your stuff. I’ll see but it’s not a good first impression for a company.
  13. What do you mean MA die was a lemon. I am getting ready to get a 40 cal die from them. Is there an issue with his dies.
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