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  1. What caliber did you order. Mine is a 40cal. Buddy said he thinks calibers are going out sooner than others because they were built further along than others. He also said dealers were in line just like private sales. Only thing he can think of is the caliber difference deal. Hopefully they didn’t rush to get them out and they run good from start. Hope you get your email soon brother.
  2. I’ll ask him when I see him Saturday. Maybe they slide in some dealer orders in the lineup. I’ll ask him. And it maybe a little longer than 8 weeks it’s been awhile.
  3. For the extra 200 I’d go with a mbf. My buddy bought one like this from a guy making 3D printed feeders and it was a big mistake. Just be careful if you go with it.
  4. What is the thickness of the base on the 1100. Mine on its way and want to get the correct bolts.
  5. Buddy just got email today from dillon. My 1100 in transit will be delivered Thursday 4-9. 8 weeks since he ordered it for me.
  6. Buddy just texted me. He got tracking number today. 1100 on its way in transit will be delivered Thursday 4-9. 8 weeks since he ordered it.
  7. Talked to my buddy Friday. He called his guy at Dillon. Here’s the issue per his guy. A part was out of spec so they had to send all back and had to redo the 1 part and get them back. He told my buddy the original lead time was 8-12 weeks for a 1100. Now with the delay another 6-8 weeks maybe dillon said. I am not in a rush but if I don’t get it at the 12 week mark I’ll go with m7 evo. Seems like dillons quality control is getting really bad lately. I am like you shouldn’t have to wait this long for it. Probably would be better off with the evo anyway. Quality and parts are better. Just the price is the problem.
  8. I ordered one with my dealer/rep by my house. He’s a good friend and he ordered it about 4 weeks ago. Thought I would get one quick being he sells a lot for dillon. His man at Dillon told him 13-15 weeks and that’s his time so lord knows what’s really the time frame. I am not holding my breath for it to come in. If no press in that long of a time I will be going the m7 evo way. Been having dillons for 20 years so I will see. This was ordered before all this covid s#!t started.
  9. I get my presses from a dillon rep by my house. He told me 10-12 weeks. And that’s his time to get one. So I assume it maybe longer if you ordered it yourself.
  10. I use blue bullet 180gr 40 and absolutely love them. I bought sample packs of several companies and for me these were the best. my SV would not run most .401s. Blue bullets ran 100%. For my gun .400 is the only bullet that runs 100%. Now jhp Montana gold and precision delta are top notch.
  11. Yeah mbf is known for that. Polish the s#!t out of the funnel and put a little lube on the end. Make sure it’s always clean with a little lube
  12. What were the kinks you had with the 1100. I had none with my s1050
  13. Good deal. Just sold my 1050 and preordered 1100. Any differences other than the smoothness of the old rl style and the primer spring replacing the white plastic piece
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