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  1. Good deal. When it’s all cleaned up wire brush the threads and put a little oil on them before you tightened it back up.
  2. Appreciate it. Looking like I’ll pull the trigger on the mark 7 soon
  3. Sounds like loc tite but who would do that. Maybe who you bought it from didn’t clean it or something and it seized up but probably not. Your good with impact just make sure you loosen only you’ll be good won’t hurt nothing.
  4. Call dillon tell them you need the alignment tool and the primer alignment pin. They’ll send it to you for free.
  5. Cool thanks. Only found 2 vids on YouTube bullet and swag sense. Which sensors did you go with or are all necessary
  6. I am also thinking about automating a 1050 with a mark7 auto drive. Are there any vids out there on hooking up all the sensors once you get the drive. Just wanting to see how difficult it is to get it up and running.
  7. Thanks. I buy bulk from zoro 50lb bags but it’s the fine media.
  8. I gotta try the larger corn cob media. Where do you get it at? Brand?
  9. I waited 171/2 months for my SV to get built. Couldn’t be more happier. It’s a one of a kind build to your hearts content. It’s not for everybody. For me the experience and dealings with Brandon are top notch. If I was to buy a SV 2nd 3rd hand I would understand not wanting to get swamped down with repair work on a pistol that changed hands a couple times. They do refer you to gunsmiths that can handle this work. But for original owners they will take in your pistol and work on it bring the first owner. People know this when they decide to go with SV for a one of a kind build and that’s part of the experience.
  10. My question is why didn’t daa use the same materials as the bullet feeder. I know it would’ve cost more but to have a 100% working product I would’ve paid more. And to me to post a fix being cutting up paper post it’s to get it to maybe work probably will make the kinds of people like myself on the fence about getting one not. To many fixes to get it to somewhat work and having to clean it do much I think I could load tubes fast enough that it’s not worth the hassle. If you have to watch it that it’s working than what’s the point. I hope daa comes out with a better version made with better quality parts that works because I and many other shooters would get it. Until than I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Have a lot of daa stuff but I think the primer pro missed the mark.
  11. Original owner your name on build and this doesn’t apply to you. I was told they will work on mine for the life of the pistol because I am original owner. I have heard about the 2nd 5000 rd deal though.
  12. My buddy found 12 rounds like this in 300 rds of federal he had. Same deal sent it back and nothing from federal yet. That’s been 4 months. Pretty crappy on their part.
  13. I have the midway you can’t beat the price. Size is perfect. They usually have free shipping on the bags also.
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