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  1. File the dillon pins to a chisel point and that fixes issue of pull back. Not one since I did that years ago
  2. Exactly. It’s seems like there’s not enough room to properly take case in and out. The space where it’s positioned doesn’t have enough room fir it to come out straight. You gotta lean it and twist it to much. It just gets stuck way too much. Bad design.
  3. Thought I was crazy for buying 100k cci spp primers in February of last year. Best decision I’ve mad in awhile. With that said I have enough to last for awhile. That was added to what I already had.
  4. I have a bee 1100 and a 1050. That primer tab spring is a pain in the ass to get a case in and out. Dillon should’ve thought about it a little more. Rod the time it’s takes to get the case in and out I don’t think it’s an upgrade at all. Poor design
  5. This was a good idea but I can tell you on my 1100 it’s a pain in the ass to get a 40 case out in that station. It’s just not enough to get the case out quick. And trying to get it back in is even worse.
  6. I have both the 9&40 emp. Great little carry piece. Both are my winter time carry pistols.
  7. My buddies did this after 500 rds. Call Adam he switched it out said it was a defect in metal
  8. I b was sad I into this but man glad I passed because seems like it’s still nothing but problems
  9. Don’t matter if you load 2 or 2000 if you have the extra money it’s well worth it. And you could do the same as a mini dropper for every caliber if you wanted.
  10. I’ve been getting lucky at academy. They’ve been having cci primers pretty often. Picked up over 2500 last couple weeks. They limit to 3 trays only. With my wife I’ve been getting 600 each trip. I don’t go everyday only when I am around the store.
  11. Got mine Thursday. Fill tubes in less than 10 seconds. Only complaint is the straight lines to flip primers. Rcbs tray with circles flips primers easy. Daa doesn’t. Should’ve went with the circles. But gotta say after flipping with finger it’s fills them quickly. Just sucks having to do that.
  12. I’ve had both on my 650s. Both smooth out the press a little but even with all the upgrades both co sell when you have 2 presses working side by side one without all the upgrades and one with all the difference is really not that much. It dies solve the powder spills but all in all you wonder if all the upgrades were actually worth it. From personal experience after getting all the different upgrades it’s really not worth all the money. Some do make a difference but all together really not enough to justify the money for all the new upgrades. Sarge on the forum has said numerous times about all the new upgrades and gimmicks for our presses that they really don’t make much of a difference and now I do believe that. But like I said some have their place.
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