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  1. What size cooper tubing did you use 1/2” ?
  2. What’s the biggest wet tumbler on the market. Thinking of getting one and go with brass juice so I don’t have to use pins.
  3. Didn’t see a place in reloading forum so I’ll put it here. Just bought my first revolver in 38 special and was wondering what powder to use and any load recipe anybody may have with bullets grains of powder OAL etc. thanks.
  4. When will the spring deal for primer station be available for the 1050. I wonder.
  5. Thomas you running the 9mm one on the 650 with 40 or just 9mm. I seen he just had the 9mm spill stop on his website.
  6. I am still on the fence about one of these. Still using my grx push through die. This would definitely speed up the process but the price tag
  7. I thought the mbf was over priced also. Didn’t think I would ever get one but took a chance on the cheaper mini mbf and worked great. Sold it to a buddy and went all in on a mbf. It’s not cheap but man is it worth it. Love that thing. When I sold my 650 to move up to 1050 2 months ago I bought a brand new one with the press. Combo deal from local dealer at great price 2k for new 1050 and mbf. I will say the upgraded mounting bracket is nicer and I think they may have changed the design a little. Size of the mbf I mean. I set it up to how I had it on my 650 and it was off had to readjust differently for the same bullet I was using on the 650. I took pics of old mbf before I sold it to set the new one up and you can tell in pics the bee mbf is different it’s actually a little bigger than the old one. Go figure I just got a little more room for bullets in the bowl
  8. Speaking of the 1050 case feeder I recently upgraded to a super 1050 and sold my 650. Sold the 650 before I bought the 1050 so I couldn’t compare the 2 case feeders. Is the 1050 feeder bigger than the 650 feeder cause it sure looks bigger. Maybe I am crazy but it just looks bigger than the 650 Bowl was.
  9. Sdb owner here. I love it stared off loading 9mm over 15 years ago then sold it and moved to a 650 years later. Recently upgraded to a 1050 but my son wanted his own press to load 9mm and he wanted a sdb. He loves it and tell you the truth it’s cool to have one again. Hell I like it so much I like using it to
  10. So is this Springfields unicorn now. Been wanting a xds 40 cal with the stainless slide fir awhile. Nobody has them. Local gun shops say they can’t get them. Lipseys, rsr and other distributors don’t have them according to the shops I’ve called. Haven’t even seen one at a gun show. I got the black 40 when they came so that’s good but the bitone nope. Are they making it in 40 anymore ?
  11. I hear ya bought mine about a month and a half ago. First time on one and I love it.
  12. Did that it doesn’t drop in. Only drops after belling.
  13. I did tell him to resize a case and put bullet on and see if it goes in he said it didn’t. It’s only after it’s been belled by funnel that this is happening. I am not there so I am going by what I am being told but I can tell you it’s strange.
  14. I doubt they’ll do that. But may try it for the hell of it. By the time it’s out it’ll be past the 30 or 60 day trial period or what ever it is.
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