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  1. Hog if you using mixed brass when you set it up just barley kiss the inside of the case and maybe back it off barley so it doesn’t jam into case on mixed brass. I made that mistake the first time i set it up.
  2. No prob. If they want to much my buddy actually put his in a drill press a filed it down and sanded it and polished it. Came out about as good as mine that was machined. Even chucking it in a drill and filing it down would do the trick just takes more time.
  3. I did my first one on my 1050 by itself shellplate empty. When I did my first cleaning I reset it with a full shellplate and it was about the same but I think it maybe better with the shellplate full even if it’s a little better. I set my 1100 up with the shell plate full right off the bat. If anything it doesn’t.
  4. I use for both pistol and rifle setups. Yes it will have to be turned downed for the rl1100 toolhead. Top of thread has my measurements of the 2 press toolhead. Turned it down to .561
  5. How it feel on the press with 2 sizing stations. And with the sizing and swaging at the same time any issues with that.
  6. My s1050 id is .577 and my Everglades bushing is .578. My 1100 hole is .561. I am gonna turn it down to that to start as to not take to much off.
  7. Ben stoeger pro shop has 9mm rl1100 in stock and ready to ship as of 6-16-20.
  8. Stand a little to left so you can see into case right after it comes out of powder station and before bullet feeder
  9. Yes it does. Works just lie the mbf dropper just better. I’ve had no sticking or popping while using the alpha.
  10. They still don’t make one for 40 cal though.
  11. It’s a Arredondo spill stop. Basically like all the other ones just bigger and 1 piece.
  12. Lol that’s what I was thinking what the hell is he listening to. But to each his own. Looking good
  13. Looks like he’s just running a sizing die and the swage backer die.
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