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  1. Mike has my case pro at his shop. Hopefully it’s something simple. He did say he would make it right. Will see.
  2. That’s what I thought. Looks like the bolt pattern is the same as the 1050
  3. I had 2 650s one was great one was a problem child. Now I have a1050 problem solved. Wish I would’ve went from my sdb to 1050 long time ago. 1050 is awesome.
  4. I bought one nothing but problems. It’s nice but not worth the hassles. Sold it to a friend he loves it but same issues. I just didn’t want to mess with it every 10 minute.
  5. Bullet feeder and starlight kit from reloading innovations
  6. Another thing to check other than the credit card width is making sure your not running brass with crimped primer pockets. I had a bad batch of brass with it and caused these problems.
  7. Tried all. Blues are the best to me. And as far as blue fingers they’ve fixed that issue.
  8. Yeah I know all that now but the case pro has other issues after speaking with mike at case pro this morning. I am fine with not gauging but that’s not the issue now. This issue is it’s screwed up according to Mike.
  9. Talked to mike at case pro. Well it’s gotta go back I got screwed. It’s messed up. The 2 things he said to try didn’t work so now I am out shipping it to him and whatever he’s gonna charge to fix if it can be fixed. Not a peep since I requested my money refunded from the member who sold it. Never had an issue from another member buying or selling. I guess there’s always 1 somewhere out there. As it is I have a $650 paper weight. I haven’t mentioned his name or what he goes by on here and I probably won’t he knows who he is and it’s pretty s#!tty.
  10. Then what is the rollsizer good for if the die us doing it anyway. I mic 10 cases before rollsizing them top, middle and bottom by rim and wrote down the measurements. Rollsized all and remeasured. All were still the same. So to me it’s not doing anything at all if the cases measure the same. A waste of money in my opinion. Hope the member that sold it to me refunds my money back because this is not what I paid for and I would refund money back if this were the case. Haven’t heard back from him.
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