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  1. I use grams guts and followers. And SV red follower and springs for my 40 SV. No issues with either. Tartan 4g base pad.
  2. Good deal thanks. You set it up just barely touching the shell plate?
  3. Getting ready to switch to my 40 cal mighty armory sizing die. Guys using Wayne’s dies is this die like the u die or do I still have to use u die then the MA die. I think it sizes down further than the u die if I am not mistaken.
  4. I had 2 650s. I wish I would’ve gotten the 1050 when I bought 2 650s. Didn’t know what I was missing with the 1050. Sold both 650s and now have a 1050. Get the 1050 you’ll wish you did if you get a 750.
  5. They have a guy on eBay that sells pins at a very good price. I think I paid $10 per 5lb bag of pins and it was free shipping. Maybe cheaper than that. It was way less than others selling the same pins.
  6. I couldn’t wait anymore and bought a new super 1050. The new 1100 is not much different from the super anyway. Sold my 650 to move up and couldn’t be happier with the 1050. So much nicer than my 650 was didn’t know what I was missing so if anybody needs a new home for their 1050 in 9mm I have a nice new room on my bench
  7. In south Louisiana so I know about humidity but my new house I just built my reloading room is in the house. Made sure off that when building
  8. Still waiting from ati. Almost 2 weeks and nothing.
  9. I have a 1050 which one are y’all running on the 1050. Sm or lg dramworx hopper. And is it easy to install. I know the dillon hopper is a pain in the ass to get off the base.
  10. Other than staining I don’t see any draw backs. It’s in the house so it’s like it’s in the tub anyway
  11. What’s the advantages and disadvantages of leaving powder in the hopper. Thinking of just leaving powder in after reloading instead of dumping it out every time. I know it may stain the plastic but it’s starting to be a pain to empty every time. Reloading room in the house so no issues with climate control. What say you.
  12. Sent rifle back to them. Will see in the mean time I built a spikes tactical ar9 upper and lower with bolt lock open feature. Tested fired it today and it flawless. I know the ati will come back running so it’ll be a dedicated truck gun.
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