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  1. https://www.uspsa.org/classifiers/99-28.pdf I'd assume those three NS's should touch the ground or at least be set directly behind PPs. However, looking at some YouTube clips, they all had NS's set pretty high. Were they correct? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MboH_QWRpfw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGMkRgiWC1A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bp83xcb_Pow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdz2w6HfwIg
  2. I read this on my FB feed yesterday and the first thing came to my mind was stopping using DOH holster.
  3. Got my Frankford Arsenal Rotary Tumbler and tried it over the weekend. I felt like I needed two hands to hold the drum and two hands to tighten the end caps. Any tips to make this step easier?
  4. This is my load test data on SA 1911 Loaded (5" barrel). The bullet is Missouri Bullet Company's HiTek coated 200gn SWC (with lube ring). The actual weight of the bullet is 199.1gn with 0.38 standard deviation. Powder Win231(gn) 5.4 Bullet MB SWC(gn) 199.1 COL 1.24" String Velocity (fps) 1 933.0 Average 872.3 2 887.1 High 933.0 3 838.1 Low 805.7 4 883.1 Sd 34.5 5 805.7 PF 173.7 6 869.0 7 876.9 8 886.8 9 892.1 10 850.7 Powder Win231(gn) 5.2 Bullet MB SWC(gn) 199.1 COL 1.24" String Velocity (fps) 1 838.8 Average 838.8 2 892.1 High 892.1 3 830.5 Low 797.9 4 834.4 Sd 31.
  5. I shoot 200gn SWC 45ACP. Would the collet type bullet puller work?
  6. If you only reload pistol cartridges and already have progressive reloaders, do you still want a single stage press? I bought one recently, an RCBS RC Supreme, but I am not sure what else I can use it for besides depriming before wet-tumbling.
  7. What happens if a club hosts a USPSA match, but one of its stages does not meet certain USPSA rules/requirements? Would there be any ramification to the club? This particular club I shot has the history of scoring Virginia Count on a long course (sort of moving from box-to-box stuff) or mandating illegal strong/weak hand switch on WSB.
  8. That's one of my concerns and I do have the tendency of buying stuff that I use very infrequently.
  9. I am thinking about getting a powder dispenser like the RCBS Chargemaster 1500 for handgun load development. The idea is to start out, for example, at 5.0gr, then do +0.2gr increment, load 10 rounds on each measure. I have two Dillon RL550Bs, but don't own any single stage press. The closest place I can run a chrono is about 30 miles away. Given my situation, is it worth to spend ~$300 to get a powder dispenser? Thanks.
  10. Rifle wasn't my concern. My usual squad has super++ seniors. Sometimes they like to drive their cars from one stage to another. I am hoping to make things easier for them.
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