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    9mm reload not going into battery

    short plunk test video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s80P2j02YnM
  2. M1A4ME

    ASC colt style mags loose bullet?

    Lots of double stack magazines do that. On a pretty regular basis people on the CZ Forum ask the same question - why does my magazine make a rattle noise when I shake it? Different magazines/calibers do it at different round counts in the magazine.
  3. M1A4ME

    What Did You Do Today In Reloading?

    Primed 200 9MM cases for some Blue Dot and 115 grain hollow points later in the week. Nice few minutes on the bench out in front of the garage after I put the dogs in the pen for the night.
  4. I've had my Mk1 5.5" bull barrel Ruger since 1981 or 82. Only pistol I've ever had that thought it was a rifle. As to taking it apart and putting it together? I do remember having an issue with it that first time. Then I figured out what was wrong and just how to "tip" the barrel up and look in the back to see when the hammer strut was in the right place to push the lever shut/into the back of the grip. After that it's been easy. Got my youngest son a similar (but older Mk1) several years ago. He spend an afternoon up above the old garden shooting butterflies off stick weed flowers at 25 to 35 yds. and fell in love with it, like I did mine 30 years before. If I was going to buy another Ruger these days the model/series/Mk wouldn't make a difference to me, as long as it was a 5.5" bull barrel. Sort of like an M1 Garand. You can put the follower in two ways. One way doesn't work well. You only do it once. After that it sticks with you.
  5. M1A4ME

    What Did You Do Today In Reloading?

    Resized almost 200 pieces of WIN 9MM brass, just over 200 pieces of Blazer 9MM brass and a similar number of "mixed" 9MM brass. Only belled the Win. brass.
  6. M1A4ME

    subsonic .22lr & bolt cycling

    My dad (and his dad) always squirrel hunted with .22 shorts. Head shots, no messing up the meat that was intended for supper that day, or breakfast the next morning. Dad told me that sometimes, if he missed, the squirrel would stop chewing on the nut, look around, then go back to chewing on the nut and he'd get it his second shot (I don't think dad missed much). He said it was because the .22 shorts were so quiet they just didn't sound like a rifle shot, even a standard .22 long rifle. They hunted with bolt action and pump .22 rifles. But, Remington (and probably other companies as well) used to make semi-auto .22's specifically for .22 shorts. I almost bought a Remington 241 many years ago (just missed it at a pawn shop). The Rem. 241 was a copy of the little Browning take down .22 that loads through stock. If someone could design/build/sell a working .22 short firing semi-auto 70 or 80 years ago, it could be done now, either by a tinkerer who likes working on his guns or by a shop that does custom work. Anyone who says .22 shorts won't kill should see the pictures of the piles of squirrels dad used to bring home when we lived in MI. They might not be "100 yd. killers" but inside reasonable small game head shooting ranges they get the job done. Having said all that, I've not seen a box of .22 shorts for sale in a store in 30 years or more.
  7. Hard to be 100% sure, but it looks like the pressure is forcing primer cup metal back into the firing pin hole in the breech face. With a rifle that can be a sign of higher pressures or an enlarged firing pin hole in the bolt. With a relatively low pressure pistol round???? Maybe the primer material on the "offending" primers is just thinner/softer than other primers. Or the pressure is actually higher than you think.
  8. Had the same issue with my new RCBS 9MM carbide resizing die and blazer 9MM brass. The little angle grind from tip to one side fixed it. No idea why it only did it with Blazer brass. As someone else mentioned, my Lee carbide resizing 9MM die never had an issue with any brass brand.
  9. M1A4ME

    Getting empty mags to drop quicker on G34

    I just put one on the hobby belt sander this morning. Had one (may be one other one, gotta dig through them and see if I can find it) that would kind of drag going into the M31 and fed/locked the slide fine but wouldn't drop out. Same mag would not go into my nephews Compact .40 (I have no idea of the model number) mag well at all, part of the way in you feel/see the plastic grip trying to bulge out and then it just stopped. I got out the calipers and found that one was between 0.030 and 0.045" thicker side to side than the others. Removed the floorplate, spring and follower and fired up the 1" bench top belt sander. That's some weird s#!t on those magazines. It seemed to melt more than sand away. No dust, no flakes, just transfer of melted plastic from one part of the magazine to the opposite side from initial belt contact. Stop sanding and hit it with my pocket knife and most of it wasn't even stuck to the magazine, just at the edge where it "rolled over". Worked on both sides, kept checking to see when it inserted without being forced. Put the follower, spring and floor plate back in/on it and it ejects from the mag. well slicker than greased owl manure. The fact that it would insert (sticky/draggy but still insert and lock) into my M31 but not into that Compact tells me it's not just magazines that can be different but the Glock mag wells/frames came have different internal dimensions. Compensate, adjust, overcome. Make it work, one way or the other.
  10. M1A4ME

    CZ 75 P-01 SAO ?

    Yeah, that's the decocker model. You need to check out the Cajun Gun Works web site. They have a lot of stuff for the decocker model CZ75's. CZ Custom probably does, to. Stuff to make the trigger pull better, slick it up. cajungunworks I did a search for P01 on the CZ Custom web site and it shows all kinds of stuff not specific for the P01, so you'll have to be more careful about ordering parts if you go that route. czcustom
  11. M1A4ME

    CZ 75 P-01 SAO ?

    The CZ shown in that picture is a (up to now) limited production P01. For years the P01's were aluminum framed decocker pistols. No SAO possible. The, CZ sold (in the US) a limited number of CZ75 Compacts that looked like P01 frames but with ambidextrous safeties and steel frames instead of aluminum. Those could be converted to SAO with parts from CGW (for sure, I did one of mine) and I don't know if CZ Custom sells similar parts or not. Then CZ sold (in the US) a limited number of CZP01's with ambidextrous safeties (I'm not sure if they had steel or aluminum frames, I didn't buy one as I have two of the steel framed P01 looking pistols marked CZ75 Compact on the slide.) CZ is selling the newer P01 Omega pistols in the US (for a couple years now) but they don't have the right internal parts to use the same pieces a standard CZ75 action would use to convert it to SAO. Those can be set up with decockers (come from the factory with those installed) or you can remove those and install safeties. Picture of the P01 looking Compact I converted to SAO. Some people nicknamed them SP01 Compacts but that's not stamped on the frame, it just sort of separates them from the standard CZ75 Compacts when you talk about them.
  12. M1A4ME

    How to Determine Best LOP for an AR9 PCC?

    Consistency is important. Why? If your eye isn't in the same spot behind the rear sight/optic then the bullet will hit a different spot on the target. When I shoot an AR I have my nose on the charging handle. 9MM, .223, .308 (yeah, the GII seems to kick less than my .300 BO, for some reason). Even at closer ranges, if your eye isn't consistently behind the rear sight the bullet impact will change. Is that important up close? Depends on the size of the target you're trying to hit. Is it 16" wide? Not an issue. Is it 2" wide? You'll have problems is you don't have a consistent cheek weld. I found, for me, it's not as bad on a single target. But if there are multiple targets at varying ranges and spread across left to right, as I move from target to target it's important (at longer distances (even on smaller targets up close.) My first Appleseed I took my M1A. Twenty-five meters. I'll never forget the instructor walking by, looking at the targets, turning to me and saying, "Hey, nice groups. Any idea why they aren't where you want them to be?" He didn't tell me, either. Got it figured out later. Cheek weld. M1A, standard style of scope mount, no riser on the stock to help with a consistent cheek weld. As we moved left to right across those little targets my groups would be nice tight groups, but an inch or so left/right of where I had the cross hairs. Consistency is important. If you don't want your nose on the charging handle find something else to install/tape/attach (in some manner) to the stock. Temporarily (till I got the right scope mount) I've put a small square of skate board tape on a stock to get my cheek up against. Works on an almost non-recoiling AR15. I wouldn't want to depend on it for an M1 Garand/M1A, probably wouldn't have any skin left on my cheek after a few minutes.
  13. I've not tried this on my dies/press, etc. in the garage but it works great on blued pistol magazines - car wax. I sweat like a pig in the summer (or winter depending on how hard I'm working). My P01 magazines (single 16 round magazine carried in a kydex IWB pouch at about 8 to 9 o'clock) come out of the mag. pouch with sweat beaded up all over them, like I'd held it under the shower. I was worried about them rusting, even though I dried it off every time and wiped it with an oily rag regularly. One of the guys on the CZ Forum had mentioned that he waxed his pistol magazines. Mostly for improved functioning and reducing dirt/dust pickup when dropped into the dirt/gravel during competitions. I grabbed a bottle of nufinish (couldn't find my Mecguiers at the time). I disassembled about 5 magazines, used cotton balls and rubbing alcohol to clean/degrease them, let them dry a few minutes and put a coat of nufinish on the inside and outside. Let it haze over and wiped it off with a soft cotton cloth. Then I repeated the wax application/drying/buffing off for a second coat. I wiped off the spring with an oily cloth and put the magazines back together. I've gone almost 2 months now, only drying the magazines off when I come inside, and they shine like new. Just drying them off with a paper towel or a dry cotton cloth removes the beaded up sweat and makes them shine like a new penny (blued penny). Not a sign of rust, in spite of the sweat, in a couple months. I will be waxing up some more this winter. I'll bet waxing the outsides of the dies, the painted and unpainted parts of the reloading press, the powder measure, scale, shell holders, etc. would do a lot to keep them from rusting. I'll need to do that some pretty warm day when I can sit outside on the bench and enjoy the sunshine/warmth of a winter day.
  14. M1A4ME

    How common are broken AR9mm firing pins

    So far, we've not broken a firing pin (three 9MM AR's in the family). I believe, based on limited experience, some components are not compatible. After reading about all the issues I bought a couple spares just to be sure we had them. My nephew immediately replaced the stock firing pin in his PSA bolt with the new Wilson Combat firing pin. I went ahead and replaced the firing pin my Faxon bolt with my new Wilson Combat firing pin. I took my wife shooting a few days later and my carbine was 100%. No change from the stock firing pin. But my nephew took his home with him and was going to show his dad how accurate it was and it failed, completely. Multiple attempts to get it to fire and it only had very small/slight marks on the primers. When he got back down here we compared the firing pins and both the Wilson Combat pins are identical. Looks like they work in the Faxon bolt but not in the PSA bolt (bolt face thickness differences??). We compared the tips of the PSA factory firing pin to the Wilson Combat firing pin and the Wilson Combat pins have a visibly shorter tip. We put the Faxon firing pin in his PSA bolt and did a pencil test and got a launch, so it may be okay with the Faxon firing pin. Still need to get it to the range to be sure. I bought a couple Taccom firing pins as more spares but have not yet tried them in my Faxon bolt or my PSA bolt (the 3rd AR 9MM). Could be, with the length of the PSA firing pin and the Faxon bolt you might get perforated primers due to the longer tip length on the PSA firing pin. Maybe not, but I might have to try it to see.
  15. M1A4ME

    M17 Tomb of the Unknown Soldier pistols

    At one time the sentinels were part of Honor Guard Co. That one guy still has the tab on his shoulder. Honor Guard Co. was infantry. Not saying the armorers, commo sgt., etc. folks were, but they didn't wear blues and march jobs (ceremonies) either. Times change. They were changing when I was there (Honor Guard Co., not a Tomb Guard). One of my room mates went to the Tomb and the other to the Continental Colors Team. I wonder where those guys are now? I don't think the Tomb is actual part of Ft. Myer or a military installation. Didn't used to be. There was a gate between the Old Chapel and Arlington Cemetery that got closed/locked every night and opened every morning for funeral processions. The reason I say I don't think it was part of a military installation is because one of the guys in 1st went to the Tomb to "try out" and see if he could make it. One of my room mates (I'm pretty sure) and some of the other guys, climbed over the fence one night, snuck down the cemetery and ambushed him as he walked the mat. In no time at all the place was swarming with Park Police. Not MPs, Park Police. Seems like maybe the FBI, later, but as the guys were running for the wall between the cemetery and Ft. Myer they said they saw Park Police cars rolling up. There were some crazy guys in Honor Guard Co. It could get pretty wild sometimes.
  16. M1A4ME

    M17 Tomb of the Unknown Soldier pistols

    Wow, what has happened that the NCO needs a loaded pistol with an extended magazine? Oh yeah, 9MM. I don't remember whether the NCO's in the mid to late 70's carried a loaded 1911A1 or not. I do know that a lot of the military ceremonies I was in (1st Plt. Honor Guard. Co.) the NCO's carried a black plastic 1911A1 in the holster. Sometimes a sword, sometimes a pistol. No memory in my head (that I can recall) what difference caused the sword vs. the pistol (fake pistol). I'll bet that's not the standard issue holster either. Both the 1911 and the Beretta used a holster with a flap to cover/protect/secure the pistol on the belt. That holster doesn't do any of those things. It looks like a holster made to allow quick/easy pulling of the pistol to shoot someone with it. I thought something looked funny there with the NCO. No Infantry blue discs around his lapel insignia/badges and no infantry blued shoulder cord/rope. The Sentinel has the blue shoulder cord/rope. Does that mean the NCO is not infantry? If not, how is he in an infantry unit? The Old Guard used to be an Infantry unit. Or is he out of uniform? Weird.
  17. M1A4ME

    1911 weaknesses

    I get a kick out of reading threads on 1911 issues. I figure some day, one of mine may have a problem and if I'm lucky I'll be able to remember what caused it and how to fix it from one of these threads. In 40 years of concealed carry, LEO (only a very few years earlier in my life), carrying a 1911 to the range to prove to myself and my nephew and youngest son that the lousy glock groups weren't my fault the only issues I've had is one magazine failure (welds broke on the floor plate and it dropped floorplate, spring, follower and rounds out the bottom), one failure to feed on the 1917 made Colt 1911 (swelled round where the bullet was seated at an angle), and the Series 70 Colt used to eat brass. My Colt Combat Commander will feed one empty case after another out of the magazine, up the ramp and into the chamber, used to do it just to show people that wouldn't believe it. Never replaced a part that broke. Did replace the safety on the 1917 made Colt right after I got it but that old fella has had a bunch of rounds through it before I got it. No extractor issues, no broken springs, nothing I can think of to make me doubt the reliability of an old Colt 1911.
  18. M1A4ME

    Digging deeper into M&P9 Pro

    Nope. I just shoot for fun. I got the P09 after getting a P07 and being impressed by it. Also, Joe Mustangs videos of shooting his at 100 and 200 yds. helped me make that decision to buy the 9MM P09. Mine has an RMR on it now but it shot nice groups prior to the RMR installation. While sighting it in with the new RMR, 7 yds., wrists rested on the bag/bench. Three shots aimed at the center, made an adjustment, shot 3 more at the target co. logo on the bottom right of the target and it was "on" so I decided to empty the magazine at the logo and put four more in the same spot/hole. Seven yds. is not a long way but these groups look like the ones my K frame .38 specials shoot. Link to one of Joe Mustang 99's P09 videos.
  19. M1A4ME

    Digging deeper into M&P9 Pro

    The P09 can be a sweet pistol. Mine is the most accurate semi-auto center fire I've ever had/shot. Recoil is there, but you have to pay attention to it in order to feel it.
  20. M1A4ME

    M17 Tomb of the Unknown Soldier pistols

    Read my post. That's what I said. The NCO who comes out with the oncoming sentinel does not carry an M14, he/she carries a pistol. It was a 1911 (or a plastic copy - you can't tell in the holster). That NCO does not walk a shift on that mat with that pistol. He/she leaves with the sentinel who just finished their shift. Never saw an officer do the changing of the guard/sentinel. When did that start? I just repeated most of my previous post.
  21. My Browning BDM feels so good in my hand. Really good. Lots of nice features. But the trigger bites my trigger finger and it doesn't shoot in the same class as my XDM 3.8 or my CZ P07. Liking it just doesn't make it work.
  22. M1A4ME

    M17 Tomb of the Unknown Soldier pistols

    Tomb Sentinels carrying handguns? Since when?? They carry an M14. The only one out there on the stone with the Sentinel is the NCO at changes of the guard and he carries a pistol. But he is not a sentinel and he does not stand guard with that pistol. He walks out with the oncoming sentinel, controls the changing of the sentinel and the leaves with the sentinel who has finished his shift and is going back downstairs to rest/relax and get his uniform/shoes ready for his next shift. Something doesn't smell right here, when there is talk of the finish being weatherproof/weather resistant for the sentinels shift of duty outside. And where is the thumb safety I see on the plastic framed M17"s? Or am I mistaken about what I thought was a thumb safety? If it's missing parts how can it be a GI issue weapon? Now, some type of commemorative model? Sure. Doesn't mean a GI carries it or will carry it on duty.
  23. Sometimes I know "that" shot is low/left, right, etc. I see the front sight is "off" when the trigger breaks. Sometimes I'm sure that shot is off, and it the hole is in the group with the rest of them. I've yet to figure out why a shot I just knew was off low/left is in the group. Sometimes a shot I was sure would be in the group is off an inch or two from the group, and I have no idea why that one, that looked perfect when the trigger broke, is not in the group. I know I'm not nearly as steady as I was 30 or 40 years ago, but dog gone it, sometimes the front sight is about as perfect as it get when the shot goes off and the bullet is out of the group.
  24. M1A4ME

    Mounting scope

    Wouldn't (shouldn't??) a level scope help you correct any cant issue you have from the way you hold the rifle? I seem to naturally notice/level the cross hairs when looking through a scope. And, AR15. Nice flat mag well bottom. Can you sit it on the edge of a level table, look through the scope and see if the cross hairs are level? If not, loosen the ring screws and twist the scope till the cross hairs are level.
  25. M1A4ME

    No love for the S&W M&P in USPSA

    I absolutely loved the way they feel in my hand. Picked one up at a gun show and couldn't put it back down till I had to sign all the paperwork and pull out my credit card. Got it home, took it to the range. Accuracy and trigger weren't good. Got it home. Trigger just died. Apex CAEK made it "sweet" again. Accuracy didn't get as good as I'd hoped and meanwhile I'd bought another one in .40 S&W along with a .357 SIG barrel. Tumbling bullets from the SIG barrel. Same ammo did fine (not the greatest groups in the world) out of my Glock M31 with no tumbling bullets. About a year later the 9 got back into the dead trigger/failure to fire issues. Finally got it figured out after swapping the 9MM internals to the .40 frame and the .40 internals to the 9MM frame. Got it fixed, finally. Put 450 rounds through it over a couple of range trips and put it in the safe to stay. By then I had a P07 and had the reliability, accuracy the M&P's didn't give me and it still felt good in my hand. I really did like the way those M&Ps fit my hand. They felt good. Just takes more than that. I sometimes think about an M&P FS in .45 acp, then quickly remind myself of the previous issues and the "want" goes away. I did recently buy one of the new M&P .380 Shield EZ pistols. Came home, got online to register it for the warranty purposes and found out they already had a recall out on them for safety issues. Sometimes I don't think I'm all that smart. Then I take a look at the girl I've been married to for 41 years and realize I've done a few things right.