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  1. Thanks for the correction. I'll edit it now.
  2. I was being sarcastic, but there isn't a sarcastic tag
  3. I had issues and changed the trigger to an oem trigger and that fixed the problem
  4. I made the jump and am enjoying it
  5. I had to wear plugs and muffs when I shot open. It was one of the deciding factors to move on from the division
  6. I'm really liking my 45 MOS for carry optic. I like it for pretty much everything in fact
  7. I haven’t shot the other glocks but I sure like my 45 MOS and really liked my 19x
  8. I would go with an optic that is always on, has over a years worth of battery life, is rugged, and allows co witness sights
  9. Very good shooting. The worst part is the price of the ammo. I love mine, but don’t shoot it much because of the ammo expense
  10. It all depends on the brand of chronograph. Your magnetospeed is going to be much more accurate than any other chronograph other than a lab radar. I have seen cheap traditional chronographs be over 50 fps different than my Labrador and magnetospeed
  11. What pistol are you shooting them through? My glock 35 will not shoot certain lots of berry bullets
  12. I wet tumble with pins after the fact, just don’t before preprocessing. I might have give it a try preprocess
  13. Who makes extensions and magwells? I wouldn’t mind getting more use out of my g20sf
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