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  1. I have a PCC that is a Gibbz arms build. I really like it. I see that they came out with a last round bolt hold open version at shot
  2. I’m planning on shooting my 19x in production this year. I bought it for a carry gun but I really like how it shoots
  3. Homie, I have checked that and I do not have bullet setback going on
  4. I will try some CCI primers Ok, It has had some pierced primers though not in any handgun that I have shot and they have mostly been glock, but also M&P and a Hudson H9. I thought it might be that, but this has a ramped barrel.
  5. How does the power pistol meter? Is it clean?
  6. For years I have been using the following load for my 9mm pistols: 115 gr berry's RN 5.4 gr Unique powder Federal small pistol primer PCC Specs: Taccom Complete ULW upper HG ramped barrel Taccom PCC adjustable recoil System Taccom Extreme 9mm Bolt Gibbz Arms lower Milspec trigger Last year I got into the PCC game and my pistol loads showed pressure signs. It is very inconsistent pressure signs, but when I buy factory ammo I do not get any pressure signs. I can shoot the load above with no pressure, I have also worked that load down to the lowest load with the unique that will cycle the pistol. It was 4.2 grains if I remember correctly (I'm at work and will have to look at my notes when I get home). Even at the lowest load when the PCC and my handguns would still cycle, I would get pressure signs. I can shoot Factory UMC bullets in a bucket and not get any pressure signs. Please let me know your suggestions. I am loading on a Dillon 1050. Buying factory ammo will not be an option.
  7. I also built mine using a Gibbz Arms upper. I like it a lot. In fact, I'm thinking about switching my AR15 to a Gibbz side charging upper
  8. Yep, that is the one that I ordered last night
  9. I just ordered on Amazon. Will report back
  10. Is there one mount that everyone prefers? I am planning on running my PCC like this for next years season and want to get dry practice in over the winter (it's hunting season here now and then we will be into snow so the competition season is over)
  11. Strange. I sent an email and received an RMA the next day
  12. Did you contact Elftman? I had some different issues with one of my triggers and they responded right away
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