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  1. If shooting Carry Optics in USPSA you only need to make minor power factor. There isn't a major power factor and I think that can be easily done with most any load
  2. Thanks. If they are reliable might have to definitely pick one up
  3. I have the regular TTI MOS Sights on my G35 and like them quite a bit. These are interesting for my MOS45, but with the creepy instagram videos as of late, I might just go with the dawson set
  4. My best glock trigger is on my Gen 4 G19 that has a stock trigger and a ton of rounds down the barrel. I have a carver custom on my G35 and it is nice, but I'd almost rather spend the $300 on ammo and wear in the stock trigger. The 45MOS has a better stock trigger than my G19 did new, so I'm pretty confident that it will wear in nicely
  5. Anyone know if they will fit holsters that are designed for the glock g19 or if you need a specific holster for the PSA pistol?
  6. I find a good well rounded workout that mixes lifting with cardio does me well. I like using the bodybuilding.com app and use different workout programs throughout the year. A lot of the ones that are tailored around getting lean are the ones I like.
  7. Haha. I’m quite happy with carry optic for the moment. It might have just been my setup, but the maintenance on keeping the high performing open gun running made the open gun experience a bit less fun
  8. As far as reloading presses, I always suggest to buy the best that you can afford. You can start out with a less expensive model, but I always end up upgrading in the future
  9. Thanks for the reply. Also, thanks for a good variety of ammo
  10. Another vote for the Ckye Pod. It works awesome
  11. Do you have a threaded barrel? Just wondering why you were shooting subsonic. I'd be interested to see if it would cycle with subsonic while suppressed
  12. Yes, I've been going back and forth on what method I would like to do. A toolhead for the 1050 is more than the lee, but I do most of my reloading in the winter (I live in Montana so the winters are a bit harsh for shooting) Having the casefeeder would be nice. I also thought about setting up a 550 for doing my decapping. Eventually I plan on getting a CP2000
  13. I drop the magazine, Rack the slide and let the round fall on the ground, and then have the RO check it, drop the slide and then the hammer, holster, and pick up my round off the ground
  14. Super 1050. I was also thinking about another toolhead for it to run with a lee universal decapper. It is set up for 9mm and I am currently decapping on a RCBS rockchucker
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