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  1. Thanks. That sounds like very similar issues tho what I am experiencing. I’ll check out the stainless chips
  2. What size stainless steel pins or media do you use for reloading rifle brass? I'm mainly looking at 223 and 260. I have issues with the pins not wanting to come out of the case. I'm currently using the .047" Diameter 0.255" length pins
  3. I'm thinking that it is very possible that we could see 2011s in a couple of years though. Like Jonesjohnm states the CZC A01 is almost the price of a staccato
  4. For me it is a balance of life and priorities. A couple of years ago I was introduced to USPSA and went all in. Last spring I found out my infant son had glaucoma and that took up all of my disposable income. This year I'm really focusing on elk hunting and just shooting one local match a month if it works out.
  5. I'm sort of thinking the same thing because they upped the weight limit, so what is left now? Staccato (formerly STI) to make a large donation?
  6. Do you think USPSA will ever allow 2011 pistols into the carry optics divisions?
  7. Thanks! I'm excited to try it out
  8. I ordered mid cure 15 minute epoxy. Should I replace it with a longer cure time? I watched on a thread here and thought that they suggested 15 min epoxy
  9. I'm not sure I'd want the reticle, so I think I'm going to try a 407 and then see if I want to upgrade after that.
  10. What troubles did you have? I'm considering picking a couple up for my gen 5 45 MOS
  11. Is there any place to get colored Silicon carbide?
  12. For people running the 140mm versions, how are you liking them? I'd like to pick up a few for carry optic division. Have they worn out your polymer mag release? Do they take maintenance/adjustment like 2011 magazines?
  13. I have a g45 MOs and haven’t noticed it being any different than any of my other glocks
  14. Is it having trouble With factory rounds? What about Fired or non fired rounds?
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