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  1. Thanks, I’ll try tying the top o the powder funnel. If that doesn’t work, I’ll put a spring on it.
  2. I’ve set up the mr bulletfeeder according to their instructions and I am getting two bullets or more coming out at a time. I’m reloading 40 s&w and using Brass Monkey Bullets 182 gr coated bullets
  3. Any video examples of this drill? I'm having a hard time visualizing it in my head for some reason and I don't think it should be that difficult to visualize.
  4. How many do you find that you need for practice?
  5. That’s pretty much what I would order. I’d probably go full dust cover and maybe a wider serration pattern, but that would definitely fit the bill. I ended up purchasing a used older SVI that is very similar.
  6. I started in open. My first match was limited, but I wasn’t sure what to expect. I saw people shooting open and decided that I wanted to do that. I later switched to PCC, but now I shoot strictly limited and enjoy every minute of it. Not having to double plug is quite nice
  7. I ordered some 180gr for my limited major loads. I’m not hurting for bullets, but it’s nice to have another case under the bench. I messaged them through the site and Jason replied within minutes
  8. That’s good that they made it right. I’m a bit concerned as I mounted a Trijicon RMR and you have to remove the optic to mount the battery
  9. Hmm. Just put a Wilson on my backup and liked how it was wider than my main. Now I’m thinking that I need to look at a few more options. The rabbet hole continues
  10. on 4/23/21: Shot a total of 78 rounds. Keeping round count a bit more conservative. Used the SVI Infinity that is going to be my backup. I need to double undercut the grip and change the sights (has Fiber optic rear sights and I'd prefer to have solid black rear sights that match my main gun). Also the new followers that I put in my mags suck and don't lock back the slide, but don't let the slide go forward, so I'll go back to original followers. Mainly did some draw and single shot to A zone as well as draw and double tap, and draw and 6 rounds cadence. Mainly just a day to go shoot the new pistol.
  11. I ended up having some TTI that I used when I had a G35 for limited and am going with those for now. Thanks for all the replies
  12. I might have to give them a try. I've tried some ETS mags in other Glocks and have had function issues.
  13. But buying is more fun! Right now I travel about 3 hrs for matches unless it is a local one and then I’m helping set up and tear down. I definitely will keep my open with other limited shooters to see what they have
  14. Thanks for the suggestion. I haven't thought about that before
  15. I would definitely be staying in the 2011 platform and would silica carbide my grips (that is what my current gun is) I’m note wondering if I ended up going with a 6” gun or a 5” gun and something without a full dust cover vs a full dust cover
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