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  1. I looked at a Dan Wesson pm9. Compared to my sti Trojans the slide felt like pot metal sliding over sand, the trigger as not to my liking,but that’s just my opinion.
  2. What are you loading for the 45 with 700x I’m loading 230 grain round nose for single stack major and I’m running out of clays
  3. I understand 700x is a problem getting uniform loads, but I’ve bought a load of it when a store sold out. I have a aquarium air pump to put on my powder measure, it has to go somewhere either in 45 apc or here I don’t know if it will work for 40
  4. My powder selection is 700x, silhouette, tite group, nitro 100, auto comp, power pistol ,clays and bullseye. As far as bullets go I can make from 115 to 147 grain coated bullets.
  5. I’m getting a 9mm 1911, I’ve been shooting 45acp, was curious what you are loading for 9 minor I’ll be using 2 alpha coated bullets haven’t decided what grain. Looking for opinions.
  6. Has anyone ever had any success in training a helper to properly case gauge ammo. If so how, she seems reluctant.
  7. So I’ve de-caped a draft of them, ran my Lyman hand reamer in them and it seemed to fit in the pocket. The press is working better now for no reason. Me thinks there was an old primer stuck somewhere I couldn’t find because the problem started suddenly and stopped suddenly without any intervention from me that mattered. I’ve got level 2 matches the next 2 weekends so I hope the thing is over it. Thanks for all the ideas.
  8. It is mixed brass, WCC, RP and Winchester 45 auto are giving me the most fits. I don’t have a swags gauge but my large swagger fits in the pocket easily. Some brass primes easily and I can feel the primer land others it’s like I’m forcing it. I fired about 150 of these in practice this morning and all rounds fed and fired without incident, so they are tight.
  9. I’m loading 45 acp on my Dillon 650 with large pistol primers and things where great, then suddenly I am getting 20 percent proud primers. I have been through the manual, my shell plate is stable when I push the handle ahead the punch is high enough to seat a primer properly without a load on it. When I’m loading brass that does not seat easily they are proud,the proud primers have a dent from the punch, any ideas are appreciated. I’ve loaded a bunch of this, I can’t figure out what has changed,Dillon guy says maybe a cracked crank. I’ve laid on it and can’t see a crack.
  10. What weight spring are you using in your .45s?
  11. I’m starting to load rifle cartridges and am wondering what experience people have had with this tool. Is it accurate and easy to keep calibrated? I will be loading common rifle rounds 223 to 300 win mag
  12. Got a new rifle no ammo for it I’ve got some Imr 4451 powder does anyone have experience with this powder in this cartridge?
  13. I put the double tap safeties on my trojan and it quit eating my strong hard thumb. Before that my thumb was bleeding after 2 stages.I would highly recommend them, the quality of the part seems good. I’ve had them on for about a month and have no issues with them.
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    Thanks, makes sense
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