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  1. Got a new rifle no ammo for it I’ve got some Imr 4451 powder does anyone have experience with this powder in this cartridge?
  2. I put the double tap safeties on my trojan and it quit eating my strong hard thumb. Before that my thumb was bleeding after 2 stages.I would highly recommend them, the quality of the part seems good. I’ve had them on for about a month and have no issues with them.
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    Thanks, makes sense
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    How well does this work for 45 acp 230 grain coated round nose
  5. A little off topic but are match savers gauge specific I bought one and a 12 gauge shell would not go in but a 20 gauge shell was perfect. Called the place I bought it from which I’ve had many great experiences and I still buy from said they only make one size.
  6. How do you get tec-lock to close on the daa belt? I have had no success and am looking for options for my 3 gun rig. I like it so I can add or subtract gear from my belt depending on the stage.
  7. I put the double taps on they are amazing. You don’t even notice they are there except no blood on everything. Highly recommend
  8. I should have a set of Ambi double tap safety’s tomorrow. I am getting them fitted Saturday, that should fix it. And no they are not cheap 130 bucks, but the slide is like a shark. I’m still thinking about the tech well grips to keep the grip close to my limited gun.
  9. My trojan with factory grips is eating my strong thumb with the slide. Has anyone tried any different grips to help, at the end of a match my gun has blood all over it. In my grip my thumb is on top of the safety just like my executive and I have no problems with it.
  10. So if I have a Dawson ice magwell will it fit together
  11. Switching from 2011 limited to shooting 1911 single stack. This grip is supposed to emulate the size of the 2011 has anyone tried these? They cost a hundred bucks like everything else.
  12. Has anyone used these powders in 9,40 or 45 successfully? What experience did you have, was the recoil noticeable? Did you have trouble making power factor?
  13. Has anyone tried this there are a number of options all are labor intensive but I’m wondering if it works outside of YouTube
  14. Are they any good? Do they work as well as a rcbs?
  15. Are they any good? Do they work as well as a rcbs?
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