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  1. i kind of had the same problem with 357 sig brass. they would not chanber after loading. what worked for me was to resize the brass again after loading. try one or two to see what happens
  2. update and final.. as it turned out what i had to do is resize with a 40 sizing die after loading. apparently the 357 barrel is tighter than the 40 b thank u to all who responded to my request .
  3. ordered guage, post office claimed it got my mail box, never saw it. i will try oal to see if that has any effect. i do resize with a 40 die 1st. no bulge issues . they will fit into a 40 barrel
  4. i have been loading 357 sig for several years but not volume. i just made too many new rounds and now every round i have to push the barrel forward to go into battery. no setting have been changed. would like suggestions. gun is sig 2340
  5. i went from 223 with large power bar to 9mm with small bar. as far as i know the die and falisafe rod are adjusted properly. when loading 9mm instead of 4,7 gr it overflows the case. i emailed dillon. no response yet any suggestions would be holfful btw. the small power bar soes seem to me to be defectuve, it appers to me the adjustment screw is not wroking properly
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