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  1. I need a lifter for my Winchester SX2. I know it’s older but hoping someone makes them still. Here’s what I have and you can tell what it can do to your skin/fingers. Hahaha. Thanks. sorry it says file is too big. It’s the tradition sharp U type lifter. thanks.
  2. I have one coming to me. What else is everyone putting on theirs for 3 gun? Longer tube? Which one? Anything else? Anything I should watch out for on mine? Not sure if there were issues with them when they came out or not. Thanks.
  3. I just picked up a Romeo5. I heard the 36 yd zero works best for smaller spread out to 300 yards. If you have a 36 yard zero does anyone know where the impact is at other ranges? Using 55gr FMJ. Standard 233 ammo I realize barrel length, Ammo etc makes a difference. I’m looking at what the general numbers people have come up with for the 36 yd zero. Thanks!!
  4. I’m curios as to what one most are liking and why. What do you recommend and why? It’s for my rifle. I have one build with a scope, but want a red dot/holographic set up as well. thanks.
  5. I’ve had this on the gun for about 20 years. Do I heat it up around the barrel nut? I really don’t remember. I believe I put some type of epoxy that came with it around the nut, but frankly I don’t recall. Let me know. Thanks
  6. I have a couple of suppressors coming in and I have to send off my paperwork for them to be approved to my trust. If it’s just me in the trust and I send in just my fingerprints etc can I later add my wife and kids later to it so they can use the suppressors etc? I’m a total newbie when it comes to this. The wife and kids are in another state taken care of my mother n law with cancer and my wife will not go get fingerprinted or do anything that could have her bring any germs or anything back to her mom so that is not an option right now. Thanks.
  7. I didn’t know they existed. I bought a Caldwell one for the 15-22, but couldn’t get it to work. I was very disappointed. Can someone recommend me one that works? Thanks
  8. I'm changing out my muzzle device on my AR10 and the crush washer is stuck on the back. It doesn't look like it's going to move. Any tips on how to get that thing off? Thanks.
  9. Thanks for the answers, so if using factory ammo I shouldn't have to modify anything, but if reloading I need to be mindful of the COAL as that may cause a hang up. Thanks!
  10. I have an extra 308 BCG, but hear it should have a special 6.5 CM bolt for the 6.5 CM build. I haven't been able to locate just a bolt. Where can I find one? Are there ones I should stay away from? Thanks.
  11. I just ordered a couple of the 20 rd extensions. Is there anything that needs to be done to the magazine to make them run good or are they GTG right away? If something needs to be done are their any good videos showing how it is done? Thanks!
  12. Just curious as to everyone's opinions on them. I was looking at their 223 wylde in 16"-18" for 3 gun. Thoughts? Opinions? Others that are better choices at about that price range or a little more or less? Thanks.
  13. Do you prefer a heavier profile or something else? Why? I’d like to hear what and why people like their profile. thanks!!
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