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  1. I’m trying to mount the fork on a Weber tactical mag pouches to an ELS Fork. The ELS came with screws and a couple of those round backers to screw into but they have the little prongs so they won’t work. What do you recommend? thanks!
  2. what mount are you talking about? I’m a little confused by your post. Thanks for responding.
  3. I'm trying to find a mount for my C-more that doesn't require gunsmithing for my G34. Let me know whats out there and if there's any Black Friday deals. Thanks.
  4. As stated, who makes mag extensions for that mag? I have the 9mm.
  5. Does Ben Stoegger shop have any discounts?
  6. What’s the high top cut? ill be getting the thin roughnecks. The bogies where too aggressive a feel for me so I got the roughnecks on my S2. I have smaller hands so the palm wells are a no go for me.
  7. I have one coming in. I’ll be using it for 3 gun. Is there any upgrades any would recommend for it? Hard to think there is but I thought I’d ask. Best place for spare mags? what spare parts would you recommend to have on hand? thanks!
  8. I remember a code floating around before but can’t find it. thanks!
  9. I just ordered one and didn't look at what it comes with. I like green fiber optic sights so if it's red does anyone know what size it is to order a green rod? Thanks.
  10. I see they list the cz 75 and the Shadow 2 on their websites. Where is the TSO ones? Also, can you post any pictures of your gun and which grips you choose? I'd love to see some. Does anyone have a discount code? Thanks.
  11. Getting ready to try out some of their products and was wondering if there's any promo codes out there for them. Thanks.
  12. I can’t find a schematic on it that shows a good picture of which way it goes in. I know it goes cross ways, obviously, but there’s two different notches in it and I’d imagine there’s a right and wrong side. Let me know as I’m surprised in the videos I’m watching not one shows a close up or mentions it as both sides are different. Thanks.
  13. I have a lot of CR Speed pouches, but they are not compatible with the ELS systems. I want mag pouches that can rotate to the angle I like. I can’t find out which are compatible with the ELS system or if they are not. I have a bunch of forks and bases for the ELS system but if the pouches come with them that is fine as well. Thanks for your help.
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