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  1. I've really liked the ballistic advantage BA Hanson barrels. I have a bunch of them and all of them are working out great.
  2. I’m looking for some followers and springs for my TSO 9mm and Shadow 2 in 9mm. I can’t find them as accessories so I was wondering which they are. They are the standard high cap mags that come with each pistol. If you know where I can find some please let me know as well. thanks
  3. I saw a video with her and Jerry, she was using the 940 JM pro and it was a nordic components and it looked like it screwed onto the end of the factory 9rd mag tube. They said they like that because you can take that part off and it makes it simpler to travel with. Anyone know what that is? What attachment nut does it use etc? I couldn't find it on Nordic and I sent them an email awhile back and no one has responded. Anyone know? Where can you get it? Thanks.
  4. I'm curious as to what you use to get in there and clean them. I know most don' t do it, but I know I've gotten crap in there and was wondering if there's a special tool or device you use to clean one on your standard duck hunting non extended tube one and also on an extended magazine tube for shotguns. Thanks.
  5. I’ve never used the bore snakes but they sure could be handy and quick from what I see. How well do they clean compared to a jag and patch? Any Pro’s and cons etc would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. I would like one that goes on the rifle. Not sure what ones are good and what ones kind of suck. hahaha. Anyway, let me know which one you recommend. Thanks.
  7. I found a rare find and got a few boxes of Fiocchi JM 12 gauge 1 oz 7.5# shot. They didn't have much recoil. Are these special shells from fiocchi or do they make normal shells just like them? I'd imagine they have others like them and just slapped Jerry's name on them to help with sales. Let me know what you run and why? I'd like to get better prepared as I'll be shooting my first 3 gun shoot in many years next month. Thanks.
  8. I measured my gun with the 12+1 extension and it was 55" long. I see some cases are 54", but are there any for some of the longer shotguns? Thanks.
  9. For the extra round on your shotgun, Match saver or another? I'm not sure if there is another, but thought I'd ask. Are there distributors for match saver or is it just buy direct? Thanks.
  10. What does that have to do with my question about the 940 JM?
  11. Thanks! I sent it to them a couple of days ago. I appreciate your input.
  12. I need a lifter for my Winchester SX2. I know it’s older but hoping someone makes them still. Here’s what I have and you can tell what it can do to your skin/fingers. Hahaha. Thanks. sorry it says file is too big. It’s the tradition sharp U type lifter. thanks.
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