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  1. Any pet loads using N310 with this bullet?
  2. Anyone load Montana Gold 45 ACP 200gr JFP over VV N310??
  3. As the constipated would say " NO S H 1 T " I am seeking the mystery of that observation.
  4. Anyone willing to advise why almost all load data for 200gr 45 acp over Bullseye powder is for lead and not jacketed bullets?
  5. It appears nobody uses these components together, or no one wants to give any intel.
  6. Anyone use Alliant Bullseye under a 200 gr jacketed bullet? If so, what is you favorite load?
  7. What is your pet loads using Montana Gold 200gr JFP over Bullseye??
  8. I may have a small glimmer of hope for us reloaders. Just stop by Bass Pro in my area and they are holding Bulleye in the back (1 lb'ers.) I observed a shopper receiving 2 bottles. I asked if there was any left ,the employee went in the back and came out with 2 bottles and asked if I need more.
  9. twice the price of powder valley, brass pro rip off Bass Pro even taxed the Haz Mat, I brought it up to their customer service that they were twice the price and taxing the Haz Mat and they didn't even flinch!
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