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  1. Doesn't really pertain to loading your mags but don't forget to put your loaded mags on your belt. Watched a GM production shooter make ready with his barney mag. Buzzer went off and he merrily shot his first 10 rounds and reached for the next mag. His hand went all the way around his belt.... no mags. He looked at the RO with a "what do I do now" look. RO said "if you are finished, unload and show clear". Zeroed the stage but I think he still won his division.
  2. I too, went the red press route because it was all I could afford. A year later, a 550. a couple of years later and my family bought me a 650. I've never loaded on a 1050 but I understand it is considered a commercial machine so the no BS warranty is out the window. I can't imagine having loaded all the rounds I've loaded in the last 14 years on a red press. OBTW, I use a rock chucker for my rifle rounds and .50 cal pistol rounds. The thing is a beast!!! dj
  3. It really doesn't take much to go a long way. I put a couple hundred pieces in a two pound coffee container, spray with a 3-4 second burst and shake the brass up to spread it around. Then I throw it in the case feeder of my 650. I've never seen nor detected any primer or powder fouling. They just go boom. fwiw dj
  4. When shooting revolver, (or production/single stack) always remember; If you're moving, reload. Yeah, you will put unfired rounds on the ground but you reach the next array with a fully loaded gun and minimize standing reloads. There are always exceptions but I have found this to work well for me when I shoot revolver!! fwiw dj
  5. I can tell you that if you have a federal primer not fully aligned with the brass and you force it, you can set it off. In my 650, it propagated around the primer wheel and set off almost 100 primers in the tube. I found the primer follower rod stuck in the ceiling bent into a "Z" shape. That being said, I use Federal primers on all my revolver loads and Winchester SPP or SRP on everything else. Tried Tula and they didn't work for me. fwiw dj
  6. How would I go about find out my position on the waiting list? I'd love to shoot the match, but arrangements have to be made to do so...
  7. When the company I worked for started using email, everyone had to use their first initial, middle initial and their last name and remain within an eight character limit. My combo was nine characters long and I got truncated!! It's easy to remember and no one uses it... dj
  8. Soooo is it safe to say that if you haven't received an email by today, you probably aren't? dj
  9. I've heard it said that if your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!! dj
  10. I'm 60 years old and until last week had confused veterans day with memorial day. Veterans day is for all who have served. Memorial day is for those who gave their lives so I can live in freedom. Forgive my ignorance. dj
  11. National Cemeteries all over the country. Honor those who have fallen
  12. I was taught that the lead, properly handled, isn't all that bad for you... It's the application at 900-1100 fps that does the damage and causes leaks!!!! dj
  13. I carry a Springfield Milspec .45 in the door pocket of my truck. I take it out and shoot a local match with it every couple of months. I drop a bit of oil on it occasionally and when it gets nasty, I clean it. I've had it 6-7 years and it never hiccups. Doesn't mean it won't dump on me the next time I use it....its mechanical. But it has been reliable. The only work I had done on it was minor polishing of internal parts for reliability maintaining factory trigger pull and stuff for liability sake. FWIW dj
  14. Ran slow, shot slower, perforated way too many no-shoots and went minor at chrono, but... I can't begin to tell you how much fun I had!!!! Steve and company, thanks for putting on a great match. Great stages, RO's and general staff. Best crawfish I've had in a while!!!! dj
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