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  1. I won these at a match and i have loaded everything else I have and still nothing but time but I have never reloaded anything like this always only jacketed. I will use these only for practice so I don’t have to worry about power factor. So does anyone have any recipes for these I have VV N 320 and CFE Pistol and 748. Winchester. And Hodgfon HS-6 Powders. With an OAL to if you have it.
  2. I have a Beretta PX 4 Storm rifle in 40 caliber and I was just thinking of trying to shoot it in a PCC match. So my first question is this particular rifle in 40 cal allowed. Second I was just at a big gun show in Milwaukee and someone told me that you can use a Beretta 92FS, Cx4 Storm 9mm 30-Round Steel Magazine you just have to swap out the followers with ones from a 40 cal pistol mag. Anyone familiar or have any knowledge if that is true. He said the tube is the same size and no need to adjust the feed lips either.
  3. Cfish that is a help because I use N320 for my 40 and 45 loads now. Thanks
  4. gunner40sw

    adj comb or not

    I am buying a browning 725 citori sporting high rib and I cant decide if I should get the adj comb. I looked at one at the NRA meeting and it had the comb at it was raised a little bit. The comb semed to high so I just looked at one and the comb was all the way down and it was a better fit. I also will be adding some brand of an adjustable butt pad and I dont want a big deal to fit it if the comb hardware is in the way. So I am afraid if I dont get the adj comb I may regret it. Any suggestions
  5. I won some lbjeihead coated bullets 9mm 138 gr coated bullets. I have never loaded or shot these type of bullets and none of my loading Manuel’s have them. I want to just use these for practice and would like to know if anyone has a load for these. I have cfe pistol powder or VV n320 powder I can use
  6. All that is allowed on our property is shotgun
  7. I guess this might be a place to start. I belong to a small trap club that has been around for 75 years and lately we have been loosing members literally due to age. And it has been a challenge to bring in new members I think because of the area I live is not really big on shooting. So I had this idea of putting on a fun shoot for a day and make a little money for the club. So I took all of the steel props I have ( poppers, plates, texas star, swingers and clay throwers) and drew up several stages. Well it was a huge success I mean these guys have never shot anything like this before. I have trip wires hooked up to poppers and such that activate clay birds and rabbits and teals. So it was such a big success that we did a few more. And last week I did my first one for this year and everyone again had a blast, Now yesterday one of the guys from the club comes up to me and says that if anyone gets hurt during one of these things that I run using all of my props I will get my ass sued off. Well now its not anymore fun for me so my question is how much of my ass is on the line if someone gets hurt. All I am trying to do is keep our club going and having a little fun in the process.
  8. not sure if this topic fits here but I am in the market to purchase a Texas star and I am looking for opinions and or reviews of what company produces the best one as far as action and ease of resetting. Also it will mostly be shot with shotgun only using bird shot.
  9. I am in the market to purchase a Texas star and I am looking for opinions and or reviews of what company produces the best one as far as action and ease of resetting. Also it will mostly be shot with shotgun only using bird shot.
  10. I figured this might be the best place for this question. I needed some more room so I got a great deal on a used gun safe yesterday. I have my other safe in my basement but this one is to large to fit in the house so it will have to stay in the attached garage. I live in northern Illinois and the garage is not heated so what do I have to do so my guns will not be affected by the temperature changes.
  11. Hey Dan the tube says invector standard not plus so that should be ok right
  12. I have an FN SLP Mark I with a 22 inch barrel. Can that take a FN Standard Invector extended choke tube also I am replacing the red piston that came with the gun and installing a new browning universal gold piston. The old red piston is really fouled bad with carbon so what is the best way to clean that and with what. Thanks in advance
  13. Have the stages for the 2018 Wisconsin sectional match been posted anywhere
  14. its at our trap club we are trying to mix things up and have a fun day
  15. I have a couple of 42 inch poppers and I just ordered a couple of clay bird flippers for them and I was wondering what the minimum distance is for shooting them with 7 1/2 bird shot
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