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  1. What is the Minimum distance that a popper should be engaged using 12 gauge with 7 and a half or #8 shot.Thanks
  2. So I have jacketed 115 gr round nose. I have a bunch of n 320 and want to know if this is an good powder for PCC
  3. Any pics or brands of the type of cases you all use while at a match
  4. So I figured I am not getting any younger so I would give PCC a try. I just bought a lower Receiver and I am looking for an upper but a lot of places are sold out. But while I am looking I would think the lighter the better or am I wrong. Any recommendations would be appreciated. As far as sight's should I go iron or red dot I am 65 so the eyes are not like when I was 20 but I also have never used a red dot sight. And any recommendations on either iron or red dot sights. Thanks
  5. This would be just a standard load for practice either in a glock or berreta or sti edge or a springfield.
  6. A friend of mine gave me some jacketed round nose 115 gr 9mm. They are jacketed not plated but I do not know the manufacturer. So I am looking for a load for them using VV N320 powder and an OAL. My Hornady loading guide does not give load data for VV powders. And I believe the VV manual only has JHP load data at least the one I have.
  7. Thanks to everyone who replied to my question. I loaded a few and got out to the range and tested them. everything was great so I proceeded to load them all up.
  8. I am getting older and I have wanted to try PCC for the past few years. I do have a CX-4 Storm carbine in 40 cal that I thought I could use to try the division but I am told there are no Mags that hold more than 12 rounds. So with out spending over 800.00 is there any carbines ready made or components you can recommend.
  9. This is the first time loading coated bullets for me so my question is about the amount of crimp. I would think you will want as little as possible if any at all. My bell worked perfect no shaving at all and a nice tight seat. Should or could I leave them at that or should I give a little crimp
  10. Looking for 40 cal 180 JHP I can't find it anywhere in stock. anybody know any sources. I usually use rose Dist or Montana Gold but no such luck
  11. I won these at a match and i have loaded everything else I have and still nothing but time but I have never reloaded anything like this always only jacketed. I will use these only for practice so I don’t have to worry about power factor. So does anyone have any recipes for these I have VV N 320 and CFE Pistol and 748. Winchester. And Hodgfon HS-6 Powders. With an OAL to if you have it.
  12. I have a Beretta PX 4 Storm rifle in 40 caliber and I was just thinking of trying to shoot it in a PCC match. So my first question is this particular rifle in 40 cal allowed. Second I was just at a big gun show in Milwaukee and someone told me that you can use a Beretta 92FS, Cx4 Storm 9mm 30-Round Steel Magazine you just have to swap out the followers with ones from a 40 cal pistol mag. Anyone familiar or have any knowledge if that is true. He said the tube is the same size and no need to adjust the feed lips either.
  13. Cfish that is a help because I use N320 for my 40 and 45 loads now. Thanks
  14. I am buying a browning 725 citori sporting high rib and I cant decide if I should get the adj comb. I looked at one at the NRA meeting and it had the comb at it was raised a little bit. The comb semed to high so I just looked at one and the comb was all the way down and it was a better fit. I also will be adding some brand of an adjustable butt pad and I dont want a big deal to fit it if the comb hardware is in the way. So I am afraid if I dont get the adj comb I may regret it. Any suggestions
  15. I won some lbjeihead coated bullets 9mm 138 gr coated bullets. I have never loaded or shot these type of bullets and none of my loading Manuel’s have them. I want to just use these for practice and would like to know if anyone has a load for these. I have cfe pistol powder or VV n320 powder I can use
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