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  1. Well I guess nobody has bought the Rubys
  2. Looking for reviews on the new Hunter HD RUBY glasses. I have been shooting more trap and sporting clays and the eyes are getting older. They claim that your fiber optic front sight will really pop along with the bird. I am also still shooting limited and wondering what a pair of these would do to my fiber optic sight on my STI. Thanks
  3. I received a batch of a thousand 115 grain 9mm jacketed bullets for reloading that are suppose to measure .355 inches but not one measures that. they measure .353 inches. Accuracy and possible push back in my PCC is a concern to me so tell me what you think
  4. Thanks guys for the info I was able to score some at Atlanta Arms. I talked to Roze Distribution yesterday because I always shoot Zero brand and they said it would take seven months for my order.
  5. Anyone finding any copper jacketed in 9mm or 40 for reloading in stock anywhere
  6. Thanks for the info it really helps me out
  7. I searched but did not see any load data on a PLATED 40 cal 180 gr FP using VV N320 and not loading them long.
  8. I ended up going with a Foxtrot Mike upper and lower and a Holosun 510 C red dot. I have competed in some matches and practiced at the range. A little over 1000 rounds and not one malfunction or failure to feed. I love the forward charging handle and the price, it was all total under a 1000 bucks.
  9. What is the Minimum distance that a popper should be engaged using 12 gauge with 7 and a half or #8 shot.Thanks
  10. So I have jacketed 115 gr round nose. I have a bunch of n 320 and want to know if this is an good powder for PCC
  11. Any pics or brands of the type of cases you all use while at a match
  12. So I figured I am not getting any younger so I would give PCC a try. I just bought a lower Receiver and I am looking for an upper but a lot of places are sold out. But while I am looking I would think the lighter the better or am I wrong. Any recommendations would be appreciated. As far as sight's should I go iron or red dot I am 65 so the eyes are not like when I was 20 but I also have never used a red dot sight. And any recommendations on either iron or red dot sights. Thanks
  13. This would be just a standard load for practice either in a glock or berreta or sti edge or a springfield.
  14. A friend of mine gave me some jacketed round nose 115 gr 9mm. They are jacketed not plated but I do not know the manufacturer. So I am looking for a load for them using VV N320 powder and an OAL. My Hornady loading guide does not give load data for VV powders. And I believe the VV manual only has JHP load data at least the one I have.
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