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  1. Thanks. Since it functions perfectly I guess it's not needed.
  2. This was in a zip lock along with the factory firing pin from a 929 I bought from a guy. Does anyone know what it is and why is it not in the gun?
  3. I have a new XL750 with about 1500 rds through it that about 10% of the primers skip a cycle. If I load 25 rds 2-3 will advance on the shellplate without a primer and it's not me failing to push forward on the handle. I've tried adding some weight to the plastic primer rod thinking some primers were sticking in the tube with no better luck. I'm using Fed Gold Match Small Pistol primers. I'm tired of pulling bullets so any advice is appreciated.
  4. Yes. Wet and then dry tumbling with a bit of polish added in.
  5. I wet tumble and then dry tumble with a bit of polish added in. I try some of these recommended remedies and see how it goes. Thanks for the help.
  6. I have about 1000 rds through my new 750 and it's great. But the brass has started sticking on the powder measure on the down stroke. The alignment for the primers is correct but the brass to the powder measure isn't exactly on center. The flare is fine and I even reduced it a bit to see if that made any difference but it didn't. Any thoughts?
  7. Yeah. I've tried all that moving up the hammer ladder, penetrating oil on the FC side, etc. It bent my aluminum rod as well. That 147g coated RN is in there pretty good and with a revolver it's hard to get it firmly butted up against something to give it a massive wack. The gunsmith has a jig for this and he said he's seen this a few times so I shouldn't feel like a moron. But if a wooden dowel is used use a hardwood not the soft crap from Lowe's. Brass is best and non marring. He may have to burn the wood out from the muzzle end and then it'll be no prob. I also suggested I was going to use the propane torch at the forcing cone and melt it out. He said that works as well but it's not a bad idea to lap the barrel afterwards.
  8. When chronoing some loads in my 4" S&W 686 I had a squib. No big deal I thought so I grab a wooden 5/16" dowel and give it a few wacks. Since it was only about 1/4" from the forcing cone I figured it'd be easy. It moved about another 1/8" and stopped and that was about the time the dowel broke in the barrel and it ain't moving! I can't get the wood out and I can't move the squib. I tried pushing both through with an aluminum rod but I only succeeded in wedging the wood in tighter. I ordered a brass squib rod this morning for future use but I'm in trouble on this one. Any advice?
  9. The case was pretty full. I'd say after seating the bullet it was packed. The rounds we're pretty damn snappy but not "Jump out of your hand" crazy. I now check and recheck and I also adjusted my lighting where I can see right down the filled brass before I seat a bullet.
  10. Mystery solved! It was my mistake at the reloading bench. My scale is small with a small display and I loaded GRAMS, not GRAINS. The rounds were too hot, expanded the case after the first shot and got stuck in the chamber. Fortunately not too hot for any damage. Embarrassing to admit but maybe someone can learn from my mistake. Lesson learned. These rounds will be used for plinking in my Canik. I shot about 60 rounds of it today so they didn't go to waste.
  11. After some extensive testing today and lots of caliper measurements, we've determined that I may have a problem with my resizing die. It ran my buddies reloads fine. We clean our brass the same, both use 3.1g of VV H320, 147g RN Blue Bullets and Fed Gold Medal primers. It also ran Blazer brass FMJRN box ammo , Fenix RN target 147g ammo and some reloads with Frontier 147g RN bullets. In short, the problem looks like the new guy at the reloading bench. I'll work on it this weekend.
  12. Trying to make a decision btw the two. Any thoughts? Belts too.
  13. I've seen that bearing mod on 650's and it really helps the smoothness of the rotating shell plate. Less powder spillage on pistols rounds by reducing the jerking at the next station. I assume the center bolts are the same from 650 to 750 so I wonder if that bearing work on the 750.
  14. They measure .353-.354. I can load a moon clip full in the cylinder without any problem and they eject fine. Same for my Fenix 147's. Not sure if any are pulling out but I'll check at the range Thursday. The problem after the first shot seems to send the remaining 7 rounds and the moon clip back a few thousands against the back of the frame wedging it in. I'll take a feeler gauge with me to check the before and after shot clearance btw the cases and the frame.
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