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  1. I've had that problem when the powder dispenser wasn't tight. There was too much movement when belling the top and it resulted in one side of the bullet getting the coating skinned off.
  2. I had bought some cleaned 30-30. Lubed it up and it ran so much better through the sizing and decapping die. I'm calling that a success and a lesson learned.
  3. I haven't tried a single stage. But when it comes to screwing up a single stage vs. the 1050, I'll go with screwing up a single stage every day of the week. Getting the calipers out, it looks like I need to size the case by only 0.014". Maybe I'll just risk it.
  4. I've found that shooting an 147gr round is so much better than the stock 115gr in the Glocks.
  5. Case is lubed. There seems to be some dragging on the case wall by the sizing die. The goals was to do a resizing/decapping and then a primer swaging prior to case cleaning. Maybe I'll take a video once I get my press back together. Yesterday the ratchet restriction tab broke and I have another on order.
  6. Is resizing better done in a U press vs the Dillon 1050? It seems like I can get half way down the cartridge and the cartridge starts to bind in a Hornady full length die set. I really don't want to kill the shell plate nor do I want to get the cartridges stuck in the die. First time doing the bottleneck cartridges, but have loaded 9mm already.
  7. I had my Gen3 G34 milled. At the time, I had no choice other than a Zev which would have cost more than the original purchase price. Very happy with the work and the DPP.
  8. Looks like it does. Casefeed Plate Large Rifle Stock Number: 21075 Recommended for 22/250, 308 Winchester, 30-06 Springfield, 30-30 Winchester, 45-70 Gov't, most standard belted magnums and related cartridges
  9. Does the large rifle case feeder plate work with 30-30 rounds?
  10. Next time try a 147gr or so bullet rather than the 115gr. With a heavy 1911, it should drop the felt recoil down to just about nothing.
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