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  1. Ammoseek has a reloading search. There's no large or small primers to be found in the realm at any price. Never seen that before.
  2. @SmeegPlease post some pictures of the offending brass so we can all learn.
  3. The question was regarding buying new equipment or just staffing up. I thought it would be cheaper to staff up rather than buy new equipment since if/when the demand wanes.
  4. They could go to three shifts and just pay for the extra payroll costs. Of course working a machine 24hrs/day would lead to increased maintenance costs, but little out of pocket when you can sell everything that you make.
  5. Ohhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Ohhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Get a reloading book and read it before you start. You'll need an endless number of tools and widgets, so be prepared that this will not save you any money. Women will not swoon and name babies after you.
  6. I have two 1050's now, but would like to do some rifle loading with a single stage as a proof of concept more or less. Eventually I'll automate the 1050's, but for now they work and are just fun to create ammo with.
  7. No trimming needed for 9mm. You should be able to decap and size in one station. For 223 and 308, you'll need to trim at some point along the way. With one toolhead, you can can decap, swage, trim, and then full length size. Another toolhead can prime, powder, seat a bullet, and then factory crimp if needed.
  8. Forget reloading ammo, the real money is to figure out how to reload primers.
  9. I thought Kingdom of Heaver was about the Crusades?
  10. I think that there's more micro-plastics in cosmetics and bath products than what's given off in an 132F bath, but I'm no scientist. Regarding autism, I would think that's due to us having kids later in life where the quality of the sperm and the eggs are not what they once used to be. But once again, I'm talking out my ear.
  11. The thicker cuts is really where the sous vide shines. Normally if you have a 1.5" thick ribeye, you have to grill that a long time to get the steak consistently done in the middle. By that time, you have a well done outer portion of the steak and a rare inside. With sous vide, it's all at a perfect 132F and you're ready to finish as you like.
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