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  1. Well I guess if it's not a blockbuster, you can add yours too.
  2. They would be better off without any numbers on the knob, just the +/- direction and maybe the subdivision lines. The numbers have no relevance anyway.
  3. I just bought a new 1050 toolhead and powder measure through Creedmore Sports in Alabama if that helps. Link Can't help with the aftermarket stuff.
  4. I want to add an older Yamaha receiver in the garage for some tunes or podcasts. It doesn't have Bluetooth, so in order to stream to the receiver I'll need to add some type of receiver such as this one: Linky I have a couple of JBL Control 1 speakers which should be able to fill up the room OK. Any suggestions as to who makes a good Bluetooth receiver?
  5. Which military? US? Foreign? If US, which branch? First post, welcome to the forum.
  6. Full, free movies on basic Youtube: Linky
  7. LGS here wanted $150/1k. But the powder they had on hand was normally priced. So I picked up a couple of pounds of Titegroup and CFE223.
  8. Lee, Mighty Armory, FW Arms, all have pretty good decapping dies. You might be able to buy a single stage out there and sell it when you get your 550.
  9. Could you use some large standoffs just to get the unit a bit higher on the bench? Example
  10. Kung Fu Hustle Ode to Joy The Brothers Bloom
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